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Hong Kong stocks before the market: Technology stocks may be boosted by the outside world, Nai Xue's tea will open the dark market today

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Original title: Hong Kong stocks before the market: Technology stocks may be boosted by the outside world, Nai Xue's tea will open the dark market today Source: US-Hong Kong Telecom

Hong Kong stock market review

Yesterday, as the black rainstorm warning was lifted, Hong Kong stock market resumed trading in the afternoon. The three major indexes closed mixed. The Hang Seng Index fell 0.07% to 29,268 points, the HSCEI fell 0.14% to 10,863 points, and the Hang Seng Technology Index rose 0.5% to 8,276 points.

On the disk, sporting goods stocks continued to soar, Li Ning, Xtep International and Anta Sports continued to record highs, and Li Ning surged 27% during the session; the National Development and Reform Commission rarely commented on electricity prices , power stocks rose significantly; pharmaceutical stocks rose across the board, WuXi Biologics and other stocks hit record highs; auto stocks, catering stocks, Hong Kong retail stocks generally rose; large technology stocks Baidu rose 3.25%, Alibaba rose 3%, Tencent Holdings Closed down slightly; online education stocks continued their decline, steel, coal and other energy sectors fell throughout the day, and bank stocks and airline stocks fell significantly.

The market turnover was 101.59 billion Hong Kong dollars, and the net inflow of southward capital was 1.066 billion Hong Kong dollars.

Hong Kong Stocks Prospect

As of press time, the HS50 index rose 0.1% to 29246 points.

The three major U.S. stock indexes were mixed overnight. Technology stocks did well again. Hong Kong stocks closed at 29285 at night, up 65 points, 17 points higher than water. The ADR ratio index of Hong Kong stocks fell 29 points or 0.1% to close at 29,239 points. The ADR trend of oil stocks fell significantly. Sinopec fell 1.39% compared with Hong Kong stocks, equivalent to 4.08 Hong Kong dollars; PetroChina fell 1.3% compared with Hong Kong stocks, equivalent to 3.81 Hong Kong dollars.

Today is the end date of Hong Kong stock futures, but the black futures and Hong Kong stock ADR are stable, and the market is unpredictable. The main pattern is that the Hang Seng Index is expected to fluctuate between 28,800 and 29,200 points. Technology stocks are believed to follow the external trend and do well, especially technology stocks and Bitcoin-related stocks, which are expected to have a good rise.

Reminder: Affected by shifting positions and changing months, the June futures of HSI futures, Mini HSI, HSCEI, HSI Volatility Index futures and stock futures and options will The last trading time for the contract is June 29 at 16:00 pm.

Macro News at a Glance

The launch date of the national carbon market is yet to be determined.

The reporter was informed that the launch date of the national carbon market has not yet been clarified, and the specific time is yet to be determined. Previously, it was rumored that the carbon market will be launched at the end of June. It is also understood that the "Interim Regulations on the Management of Carbon Emissions Trading (Draft Revised)" drafted by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment has been issued to the local development and reform commission, financial supervision and other departments for the second round of comments.

The Monetary Policy Committee of the People's Bank of ChinaThe committee held a regular meeting in the second quarter of 2021

The meeting pointed out that the formation of market-oriented interest rates and the Transmission mechanism, improve the central bank's policy interest rate system, optimize deposit interest rate supervision, adjust the method of determining the self-disciplined upper limit of deposit interest rate, continue to unleash the potential of loan market quoted interest rate reform, and promote further reduction of actual loan interest rates.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: In 2021, the automobile standardization work will thoroughly implement the "New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)" and "National Vehicle Networking Industry Standard System Construction" Guide (Intelligent and Connected Vehicles)” and other requirements, further focus on key areas, focus on collaborative innovation, strengthen application traction, continue to improve the automotive standard system, and provide solid support for the high-quality development of the automotive industry.

Individual stock news at a glance

New stock dark market: Nai Xue's tea, Chi Huang medicine

The final offer price of Nai Xue's Tea (02150.HK) today was determined at HK$19.80 per offer share, and the net proceeds from the share offering are estimated to be approximately HK$4,842.4 million. The Hong Kong IPO share issuance for retail investors was oversubscribed by 432 times, and the first-hand lottery rate was 8%.

Chi-Med Pharmaceutical (00013.HK) The final offer price is determined at HK$40.10 per offer share, and the net proceeds from the share offering are estimated to be approximately HK$39.50 billion Hong Kong dollars. The public offering was subscribed 5.23 times, and the first-hand lottery rate was 60.00%.

IPO: Dexin Service Group, Lingyue Service Group, Kangsheng Global

DXN Services Group (02215.HK) from June 29 to July On the 8th, 250,000,000 shares were offered globally, 25,000,000 shares were offered in Hong Kong, and 225,000,000 shares were offered internationally. The offer price ranged from HK$2.66 to HK$3.44 per share. Trading in the Shares is expected to commence on the Stock Exchange at 9:00 am on Thursday, 15 July 2021.

Lingyue Service Group (02165.HK) IPO from June 29th to July 5th, offering 70,000,000 shares globally, 7,000,000 shares in Hong Kong, international offering 63,000,000 shares, the offer price range is HK$3.75-4.55 per share. Trading in the Shares is expected to commence on the Stock Exchange at 9:00 am on Monday, July 12, 2021.

Kangsheng Global (09960.HK) IPO from June 29 to July 7, offering 226,405,000 shares globally, 22,640,500 shares in Hong Kong, and 203,764,500 shares internationally The offer price range is HK$8.6-9.78 per share. Trading in the Shares is expected to commence on the Stock Exchange at 9:00 am on Friday, 16 July 2021.

Xpeng Motors temporarily recorded about 2.3 billion in margins yesterday, and overbooked 2 Times

Xpeng Motors (09868.HK) International Allotment has been fully subscribed . In terms of the public offering of Xiaopeng Motors, as of 2 pm on Monday, based on the data of several securities companies, Xiaopeng Motors temporarily recorded a margin subscription of 2.32 billion Hong Kong dollars. If the public offering part is calculated to raise 765 million yuan, the over-subscription is about 2 times.

Chaoju Ophthalmology International Allotment was intercepted in advance

Chaoju Ophthalmology (02219.HK) The international allotment was intercepted ahead of schedule. According to market sources, the international allotment recorded many times over-subscription and high-end subscriptions. Funds include long-term funds, sovereign funds and health industry funds. Chaoju Ophthalmology sold about 171 million shares, of which Hong Kong public The offering accounts for 10% and the international offering accounts for 90%. The IPO price per share ranges from HK$9.48 to HK$10.6. The maximum amount of funds raised is HK$1.813 billion, with each lot of 500 shares and the admission fee of HK$5,353.41. The shares will be listed on July 7.

China Gas earns 14% more for the year and pays 45 cents in dividends

China Gas (00384.HK) announced that for the year ended March this year, its annual profit was HK$10.479 billion , an increase of 14.04% year-on-year, earnings per share of HK$2.01, and a final dividend of 45 cents. During the period, revenue was HK$69.975 billion, an increase of 17.53% year-on-year.

WuXi Junuo shareholders can cash out up to 670 million through rights issue

According to the sales documents, WuXi App Tec (Hong Kong), a shareholder of WuXi Junuo (02126.HK), placed 23 million old shares at HK$28.5 to HK$29.15 per share, cashing out Up to HK$670 million. The placement price is 5.97% to 8.06% lower than yesterday's closing price of HK$31.

Baozun E-commerce acquires 100% equity of Yishang

Bao Zun E-Commerce (09991.HK) signed a definitive agreement with Shanghai Yishang Network Information Co., Ltd., a leading Chinese fashion brand e-commerce solution provider, to acquire 100% equity of Yishang in an all-cash transaction, subject to customary closing conditions. The transaction is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2021.

Selected Analysis

Northeast Securities:Intelligence is an important development direction of the future automobile industry and has entered the fast lane of development.

Northeast Securities pointed out that the mass production of smart cockpits is growing rapidly, and autonomous driving is expected to land. Intelligentization is an important development direction of the future automobile industry. It has entered the fast lane of development. The scale of mass production of intelligent cockpits is growing rapidly, and it is expected to exceed 50 billion yuan in 2023. With the gradual introduction of relevant policies and regulations, autonomous driving models are expected to land, driving the development of related industries.

Bank of America Securities: Expect Geely Auto's withdrawal from A-share listing, which will slightly affect stock price in the short term Rated Underperform

Bank of America Securities issued a research report saying that Geely Auto last Friday (25th) After the market closed, it announced the withdrawal of its application for listing on the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Board. The bank believes that the main reason is that Geely Automobile has decided not to acquire Regal Auto; its new energy vehicle brand Zeekr may have its own financing plan; Geely may implement its new strategy. Greater flexibility; Mainland authorities are reviewingThe IPO is more conservative, and it is difficult to have a clear timetable for the listing of Geely’s STAR Market. The report pointed out that the withdrawal of the listing on the STAR Market will not affect Geely’s fundamentals and auto sales, but it may have a slight negative impact on the short-term stock price, because the listing of A-shares can be compared with H-shares. The dilution brought about by the share issuance is less than other fund raising plans, because the valuation of A shares of the same company is usually higher than that of H shares, which benefits from the participation of more retail investors. BofA Securities set a target price of HK$17 for Geely, with an underperform rating.


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