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Who can become a demon in Datang Telecom, Fuchun Shares, and Xinli Finance?

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1. Several important votes today:

Datang Telecom, Fuchun Shares, Xinli Finance; These three stocks create an ultra-short atmosphere. Everyone knows that recently, the index market and the profit-making effect deviate from The index, the big cycle of sentiment is downward, and the freezing point of the small cycle has not yet warmed, which can be seen from the recent connection.

June 18: Lianpan 7, Caesar Culture (Space Board 6), Lego Shares (Space Board 5) ) Chongqing Iron and Steel (3) etc.

June 19: Lianpan 10, Caesar Culture (Space Panel 7), Bailian Co., Ltd. (Space Board 3), etc.

June 22: Lianpan 5, Jitai Co., Ltd. (Space Board 3), Chuaneng Power, Xinli Finance, Xinri, Tofflon

June 23: Lianpan 6, Xinli Finance ( Space Board 3), Fuchun Co., Ltd., Deli Co., Ltd., Zhichun Technology, Red Dragonfly, Everbright Securities

From the above board, we can see that the number of boards 7, 10, 5, and 6 has been running at a low level; and except for the Caesar culture (one word), which has no reference value, the space board on the 18th has no reference value. Died the next day; Bailian shares on the 19th as a space board, died the next day; Space board Jitai on the 22nd, died the next day;

It can be seen that the market has been in a continuous killing space recently; Lege shares, Chongqing Iron and Steel are big; Bailian shares are big; Jitai shares are also big today; the space board is extremely ugly the next day.

So, for the ultra-short period, these days are actually very tormenting, especially the leading tactics, Definitely bruised.

The so-called “no extremes come”, extremes will reverse, the darkness will always pass, we must keep our eyes open and pay close attention to the varieties that come out , especially the varieties that have come out of the index market in the past few days, will lead the next market direction

Datang Telecom:

Data-pid="ljcxi1Ox">Data-pid="ljcxi1Ox">Data-pid="ljcxi1Ox">As shown in the diagram, it has gone through the current cycle of losing money and played a continuous rice cooker, and the market outlook continues to look high.

largeTang Telecom's hype idea is that the major shareholder of SMIC is Datang Holdings

SMIC will quickly return to A. Some people analyze that SMIC should become the first A semiconductor company with a market value of more than 200 billion, in addition to directly benefiting Datang, will also benefit semiconductor material companies and SMIC concept stocks

SMIC Concept Stock Summary:

< p data-pid="WGCYgiL1"> Fuchun's game route:

Today, the listing of Fuchun shares has driven cloud gaming to perform well, leading Caesars culture to a high level If he maintains the shock, his performance will affect the performance of the entire sector to varying degrees. Now, it is the logic of cloud games. Of course, Fuchun shares are not only cloud games, but also 5G, big data, and cultural media.

This stock was a little suspicious of Zhuanggu at the time, but it became popular, and it cannot be ruled out that it will become a combination of Zhuangyou in the market outlook.

Xinli Finance: Fintech Roadmap

This stock has completed two-to-three today after changing the fence and is expected to move forward , of course, there are three major boards in front: Chongqing Iron and Steel, Bailian Co., Ltd., Jitai Co., Ltd. This deterrence is still quite big. Xinli Finance does not know if it can break this curse and advance to the fourth board. Once promoted to the fourth board, tomorrow will be The last trading day is relatively comfortable, and tomorrow the stock needs to open higher and turn stronger and shrink.

2. The previously recommended Hesheng shares are low suction

and In addition to the familiar lithium batteries, new energy vehicles, and the expectation of "Geely Shang Kechuang"

Geely The concept stocks are as follows:

Qianjiang Motorcycle: The actual controller Li Shufu, the chairman Xu Zhihao, the controlling shareholder is Geely Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Valin Xingma: Geely Auto intends to subscribe for 15% of the shares of Valin Xingma.

Shuanglin Co., Ltd.: Geely is the company's largest customer, and has stable business cooperation in interior and exterior trim products, wheel bearings, gearboxes and other products.

Zhejiang Shibao: The company evenly provides electric steering products to major cooperative auto factory customers including new energy vehicles produced by Geely Automobile.

Desay SV: It has made phased progress in intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit and Internet of Vehicles. New products such as automatic parking system have been introduced in Geely Xingyue and other models On mass production.

Beidouxingtong: As the operation platform of the company's automobile intelligent network business, Beidou Zhilian has accumulated customer resources of Geely and other domestic first-tier automobile manufacturers in the industry.

Central Plains internal distribution:The company's products have now entered the designated location of many well-known domestic automobile engine projects such as Geely Automobile.

Xinrui Technology: Geely is one of the company's important customers. At present, the company has supplied related products in batches for Geely cars.

Tenglong Co., Ltd.: The heat pump air-conditioning company with higher difficulty has finished products and began to supply Geely.

Hesheng shares:The main products in the field of auto parts are electric vehicle batteriesShells, battery trays, skylight guide rails, heat exchanger porous flat tubes, etc., and the main end customers are Geely, etc.

Yinlun Co., Ltd.: The company's main products are battery cooling plates, battery Coolers and other components, the main customers include Geely and so on.

Wan Liyang:The company's passenger car transmissions are mainly CVT automatic transmissions and manual transmissions. At present, CVT mainly provides matching for various models such as Geely Automobile.

Haoneng Co., Ltd.: The leading enterprise of synchronizer components for automobile transmissions in China, and its supporting customers include Geely.

Xinquan Co., Ltd.: an automotive interior company, previously supporting Li and other independent brands

Yi'an Technology: Magnesium alloy business layout of new energy auto parts, As a supplier, the company has entered the supply chain of well-known domestic and foreign customers such as Geely

ArcherMind: owns the intelligent cockpit system business in the intelligent automobile industry, and cooperates with many manufacturers such as Geely Automobile Expand Cooperation.

Derun Electronics:The company has orders from Geely and other enterprises in hand.

Changying Precision: The new energy vehicle business company has entered the supply chain of customers such as Geely.

Leybold Hi-Tech:The current customers of the vehicle touch screen business company include Geely and other auto manufacturers.

Note: The above Geely concept is for backup, and it can be used as data for later speculation!

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