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After-hours rise and fall list! The decline of the stocks on the board is too fast, or will there be a strong rebound?

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Today's market trend
The market opened lower today, and Friday's market was relatively poor during this time a day. Previously, the market was oscillating between 2810 and 2850, but in the afternoon, the broader market was obviously adjusted, and the closing price fell below the range of 2810-2850 again.

The main reason, on the one hand, was because there was news overnight that Remdesivir entered clinical trials, but the results Data disclosed by WHO is not ideal.
Therefore, the market has such expectations: there is a big question mark on whether the vaccine will be successful, or whether it will be developed in the short term. This caused some adjustments in individual stocks of Biomedical Concepts in US stocks yesterday.
Today, from the perspective of the plate, part of the leading decline is the concept of biomedicine. And for the current disk, lack of sectors that can continue to drive market sentiment.
Under the circumstance that the external market fluctuated within a narrow range, the market took the lead to adjust. Since it falls below the 2810 range, we are still mainly defensive, and try not to place too heavy a position. If there is no obvious breakthrough, it is still relatively cautious.
Today is back in this range, the possibility of a big drop is still very small, but if the amount of energy is not effectively amplified, don't be blindly optimistic. Next week, I think it is still a consolidation trend in the range of 2800 to 2850.

Changes List
Quotes Index Strength: b (A: very strong; B: strong; C: weak D: very weak)
Determine the market strength according to the following conditions: 1. Volume of the two markets; 2. Index position pattern (rising Trends, volatile market conditions, downtrends), market profit-making effect, individual stock price change ratio, number of price changers, individual stocks daily limit height, etc.; 3. International and domestic market environment and policy orientation.
32 daily limit, 37 lower limit, the transaction volume of the two cities is 625.2 billion. After the leader broke down, the lower limit began to increase. The effect of losing money came out. The hot spots on the disk were scattered, and the military industry and fuel cells were more prominent.
Opening Situation
1. Bidding: Limit 14; Up 1246; Limit 4, Down 1844
2. Market atmosphere at market opening And capital sentiment: good (generally divided into four grades: good, good, poor, poor)
3. Shanghai stock market opening 2834.94 (-0.13%)
Closing overview
1. List of ups and downs
33 up and 721 up; 40 down and 3021 down
2. b>Overview: The closing turnover of the two cities: 625.22 billion billion; the net inflow of northbound funds on the day 4.805 billion
a. Sector increase list: titanium dioxide , Liquor, coal, UHV, cold chain logistics, geothermal, mlcc, fuel cell, pork Oil, genetically modified, masks, disinfectants, artificial meat, webcasting, medical treatment, space-based interconnection, dairy industry, agriculture, intellectual property, miniled
3. Shanghai stock market closing: 2808.53 (-1.06%)

Sector Analysis
The morning session is good, new energy The fuel cells of the new infrastructure and the UHV of the new infrastructure were once strong, but the good times were short-lived, and they were greened by weak emotions.. The final liquor drink, titanium dioxide, and coal are red plates in several plates. In addition to liquor and beverages, tourist attractions, pork, and super brands are also strong sectors. Fuel ethanol, genetically modified, corn, etc., which led the rise yesterday, were all on the list of decliners. Digital currencies, super fungi, and gene sequencing were also heavily adjusted. The repetitive frequency of the plate also catches the operation by surprise in many cases, and it is easy to be short-term and rotten if it is not sold in time. The current stock market needs to be technically tough + bold and careful + quick-witted and quick-witted.
1. Rural e-commerce + live broadcast delivery
Board 5: Shenliang Holdings
Board 4: Supply and Marketing Collection
Board 3: Agricultural Products
> Assists: Andre
Comments: Today's division is serious, basically there are only a few core stocks left; the first board has fewer assists, and the supply and marketing group should open on Monday, which is also a big plate. host. Shenliang Holdings suggested as a sentiment indicator.
2. New Energy
Height: Tianlong
Assist: Jingwei, Hongyang Energy, Quanchai Power, Tianyong Intelligence, Jintongling
Comments: Stimulated by the news, it is also an old theme in the near future, and there is continuous doubt; the height is in Tianlong shares; let's see how this performs.
3. Protection line
Height: Jinlei Co., Ltd., Saisheng Pharmaceutical
Assist: Beihua Co., Ltd.
Comments: Protection line has always been the mainstream recently, but the power High severity, Changhong Technology was smashed on the board, all institutions were sold, Daan Gene, and Unnamed Medicine were still smashed and hit the limit; they could only switch between high and low.
4. Infrastructure
Height: Dalian Heavy Industry
3rd Board: Sifang Shares
2nd Board: Great Wall Military Industry
Assists: Huijintong, Tongda Co., Ltd., Jinli Huadian
br> Comments: After the end of Guodian South, the market will tap to make up for the increase; Dalian Heavy Industry should still have a chance to climb higher, mainly looking at the first board.
Strength analysis of individual stocks:

From the point of view of the strength of individual stocks, Compared with the previous trading day, the number of linked stocks dropped by 9, and there were 9 linked stocks in total. The decline of linked stocks was too fast, and it was prone to strong rebound in the follow-up.

Technically, after the Shanghai Composite Index gapped and opened lower in early trading, it went all the way down, falling below the 5th and 10th The daily moving average gained support at the 20-day moving average and finally closed at the mid-yin line. Basically, a K-line wiped out half a month's gains. From the picture, the current Shanghai Composite Index has the possibility to fluctuate along the 60-day moving average (blue line in the picture) and the 30-day moving average (green line in the picture). Next, focus on the support below and pressure above.

The ChiNext Index has finally fallen below the 60-day moving average, which is gratifying. If you can stand again next time A stable 60-day moving average is the best buying point, just wait patiently.
On the whole, today is a general downtrend. In the absence of obvious negative news, it has been fluctuating all the way down. Securities are the main force in smashing the market. On the contrary, banks with more scandals recently have the smallest decline, which is really hard to understand. . In the case of our sharp decline, northbound funds continue to maintain a state of net inflow. According to past judgments, the market will not be too bad next Monday. After all, historical data shows that small billions of northbound funds can affect every time. I have big A shares.
Specific to the operation next Monday, the decline is still a good opportunity to absorb low prices, so pay attention to lighten up the positions. Keep the rhythm of buying low and throwing high.
From the perspective of the disk, the fuel cell concept opened higher in the morning and opened higher in the morning, and the differentiation was obvious in the afternoon. Quanchai Power and Hongyang Energy closed the board, and Houpu Co., Ltd. fell by the limit; military stocks rose many times in the afternoon, Beihua Co., Ltd., Great Wall Military Industry Co., Ltd. , Dalian Heavy Industry and other stocks have daily limit; the concept of liquor is the top gainer, and the world is close to the daily limit, and the wine industry is willing to rise by more than 4%; the concept of digital currency fluctuates and weakens, and Han Ding Yuyou and Hailian Jinhui fall by the limit; the agricultural planting sector is down Weak, Xinsai’s shares fell by the limit for a time, and rose rapidly in late trading. Jinjian Rice Industry once turned red.

Hot money:
Stocks to support the family: buy 18 million Quanchai Momentum (trying a new direction for a small position in stocks to support a family, and colliding with other hot money).
The new one: Sell 128 million Daan Gene, sell 44 million Dewei New Materials, buy 20 million, sell 16 million Saisheng Pharmaceutical, buy 10 million Quanchai Power, buy 12 million Heng Silver Finance (left-hand ShinichiRecently, I have been playing very high, the position is heavy, and I have cut a lot of Daan genes. At the same time, I have also smashed the new material of Dewei, and turned to low position).
CITIC Shanghai: buy 28 million agricultural products (CITIC Shanghai likes to do 3 boards, but this board has been hidden by Shenliang Holdings, and its value is not large).
Leader Zhang: Buy 28 million Daan Gene, buy 19 million Saisheng Pharmaceutical (Leader Zhang tried to buy Daan Gene at the bottom, and bought 2 vaccine boards at the same time, and is still an epidemic stock on Friday).
Market News
1. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Accelerate the construction of 5G network and build a national industrial Internet big data center
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Accelerate the construction of all-fiber network and 5G network , promote the transformation and upgrading of the internal network of industrial enterprises and external communication, build an identification analysis system, and build a national industrial Internet big data center. (Securities Times)
2. Gilead responded to "Remdesivir failed clinical trial in China": the study is inconclusive
About Remdesivir in China for severe patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia According to the research data, Gilead issued a statement saying that the WHO website prematurely published the information of China's first clinical study (this information has been deleted), which evaluated the effect of Redcivir in severe cases of new coronavirus pneumonia. use in patients, but the data from the study were insufficient to support a statistically significant conclusion. Gilead disclosed in a statement that it is expected to release the results of an open-label study of remdesivir in severe patients with new coronavirus pneumonia at the end of this month.
3. The draft of Shandong Shengtong's reorganization was voted today: the common debt settlement rate is 10.16%
The merger and reorganization of eleven companies including Shandong Shengtong Group Co., Ltd. latest progress. On April 24, the second creditor meeting of eleven companies including Shandong Shengtong Group Co., Ltd. was held. The reporter was exclusively informed that the final online voting results announced by the court showed that as of 11:5, the number of people who voted in favor of the creditor's rights group with a specific property security did not exceed half of the number of people attending the meeting of the reorganized group, and the amount of creditor's rights represented by representatives did not exceed three. The number of people who voted in favor of the ordinary creditor group was more than half of the people present at the meeting, and the representatives represented more than 2.9 billion creditors, accounting for 13.95% of the group's creditor's rights, but not more than two-thirds of the group's creditor's rights.
The potential direction for next week:
One is, the leading test point in digital currency, triple potential,
The second is, 5G direction , Semiconductor + lithography machine performance + volume growth leader, it is expected to explode this week, with a target of 20%,
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