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What are the leading photovoltaic stocks, a list of leading photovoltaic stocks

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Photovoltaic power generation mainly refers to a device that relies on solar energy to generate electricity. Its power generation principle is to use silica gel and photovoltaic panels to absorb solar energy and then convert it into electricity. It does not require anything as fuel, and general power generation units require secondary processing. For example, in hydrogen energy, although it is clean energy, it is also the energy generated by secondary processing, which may cause environmental or noise pollution during the processing process, while in photovoltaics, this disadvantage can be avoided. By receiving radiation, and then directly converting sunlight into electrical energy, no consumption is required in the middle, the conversion rate is high, and resources are saved. Here are a few

leading photovoltaic stocks for you.

1. Sunshine Power: Leading stock. As of the close at 15:00, Sungrow was reported at 113.99 yuan, up 2.69%, and the total market value was reported at 169.3 billion yuan.

The leader of photovoltaic inverters in the world (30% domestic market share, 15% foreign market share), the earliest domestic enterprise engaged in inverter product research and development; With a power range of 3-3000 kW, it is the most popular brand of Chinese photovoltaic inverters in the world. He has been engaged in the system integration business of photovoltaic power plants for 13 years. Hefei Sunshine New Energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary, is engaged in the development, investment, construction and operation management of photovoltaic power plants. Inverter shipments in 2017 were 16.5. Photovoltaic, gigawatt industry revenue was 8.69 billion yuan, accounting for 97.79% of the total revenue.

2. Tongwei shares: leading stock. On January 28, the closing news of Tongwei shares, the stock price fell 7.1% in 7 days, and has been increasing since the beginning of this year. It fell -13.84% or 3.46% at the latest price of 37.35 yuan, with a market value of 168.133 billion yuan.

At present, the company's main business involves agriculture, solar energy and photovoltaic sectors, forming a business model of "agricultural photovoltaic" and "two main business resources integration and coordinated development.

3. LONGi Co., Ltd.: a world-renowned monocrystalline silicon manufacturing enterprise. Financial analysis: total share capital: 5.413 billion shares, total market value: 439.802 billion shares, net profit: 7.556 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 18.87%.

The The strong characteristics of the short-term trend of the stock price have been established, and the short-term trend may reverse. Medium-term trend: in the rebound stage. Long-term trend: as of now, there are 932 major institutions holding positions, with a total of 839 million shares, accounting for 15.50% of the circulating A shares.

4. [Sinoma Energy Conservation (603126), Stock Bar]: a full-service provider of waste heat power generation, engaged in the utilization of waste heat and pressure.

The company is a listed company of China National Building Materials Group. Specializing in industries, energy conservation and environmental protection As an energy conservation and environmental protection engineering service provider, it leads the industry. It is a manufacturer of building energy-saving materials and products, a manufacturer of new materials and equipment, and a manufacturer of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment. There is room for improvement. Increase technological innovation and research and development, and actively build innovative enterprises.

The above is a summary for investors In addition to the leading photovoltaic stocks, you can also dabble in some other stocks, and you can understand the leading stocks of carbon trading concepts. Winner Fortune Network has a lot of stock knowledge and investment related skills, click to add our staff Inquire.

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