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A-shares suddenly dived in late trading, leading brokerages 5 boards in 6 days! 10 stagnant white horse stocks for smart funds to buy dips

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Author: Data Bao Liang Qiangang

Will stagflation heavyweights rise?

On June 15, the three major sectors of insurance, securities and banking rose collectively. The insurance index rose 7.52%, the largest single-day increase this year. Insurance giants China Life rarely traded at the daily limit, and Ping An, PICC, and CPIC all rose more than 5%.

Everbright Securities has a daily limit of 6 days and 5 days, and the securities sector has entered a technical bull market

The securities sector, known as the "bull market flag-bearer", once set off a daily limit wave. The hot stock Everbright Securities closed the board again, recording 5 daily limit in 6 days, and the cumulative increase in June expanded to 72.55%.

Securities Times·Data treasure statistics, in just two days, the cumulative increase of the securities index Reached 8.82%; since the stage low on April 27, the cumulative increase has reached 20.16%. In terms of rebound magnitude alone, the securities sector has entered a technical bull market.

Driven by the big financial sector, the broad market index counterattacked across the board. The Shanghai Composite Index broke through 3,350 points intraday, hitting a new high since the rebound on April 27. The ChiNext index once rebounded by more than 20% . As of the close, the broader market index fell collectively, the Shanghai Composite Index narrowed to 0.5%, and the ChiNext Index fell to 1.05%.

At the end of the session, China Securities, Pacific, Industrial Securities, China The daily limit of Xin shares, Guojin Securities, Caida Securities and other stocks were opened; China Chuang Yangan was directly smashed from the daily limit to 5.02% in the last five minutes.

Data treasure statistics show that the main net inflow of the securities sector today reached 7.493 billion yuan; CITIC Securities, Orient Fortune, Industrial Securities, China Securities Construction Investment, Pacific The net inflow exceeded 500 million yuan.

It is worth mentioning the performance of foreign capital. The net inflow of Beishang funds was 13.359 billion yuan today, and the cumulative net inflow this month exceeded 45 billion yuan, hitting a new monthly high during the year.

Zhongyuan Securities analyzed that the number of new cases in the whole country and in Shanghai has been effectively controlled, and the process of resuming production and work has been accelerated in various places. In the future, the overall stock index is expected to continue to fluctuate upwards. At the same time, it is still necessary to pay close attention to the changes in policy, capital and external factors. It is recommended that investors continue to pay attention to the investment opportunities of low-valued blue-chip stocks.

Guohai Securities believes that this time A-shares have been affected by the new crown epidemic and the situation in Russia and Ukraine, and the adjustment of valuation has been relatively sufficient, and the subsequent economic stabilization and domestic liquidity Affordable and superimposed policies are active, valuations will usher in repairs, and the market will usher in good investment opportunities.

A-share turnover hit a new high since the rebound The amount has reached a new high since this round of rebound and hit the third highest level during the year. The trading volume of the three heavyweight stocks exceeded 10 billion, namely Oriental Fortune, CATL, and BYD.

The leading Internet brokerage Oriental Fortune has a turnover of 20.263 billion yuan, setting a historical record. The stock was one of the big bull stocks during the 2014-2015 bull market.

A number of leading stocks in the industry have risen sharply since the bottom today. OLED Twin Stars TCL Technology, BOE A hit their daily limit at one point, Ziguang, Jianlong Hardware, Midea Group, Wanhua Chemical, Changdian Technology, etc. all rose sharply at the bottom .

April 27 was the low point of the year for major indices such as the Shanghai Composite Index, the ChiNext Index, and the CSI 300 Index, and was also the periodical bottom for most stocks during the year. A total of nearly 3,000 shares hit the low point of the year on April 27, accounting for more than 60%.

Data treasure statistics show that since April 27, stocks with a market value of more than 30 billion A-shares have risen by an average of 23.66%, Aixu shares, Lianhong Four stocks, including ST, Quartz, and Changan Motor, doubled their rebound rates. The new energy giant Ningde Times rebounded by 23.52%. The market value of the stock once fell to about 820 billion, and now it has returned to the scale of trillion.

Northbound funds are bottom-hunting, some stagnant white horse stocks

part weight Shares have been left behind in this rally. According to statistics from Databao, among the stocks with a market value of over 30 billion A-shares, 38 stocks have underperformed the Shanghai Composite Index since the low point of the year hit on April 27. Among them, there are many high-quality white horse stocks, including Gree Electric Appliances, Midea Group, COSCO SHIPPING Holdings, Haitong Securities, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, etc.

From the perspective of valuation level, the rolling price-earnings ratio of 11 stocks is lower than that of the Shanghai Composite Index, such as COSCO SHIPPING Holdings, Shanghai Bank, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, Tianshan Aluminum, Hualu Hengsheng, etc.

Judging from the increase in positions of Beishang funds, more than half of the above-mentioned 38 heavyweight stocks with stagnant growth have been increased by Beishang funds since April 27.

According to the rough calculation of the average transaction price in the range, 10 shares have been increased by northbound funds exceeding 100 million yuan, including Midea Group, Pengding Holdings, Hualu Hengsheng, and Jingchen Co., Ltd. , COSCO SHIPPING Holdings, etc. Midea Group ranked first with an increase in the amount of 1.821 billion yuan. The latest closing price of the stock has retraced 30.55% from the year's high.

During this period, only 4 stocks including Inspur Information, Gree Electric Appliances, Hualu Hengsheng, and Shanghai Pharmaceuticals were added by financiers to over 100 million yuan; Hualu Hengsheng is a stock with more than 100 million yuan increased by Beishang capital and financing customers at the same time. The company is one of the domestic chemical industry leaders. At the end of the first quarter of this year, 3 of the top ten tradable shareholders appeared The social security fund portfolio, as well as a number of well-known institutions such as Gao Yi Assets and the Macau Monetary Authority.

Declaration: All information content of Databao does not constitute investment advice, the stock market is risky, investment Caution is required.

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