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Photovoltaic leading institutions fell sharply to buy medicine grass! The Civil Aviation Administration issued a heavyweight, and the general aviation high-growth stocks came

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Author: Data Bao Liang Qiangang

The net outflow of the main funds in the morning exceeds 17 billion yuan. Which stocks are bucking the market and rushing to raise money?

In early trading on June 14, A-shares were in a slump, the Shanghai Composite Index fell below 3,200 points, and the ChiNext Index fell by more than 3%. The new energy track retreated across the board, with gallium nitride, automotive chips, lithium mines, HJT batteries, and salt lake lithium extraction among the top decliners.

The two new energy giants BYD and CATL fell 5.58% and 3.21% respectively. Photovoltaic leaders Jinlang Technology and Trina Solar fell more than 10%. Photovoltaic concept stocks Jolywood, Jicheng Electronics, Dier Laser, and CITIC Bo followed the decline.

The ST Legg , which was hit by the metaverse earlier, fell by the limit in early trading today, and the limit-down order was over one million lots. Since the stock was issued a delisting risk warning on June 6, it has encountered a total of 7 one-word limit downs, which is currently the stock with the most consecutive downs;

Securities Times·Data treasure statistics, from the perspective of capital flow, the net outflow of the main capital in the early trading exceeded 17 billion yuan. 47 stocks were the main force with net purchases of over 100 million yuan against the market. Shaanxi Black Cat had the highest net inflow of 385 million yuan. The stock bucked the market's daily limit in early trading.

followed by WuXi AppTec, The stock received the main net inflow of 352 million yuan in early trading, and the stock price rose slightly by 0.26%. Yesterday, WuXi PharmaTech’s stock price suffered heavy losses, with a drop of 9.56%. On the same day, the net outflow of funds from the Dragon Tiger List was 475 million yuan. The selling seats were mainly Shanghai Stock Connect, and the net selling amount was close to 1 billion yuan, while the net purchase of institutional seats was 284 million yuan. Yuan.

The main stocks with higher fundraising amount in the morning include Bank of China Cashmere, Shi Dashenghua, Great Wall Securities, Tianci Materials, Everbright Securities, Zhengzhou Coal and Electricity, Changjiang Electric Power

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The Civil Aviation Administration issued the "14th Five-Year" General Aviation Development Special Plan 》

The Civil Aviation Administration website reported on June 13 that the Civil Aviation Administration recently issued the "14th Five-Year Plan" General Aviation Development Special Plan (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"). At the end of the year, strive to reach 3,500 general-purpose aircraft on the register, 500 general-purpose airports on the register, and no less than 25 provinces that carry out general aviation emergency rescue services.

The plan proposes to expand emergency rescue around emergency rescue and medical rescue Scenarios, promote the integrated management of safety and quality, and assist the development of civil aircraft; with the goal of meeting diversified consumer needs, vigorously support service innovation, promote cost reduction, and promote the popular development of general aviation; The characteristics of the voyage", increase the guarantee of airports, time, funds and other aspects, promote the "trunk and branch" convenient travel, and open up the "micro-circulation" of air transport services.

The plan also proposes to support the cultural and tourism authorities to expand the coverage of scenic spots such as aerial tours and skydiving, and establish a low-altitude tourism network connecting scenic spots, resorts, theme parks and other tourist destinations .Support the establishment of cross-industry alliances, promote the integrated development of general aviation, tourism, and the Internet, and create a new pattern of general aviation consumption.

The relevant person in charge of the Transportation Department of the Civil Aviation Administration said that since the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", general aviation and transport aviation have been "flying together", and emerging emerging industries represented by low-altitude tourism and recreational flying have The business format is booming, and the scope and field of UAV applications are constantly expanding. At the end of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", there were 2,892 general-purpose aircraft on the register, 339 general-purpose airports on the register, and about 517,000 drones registered in the industry.

Industry insiders said that general aviation is one of the "two wings" of civil aviation. The general aviation industry chain is long, the service field is wide, and the driving effect is strong. The introduction of this plan will further promote the accelerated development of the general aviation industry.

Northbound capital and financiers jointly added 6 concept stocks

Data treasure statistics, there are currently more than 100 listed companies in the general aviation field . The series of aero-engine products produced by Zongshen Power are suitable for fixed-wing, rotary-wing and other aircrafts with take-off weights ranging from 50 kg to 2 tons.

Aerospace Rainbow is developing a variety of UAV products suitable for ships, such as the Rainbow-10 tilt-rotor UAV.

Zongheng Co., Ltd. has a pedigree UAV hardware and software platform, complete industry application solutions and the ability to undertake business related to UAV operation.

Saiwei Intelligence's subsidiary company, Hebei Huayi Xingkong Co., Ltd., has a drone production base in Zhuozhou, which has been put into use.

As of the close on June 13, these concept stocks have risen by an average of 4.02% since May, slightly outperforming the Shanghai Composite Index over the same period. Zongheng Co., Ltd., Xin'an Co., Ltd., CTI Navigation Co., Ltd., Zhongding Co., Ltd., Hongdu Airlines has a cumulative increase of more than 30%.

Data treasure statistics, compared with the high point of the year, the average drawdown of concept stocks reached 27.73%, Zhongzhi, Jiaxun Feihong, Ruichuang Micronano, Rifa Seiki, Xinchen Technology and other 5 stocks have the highest retracement rate.

According to the average transaction price in the range, there are 17 northbound funds that have increased their holdings of over 10 million yuan since June. Among them, Sunlord Electronics, Hangfa Power, Guangwei Fu Among the top five stocks with increased holdings, such as Materials, Higer Communications, and Wanfeng Aowei. During this period, there were 18 financiers with over 10 million positions.

Only 6 shares that have obtained northbound funds and financiers have added more than 10 million shares at the same time, namely Hangfa Power, Dahua Shares, Xin'an Shares, Hongdu Airlines, Rui Micronano, Zhongding Co., Ltd..

20 stocks with high growth potential

Which concept stocks have higher growth potential in the future? According to the statistics of Databao, according to the unanimous prediction of more than 5 institutions, there will be 20 concept stocks with a net profit growth rate of over 30% in the next three years. Among the above 20 stocks with high growth potential, there are currently 3 stocks with a rolling price-earnings ratio of less than 30 times, namely Runjian Shares, Yi Jiahe, and Sunlord Electronics.

The highest average growth rate is Lianchuang Electronics, and the agency predicts that the growth rate of net profit in the next three years will reach more than 100%. In the field of high-definition wide-angle lenses and high-definition wide-angle image modules, the company mainly serves well-known domestic and foreign customers in the fields of GoPro, DJI, Yingshi, panoramic cameras and police surveillance.

Declaration: All information content of Databao does not constitute investment advice, and the stock market There are risks, investment should be cautious.

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