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Leading stocks of flood resistance concept 2021 (list of leading stocks of flood resistance concept)

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The contradiction between the minute-level adjustment and the unfinished daily rebound has not been resolved0323

—the market needs a mid-line hot spot for non-contemporary events

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AM—Hydrogen energy, wind power, gas, 5G, new crown medicine (TCM), UHV, cabin medical treatment, aircraft, sports, traditional Chinese medicine+, military industry, tourism,

Afternoon—ZTE resume trading daily limit, communications, photoresist chips, Real estate, liquor, Jiuwang, COVID-19test

The ratio of the number of households up and down is 2272 : 2221 am 1941:2540

Up Limit down ratio: 84:13 59:4 am

Sector gains: 5G core, CRO, aircraft, cable, UHV, hydrogen energy, military, flexible power transmission, Photovoltaiccoating, traditional Chinese medicine, scenery base

Sector decline: Electronic certificate, IDC, Sino-Russian trade, pharmaceutical circulation, blockchain, Eastern Digital and Western Computing, SenseTime concept, Digital currency, flood control

Northbound funds sold a small net 194 million yuan throughout the day, for 3 consecutive days Net sales; of which Shanghai Stock Connect net sales of 1.491 billion yuan, and Shenzhen Stock Connect net purchases of 1.297 billion yuan. Science and Technology Innovation Board leads the index.

If you look at the ratio of ups and downs above, and if all key indexes of the broader market are all red, I feel that the afternoon is much better than the morning. But in practice, the feeling is that the afternoon is more difficult than the morning, and even in the morning, many strong stocks are taking back their gains. What's more, I still see Many individual stocks in the hydrogen energy sector fell by more than 2% from close to the daily limit in early trading to close to close.

Mainly this afternoon, ZTE suddenly agreed to the lawsuit and reviewed the one-word board, which drove the 5G communication sector to rise together.There are sensitive funds that have been placed in advance. There are also some interactive platforms of listed companies that have also begun to rub off on the hot spots, saying that they are supplying ZTE, and the stock price also pulsed instantly.

The rise of the 5G communication sector coincided with the news of the earthquake in Taiwan, so the market thought that TSMC might have difficulty in supplying, so photoresist and SMIC stocks also linked a moment.

I feel that the sectors that are rising every day are all occasional cramming events, and then the so-called subject matter is excavated from event to event.

In the afternoon, the two major sectors of real estate and liquor, especially real estate, led the market to continue the inertia on the second day after yesterday's rise. I may try the dual concept stocks with real estate. Pure real estate stocks always feel that they are not very clear and can only play in small market capitalization.

In the afternoon, there was another wave of Jiuwang Michong, and then took a look at the dead new crown test section in the morning. However, at the same time, the new crown Chinese medicine and other strong in the morning, but in the afternoon, there are a lot of differentiation and withdrawal.

Yesterday's Boeing replaced the high-speed rail segment, which was adjusted today, and it's gone. As for the concept of large aircraft, yesterday's first leading stock, Anda, fell by more than 6%. Others that are biased towards aviation and military industry are still continuing. Therefore, it should be the supplementary increase in the military industry sector.

From the perspective of 10 companies with 3 daily limit, except for Panlong, 1 is medicine, 1 energy storage and hydropower, 1 grain and oil, and 1 auto parts, and the others are basically real estate buildings. Department control. Among the 7 stocks on the Erlian Board, 1 Xinghu is owned by the new crown intermediate return wave, 1 is owned by Jingcheng Hydrogen Energy Tank, and 1 is owned by Jixiang Lithium Mine. , and the rest are basically from the real estate architecture department.

From the above emotional distribution, those who have done the right real estate and intermediary services in 2 days are regarded as the short-term main line trend, and other hot spots still need to rely on skills to step on the rhythm. It is estimated that tomorrow's hydrogen energy sector will also be a melee, with money to advance to the knockout round, and there will be continuous stop-loss orders and abandonment orders that rise and fall back. A shares Now even if it is a mid-line hot spot, I have no patience for 3 days. The new crown traditional Chinese medicine sector shot up three days ago, and for 2 days in a row, there were stop-loss orders and give-up orders. Today, it has been reversed. back to equilibrium again.

60-hour lifeline failure critical

As for the broader market index, I still think that the 60-minute cycle began to encounter the 60-hour lifeline resistance. The top is up. If the financial industry does not come forward, it will be a bit difficult to break through the lifeline. Fortunately, the daily MACD Golden Cross is now, so now is what I said yesterday: the contradiction between the minute-level adjustment and the daily rebound is not over.

Of course, there may be no real midline hotspots for non-contemporary events this year.

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