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If Geely Auto represents China's domestic car brand, would you agree?

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Original title: If Geely Automobile represents China's domestic car brand, would you agree? Source: Snowball Comprehensive

In the automotive circle, whether on the Internet or in real life, many people often say that American cars have Ford, Korean cars have Hyundai , Japanese cars have Toyota, then what are the Chinese car brands, who can better represent Chinese car brands? Some people say that it is Geely, so what are the proud aspects of Geely Auto?

Two years ago, I listened to a teacher explaining the case of corporate acquisition. The case used is Geely acquired Volvo. Geely's reputation was not so big in those days. As a little-known Geely, it was possible to acquire a famous brand Volvo. No one thought that most people thought it was a snake swallowing elephant. The successful acquisition of Volvo has become a learning case for major corporate financing acquisitions.

Acquired Volvo, Geely devoted himself to practicing internal skills, and then did not deal with it, and created many popular models, such as Binrui, Borui, Emgrand GL, Emgrand GS, Boyue, Binyue, Vision, Xingyue, etc. have built the Lynk & Co brand in the field of high-end cars, and its Lynk & Co 01, 02, 03 and other cars have attracted the attention and love of many consumers.

The textbook acquisition made Geely famous in the business circle, which also Let us know that Geely's management team is quite impressive. Another point that consumers are particularly concerned about is Geely's cars. Geely Boyue became an instant hit in the market. At that time, Haval H6 and Changan CS75 were forced to surrender, which shows that Boyue's strength should not be underestimated. When Boyue was listed, the exterior adopted many traditional cultural design styles, and the interior was also built with a sense of technology. The most important point was that the quietness was quite good.

After the launch of Boyue, various models of Geely came one after another, and each model sold well. There are Emgrand and Vision in sedan, Boyue and Emgrand GS in SUV, Small SUVs include Binyue and higher-end Lynk & Co. To sum up, Geely has certain advantages in vehicle manufacturing process, sheet metal, quiet performance and materials. Let’s talk about the environmental protection of the interior. Well done indeed.

After acquiring Volvo, Volvo has indeed provided great technical support for Geely, In recent years, it can be seen from the product layout and word of mouth that Geely is also developing by leaps and bounds. The head of Geely once said: "Acquiring Volvo Cars, using Volvo's R&D strength to develop its own technology can at least share technology." Joint venture with Aisin to build a factory, all actions are to allow Geely Auto to obtain technical support.

People always say that it is good to enjoy the shade under a big tree, standing on the shoulders of giants Seeing farther and walking faster, the road chosen by Geely Auto is such a road. Whether or not Geely can represent a Chinese auto brand will not be discussed for the time being, but Geely’s corporate ideas are indeed good. It's flawed, but it's still the futureexpected.

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