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Xiaomi's car-making project is expected to be approved in April; Didi plans to go public in Hong Kong in the third quarter of this year

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Forefront of big companies

1. [Xiaomi is expected to set up a car project in April, veteran Wang Chuan is in charge] strong>

According to 36Kr news, it was learned from investors close to Lei Jun and executives of car companies and other people familiar with the matter that Xiaomi Group is rapidly advancing the car manufacturing project, and it is expected to be within 1-2 months at the earliest. When the project was approved, the brand positioning initially discussed was similar to that of Xiaopeng Motors, focusing on the mid-to-high-end market with strong technological attributes. The direct person in charge of the plan is Xiaomi veteran Wang Chuan.

A person familiar with the matter said that at the end of February, Lei Jun had an appointment with Li Bin, the founder of Weilai Automobile, to consult about car building. Some industry insiders close to Lei Jun said, "As soon as this month or next month, Xiaomi's car manufacturing project may be approved."

Many industry insiders believe that Lei Jun is a long-distance runner with strong endurance Players, car building and mobile phones are not a big problem. The direct person in charge of the car-building plan is Xiaomi co-founder and chief strategy officer Wang Chuan, who used to be the helm of Xiaomi TV, which is considered to be one of the most successful businesses outside of Xiaomi phones.

2. [Bilibili's Hong Kong offering shares have attracted retail investors to subscribe 24 times]

According to the Hong Kong Economic Journal, citing brokerage data, based on According to the calculation of the HK$18.6 billion margin loan provided to retail investors, Bilibili's Hong Kong offering shares for retail investors were oversubscribed by 24 times on the first day of subscription.

3. [ByteDance established Chaoxi Guangnian Fantasy Fund, which will invest in game startup teams]

ByteDance game brand Chaoxi Guangnian announced that , will establish the Nuverse Inspiration Fund (NIF). The announcement stated that NIF hopes to become a long-term strategic partner with a game team with both ideals and creativity. To this end, NIF will attach importance to and fully respect the business decisions of entrepreneurs, and will also provide a variety of customizable options for partners in need. post-investment services, as well as the support of company resources.

4. [Tencent Micro Insurance has launched pet critical illness medical insurance, which is currently in the grayscale testing stage]

The more people love it, the healthy consumption of pets is becoming an invisible burden for many people. "Expensive pets to see a doctor" has risen to the biggest pain point in pet raising. Tencent Micro Insurance has recently launched a pet critical illness medical insurance. Users can pay 88 yuan to insure pet dogs and cats with an annual full-year medical insurance of up to 300,000 yuan, covering all dogs and cats except congenital and hereditary diseases. Disease types and accidental risks such as falling from high altitude and swallowing foreign bodies can be reimbursed for both outpatient and hospitalization. It is understood that the product is still in the grayscale testing stage, and some invited users can take the lead in experiencing the product through the Weibo applet, which will be gradually opened in the future.

The recently released "2020 White Paper on China's Pet Medical Industry" pointed out that in 2020, the number of dogs and cats in urban areas across the country will exceed 100 million, an increase of 1.7% over 2019. From the perspective of pet consumption structure, the expenditure on pet diagnosis and treatment increased by 6.2%, which is the category with the fastest consumption growth. (Interface News)

5. [Geely responded that it will promote high-end electric vehicle brands, Zeekr challenges Tesla report: will be announced in due course]

March 19, according to people familiar with the matter, Geely is planning to launch a high-end electric vehicle brand and adopt different sales strategies to challenge Tesla.

InformedThe brand, named Zeekr, will be part of Lingling Technologies, Geely's upcoming EV entity, people said. Geely will launch models under the new brand when it announces an open-source electric vehicle chassis called the Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) in September.

In response, the relevant person in charge of Geely Holdings replied that it will be announced in due course. (NetEase Technology)

6. [Nokia CEO: China's 5G market competition is not performing well, and will pay more attention in the future]

5G in the world In the wave of network construction, Finland's Nokia lost to China's Huawei and Sweden's Ericsson in the competition for telecom equipment contracts. Faced with unfavorable competition in the telecom equipment market, Nokia began a major restructuring this week, announcing 10,000 job cuts. Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark said it will work to increase its share of China's 5G telecom equipment market.

7. [Musk's platform NFT is ready to sell songs, netizens: how about sending you out? ]

The world is crazy for a painting that can be viewed for free on the Internet and has no physical body at auction for $69.34 million! It turns out that behind this crazy auction, an asset called NFT is playing a role. Non-Fungible Token, that is, a non-fungible token, can be understood as a carrier of digital certificates. Just a few days ago, Musk tweeted an MV... There is a big golden trophy in the picture, with various cryptocurrencies that Musk likes on it, and it goes around in space like this, with a song in the background. Psychedelic electronic dance music. Musk said, "I'm going to sell this song about NFTs as NFTs."

Personnel changes

1. Taking the 15 million annual salary of Evergrande, and now switching to Soochow Securities, Ren Zeping issued a document or responded to his resignation]

On the evening of March 18, a message about Ren Zeping leaving Evergrande to assume the new role of Soochow Securities After blowing up the circle of friends, the news was confirmed by Soochow Securities, "In the future, Soochow Securities will further build a research brand and form a 'troika' of Ren Zeping, Chen Li, and Ding Wentao." On the morning of the 19th, Ren Zeping in his The WeChat public account "Zeping Macro" published an article entitled "Thanks: Thanksgiving Era, Contributing to Society". In the article, Ren Zeping reviewed several key journeys in his study and work, and thanked his teachers and friends, especially praised Evergrande The Xu family of the group has a "big pattern and big feelings". Ren Zeping's move may be in response to his departure from Evergrande, and he will start a new journey thereafter.

2. [iQIYI: Baidu CTO Wang Haifeng has resigned from the board]

Today, iQIYI announced that Wang Haifeng has resigned from the board of directors, and the change will take effect on March 18, 2021.

According to public information, Wang Haifeng joined Baidu in January 2010 and is now Baidu's Chief Technology Officer (CTO), responsible for Baidu's artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, security and other technologies and ecosystems , as well as smart cloud, map, input method and other services.

In June 2018, iQIYI announced the adjustment of the company's board of directors, appointing Wang Haifeng as iQIYI's director, and Lu Qi resigned from iQIYI's board of directors and compensation committee.

In February this year, iQIYI released its unaudited financial report for the fourth quarter and full year of fiscal 2020, showing that iQIYI’s total revenue in the fourth quarter was RMB 7.5 billion (approximately 1.1 billion yuan). USD), down 1% year-on-year. (IT House)

IPO observation

1. [Didi plans to go public in Hong Kong in the third quarter of this year]

The reporter learned from multiple sources that Didi may submit its form in the second quarter of this year and complete its listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the third quarter. Currently, one of Goldman's sponsors. A person familiar with the matter said that Didi's internal security work on the listing is extremely strict. The reporter learned that the audit team of PricewaterhouseCoopers, which served Didi's listing, had almost no rest after entering the company in January, even during the Spring Festival.

A person familiar with the matter said that Didi's listing target valuation exceeds 60 billion US dollars. (36)

2. [Tuya Smart becomes the second largest Chinese company in the US IPO in 2021, closing up 20% on the first day of listing]

Tuya Smart is a global intelligent platform, "AI+IoT" developer platform, and the world's leading voice AI interaction platform, connecting consumers, manufacturing brands, OEM manufacturers and retail chains. Intelligent demand, to provide customers with one-stop artificial intelligence IoT solutions. It was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange today with the stock code "TUYA". As the first stock of the global IoT cloud platform, its first day of trading jumped more than 28.5% to $27. As of the close of U.S. stocks, the market value of Tuya Smart was $13.994 billion.

Financing Trends

1.【Daxian Intelligent Completes Strategic Financing】

Daxian Intelligent It is a manufacturer of smart displays and controllers, with smart display and control technology as the core, providing users with smart home appliance displays such as controllers, TFT microwave ovens, TFT water machines, etc., which are widely used in the Internet of Things, smart home, smart home appliances and other fields . The strategic financing has been completed recently. The investors are Baidu Ventures, Dingxiang Capital and Fenggu Capital.

2.【Mood received millions of dollars in angel round financing】

Mood is an emotional social product, focusing on emotional social voice chat rooms, positioning Emotional social app for young people. Recently, it received a multi-million dollar angel round of financing, led by Meihua Venture Capital, and another US dollar institution.

Industry Report

1.【Chip shortage has become the new normal】

In Semicon At the opening meeting of China 2021, Chen Nanxiang, co-president of Tsinghua Unigroup, and Zheng Li, CEO and director of Changdian Technology, gave some answers to the chip shortage in their speeches.

They believe that according to the development law of the semiconductor market, it is normal for chips to be out of stock, and there is a certain out-of-stock cycle. Under the condition that the total supply remains unchanged, the demand is sometimes strong and sometimes weak, and there is a dynamic change from strong to weak or weak to strong, but the current dynamic is unbalanced and contradictory, and the cycle law of chip shortages has undergone tremendous changes. , chip shortages have become the new normal.

"Actually, from 2016 to 2021, the market has experienced a shortage of chip products to varying degrees. In 2016, there was a shortage of DRAM. In 2017, it was not only a shortage of DRAM, but also a shortage of Flash NAND. In 2018, there was a shortage of chips. Shortage of power semiconductors. If the Olympic cycle starts from 2014, 2019 is a "small year", and there should be no shortage of chips, but even in 2019, there are still shortages of CPU, 5G chips, TWS and other products. situation." Chen Nanxiang said. (Lei

2. [The price war in the express delivery industry continues, and the market share competition Intensified]

SF Express, YTO Express, and Yunda Co., Ltd. released the February express service business operation briefing report yesterday. In February, the business volume of Yunda Co., Ltd. and YTO Express both increased by more than 100% year-on-year; the single-ticket revenue of the three express companies was still declining year-on-year, and the industry price war continued. According to industry insiders, the low-price strategy has helped express companies to rapidly expand their markets. At the same time, the development of my country's express delivery industry has boosted the performance of express companies. However, in the long run, it is the key for express companies to stand out in the low-price market competition by strengthening infrastructure investment and technology investment, reducing costs and improving the quality of express delivery services.

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