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2022.06.14 top news

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Technology headlines

Geely's company acquired 79.09% stake in Meizu, car company "reverse" Entering the mobile phone industry

Galaxy Times has signed an agreement with Meizu Technology and the shareholders involved in the transaction. Ji Times plans to acquire a 79.09% stake in Zhuhai Meizu. After the completion of this transaction, Huang Xiuzhang's shareholding in Zhuhai Meizu will be reduced to 9.79%, and Taobao China will withdraw from the shareholding and control of Zhuhai Meizu. The acquirer, Xingji Times, will hold a 79.09% stake in Zhuhai Meizu and gain sole control over Zhuhai Meizu. The suspected actual controller of Xingji Times is Li Shufu, with a shareholding ratio of 57.8452%. Meizu said that Xingji Times, led by Mr. Li Shufu, has signed an agreement with Meizu Technology on strategic investment. The transaction still needs to go through the approval procedures of relevant regulatory agencies, and the details of the transaction are still under negotiation.

Apple will launch AR glasses and second-generation VR headset by the end of 2024 strong>

Haitong International Securities Jeff Pu pointed out that Apple plans to launch new AR glasses in late 2024, and the device will be highly dependent on the iPhone. For AR/VR headsets, the analyst still maintains the release date forecast for early 2023, while he expects the second-generation AR/VR headset to be released in 2024 along with the new AR glasses.

The cloud data center chip CIPU released by Alibaba can be regarded as a DPU product

At the Alibaba Cloud Annual Yunqi Conference, a cloud infrastructure called CIPU (Cloud Infrastructure Processing Units) was officially released processor. Alibaba Cloud officially stated that this is a special processor designed for a new cloud data center, which is used to accelerate and control computing resources, and will replace the CPU as the processing core of IDC in the cloud era. "Under this new architecture, the CIPU rapidly cloudizes and accelerates the computing, storage, and network resources of the data center downwards and performs hardware acceleration, and upwards accesses the Apsara Cloud operating system to manage and control Alibaba Cloud's millions of servers around the world."

Tencent QQ announced the launch of SVIP10: activation when the growth value reaches 150,000, free luxury green diamonds and Tencent Video Member

Tencent now announces that QQ member SVIP10 is finally online, providing more than ten exclusive privileges . According to reports, the new system of SVIP10 is the highest level of QQ SVIP, and the membership growth value can be activated after reaching 150,000. The privileges provided include: supreme identification, exclusive privileges, value-added gift packages, global number, accelerated growth, super group, audio-visual membership and many more. There are 4 identities in the SVIP10 system: SVIP10 / one star / two stars / three stars.

Domestic headlines

1. Alibaba Cloud officially released the industrial intelligence OpenTrek

2. Tencent acquired Indian e-commerce company Flipkart worth 264 million US dollars

3. Jingdong Aviation Bureau Party submits a formal application for qualification certification

4. The supplier broke the news: New Oriental brings goods without pit fees and a large number of samples

5. The national targeted training of sergeants has begun to recruit students for college students in 2022

6. The adjustment of the 2022 National Medical Insurance Catalogue is about to begin, and the focus on rare diseases and children's medication will be focused.

7. The proportion of undergraduates in 2021 is over 19%, and the number of graduate students is 5 years old. An increase of 1.27 times

8. The Ministry of Civil Affairs answered the question on "prohibition of tattoos for minors": not even if parents agree

9. 10. It is reported that Huawei nova 10 series will be delayed: see you in early July, still does not support 5G

Overseas headlines

1. The starting price of the last Buffett charity lunch was 25,000 US dollars, and currently only one person bids.

2. Google engineer said the company's AI system "has human perception", was suspended by Google And increase competitor exposure to avoid EU antitrust fines

5. Macron: France and Europe have entered a wartime economic state, and Europeans need to adjust to this

6. News It is said that TSMC may not be able to increase production at the expected rate in 2023-2024 due to the tight supply of equipment

7. Japan will increase the penalty for Internet abusers: 1 year in prison and a fine of 300,000 yen

Financing Acquisition

1. The Internet celebrity digital collection platform "Moment" received millions of yuan in seed round financing

2. The intelligent driving company "Moment Smart" completed a total of RMB 100 million in Series C financing

3. The dynamic knowledge search platform "CGL Six Degrees" completed the tens of millions of A round of financing

4. The Metaverse service provider "Zhou Yu Technology" received tens of millions of yuan in strategic financing

5. The liquid chromatography equipment manufacturer "Hanbang Technology" completed the C+ round of financing of over 300 million yuan

6. The industrialization company "Light Gene" of new gene editing technologies such as base editing completed Nearly 100 million yuan in angel round financing

7. Flexible robot end effector Developer Soft Touch Robot announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan in Pre-A round of financing



1, 20121 The per capita consumption of fitness members per capita decrease

2, NBA-official FMVP rankings: Curry returned to the top of the top of the list Vekinson Ranked fifth

3. Zheng Qinwen won the highest-level championship in his career and surpassed Zhang Shuai. 4. IFAB official: 5 substitutions will increase the permanent reserve to 15 people

5、FIFAAnnounce:Chinese football faces global ban!Chinese Football Association needs6moon13made a decision today

economic news

1、2021The first breakthrough in the total industrial output value of Shenzhen above-scale in 20184trillion

2、two divisions:Effectively increase financial support for water conservancy projects

Bitcoin fell below 22,000 US dollars per piece, and fell more than 4,500 US dollars within a day

4. State Office: Strengthening local government debt management

5. Institutions discuss the market: multiple parties are gaining momentum, and the market may reach new highs in the short term

6. Only 25% of private equity products have positive returns during the year, and the stock strategy loss is 13.9%, ranking second from the bottom


7. The total number of public fund managers exceeded 3,000, and nearly 35% of them have worked for less than two years.

8. The yield on the 30-year U.S. Treasury bond hit a record high in 2018A new high since November

9. CITIC Securities gave BYD a target price of 481.1 yuan and a valuation of 1.4 trillion

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