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[Research Agency Daily] Gome may cooperate with and Pinduoduo in the future; Tencent launches an electronic signature platform to sign contracts online

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Research Society Daily

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NetEase donated RMB 66 million to support the construction of national mathematics research

Taobao's original paid marketing tool "Three Treasures and One Coupon" will be changed to free

Xiaomi TV will try its best to ensure that the product is still very cost-effective after the price adjustment

【Big Event】

Gome has two opportunities and will not rule out cooperation with and Pinduoduo in the future

On the morning of April 8, Huang Guangyu spoke publicly to investors for the first time in more than ten years at the global investor conference call of Gome Retail. Before this meeting, Gome Retail just released its 2020 annual report: Last year, Gome Retail had a sales revenue of 44.12 billion yuan and a net profit loss of 6.99 billion yuan. When talking about competition and cooperation with and Pinduoduo, Huang Guangyu said that Gome's mentality and strategy are open, "I don't think anyone can destroy anyone. As long as you have the right business path, whoever restricts everyone is temporary. It will not really exclude the other party from this market, of course, this is based on the right strategy, the right business model and implementation path." Huang Guangyu said that under this premise, Gome does not rule out cooperation with any party.

China Mobile Games said that the League of Legends IP is only authorized for cultural and creative derivatives, and related products will be launched in Q2

China Mobile Games (00302.HK) recently stated that the company recently obtained the authorization of the League of Legends IP cultural and creative category to produce and sell related cultural and creative derivatives, excluding any game cooperation. The relevant person in charge of China Mobile Games said that the related products of League of Legends will be launched in Q2. At present, the company has derivatives in categories such as fairy swords and monopoly. In 2020, the sales of only fairy sword derivatives will be close to 5 million yuan.

NetEase donated RMB 66 million to Beijing Qiu Chengtong Science Foundation to support the construction of national mathematical research

On April 8, NetEase announced a donation of RMB 66 million to the "Beijing Qiu Chengtong Science Foundation" initiated by academician Qiu Chengtong, a well-known mathematician, to support national mathematical research and talent development.

Tencent grabs DocuSign business! Launched a new e-signature platform that allows online signing under the premise of real name

On April 8, Tencent announced the launch of the "Electronic Signature Platform", which will cooperate with partners to provide enterprises and individual users with safe and convenient electronic contract signing and corresponding evidence preservation services. Through this product, users can sign an online contract with a designated party under the premise of real-name authentication, and keep the signing process and results through blockchain technology throughout the entire process to ensure the validity of the contract.

Li Ning also came to intervene? No. 9 and Li Ning Design cooperate to launch a limited edition electric car

On April 7, at the Li Ning 21 Autumn/Winter Fashion Show in China, No. 9 Company released two limited-edition customized electric cars - "Reverse Wu" and "Jueying" designed in cooperation with Li Ning. This customized model is jointly created by the Li Ning design team and the No. 9 electric product team, which interprets the integration of fashion and technology and is aimed at young people.

In addition, the A-series, N-series, and new C-series smart electric vehicles newly released by No. 9 Company were also unveiled. With the core highlights of "True Intelligence 2.0" and the fashionable appearance design, young people can travel smartly Smarter, safer and better to ride.

SAIC and Tencent jointly set up a joint cybersecurity laboratory to jointly build cybersecurityFull base

SAIC Motor and Tencent Holdings (00700.HK) jointly announced that they will carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of intelligent connected vehicle network security standards and specifications, offensive and defensive technologies, security research and development, and security operations through the establishment of a joint network security laboratory to jointly build "Network Security Base" for user privacy security, data security, and product security. plans to form a financial holding company to meet regulatory requirements plans to set up a financial holding company to comply with regulations on China's fintech industry. People familiar with the matter said that Jingdong Technology plans to further divest its technology business and financial business. The newly established financial holding company will accept relevant industry supervision and meet the requirements of capital adequacy ratio and other aspects. Jingdong Technology is also evaluating past M&A transactions and considering Exit at least some equity investment projects.

NetEase Shufan officially upgraded its big data business brand to "NetEase Youshu"

Today, NetEase Shufan officially upgraded its big data business brand to "NetEase Youshu". This upgrade shifts the focus of its big data business from "data management" to "data value". The upgrade adds new technical services including machine learning platform, consumer operations, label profiling and traffic analysis. Based on the previous big data analysis and visualization platform (BI), a system of data products and algorithm tools has been formed, which can provide users with intelligent scene-based data products, provide scientific basis for corporate decision-making, and improve user experience.

Geely Automobile: The total sales volume of Lynk & Co brand vehicles in 2021Q1 is 16,390 units, a year-on-year increase of about 122%

Geely Automobile announced that in 2021Q1, the total sales volume of vehicles was 33.3576 units, a year-on-year increase of 62%; in the first quarter, the sales volume of the Lynk & Co brand was 16,390 units, a year-on-year increase of 122%. In March, car sales were 100,029 units, a year-on-year increase of 37% and a month-on-month increase of 30%, of which 5,657 were new energy and electrified vehicles.

Tencent major shareholder Prosus sells 192 million shares of Tencent Holdings

Tencent's largest shareholder, Prosus, sold 191.9 million Tencent shares at a price of HK$575-595 per share, reducing its shareholding in Tencent from 30.9% to 28.9%. At the same time, it promised not to reduce its holdings in the next three years.

Taobao's original paid marketing tool "Three Treasures and One Coupon" will be changed to free

Four paid merchant marketing tools (“Three Treasures and One Coupon”), including “Shop Treasure”, “Single Product Treasure”, “Matching Treasure”, and “Coupons”, will be changed to free in the near future. This change applies to Taobao All merchants. Within Taobao, the opinions on changing the four merchant marketing tools of “Three Treasures and One Coupon” to free are very consistent, and it is expected to be officially announced in the near future. The source also said that for merchants who have paid for purchases, clear refund rules will be formulated in the detailed rules at that time.

Xiaomi TV responded to the price adjustment: try to ensure that the product is still very cost-effective after the price adjustment

Xiaomi TV's official Weibo post "Instructions on Adjusting the Official Suggested Retail Prices of Some Models of Xiaomi TV and Redmi TV". In this announcement, Xiaomi pointed out that due to changes in global market supply and demand, the epidemic situation and exchange rate changes, the prices of various TV core components, including display panels and chips, have continued to fluctuate sharply recently. It will continue to rise, as far as possible to ensure that the products are still very cost-effective after the price adjustment.


Ctrip may launch an IPO today, raising approximately $1 billion to $2 billion

According to sources, Ctrip will launch its IPO on April 8 and is expected to raise about US$1 billion to US$2 billion. According to the document of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Ctrip has passed the listing hearing of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on the evening of April 6, and went to Hong Kong for the second listing. Ctrip’s sponsors are CICC, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase. According to Ctrip's preliminary prospectus disclosure, as of the end of February 2021, Baidu is the largest shareholder with 11.5% equity; founders Liang Jianzhang, Shen Nanpeng and other directors and management hold a total of about 6.7% equity; Tencent Holdings Shareholder Naspers holds about 5.5% of the shares. As the secondary listing in Hong Kong continues to advance, Ctrip's share price is expected to usher in a revaluation.

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