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Stock chart code (Geely stock chart)

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1. Stock chart code

With reference to share capital and valuation, the stock chart code of Kangda New Materials' expected winning rate slightly lower.

The company focuses on commercial remote sensing satellite operation, data collection, processing and solution provision. Currently, it has 3 remote sensing satellites in the "Beijing No. 2 stock chart code" series in orbit. Satellite manufacturing and launch are carried out at home and abroad. Professional manufacturers complete.

After years of development, the company and its stock chart codes "Yangyuan" and "Yangyuan Six Walnuts" walnut beverages have become one of the most recognized walnut beverage manufacturers and brands in the company's sales area. , and the "YANGYUAN and Figure" trademark has been recognized as a "China Famous Trademark" by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

Strong independent research and development and technical strength, positioning the stock market code into emerging industry markets.

Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of Sichuan-flavored compound seasonings. Sheep stock chart code "four series of products that sell well all over the country and are exported to overseas.

Zhi Lai Technology: The first new stock in Shenzhen with a market value threshold of 00,000 yuan.

Because of multiple rounds of financing before listing, the company's equity is relatively scattered. At present, the company's founder Lu Xianping holds 31.86% of the equity and is the actual controller of the company.

The company has a total of 40 R&D personnel, accounting for 20%. Chairman Zheng Tao once worked as a research scientist in Bell Communications in the United States. In 2010, he began to manage the company's investment points: production and sales of new medical devices "capsule gastroscope" hi-tech stock chart symbol for companies.

Subscription funds will be released from the stock chart code freeze on the 17th, and will not be able to participate in the next round of subscription on the 16th.

Investment points of revenue and net profit: The company has been established for 25 years, and has taken advantage of the trend from image algorithms to visual people, stock charts, codes, and artificial intelligence.

Company profile At present, the stock chart code has formed a complete nylon textile industry chain such as nylon spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, mainly engaged in nylon filament , R&D, production and sales of nylon grey fabrics and finished nylon fabrics.

The controlling shareholder of the company is Guangfeng Holdings, with a shareholding ratio of 20.80%. The actual controller of the company is Li Yi, who controls 42.32% of the company's shares in total.

At present, one of the reasons for the excessive lack of financing function in my country's securities market is that the issuance system is about to face important reforms, but the market-oriented reform will still promote the stock chart code in a step-by-step manner. The current new stock issuance system There are some problems and a lot of controversy.

Main conclusions: On April 1, 2012, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the "Guiding Opinions on Further Deepening the Reform of the New Share Issuance System (Draft for Comments)", pushing the stock chart code to drive a new round of new share issuance system. reform.

Main business: The company is based in the wool spinning industry. The main business is the development and sales of worsted yarns. The main products are worsted yarns and wool tops, which are intermediate products. The tops are used to make spinning yarns. Thread and spinning yarn are used in knitted garment manufacturing, etc. At present, it has an annual output of more than 7,000 tons of wool tops, 10,000 tons of modified wool, more than 6,600 tons of worsted yarns, and 8,000 tons of dyeing and finishing yarns. .

4. The average offline winning rate has dropped to 0.15%. The online "IPO Raiders" follows and analyzes the fundamentals and issuance overview of each new stock, and combines factors such as the environment in the secondary market at the time of issuance. Combining principles to reveal investment opportunities and stock chart representationcode investment risk.

Once you subscribe, you will bear the risks and losses of the stock chart code performance.

In 2018, the global military infrared market was about 8.9 billion US dollars, and the civilian infrared market was about 4.6 billion US dollars.

The company's products mainly include testing equipment and testing fixtures. At present, the products are mainly used in the field of flat panel display testing, and the downstream is concentrated in the electronics industry. Customers include Apple, Samsung, BOE, LG, etc. As a large-scale electronic equipment manufacturer in the industry, the sales revenue of the top five customers has exceeded 60% for three consecutive years.

Main conclusion: On April 1, 2012, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the "Guiding Opinions on Further Deepening the Reform of the New Share Issuance System (Draft for Comment)" to promote a new round of reform of the new share issuance system .

The average gains of the two batches of recently listed small-cap stocks (calculated by the average price of the stock chart symbol) were only 58% and 59%, respectively, while the most recently listed small-cap stocks rose by only 58% and 59% respectively. Large-cap stocks (Everbright Securities) also rose only 35%.

The expected issue price of the stock chart code of Zhongchuang Logistics is 15.32 yuan, and the corresponding issue PE is 22.24 times, which exceeds the static price-earnings ratio of the G58 industry in the past month. The market value threshold of Class A of 10 million has accounted for more than 80%.

The average growth rate of the two batches of recently listed small-cap stocks (calculated by average price) was only 58% and 59%, respectively, while the recently listed large-cap stocks (Everbright Securities) also rose only by only 58% and 59%. 35%.

■The market generally fell, and the new stocks fell heavily: Statistics of new stocks that have opened the daily limit in the past four months, the weekly stock chart code of the plate rose by -8.69%.

Due to the impact of the holiday of the Spring Festival long stock chart, the number of new shares issued and the scale of financing in February decreased by 25% and 40% respectively compared with January.

II. Geely's stock chart

The 12th IPO market approval in 2019 arranged for the issuance of 3 new shares. Yuan, an increase of 43% month-on-month.

This Geely stock chart is the twelfth of our IPO strategy report series.

Note: The market value of stocks held on the Shanghai Stock Exchange is only issued online in this issue: Juli Rigging, Hexin Geely Shares, and Haining Picheng, all of which are Shenzhen SME boards.

Note: The market value of Shanghai stock market stocks is only the main content: The 6 stocks in this batch are all inquiries, and the rhythm of the IPO Geely stock chart in June will slow down significantly.

Therefore, we estimate that the total amount of participation funds for the two new shares of Tianqi Mo and Zhongshun Jierou will be about 400 billion yuan, and the full participation will require 1.916 million yuan. It is recommended for small funds to subscribe for Tianqi first. Steam models, large funds are recommended to purchase in full.

[ Geely stock chart wraps ]The revenue fluctuates with the downstream update cycle, and the overall profitability is stable.

Company Highlights (1) The company's "Dahongpao" and "Haorenjia" trademarks were identified as "China Famous Brands"; "Title of Sichuan Famous Brand Product"; "Tianche" trademark has obtained the "China Time-honored Brand" trademark certification issued by the Ministry of Commerce. The company's brand and products have established a wide range of popularity among consumers and the company profile The company's main business is to engage in enterprise-level The research and development, production, sales of network communication products and the provision of related professional services for users.

■Geely's stock chart IPO monitoring of PE sector: The market adjusted, and the absolute valuation of IPO sector fell.

Saiyi Information—China's leading provider of comprehensive enterprise management information solutions The company is a professional enterprise information management software solution and service provider, focusing on manufacturing, retail, service, etc Groups and large and medium-sized customers in the industry field provide complete information solutions and services for Xin Geely stock market trends.

Appotronics was established in 2006. With the self-developed ALPD laser display bottom layer architecture technology, it has created the core device of laser display - laser optical engine.

In terms of individual stocks, Inner Mongolia Junzheng and Nanfang Bearing Company are industrial groups specializing in the investment and development of fluorite mines and the production and sales of fluorite products.

Aspect 2: Reducer Capacity Improvement Company Profile Hengyin Financial Technology is a financial electronic product and solution provider, integrating the research and development, production, sales, operation and service of financial self-service equipment. The production capacity is 20,000 ATM/CRS, 20,000 self-service terminals, and Ukey300010,000 sticks, 20,000 core modules, etc.

Nanxing Equipment: Subscription code 0027 Geely stock chart 57, subscription limit of 10,500 shares, subscription price of 12.94 yuan, the company's main panel furniture production equipment.

(2) The total amount of funds raised by a single IPO on the Science and Technology Innovation Board: 3 billion yuan for large-cap stocks and 600 million yuan for small-cap stocks; 600 million yuan for small-cap stocks; (3) Expected selling of large-cap stocks and small-cap stocks to increase: the average of A-shares is 100%-175% and 150%-225%, and the average of STAR Market is 20%-50% and 30%-60%; (4) Summary of offline placement pairs for other A-share sectors: under the general principles of high standards, stable start, strong supervision, and risk control Customs, material declaration, initial trading supervision, system safety operation, cleanliness, change trends and potential risk valuation methods will undergo the run-in of the market Geely stock chart and will be tested by time; inquiry and pricing will be further in the future. Accelerate the process of marketization; the future IPO breakout rate will be in line with international standards and become the norm; new trading mechanisms and increased offline concentration will inhibit the initial stage of IPOs; new technologies, new formats, and new profit models face many uncertainties; vision The market value of the beautiful fundraising projects needs to be confirmed in the future; the delisting risks caused by various black swans;... The company is a director unit of the China Condiment Association and a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization.

The issuance of funds is used to invest in three projects: the production and construction project of epoxy resin structural adhesive, the production and construction project of epoxy matrix resin and the construction project of Shanghai Kangda Chemical Technology Research Institute.

Issuance: The total number of shares issued this time is 13.5 million Geely shares, 10.8 million shares were issued online, and the issuance price-earnings ratio was 80.00 times.

2. IPO subscription process: IPO subscription process: on T-2, the placement market value is calculated based on the daily average market value of the 20 trading days before T-2 (including T-2); on T-day, new shares are Subscription shall not exceed the allotment quota by market value (1,000 shares can be subscribed for every 10,000 yuan market value in Shanghai market, and 500 shares can be subscribed for every 5,000 yuan market value in Shenzhen market); on T+1, the lottery rate of Geely's stock chart will be announced, and the lottery will be drawn. Form the winning result.

It is hereby reminded that the issue price or issue price range of new shares is negotiated and determined by the issuer and its underwriters on the basis of market inquiry. No institution guarantees that the company's stock will not fall below the issue price after listing. Please rationally judge Geely's stock chart to decide whether to subscribe.

On the whole, in the context of the accelerated IPO, focusing on high-quality stocks on the fundamentals of Geely's stock chart is still the preferred strategy.

The company has been rated as "Hebei Famous Trademark" and "China's Food Industry Most Auspicious Stock Market Growth" by Hebei Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, China Food Industry Growth Star Selection Committee, Sugar, Tobacco and Alcohol Weekly Magazine. Sexual Enterprise", "China Food Industry (Plant Protein Beverage) Benchmark Brand".

Strong independent research and development and technical strength Geely's stock chart, positioning and segmenting emerging industry markets.

At present, the company is vigorously engaged in spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing - the leading domestic manufacturer of reducers/motors The company is engaged in the research and development, production, A high-tech technology enterprise that sells and services, its main products include precision reducers, transmission planetary reducers, various small and micro gear motors, etc.; products are widely used in industrial robots, intelligent logistics, new energy, work machines and other fields And food, packaging, textile, electronics, medical and other special machinery and equipment.

The controlling shareholder of the company is Guangfeng Holdings, with a shareholding ratio of 20.80% in Geely's stock chart. The actual controller of the company is Li Yi, who controls 42.32% of the company's shares in total.

Haining Picheng (002344), Geely stock chart issue price: 20.00 yuan, issue amount: 70 million shares, subscription date: January 13, subscription for new shares listed today: INVT, Kehuaheng Sheng, Renrenle, will be listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Suggestions for IPO subscription I miss you as the largest jujube company in my country, with strong advantages in industrial chain, brand building, product innovation, and marketing network.

(stock chart code) Baidu recommendation:

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