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Brand Monthly Memorabilia released in May

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Sino-Singapore Jingwei, June 8th, the brand's monthly memorabilia in May is released!

Chinese Brand Events

(May 2022)


"China Brand Memorabilia" is a regular research project of the Brand Alliance Development Research Center. From January 2008, the brand alliance began to observe, sort out and summarize, and announced the brand events of the previous month at the beginning of next month; from April 2022, the brand alliance and China-Singapore Jingwei jointly Compile and publish.

"Chinese Brand Memorabilia" aims to help people understand the development trend of Chinese brands, learn from Chinese brand development experience, share Chinese brand development experience, analyze Chinese brand development trends, and help Chinese brands Develop better and faster.

01. A series of brand-themed activities to welcome the sixth birthday of China Brand Day were held (Brand Festival)

May 10 is the sixth China Brand Day. In this context, relevant themed events have been held in various places. For example, sponsored by Sino-Singapore Jingwei and China Industrial Development Promotion Association and co-organized by the Brand Alliance, the 8th Finance and Economics China V Forum and 2022 Brand Summit was successfully held. Leaders of relevant departments, experts and scholars, and representatives of the business community jointly discussed new trends in brand development and helped Promote the high-quality development of brands and tell the story of Chinese brands. On the same day, the "2022 Shanghai International Brand Innovation and Development Forum" was held online. "Four major brands" promote the high-quality development of Shanghai's economy.

In the five years since the establishment of China Brand Day, Chinese brands have ushered in great development. More and more independent brands have emerged in key links of the industrial chain and supply chain. The more popular with the people, and gradually to the international stage. In 2022, there will be 84 Chinese companies shortlisted in the top 500 global brands, an increase of 27 from 2017, and batches of independent brands in major industries have entered the public eye one after another. To become a big brand country, we are fast and steady; to build a strong brand country, we have a long way to go.

02. Central SOEs bravely take the lead in stabilizing the economy and help small and medium-sized enterprises (industry brand)

On May 27, the Ministry of Finance announced the main operating indicators of state-owned enterprises nationwide from January to April. From January to April, the total revenue of state-owned enterprises increased by 9.8% year-on-year, but the total profit decreased year-on-year, and the downward pressure on the state-owned economy increased. Among them, the operating income of central enterprises was 14135.96 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.8%; the total profit was 986.22 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3.8%; the asset-liability ratio was 67.0%, an increase of 0.2 percentage points. The economic operation of central enterprises has been stable and progress has been made, and the investment in fixed assets has grown steadily, achieving a good start. In the face of the unexpected impact of the domestic epidemic and the further downward pressure on the economy, while doing a good job of ballast for the national economy, central enterprises are constantly "transfusion" for small and medium-sized enterprises to help them tide over the difficulties.

On May 25, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council issued the "Notice on Relevant Matters Concerning Central Enterprises Helping Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to Relieve Difficulties and Promote Coordinated Development". Effectively speed up rent reduction and exemption, vigorously implement fee reduction and quality improvement, strongly support financial integration, maintainContinue to increase innovation support, strengthen leadership and drive, and strengthen organizational guarantees and other 7 aspects to put forward 27 measures to promote central enterprises to help small and medium-sized enterprises solve difficulties, and demonstrate the responsibility and brand power of central enterprises at critical moments. Data shows that in 2021, the total procurement of central enterprises will exceed 13 trillion yuan, and the radiation will drive more than 2 million enterprises of various types, most of which are small and medium-sized enterprises.

03. Alibaba and Tencent released their first-quarter earnings report with a year-on-year decline in profits (corporate brand)

In May, Internet giants such as Internet technology giants Tencent and Alibaba ushered in the "earnings report season". On May 18, Tencent released its financial report for the first quarter of 2022: In the first quarter, Tencent's value-added service business revenue was 72.7 billion yuan, which was generally stable compared to the same period last year. Non-IFRS (non-international financial reporting standards) net profit was 25.545 billion yuan, A year-on-year decrease of 23%. The financial report shows that in the new stage where challenges and development coexist, Tencent is actively “shifting gears” and paying more attention to the “healthy and sustainable” business to create higher-quality development.

On May 26, Alibaba also released its first financial report after large-scale organizational restructuring. In the fourth quarter of fiscal 2022 (i.e. the first quarter), Alibaba’s revenue was 204.05 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9%. Not calculated according to the US GAAP, the net profit was 19.799 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 24%. Ali's revenue continued the growth rate of the previous quarter, but unlike the previous quarter, this slow growth has been expected by the market. In the first quarter of this year, the total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 3.3% year-on-year. After deducting price factors, the total retail sales of consumer goods in the first quarter actually increased by 1.3% year-on-year. Ali e-commerce, which is closely linked to the retail sales of consumer goods, is difficult to stay out of.

04. China Post deploys live broadcast with delivery post office coffee and engages in sideline addiction (corporate brand)

In May, the big brother in the express delivery industry became popular. Some netizens found that the accounts of Beijing Post, Jinjiang Post, Zhongshan Post, Hefei Post, Xinxiang Post, Guizhou Post, Hangzhou Post and other branches of China Post have opened live streaming on Douyin and Taobao, and there are already several The live broadcast room achieved monthly sales of over 10 million yuan, which attracted the attention of the outside world. The products brought in include cosmetics, local specialties, etc. The customer service of Beijing Post E-Commerce Bureau said that the post has developed e-commerce business, and the delivery of goods varies from place to place. If you want to send SF Express, you can consult the corresponding product customer service. In order to achieve better delivery effect, China Post has even established a live MCN operation center in 2021, which is responsible for the full-chain commercial operations of the China Post Anchor Union's anchor training, professional support, and supply chain cooperation.

In recent years, China Post has been very fond of cross-border marketing. On Valentine’s Day on February 14 this year, China Post’s first directly-operated coffee store, Post Office Coffee, opened in Xiamen, and it once became a popular check-in spot in the hearts of netizens. I am used to telling new stories with old IP, but from the perspective of operational effects, it is not easy for China Post to enter the hot coffee track. Now the postal branch has entered the live broadcast e-commerce again, and has made some achievements, and has formed a "postal family" on the live broadcast platform. To achieve a real "out of the circle", China Post still has a long way to go.

05. Geely married Renault, changed ships, went overseas and acquired the king to transform technology output (corporate brand)

On May 10, Geely Automobile signed a contract with the South Korean branch of the French Renault Group to purchase a 34.02% stake in South Korea’s Renault for 1.376 billion yuan, while Renault is still its major shareholder. As early as 2010, "M&A King" Geely spent 1.8 billion US dollars to buy Ford's luxury car Volvo series, and it was still 100% of the shares. Li Shufu won the reputation of Henry Ford in China in the acquisition of "Snake Swallowing Elephant"; In 2017, Geely acquired a 49.9% stake in Malaysia's Proton Motors, and held a 51% stake in Lotus, one of the world's top three supercar brands, the Proton supercar series; in 2018, Geely purchased it for $9 billion. Daimler's 9.69% stake, becoming the largest holder of Daimler.

With the previous domesticAuto companies acquire different technologies or product outputs through overseas purchases, and Jilin’s acquisition of the shares of Renault’s Korean subsidiary this time, Chinese brand auto companies have achieved technology overseas: Renault’s Samsung factory is responsible for the manufacture of new hybrid models, while Geely only The output technology, mainly the CMA modular architecture and the Thor hybrid system. After the merger, the two auto giants will jointly develop hybrid vehicles in South Korea and start mass production in 2024. This is the further improvement of Chinese brand auto companies after realizing their products going overseas, and this "ship-changing to go overseas" will also bring new opportunities and impetus to the development of China's auto industry.

06. Moutai opens cross-border ice cream stores and strives to cultivate young consumers (corporate brands)

On May 19, on the same day that the "i Moutai" APP was officially launched, the country's first Moutai ice cream flagship store opened in Guiyang as an "Easter Egg". Chairman Ding Xiongjun and General Manager Li Jingren of Moutai Group also attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony. on site. On May 29, the second ice cream store in Moutai, Guizhou opened in Guanshanhu District, Guiyang. In addition to offline stores, customers in Guiyang can also place orders through the "i Moutai" APP. After the APP opens for sales at 17:00 pm, 40,000 ice creams were sold in 51 minutes, with sales of about 2.5 million yuan, all of which were sold out. . It is understood that the Moutai ice cream, which looks similar to the Feitian Moutai wine bottle, comes in two flavors: original and vanilla, and the tasting price is 39 yuan per serving. Next, Moutai officials will also deploy offline ice cream stores in Nanjing, Hangzhou, Changsha, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xi'an and other cities.

In recent years, liquor brands and ice cream brands have frequently cross-border linkages. In 2018, Wuliangye and Heytea launched two wine-flavored ice creams; in 2019, Luzhou Laojiao and Zhong Xuegao launched "Fragmented Ice Cream"; in 2020, Jiang Xiaobai and Mengniu launched white wine-flavored ice cream... As expected, " The topic of "Moutai Ice Cream" quickly attracted the attention of netizens from all walks of life. Some observers believe that the greater value of Moutai's launch of ice cream products lies in attracting young people to accept the taste of Moutai and cultivating potential consumer groups. Moutai also officially stated that the current mainstream consumer demand in the domestic market reflects trends such as youth, online, personalization, and health, bringing new opportunities and challenges to the traditional consumer goods industry. Moutai's cross-border ice cream intends to break the traditional stereotype and increase communication with the younger generation of consumer groups through diversified and younger consumption scenarios.

07. May 1st holiday camping hot trend stocks become stronger and new vents are coming (industry brand)

The May Day holiday, although some areas are still under epidemic control, people's enthusiasm for traveling has not diminished. According to the data center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, during the 5-day May Day holiday in 2022, 160 million domestic tourists will travel across the country. Under the prevention and control of the epidemic, when the "distance" is temporarily stranded, people turn their attention to local tours and surrounding tours, and local-centered "micro vacations" are becoming more and more popular. According to, the bookings of camping-related products during the May Day holiday this year are about three times that of 2021, and camping has become one of the most popular keywords on social platforms. According to Ctrip data, from January to April this year, the number of users who signed up for camping tours was more than five times that of the whole year of 2021. The popularity of camping has also driven the camping equipment market. In the first quarter of this year, the turnover of Tmall outdoor tents increased by more than 100% year-on-year, of which large tents increased by more than 200%.

In the capital market, as long as the company's business is related to camping, the stock price will also rise. For example, the stock price of Mugaodi, which sells tents, has nearly tripled in two months, and concept stocks such as Luyin Ecology and Sanfu Outdoor have also risen. In recent years, the number of registered camping-related companies in my country has continued to rise. According to data from Tianyancha, there are currently nearly 47,000 camping-related companies in my country. 2020 is an outbreak period for the registration of camping companies. There are 8,229 newly registered camping-related companies, and the growth rate is as high as 195.6%. In 2021, more than 20,000 camping-related companies will be registered in my country, a year-on-year increase of 144%, more than double the number of newly registered companies in 2020. It is worth noting that 48% of camping-related companies were established within one year, and 80% were established within five years. In the context of normalized epidemic prevention and control, changes in mass tourism demand, as well as the accumulation and development of the camping industry, have pushed the camping economy to the forefront.

08. Luo Dayou and Stefanie Sun face off against Douyin video account in front of arm wrestling (corporate brand)

"Today, are you watching Luo Dayou or Stefanie Sun? ? "On the evening of May 27, Luo Dayou's first online concert came as scheduled on the WeChat video account. Almost at the same time, Stefanie Sun also appeared in the Douyin live broadcast room to start an online singing and chatting session. This is Douyin. The first head-to-head confrontation between the two platforms on the online concert format of WeChat video account and WeChat video account. Public data shows that Stefanie Sun's "online singing and chatting session" has attracted 240 million views, while Luo Dayou's online concert has more than 4,000 viewers. 10,000. Although the statistical caliber of the video account and Douyin are not the same, it is difficult to "compete" from the data alone, but the exposure and influence of the two concerts have achieved good results.

Previously, the battle for "retaining users" has always existed between the Byte and Tencent systems. The third-party data Quest Mobile's single-month data in December last year showed that by head According to the division of corporate factions, the use time of Tencent is squeezed by short videos, and the use time has dropped from 39.5% to 35.7%; the byte system representing short videos is second only to Tencent, and the total time accounted for 21%. After a successful online concert, Tencent has found a "counterattack" against the byte system after years of user-time disputes. After experiencing the concerts of Cui Jian, Jay Chou and Luo Dayou this year, Tencent said that "it is accelerating Explore the integration and more refined operation of the commercialization capabilities of video accounts, and accelerate the development of the brand ecology and the ecological cycle of talents. "In the popular concerts again and again, the amazing traffic driven by online concerts is a win-win for live broadcast platforms, brand sponsors and musicians.

09. Weilai was listed on the Singapore Exchange and became the first car company (corporate brand) listed in three places.

On May 20, Chinese new energy car company Wei Lai was successfully listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange and officially started trading with the stock code "NIO". As early as September 2018, NIO was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. This marks that NIO has become the world's first It is also the first Chinese company listed in New York, Hong Kong and Singapore at the same time.

As a representative of "new car-making forces", NIO The previous "going overseas" started in Norway, and will focus on Western European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands in 2022. Now NIO will also focus on developing the "blue ocean" in Southeast Asia. Li Bin, founder, chairman and CEO of NIO, said that NIO will Taking advantage of Singapore's advantages as an international economic and technology center, we will carry out in-depth cooperation with local scientific research institutions in Singapore, and establish an artificial intelligence and autonomous driving R&D center in Singapore to further improve NIO's global R&D and business layout.

10. The father of Huawei Hongmeng officially resigned, the next stop Huawei ally Shen Kaihong (character brand)

May 23 Today, it was reported that Wang Chenglu, the head of Huawei's Hongmeng operating system, resigned, and will join the open source Hongmeng IoT operating system company Shenkaihong. According to the China Securities Journal, Huawei confirmed that Wang Chenglu is no longer at Huawei, and a deep Kaihong company officials also confirmed that the news is true. At present, Wang Chenglu’s official Weibo account verification has been cancelled. In addition, Wang Chenglu also posted a circle of friends, with a photo of his work card and the text “For the memory of forgetting.” One of the main leaders of the Hongmeng system, Wang Chenglu plays a pivotal role in the development of Hongmeng, and is called the "Father of Hongmeng" by the industry.

Public information shows that Wang Chenglu graduated Graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology with a Ph.D. in Engineering. He joined Huawei in 1998 and has served as President of the Company's Core Network Product Line, President of Huawei's Central Software Institute, and President of the Consumer Business Software Department. Currently, more than 240 million Huawei devices are equipped with Huawei's Hongmeng system. The number of global monthly active users of Huawei terminals is 730 million, the shipment of ecological equipment is 150 million, there are more than 2,000 ecological partners, and more than 14,000 offline outlets. Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shenzhen State-owned Assets Shenzhen Capital Operation Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Chinasoft International Information Technology Co., Ltd. and other joint ventures focusing on IoT operating systemshigh tech company. In the equity penetration chart of Shenzhen Kaihong, you can also see the figure of Hubble Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huawei.

Global Brand Events

(May 2022)

"Global Brand Events" is a regular study of the Brand Alliance Development Research Center project. Starting from 2022, the brand alliance will begin to observe, sort out and summarize the global brand events that happened in the current month and the current year, and publish the "Global Brand Events" of the previous month at the beginning of each month. From April 2022, the brand alliance and Sino-Singapore Jingwei will jointly Compile and publish.

"Global Brand Memorabilia" aims to help people understand global brand development trends, learn from international brand development experience, enhance brand international influence, and promote world-class enterprises with global competitiveness birth.

01. The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum will focus on four challenges including geopolitical conflicts (event brand)

From May 22 to 26, the 2022 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting was held in Davos, a small town in Switzerland. The Davos Forum is known as the "global economic vane". The theme of this conference is "Government Policies and Corporate Strategies at a Turning Time in History", focusing on four major challenges: geopolitical risks, pandemics, climate change and global economic risks. Among them, geopolitical risk has become the primary topic, and relevant discussions have been carried out throughout the forum, with increasing calls for enhancing trust, strengthening cooperation, and promoting global mutually beneficial and win-win development. Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the 2021 Davos Forum was forced to be suspended, and the 2022 Davos Forum Annual Meeting was also held in May instead of January for the first time since its inception in 1971.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) President Georgieva said at the forum that "2022 will be a difficult year", and the IMF lowered 143 This year's growth forecast for individual economies, which account for 86% of the world's total. The quarterly research report released by the Davos Forum believes that the global economy is currently facing problems such as declining growth momentum, rising inflation, lower real wages, prominent food insecurity, and regionalization of economic and industrial chains. trade off. Only when all countries work together can it be possible to help the economy get out of the current predicament and return to the normal development track.

02. Saudi Aramco surpasses Apple to become the global market capitalization champion (corporate brand)

On May 11, U.S. technology stocks tumbled. Apple closed down 5.2%, and its market value fell to $2.37 trillion (about 16.1 trillion yuan). At the same time, under the influence of a series of factors such as the large-scale sell-off of US stocks and the surge in oil prices, the share price of Saudi Aramco, the world's largest oil company, is approaching an all-time high, with a market value of US$2.43 trillion. This means that since 2020, Saudi Aramco has once again surpassed Apple to become the world's most valuable company. Since the beginning of this year, TE Aramco's stock price has risen by more than 28%, and its market value has risen by about 530 billion US dollars (about 3.6 trillion yuan). Bloomberg and other media commented that even if this change is short-lived, Apple may regain the top spot again, but this role reversal also highlights the influence of major forces in the global economy.

At the beginning of 2022, Apple’s stock price reached a record high of US$182.71 per share, and its total market value exceeded US$3 trillion (about 19.5 trillion yuan) for the first time. At that time, the media compared this value with the GDP of various countries in the world in 2020, saying that Apple’s volume exceeded that of the United Kingdom, second only to Germany with a GDP of 4 trillion US dollars, equivalent to the fifth largest economy in the world. But Apple shares have fallen about 16% so far this year as U.S. stock investors dumped stocks in a number of sectors, including technology, amid concerns about a deteriorating economic environment.

03. Coca-Cola's share price hit a new high, rising more than 500,000 times in a century (corporate brand)

Coca-Cola's stock hit another all-time high in May. On May 16, Coca-Cola’s stock price reached a maximum of $66.38; as of the close of May 31, the stock price was still $63.38. This has also made Coca-Cola the company with the highest return in history, and its recovery price has risen by an astonishing 500,000 times in the past 100 years, explaining the compound interest power of "good business". This means that if someone bought a share of Coca-Cola when it went public in 1919, they would now be a $20 million coveted millionaire.

Many netizens believe that there are only two beverages in the world, one is Coca-Cola and the other is other. As a high-sugar carbonated beverage, Coca-Cola is not the first to promote healthy beverages, but it can still be popular in the world for more than a century, which shows its excellence. Coca-Cola's business model has the following five characteristics: First, it locks in customers with strong product power and brand power, and makes it difficult for customers to change their consumption habits; second, it is particularly adaptable to inflation, and price increases will not weaken market share; The third is a small-cost big business, and the expansion of the sales scale does not require too much additional capital investment; the fourth is an enterprise that relies less on management and can be operated by "one hamburger"; the fifth is a global enterprise that continuously expands globally.

04. Audi advertising is suspected of plagiarizing the brand owner and creative company to apologize (brand marketing)

May 21 is the "Little Man" of the traditional twenty-four solar terms in China. On the same day, FAW Audi released a video advertisement of "Xiaoman". This brand advertisement in cooperation with Andy Lau was forwarded, liked and favorited on Audi video account for more than 100,000 soon after its release, and the entry "Andy Lau's popular science Xiaoman solar term" also quickly entered the social media hot search list. In less than 24 hours, Audi advertisements triggered the whole network to swipe, which can be called "phenomenal marketing". But on the same night, Douyin blogger "Peking University Mange" questioned him for allegedly plagiarizing his copy of a video on May 21, 2021, and also left a message under Andy Lau's Douyin video, questioning Audi's advertising copy for allegedly plagiarizing.

On the morning of May 22, FAW-Audi responded that it had instructed its creative agency M&C Saatchi to think about the problems caused by ineffective supervision and lax review. The advertisement will deal with the copyright infringement in question as soon as possible, and stated that the video will be completely removed from Audi's official channels before the facts are officially clarified. Subsequently, Shangsi Advertising admitted that it directly used the copywriting content of the Douyin blogger "Peking University Mange" without communicating with the copyright owner, apologized to the original author for this, and promised to do its best to make up for its losses. The China Advertising Association also issued a document on May 22, expressing its condemnation and opposition to this act of disrespecting creativity and paying no attention to intellectual property protection.

05. Airbnb will withdraw from the Chinese market, but the revenue is soaring, but the epidemic is impacted (corporate brand)

In less than 7 years after entering China, Airbnb, the originator of shared accommodation, has still abandoned the domestic homestay market. On May 24, Airbnb China (Airbnb) issued a letter to Chinese users, announcing its latest business adjustment, and will suspend support for domestic travel listings, experiences and related bookings in China, and fully serve outbound travel. The letter stated that from 0:00 on July 30, 2022, Airbnb will completely delist nearly 150,000 listings and experience businesses in China. After Airbnb announced its withdrawal from the Chinese market, many homestay brands such as Meituan Homestay, Fliggy Homestay, Tujia, and Xiaozhu Homestay indicated that they would communicate with Airbnb hosts about the launch.

Previously, Airbnb's financial report for the first quarter of 2022 showed that revenue in the first quarter reached US$1.5 billion, a year-on-year increase of 70%, ushering in the first profit in history. Adjusted EBITDA for the quarter was $229 million. During the quarter, Airbnb’s accommodation and experience bookings rose against the trend, surpassing the pre-pandemic level in one fell swoop and breaking the 100 million bookings mark in a single quarter for the first time. According to the previously released data from January to August 2019, the average monthly activity of local users of the Airbnb app continued to lead, ranking first among domestic short-term rental platforms. The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has affected China's immature homestay industry.growing. Airbnb co-founder Nathan Blecharczyk said the platforms that stayed in China made up just 1 percent of their revenue over the past year.

06. Microsoft announces that IE browser retirement generation legend overlord will come to an end (product brand)

On May 16, Microsoft’s edge browser was officially announced on Weibo, saying that Microsoft’s IE browser will be officially retired on June 16, and its functions will be taken over by the edge browser. So far, this 27-year-old browser has fallen. curtain. The official said in a review of Weibo that in August 1995, one of the most successful operating systems in Microsoft's history, Windows 95, was officially released. As its default browser, IE quickly occupied the market, and three years later successfully became the No. 1 global market share. No. 1 browser, it reached its peak in 2003, occupying 95% of the global market share.

However, Microsoft, which is in a dominant position in the market, cannot keep up with the pace of the times. There are many problems, and the user experience and development experience have been criticized. Even Microsoft itself admits, "now than IE itself, the more popular may be the black IE meme". According to the statistics of market research agency Statcounte as of April 2022, the market share of IE browser is only 0.97%, which is almost negligible. Despite the support of Microsoft, it is unknown how far the Edge browser can go. On the one hand, the competitors of the Edge browser are very strong, and on the other hand, Microsoft's focus is turning to the cloud business. It is still worth observing how much support the Edge browser will provide in the future.

07. 40 years of data fraud by Mitsubishi Electric and scandals of famous Japanese manufacturing companies (corporate brand)

Recently, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, a century-old Japanese company, admitted that the transformer products produced by a factory in Hyogo Prefecture had data fraud in the inspection before leaving the factory. Affected by this, the international certification body suspended the ISO9001 international quality management system certification and the international railway industry standard certification of the factory involved on May 6. A third-party investigation found that the company's transformer data fraud can be traced back to at least 1982, with a span of 40 years. The nearly 3,400 transformers involved were sold to Japan and abroad, including Japan's railway companies and operating nuclear power plants. According to Japanese media investigations, at least nine Japanese nuclear power plants are involved.

In fact, this is not the first time a fraud scandal has occurred at Mitsubishi Electric. In June 2021, the company was exposed to the issue of fraud in the quality inspection of train air conditioners, and admitted that this behavior was an organized fraud. It has formed a tacit understanding among its internal employees since 30 years ago. The scandal also led to the resignation of the general manager of Mitsubishi Electric. It is worth noting that 6 Mitsubishi Electric factories have successively cancelled or suspended relevant international certifications due to problems such as quality inspection fraud. In recent years, many well-known Japanese companies, including Hino Motors and Toray, have been exposed to fraud scandals one after another, which has also cast a shadow over the golden signboard of "made in Japan" known as quality assurance.

08. Apple, Google and Microsoft will jointly promote passwordless login technology (industry brand)

May 5th is World Password Day, but we are drifting further away from passwords. The three tech giants, Apple, Google and Microsoft, announced in a joint plan that they will be working on a passwordless login system on all mobile, desktop and browser platforms they control over the next year. This means that in the near future, all major device platforms will use passwordless authentication, including Android and iOS mobile operating systems; Chrome, Edge and Safari browsers; Windows and macOS desktop systems.

This cross-platform capability benefits from a set of standards called FIDO, which uses public key cryptography principles to support passwordless and multi-factor authentication in many environments. A user's phone can store a unique FIDO-compliant key that can only be used for verification when the phone is unlocked.Web site login information. According to Google's blog, the keys can also be easily synced to new devices via cloud backup in case the phone is lost. Although many popular applications already support FIDO authentication, users still need to enter a password to configure FIDO, so users are still vulnerable to phishing attacks. So far, Apple, Google and Microsoft have all said that the new sign-in feature is expected to be rolled out to their platforms next year, but no specific roadmap has been announced.

09. Top 500 US rankings revealed Walmart first and Amazon second (brand list)

On May 23, the 2022 Fortune 500 list was announced. This is the 68th year that Fortune has released the list. Taken as a whole, the threshold for this year's list has risen to $6.39 billion, up from $5.37 billion last year. The total revenue of all 500 companies on the list rose to US$16.1 trillion from US$13.8 trillion last year, an increase of about 16.9% from last year and the largest increase since 1975. The total revenue of the listed companies is equivalent to 70% of the GDP of the United States that year, which is close to the GDP of China in 2021. Earnings at these largest U.S. companies surged last year, with combined profits of about $1.84 trillion, a 114 percent increase from last year and the largest annual increase since 2010.

On this year's list, Walmart topped the list for the tenth year in a row with its operating income, Amazon remained at No. 2 and Apple remained at No. 3. From the perspective of profitability, Apple made a profit of US$94.68 billion last year, an increase of about 65% over the previous year, ranking first in the profit list and becoming the most profitable company in the history of the list. ; and Berkshire Hathaway doubled its profits last year and returned to second place. Technology and finance remain the most profitable industries, with eight of the top 10 most profitable companies coming from these two industries. The most popular tech companies in the U.S. market, whether it's the "FAANG" group (i.e. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google) or the "MANTA" group (Microsoft, Amazon, Nvidia, Tesla and Apple), ranked remained the same or improved.

10. Broadcom's over 400 billion acquisition of Wei Rui Chinese billionaire Chen Fuyang strikes again (brand character)

On May 26, cloud computing company Wei Rui announced that it signed a merger agreement and plan with wireless communication giant Broadcom. On the same day, Broadcom also announced through its official website that it will acquire the outstanding shares of Wei Rui in cash and stock, and will also assume $8 billion in debt. Verizon was part of Dell until it was spun off last year. The amount of Broadcom's high premium acquisition reached about 61 billion US dollars (about 410 billion yuan), which is expected to take 6 to 12 months to complete, and will be completed in Broadcom's 2023 fiscal year. The acquisition is the second-largest announced globally so far this year, after Microsoft Corp.'s $68.7 billion purchase of World of Warcraft developer Activision Blizzard, Reuters reported. According to CNBC, this is the world's third-largest technology industry merger after Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard and Dell's acquisition of EMC.

$61 billion behind the world's third largest M&A transaction -- stands a 69-year-old Malaysian Chinese billionaire, Broadcom President and CEO Chen Fuyang. He is one of the mysterious tycoons who understand capital operation best in the world. He is known as "Masayoshi Son in the M&A world". In just four years, relying on a snake swallowing elephant-style merger and acquisition, he has achieved an annual revenue of only 2.4 billion US dollars. of enterprises have achieved the fifth position in the global semiconductor industry. Five years ago, Chen Fuyang also planned to acquire chip maker Qualcomm for more than $130 billion, aiming to rank among the top three in the global semiconductor industry. This is an M&A plan that is enough to disrupt the semiconductor industry landscape, and even have an impact on the supply chains of the two smartphone giants, Apple and Samsung. But in 2018, the deal was rejected by the Trump administration over national security concerns, and Broadcom withdrew its acquisition.

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