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It is expected to double by 10 times in the next 5 years. This list of leading core stocks in the A-share industry will be doubled in collection!

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​​To buy stocks, you must buy industry leaders. Share the industry leaders that you are optimistic about in the next two years. You can refer to them!

In the future, China's capital market will also have new core assets that will come out of the bulls. Only by understanding what will happen in the future can we find the direction of China's future wealth. Although there are variables in emerging companies with a relatively short listing time, in order to prevent missing out on big bull stocks, we should continue to pay attention to this part. Many of them performed well, such as

Zhuosheng Micro, which focuses on RF chips,

Medicilon, which is a preclinical CRO, and

Jinlang Technology, which focuses on photovoltaic inverters. b>,

Stone Technology of the sweeping robot, etc., the rally is fierce and continues to hit new highs.

We can see that companies with higher annualized share prices are concentrated in the three major fields of

consumption, medicine, and technology. People are inseparable from food, clothing, housing and transportation. The market demand is large and long-term, and the certainty is strong and growth is good, creating two golden tracks for consumer medicine. At the same time, technological breakthroughs in the field of science and technology have stimulated new consumer demand to achieve explosive growth. Subdivided into three categories: food consumption, household consumption

(1) Food consumption

1. Liquor

The competition pattern of the domestic liquor industry presents a situation of one super and many strong ,

Kweichow Moutai occupies a super high-end position, Wuliangye,

Luzhou Laojiao,

Shanxi Fenjiu,

Yanghe Co., Ltd. and so on in the high-end position.

Kweichow Moutai: The No. 1 brand of high-end liquor, the king of A-shares.

Wuliangye: The leading brand of high-end Luzhou-flavor liquor, second only to Moutai in brand value. Moutai has fully benefited from the restriction of price increases, highlighting its cost-effective advantage.

Luzhou Laojiao: Adhere to the high-end strategy and continuously increase the proportion of Guojiao 1573 to 62%. Last year, the price increased three times.

Shanxi Fenjiu: The faucet of fragrant liquor, taking the strategy of sub-high-end and low-end. The market share in Shanxi Province exceeds 50%, and it has basically achieved nationalization.

Now, the leading upstream medical and aesthetic product manufacturers have appeared and successfully listed ; Private medical and beauty institutions have a strong development momentum, relying on their system, capital and service advantages, and become the backbone of my country's plastic surgery and beauty market. By reading the research reports of major securities companies, combined with the performance of the quarterly report, a potential leading company in medical beauty that is expected to get out of the "long bull market" was screened out. One of them is expected to become a super standard for the "Blonde Rabbi"! Interested fans can find Gong Zhonghao "Ding Feng Dian Pan" to play, the middle line, the leading head, just fine, you come for wealth, I do it for fame!

2. Beer

The growth rate of the beer industry has slowed down, and the share of CR5 in the domestic beer market has basically stabilized at 70% in the past five years. The industry has entered the stage of stock game, and the focus of the current competition is the high-end upgrade of products.

China Resources Beer: The beer company with the largest market share in China, targeting the mid-to-low end, and complementing the relatively weak high-end market through the acquisition of Heineken China.

Tsingtao Brewery: The domestic beer market share is the second, and the domestic high-end beer market is still the second, and the industry position is stable in the top two in the country.

Chongqing Beer: The regional leader of "small and beautiful", with the empowerment of Carlsberg, it has obvious advantages in the high-end market, forming an "international + local" brand matrix. "Xinjiang Dawusu, Chongqing Mountain City beer, Yunnan's romantic scenery" with distinctive regional cultural characteristics,Expand differentiated marketing packaging. From "small and beautiful" to "big and strong", there is a great challenge to its expansion strength and the ability to sustain high growth in performance.

3. Pre-mixed cocktails

Bairun Co., Ltd.: The absolute leader in pre-mixed cocktails, with a market share of 84%. At present, the market penetration rate of domestic pre-mix liquor stores is very low, and there is still a lot of room for future development.

4. Soft drinks

In each segment of the soft drink market, an oligarch takes the lead: natural water is

Nongfu Spring, purified water is

Yibao, tea is

Master Kong, carbonated drink is

Coca-Cola, and energy drink is

Red Bull. The consumption pattern tends to be stable, and new players can only overtake by creating new types of corners. For example, a new round of financing for

Energy Forest has been completed, with a post-investment valuation of US$6 billion.

5. Dairy products

More than 70% of China's liquid milk market is occupied by room temperature milk, and the market for low temperature fresh milk and low temperature yogurt The share is only about 15%. The current industry structure of China's milk market is as follows:

Yilimeng cattle dominates room temperature milk, and local dairy companies segment low temperature milk. This pattern cannot be changed for a long time.

Yili: has stable and high-quality milk sources, rich product lines, and a market penetration rate of 84.2%.

China Feihe: In 2019, domestic brands of infant milk powder accounted for 67% of the domestic market share, realizing a comprehensive counterattack against imported brands. Five of the top ten brands in the Chinese market are domestic brands, of which China Feihe ranks first in market share. "Technological innovation" is the key for domestic infant formula powder to defeat foreign brands and regain the market.

6. Condiments

For many consumer products, every new product distributed after the channel is established is almost pure profit. is a typical representative.

Haitian Flavor Industry: It is an absolute leader in condiments, mainly focusing on catering channels, and has an extremely obvious production capacity advantage. Taking advantage of channels can quickly promote the volume of related products.

Qianhe Flavor Industry: Aiming at the high-end market with zero additive as the entry point, it focuses on the consumption of commercial and super C-end.

7. Fast food

Anjing Foods: A leading enterprise in the domestic quick-frozen prepared food and hot pot ingredients industry.

8. Snacks

Juewei Food: Joining forces with Zhou Heiya, Juewei Food's franchise strategy Completely beat Zhou Hei Ya's direct sales strategy.

Yanjin Shop: The old line of business is making candied roasted seeds and nuts, and in recent years, the development of bakery products has achieved good results.

9. Meat food

Muyuan Co., Ltd.: The domestic pig breeding leader has formed a “full self-raising, full chain, intelligent "Cultivation mode. It remains to be seen whether it can survive the down period of pig prices safely through the expansion of slaughter volume and cost control through aggressive expansion to take advantage of scale.

(2) Household consumption

1. Cosmetics, skin care products

Proya: Marketing , positioning the public, the reputation is getting better and better.

Bloomage Bio: Technology, launching a number of functional skin care brands with strong strength. However, cosmetics are still inferior to medical beauty, with short life cycles and high marketing costs.

Bethany: The light of domestic products in the skin care sub-category for sensitive skin, but after all, a single brand of skin care products should not be used as a medical beauty copy.

2. Pets

China Pets: The pet economy continues to heat up, and the pet food consumption cycle is the longest and the frequency is high. There is demand rigidity. Born in an international OEM, in recent years, it has competed with many foreign brands through pet snacks. Actively deploy online channels and e-commerce platforms.

3. Stationery

Chenguang Stationery: The absolute leader in the domestic stationery industry, with a complete and huge marketing network. With a market share of 7%, it ranks first, which is almost the sum of the second child Qixin and the third child Deli.

4. Home Furnishing

The home furnishing industry is seriously homogenized, and its market share tends to be concentrated. Divided into furniture and soft decoration, the leading companies have penetrated each other. head companySophia in the furniture sector; Gujia Home in the soft furnishing sector.

5. Electrical appliances

The home appliance industry is a relatively fast and well-developed industry in China. .

Midea Group: Comprehensive white appliance faucet, all categories of layout. Promote a diversified and international business model and develop towards smart home.

Gree Electric Appliances:The "big sister" in the air-conditioning industry has the ability to control costs and price shifts. In recent years, the development of diversification has been hindered, and financial indicators have trended downward.

Ecovacs, Roborock Technology: The sweeping robot can be described as a product of the "lazy economy". The current market penetration rate is low and the industry has a lot of room for development.

2. Pharmaceutical industry

We subdivide pharmaceutical stocks into three segments: chemical and biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and medical services, the first two It is greatly affected by supervision and centralized procurement.

(1) Chemical and Biopharmaceuticals


1. Innovative drugs

Innovative drugs are the main investment path for pharmaceutical stocks, with both “stable” consumer stocks and “fast” technology stocks. Therefore, in addition to looking at its mature drugs, it is necessary to focus on the drugs and progress under development, which are the fundamental sources of performance growth.

Hengrui Medicine: The leader of innovative drugs, and the growing R&D team has now become its core competitiveness. In the fifth centralized procurement this year, 8 varieties entered, accelerating the volume. Although Hengrui is the national leader in innovative drugs, the proportion of generic products in revenue is still very high. Innovative drug companies with strong R&D have returned to A, and Hengrui's position as the leader is unstable.

Changchun Hi-Tech: The world leader in growth hormone, the international leader in R&D capability, the largest production scale in Asia, and a domestic market share of 80%. Its profits are heavily dependent on Jinsai Pharmaceuticals, and there is a risk of growth hormone being included in centralized collection.

2. Traditional Chinese Medicine

At present, there are policy changes in the traditional Chinese medicine industry, allowing Chinese herbal decoction pieces and traditional Chinese medicine preparations to implement independent pricing, which undoubtedly increases the room for improving the performance of traditional Chinese medicine. .

Pien Tze Huang: The curative effect is miraculous. There is a lot of room for product price increase, and the price has been increased many times, which has the property of preserving and increasing value.

Yunnan Baiyao: The only holder of the national secret formula.

3. Vaccines

Zhifei Bio: the leader in the domestic vaccine industry and the largest domestic distributor of Merck HPV vaccines. The new crown recombinant protein vaccine began to conduct Phase III clinical trials overseas in November 2020, and was included in emergency use in March this year.

Kangtai Bio: The domestic market share of hepatitis B vaccine is the first, and the competition pattern of pneumonia vaccine is good. However, its actual controller divorced and transferred 23.99% of the total share capital to the other party's name, which is called "the most expensive divorce case of A shares", and there is a possibility of "fake divorce and real cash out", and its holdings have been reduced by 2.96%.

Watson Bio: Pneumonia 13, the world's No. 1 selling blockbuster vaccine, broke the monopoly of Pfizer. A few days ago, it was planned to sell the core technology HPV vaccine, but the operation was doubtful.

(2) Medical devices

The medical device sector has great market potential, domestic manufacturers have made breakthroughs in technology to the mid-to-high end, and domestic substitution is the main incremental logic. The biggest hidden danger is that the government's centralized procurement will kill the price, which will seriously reduce the profit space.

Mindray Medical: The domestic medical device leader, the world's leading, and the products have strong competitiveness. In 2020, it will enter the new field of pet medical treatment and become a new profit growth point in the future.

Jianfan Bio: The hemoperfusion device is the largest family. Because uremia cannot be cured, patients have long-term dependence on the device.

Intech Medical: Specialized in medical gloves, it has become a world leader under the catalysis of the epidemic.

(3) Medical services

Medical services are not affected by centralized procurement and enjoy the dividends of biopharmaceutical stocks, and the industry is booming.

1. Innovative drug R&D service CXO

Innovative drug R&D costs are high and the probability of failure is high. In order to reduce capital cost, time cost and R&D risk, the CXO industry chain was born. whole rowThe industry maintains a high boom with the logic of "water sellers".

WuXi AppTec

: CXO is the leader of the complete industrial chain, promoting the layout and development of the entire industrial chain.

Pharmaron: The second in China and the third in the world as a preclinical CRO company, second only to WuXi AppTec


: Focus on positioning the CRO market segment and become the leader in the clinical CRO industry


: The leader in small molecule chemical pharmaceutical CDMO

Zhaoyan New Drug: The leader in preclinical CRO safety evaluation

Medicilon: Xiaoermei's preclinical CRO, with an annualized share price of 240 in one and a half years of listing %, second only to Zhuosheng Micro in the list of 1 to 3 years in the market

The current market penetration rate of specialist medical care is relatively low, and the industry ceiling is still high.

(1) Ophthalmology

Aier Ophthalmology: the world's largest ophthalmic medical chain institution, continuously expanding through a hierarchical chain expansion model Expansion, while bringing huge goodwill, there are certain hidden dangers.

Opcon Vision: The leading domestic orthokeratology lens, eating up the domestic alternative dividend. At the same time, it has also begun to develop towards the terminal. Through self-built channels and optometry centers and acquisitions, there are currently ten hospitals and 230 terminal clinics. This year, it is planned to increase the number of terminal clinics in the terminal community.

(2) Dentistry

Tongce Medical: The leading oral medical care in China, a model of endogenous growth. The model of "central hospital + branch" is adopted to expand the medical market area, which is highly replicable. Deepen your moat from the two aspects of doctors + word of mouth.

National Ceramic Materials: Aiertron, a wholly-owned subsidiary, has the largest market share in the domestic high-end ceramic dental nano-zirconia.

(3) Cosmetology

Cosmetology is a lucrative and addictive industry. The industry is in a stage of rapid growth and the market space is huge. There is no pressure on centralized procurement or medical insurance cost control, and it belongs to the medical insurance immunization variety.

Bloomage Bio: The leading hyaluronic acid raw material, is the world's largest hyaluronic acid production and sales company. The layout of the whole industry chain will continue to make efforts in the medical beauty and cosmetics track.

Amic: Hyaluronic acid faucet for injection, focusing on medical and aesthetic end products. The company has strong research and development capabilities, many products are the first in China, and the high-profile Tongyan needle will be approved soon. However, its products are basically concentrated in the field of hyaluronic acid, and the industrial structure is thin, which is far less capable of resisting risks than the diversified industrial structure.

3. In Vitro Diagnostics

Golden Mile Medical

: A leading domestic third-party medical testing company, the core of the industry lies in data accumulation, The larger the database, the higher the inspection efficiency and accuracy.

Wanfu Bio

:The real-time detection leader, the only one in the POCT field.

Aide Bio: Focused on tumor detection.

4. Chain pharmacies

Pharmacies are a fully mature and just-needed market, and the industry concentration is increasing. At present, the market share of the top four pharmacies is about 2.5%, and the CR4 is about 10%.

Dashenlin: The "bubble" of the current top four pharmacies is At least, it has only issued convertible bonds for undetermined increases, and there will be more room for refinancing in the future to support its high-speed expansion model of "self-build + mergers and acquisitions". Among the four major pharmacies, the gross profit margin and net profit margin ranks first, with strong profitability and steady growth.

Yifeng Pharmacy: The goodwill is up to 3.1 billion yuan through the rapid acquisition of financing, and it faces major integration problems in the later stage. It is a radical type.

III. Technology Industry

The final confrontation between China and the United States is bound to be a duel in the technology industry, and the development of technology is the top priority. The demand for independent replacement brought about by the competition between China and the United States + the super-large-scale market support + the possibility of overtaking in the corner of emerging technologies contains the greatest investment opportunities. Technology stocks are subdivided into four sub-sectors:

New energy, chip electronics, software Internet, and industrial manufacturing.

(1) New energy

1. New energy vehicles

Just as Apple's smart phone subverts traditional mobile phones, new energy vehicles will subvert traditional cars and create a new consumption scene. China has mastered most of the technology and has a complete industrial chain. The current penetration rate is only 4%, and there is still a lot of room for development. The new energy vehicle industry chain is very long, and there are investment opportunities for upstream materials, midstream manufacturing, and downstream OEMs.

Upstream materials

Upstream mainly includes raw materials (lithium, cobalt, nickel), as well as positive and negative electrodes, electrolytes and separators of batteries. Investing in this field must pay attention to changes in technical routes. For example, cobalt-free batteries may become the development direction, and the advancement of solid-state batteries will change the demand for electrolytes and separators. Although the development direction change cannot be implemented in a short period of time, it will have a great impact on the future valuation of individual stocks.

Ganfeng Lithium Industry: Lithium salt processing plant, a domestic manufacturer of the most complete lithium series products, the longest product processing chain and the most comprehensive technology.

Huayou Cobalt:The world's leading cobalt mine, with the development of cobalt-free batteries, the certainty is not as strong as that of lithium mine.

Tianci Materials:A leading company in electrolytes, with a domestic market share of 32%. Vertically integrated layout to create cost advantages and deeply bind CATL. The imbalance between supply and demand brought about by the rapid development of new energy vehicles has led to a substantial increase in the price of lithium hexafluorophosphate. While Tinci has the largest lithium hexafluorophosphate production capacity in China, it is still expanding the production of related lithium battery materials.

Xinzhoubang: The domestic market share of electrolyte ranked second with 19%, leading technology and supplying overseas consumer electronics giants.

Enjie Co., Ltd.: The leader in the wet process diaphragm industry, with a domestic market share of 60% and a global market share of 15%. With the development of solid-state batteries, all-solid-state and semi-solid-state batteries have also begun to be deployed.

Midstream battery

Ningde era: The domestic power battery leader, ALT born out of Japan is in battery maturity, stability , Safety is the absolute first choice in the industry, and the installed capacity of lithium batteries is the first. Continue to extend the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to promote the layout of the whole industry.

Yiwei Lithium Energy: The absolute leader of lithium primary batteries in the world, with a global share of 38% and a domestic share of 60%. The main profit point comes from Smol International, but there is great uncertainty in the market outlook of e-cigarettes being regulated by Smol International.

BYD: The installed capacity of batteries is the second in China, and the market share of motors and electronic controls is the first in China.

Pioneer Intelligence: The world's leading enterprise of new energy equipment, covering lithium battery equipment, photovoltaic equipment, automotive intelligent production lines and other businesses, CATL is the company's largest customer, and Through fixed increase in holding 7.29% of the equity of Pioneer Intelligence, deep bundling is achieved.

Downstream Vehicles

Including new car manufacturers:

NIO, Lili Auto, Xiaopeng Motors and traditional cars transformation.

BYD: The domestic leader in the field of new energy vehicles, with significant advantages in industrial chain integration, and is the only company in China that masters the three technologies of battery, motor and electronic control.

2. Photovoltaic

After the technological change, the cost of photovoltaics has dropped significantly, and the business model has been completely run through, which is in line with the development direction.

LONGi Co., Ltd.: The leader in the integration of photovoltaic industry chain, the world's largest manufacturer of solar monocrystalline silicon, and the global market share of silicon wafers is 37%, ranking first.

Meiwei Co., Ltd.: The world's leading photovoltaic equipment supplier and service provider, among which the market share of solar cell screen printing equipment ranks first in the market.

Jinlang Technology: The leader in the second echelon of photovoltaic inverters, and the market share of string inverters is the highest.

(2) Chip Electronics

1. Chips

The growth logic is due to the growing local demand and the mastery of low-end Chip manufacturing, cost-effective and gradually increase the share of the global export market. The chip industry chain can be divided into three parts: upstream design, midstream manufacturing and downstream packaging and testing. At present, China is relatively weak mainly in the midstream manufacturing field, mainly because the upstream production equipment is stuck.

Zhuosheng Micro: The leader of national frequency chips, Zhuo Sheng Micro has been deeply involved in the field of RF front-end for more than ten years, and has a clear leading advantage compared with domestic counterparts, and there is a lot of room for domestic alternatives broad.

Vill Shares:AllThe world's third-largest camera chip manufacturer, and expresses Haowei and Spicco's increased performance.

Shengbang Co., Ltd.:The leader of signal chain and power management chip, which is widely used in security, mobile phone, smart car and other fields.

Zhaoyi Innovation: The domestic memory chip leader and the tenth global chip design company.

2. Electronics

(1) Consumer Electronics

Luxshare Precision: Apple's largest OEM assembly plant for the popular AirPods, accounting for about 60%. This is also the case. This year, Apple's reduction of orders for earphones directly and seriously affects the sustainable development of Luxshare Precision, and its industry status is very passive.

Goertek: A leader in the domestic acoustics industry, deeply engaged in acousto-optical precision components, the advancement of AR/VR business may be the future profit growth point.

(2) Security

Traditional security is facing technological innovation and moving towards smart security. Huawei and Alibaba have also stepped into the security field.

Hikvision: The king of the security industry, the world's largest video surveillance market share. With strong technology and abundant funds, it has entered the field of artificial intelligence.

Dahua: The world's second largest security video supplier.

(3) Software Internet

The Internet can be said to be the best business, and the high user conversion cost brought about by its network effect is extremely high. barriers. Whether it is in the field of e-commerce, payment, or various sharing fields, takeaway fields, etc., the business models of Chinese Internet companies lead the world. However, at present, the revenue of Chinese companies is still based on the local market. Companies in the Internet industry with excellent software are companies that have the ability to change the world. Globalization is still the goal of struggle.

1. Internet Services

Tencent Holdings: Investors in various Internet tracks, build their own ecosystem, Rapid development in financial payment, cloud and other fields.

Kingsoft Office: The leader of domestic office software, the business benefits from the trend of genuine and online business, and its performance continues to be verified.

Glodon: The leader of building informatization, and its products cover production links such as cost, construction, and site management. The company's product cloudification progress is good, and customer acceptance is high. Hillhouse is its seventh largest shareholder.

2. E-commerce

The Internet era has spawned many platform-based companies, which grow very fast. Once a successful business model is established, it is very Hard to beat.

We are familiar with Alibaba, Pinduoduo, Jingdong, Meituan-W

3. Video media

Mango Supermedia:The only profitable company on mainstream video sites, no one in Hunan TV does not know it

Bilibili, Unlisted Bytes Beat

4. Games

The user stickiness is high, the payment motivation is strong, and the marginal cost is almost zero. The best gaming companies are

Tencent Holdings and

NetEase, and

Gigabit of A-shares.

Gigabit: Ranked first in profitability in the A-share game, relying on endogenous growth to maintain a high dividend payout ratio. However, in the past three years, the revenue of the "Ask" series of games has accounted for more than 80% of the total revenue, and there are hidden dangers. Try to create your own private domain traffic, so as to reduce the cost increase caused by channel providers. The recent hot

Moore Manor has boosted the stock price, and more importantly, it has driven user activity.

(IV) Industrial manufacturing

The traditional manufacturing structure has basically stabilized, and technology has given new impetus to the development of traditional manufacturing.

Hengli Hydraulics: The domestic high-end hydraulic pump valve faucet, the market share of the excavator oil cylinder field exceeds 50%, the logic behind it is domestic substitution.

Aidi Precision:Breaking hammer faucet, producing high-end hydraulic parts, following the logic of domestic substitution, with strong core competitiveness and market brand effect.

Sany Heavy Industry:"Machinery", one of the top three in the global construction machinery field, occupies 25% of the global market share.

Zhejiang Dingli:The leader of intelligent aerial work equipment, the first in China and the sixth in the world. peopleThe labor cost is rising, and the equipment is more economical. The current penetration rate is low, and the market space is still large.

Eston: The domestic robot leader, the company entered the top ten global robots in the overall market ranking of industrial robots in 2019, and is the only domestic industrial robot company that entered the top ten.

Inovance Technology: It has a broad layout in the industrial control field, and has occupied a leading position in the field of frequency converters and elevators in China, and its products have strong competitiveness. At the same time, it promotes the development of electric motor control for new energy vehicles. However, compared with foreign giants, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

IV. Cyclical industries

Cyclical industries will fluctuate back and forth with the economic cycle, but if the incubation period is too long, it is a waste of energy. To choose leading companies.

(1) Big Finance

The reason why the overall annualization of the financial sector is not high is that its development is essentially driven by refinancing. The market is effective for a long time, and this part of "false performance" will be automatically deducted.

1. Banks

The business logic of banks is very simple, and the biggest profit comes from the interest difference between deposits and loans. However, the glorious era of banks has passed. The current banking industry is highly homogenized, and each company is fighting to compare who has higher loan interest rates and who has less bad debts. And there are the strongest competitors Alipay and WeChat Pay.

China Merchants Bank: China Merchants Bank, the "King of Retail", can be called a leader in the banking industry in terms of operation and management level, asset quality, and revenue and net profit.

Ningbo Bank: "Small but beautiful", the asset quality is well controlled, and the bad debt is much less than other banks.

2. Insurance

Ping An: Ping An's management and operating performance are undoubtedly the best in the industry optimal.

3. Securities

Oriental Fortune: the first stock of Internet brokerages, which includes Oriental Fortune Network, Tiantian Fund Network, Stock Bar's three main Internet financial products have strong competitive advantages in the industry.

Flush: Provide IT technology to brokerage institutions. It has the dual attributes of finance and technology, and is a shared computer room for small and medium brokerages.

(2) Real estate infrastructure

1. Real estate

Vanke A: A real estate leader with stable operation, with a market share of about 4%, a leading real estate company with both scale and transformation to watch.

Poly Real Estate: As a central enterprise, it enjoys the advantages of financing cost, and the comprehensive cost of interest-bearing liabilities is only 5%, which is definitely one of the lowest among mainstream real estate enterprises.

2. Infrastructure

Conch Cement: A leading cement stock in China, it is currently the largest supplier of cement and clinker in Asia , the production and sales have ranked first in the country for 10 consecutive years.

(3) Chemicals

Wanhua Chemical: A leading stock in the chemical industry, it is the only domestic company with independent MDI manufacturing technology Intellectual property enterprises, the world's largest production capacity, has the advantage of scale. The international development strategy has been very successful.

Hualu Hengsheng:The domestic leader in coal chemical industry and the DMF leader in the domestic chemical industry, with a domestic market share of over 30%.

Xinhecheng: The domestic vitamin leader, the VA and VE production capacity ranks first in the country, and it is one of the few leading companies in the domestic chemical industry with industrial pricing and integration capabilities.

November is also a good month for me. The enlightenment information shared on November 12 has increased by 176.27% so far; FAW shared on October 29 Fuwei, up 80% by the end of the game; Wanli shares shared on November 26, up 96.45% so far; Jingcheng shares, etc., I will not list the others one by one, what will happen next?

This week, a strong midline mark for December will be deployed

( 1) The attributes of this leading company have the core technology of the whole industry! Crowned with the first prize of scientific and technological progress!

(2) Responsible for central enterprises, policy support, asset acquisition, minimum valuation 3More than 0 billion, currently only 7.6 billion!

(3) The company has many main profit source projects, and has achieved an absolute competitive advantage with stable cash flow!

(4) Bottom pile volume + high concentration of chips + daily limit copy model, combination of Zhuangyou, weekly breakthrough platform, dragon head shape, main force high control plate.

(5) The oversold rebounded by more than 85%, and the doubled is expected to have more than 160% room for growth. The strategy layout will begin tomorrow, and friends who want to eat meat will join Keep up with my rhythm!

The name of this strong target will not be discussed here. Friends who want to keep up with the layout operation come to the public number: Zishu Lungu, and reply: the center line, that's all!

Investment is always on the way, keep learning with humility, Guarding against arrogance and impatience, investing in the stock market is often against human nature. Only by seeing through human nature can we take the most correct response in the stock market, which focuses on aggregation and reflection of human nature. There is still a long way to invest, there is no end, the road is long and long, and I wish you all the best of luck in the stock market!


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