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Dong Guangyang's "Three Years Doubled Shares" Forecast List Released! 6 stocks including Wuliangye and Angel Yeast were selected

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Since March, CITIC Construction Investment announced that "some leading wine companies have 1 times the space in 3 years under the assumption of neutrality", On June 13, the large consumption team of Huachuang Securities also clearly listed "Double the target in three years", many leading food stocks such as Wuliangye and Angel Yeast in the food and beverage industry were selected.

The large consumption team of Huachuang Securities is well-known in the industry. The leader, Dong Guangyang, is the director of Huachuang Securities Research Institute and a leader in the field of food and beverage research - he has gained new wealth Five consecutive championships, three consecutive championships of Taurus, Crystal Ball, Sina Jinqilin, and Shanghai Stock Exchange Best Analyst.

When the food and beverage industry fell to the bottom in September 2021, he made a clear statement in a live broadcast: The market value of the food and beverage industry must exceed 10 trillion yuan, and there will be more in the future. Moutai". "Foreign spirits, luxury goods, and dairy products, including beer, cola, and beverages, have reached two or three trillion yuan. In a market as big as China, there is only one company with a market value of 2 trillion yuan (Moutai) , I think you can choose some more." Subsequently, the food and beverage sector ushered in a staged rebound brought about by valuation mistakes and terminal price increases.

How did his team look this time? Doubled in three years, what high-quality targets are in the circle?

The picture shows Dong Guangyang

1. Wuliangye: poor expectations, estimates The value is over-discounted

Reasons for recommendation: 1) Market expectations continue to be pessimistic, but Wuliangye’s valuation has been over-discounted; 2) The mid- to long-term should not be underestimated Brand value and the determination of the company's new management to change.

Fundamentals worry-free: Wuliangye has achieved steady double-digit revenue and profit growth for six consecutive years. In 2021, the revenue will be 66.209 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.51%; the net profit attributable to the parent is 23.377 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.15%. It is predicted that the EPS in 22-24 years will be 6.85 yuan/8.17 yuan/9.67 yuan, corresponding to 24/20/17 times of PE respectively, and the target price is 260 yuan, corresponding to slightly higher than 30 times of PE in 2023.

The management is determined to forge ahead: At the shareholders' meeting, Wuliangye's new chairman Zeng Congqin said that on the basis of consolidating the leading Luxiang liquor, Wuliangye will reshape the "China Wine King". "Image. He proposed: "The long-term period of structural prosperity of the liquor industry will not change, the trend of concentrating on advantageous brands, advantageous enterprises and advantageous production areas will not change, and the dual structure of the industry's overall overcapacity and serious shortage of high-quality production capacity has not changed. , leading enterprises and leading brands will continue to benefit.”

Performance outlook and timing: The leading liquor enterprises, with strong support in Q2 performance, are expected to grow at double digits Above, breaking the market's pessimistic expectations in April. Having experienced the impact of the external environment for many times, it has a strong ability to adjust the operation plan. It is expected that the actual operation adjustment will be lower than the valuation drop.

From the perspective of the mid-line, the opening of the Mid-Autumn Festival stocking in August is a key node to test the direction of the industry in the next 1-2 years, and it is also a better decision point for investors with absolute returns, but as a liquor leader, Wuliangye currently has Valuation cost-effective, the mid-line value space has emerged.

2. China Resources Beer: Accelerating high-end production, reducing costs and increasing profits

Recommended reasons: 1. The direction of high-end beer is not affected by the epidemic On the contrary, after the sales bottomed out, the low-end dragged down less, and the high-end drive income also began to accelerate, benefitingThe profit rate is more flexible; 2. China Resources has a clear strategy, and its marketing organization ability has been reformed, and it is in the decisive stage from the sales leader to the high-end leader.

3. Angel Yeast: Accelerating Globalization, Domestic Catering Recovery

Recommended reason: The company’s domestic pricing power is constantly reflected , overseas expansion is steadily advancing, and derivatives continue to expand horizontally, accelerating to the world's first, and the long-term growth logic is clear.

4. Anjing Foods: The leader of prefabricated dishes, the domestic catering industry is recovering

Reasons for recommendation: The company has a clear vision for future development, and The advantages of high execution and operational efficiency remain unchanged. In the long run, Anjing has sufficient production capacity reserves, strong market development capabilities, and the growth momentum of traditional categories is still sufficient.

5. Ligao Foods: Baking faucet, high gross profit margin, large room for growth

Recommended reason: high freezing and baking Prosperity, the compound annual growth rate in the next five years is expected to be about 20%. With the wolf-like channel management and flexible system, the scale advantage has gradually expanded, and the distance from the opponent has been quickly widened. In the future, the penetration of cake houses and the layout of supermarkets and restaurants will be accelerated, and there will be ample room for category expansion. Under the high demand boom, Ligao's future growth space will gradually open up.

6. Juewei Food: Marginal improvement after the bottom of the growth rate

Reasons for recommendation : The impact of the stock price on the epidemic has been fully reflected, and the company has accelerated its store expansion against the trend; the current performance is at its darkest moment, and it is already at the bottom stage of valuation. In the future, the company will expand its stores internally and externally, and the food ecosystem will contribute to the second growth curve. After the normalization of operations, the performance will be fully flexible.

Among the above 6 "double in three years" preferred targets, except China Resources Beer which is listed on Hong Kong stock market, the remaining 5 are all A-share listed companies. Food Jun found that if each buys one hand, the cost is close to 50,000 yuan. Fortunately, there are three of them, all of which are constituent stocks of the index fund Food and Beverage ETF (515170), with a total weight of nearly 15%. You might as well use index funds for layout, and the first hand is only 75 yuan.

In this way, for ordinary investors, there are many high-priced food and beverage stocks, and the cost of capital is high. You can choose the index fund food and beverage ETF (515170), the one-click package price is only 75 yuan, stamp duty is exempted, and the capital use efficiency is high. At the same time, the positions of leading blue-chip stocks such as Kweichow Moutai, Wuliangye, and Yili are more concentrated, and the historical excess returns are higher.

There are many high-quality targets in the A-share food and beverage sector, and they are not limited to the six mentioned above. As Dong Guangyang said, "The 5 trillion market transformation of the catering supply chain is undoubtedly the most potential track in the food and beverage industry in the next 5-10 years, giving birth to countless industrial opportunities." After liquor, the mass food sector will also usher in a large investment. year. Looking forward to our food and beverage sector continue to grow cattle!

Risk warning: The above are not recommended for individual stocks and products. Market risk, the investment need to be cautious.

Which food stock are you optimistic about, which has the potential to double in the next three years? Welcome to follow and leave a message~

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