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Why doesn't the bookmaker sell at a high position? Instead, it stopped shipping! It is recommended to read ten times every night _ individual stocks

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During the period of the main force pulling up, the news surface will appear in the potential theme of the stock, which is the so-called hazy theme.

The rise should not rise, but fall instead:

Some stocks support the rise of stock prices in terms of technical, fundamental and news. As a result, it did not rise or even reversed. This example is also common.

Morphological characteristics of the main shipping chips:

The main profit margin: generally less than 20% for shuffling, generally more than 50% for shipping, or even 100% .

Whether to support the market:

When the price of the individual stock is maintained above the short-term moving average, even if it falls below it, it will not cause a sharp drop, and the volume will be reduced. After it stabilizes, it will continue to rise;

When the stock price falls below the short-term moving average, it cannot return to the line and continue to run upwards.

Support pressure:

The purpose of the shuffle is to intimidate the floating chips in the market. Obtain strong support;

The purpose of shipping is to cash out chips, so the price of individual stocks often rises rapidly under the main force, but there is obvious stagnation above it.

Trading volume: Before shipping, the stock price often goes up sharply, and the trading volume has remained constant. At higher levels, and after the stock price turned down, volume still did not shrink significantly.

Through the chips, you can judge the movement, intention and hole cards of the main force.

Through the chips, you can judge whether the main force has accumulated at the bottom and after the accumulation. Holding cost.

If the stock price of a stock falls for a long time, most of the chips in the upper part will be cut out, basically forming a single-peak chip at the bottom, but this does not mean the main accumulation.

If the trading volume begins to increase significantly, and the stock price increases are limited, each stock price runs in the bottom-most chip-intensive area, and the shape of the chips remains basically stable, indicating that the main force is beginning to accumulate chips at the bottom.

The effect of this kind of accumulation is relatively poor, because the original holders of the chips made less profit or because the stock price did not rise enough and did not liberate the trap, resulting in a lack of strong willingness to throw.

Judging by chips The main dishwashing action.

No matter how bad the main player does various technical indicators, as long as he doesn't use a lot of the chips he has collected, it is impossible to make a significant change in the shape of the chips.

At this time, the stock price of the individual stock still has not reached the preset distribution price of the main force, and the main force cannot sell the chips collected.

If the bottom chip is stable, the stock price is supported at the edge of the relevant chip-intensive area, the current share price is relatively close to the main cost area, etc., it can be judged as the main shock position.

Why doesn't the dealer sell at a high position? Instead, it stopped shipping!

Limit-down shipments are mainly caused by two situations.

The main force induces more behavior

This situation generally occurs when the stock price is relatively low, or more accurately, when it is relatively cheap.

The time-sharing chart often shows a trend of closing the limit-down and opening again after the limit-down board is opened.


After the stock resumed trading, it hit the limit-down for 3 consecutive times, and the stock price fell directly to 5.9 yuan.

At the same time, the stock in 2017 is supported by hotspots in the sector and also has favorable policies.

In this case, the main force used a lot of methods to open at the limit on March 1. Shipment, the trading volume of the day was significantly enlarged, the main force successfully fled, and then the stock price continued to plummet.

Sudden major bearish

In theory, the main force is The stock market belongs to a strong group of people. Whether it is the timeliness of obtaining news or the analysis of news, they have a great advantage over retail investors. However, there will also be some unexpected situations in practice that cause them to only sell at the limit.

Such as:

On February 26, 2018, the stock was suspended for more than half a year and resumed trading, but it was suddenly bad, both retail investors and main players were covered. At this time, the main players were only There is no other way to choose passive limit-down shipping.

So how to find strong stocks that pull back after the daily limit?

In practice, you will often find a phenomenon, that is, the stocks that are trading at the daily limit on the day will go up and down the next day, or they will open down and go down directly. In this case, we have to carefully analyze the article behind the daily limit K line, whether it is the main force to ship or the main force to wash.

Example: 600528 opened the market on May 21 and quickly sealed the daily limit by gapping. Although the daily limit was opened during the session, the daily limit was finally firmly sealed, and the highest price of the stock the next day did not exist If the price exceeds the limit, all the people who buy at the limit are caught, so did the main force spend so much effort just to get in? Combined with the trading volume of this K line the next day, everyone will find that the trading volume during adjustment If the trading volume of the day does not exceed the daily limit, showing a trend of shrinking volume adjustment, then this shrinking volume adjustment K-line is our buying point for stepping back.

Key points: The daily limit appears for the first time, the gap sealing plate or the late closing order is very large, the volume is adjusted the next day, and it is bold to buy when it is close to the moving average (5, 10, 20 days) and stabilizes, and the short-term increase Relatively considerable, better than blindly lining up to buy the daily limit. The screenshots are as follows:

Figure 2: The daily limit stock has been shrunk for two consecutive days and stepped back on the 7-day moving average buying method.

Example: 000594 appeared on May 21 in the form of a direct daily limit. Although the daily limit was opened many times during the session, the daily limit was firmly sealed in the end, and the stock subsequently experienced two consecutive reductions in volume adjustment. God, everyone may find such a question: Is this main force a fool? It is OK to understand that the main force is not a fool. Use the shrinking volume and step back buying method to buy at the bottom, and choose the lower shadow line to fall to the 7-day moving average. Be patient and wait for the stock to rise.

Key points: The daily limit appears in the form of a gap or an opening daily limit, there are two shrinking adjustment K lines, the lower shadow line falls to the 7-day moving average, and the short-term moving average shows a long arrangement, which can be bought. The screenshots are as follows:

Figure 3: The three negative lines of daily limit stocks adjust the buying method.

Example: 002621 firmly blocked the daily limit before 10:30 am on May 18, and then there were three consecutive negative line adjustments in the later period. Everyone will ask this question: Does this main force not want to make money? Answer No, then we can boldly buy when the third negative line stabilizes at the 5-day or 7-day or 10-day or 20-day moving average.

Key points: The daily limit stock must be sealed or sealed before 10:30, the trading volume of the three negative lines shows a decreasing decline, the short-term moving average system shows a long arrangement, and the shadow line under the third K line is in a certain The root short-term moving average is supported, and the principle is the combination of rising three-way K-line. The screenshot is as follows:

Figure 4: The daily limit of stocks shrinking and stepping back on the Xue's channel indicator channel 2 late buying method.

Example: 300252 quickly closed the daily limit shortly after the market opened on May 10, and then there was a negative line adjustment for two consecutive days. Everyone would ask: Did the main force stop hyping the stock so soon? The answer is no , Everyone opened the SX2 main chart indicator on Tongdaxin software, and when the second Yinxian fell to channel 2, it stabilized and bought boldly.

Key points: The daily limit must be sealed before 10:30 am. The sooner the better, the K line that falls to channel 2 must be shrinking. Channel 1 and channel 2 form an ascending channel. It is safer to intervene during the disk. The screenshots are as follows:

Legend 5: The daily limit stock three shrinkage Xue's channel SUP channel line stabilizes the late buying method.

For example: 000007 had a daily limit on May 2 and 4, and the daily limit on the 4th was completely blocked before 10:30. After that, there were continuous adjustments, and everyone would ask questions. The speculation of this stock is over. The answer is no, everyone opened the XS main chart indicator and found that the stock stabilized on the SUP orbital line on May 14, and there were continuous shrinking adjustments in the first three days, boldly intervening in the late trading.

Key points: The daily limit is closed before 10:30, and the XS channel forms an upward channel. During the adjustment period, there must be three or more consecutive shrinking behaviors. One day, the K line stabilizes on the SUP track. The screenshot is as follows:

Figure 6: The daily limit is adjusted for three days and the lowest point is bought.

For example: 000881 had a continuous daily limit on May 17th and 18th, and the daily limit order on the 18th was completed before 10:30, and it continued for two consecutive days in the later period. Everyone would ask questions and give up the stock. Is it? The answer is no. After two consecutive days of volume reduction and adjustment, a new low since the adjustment appeared on May 23, and the lowest point fell below the 7-day moving average. At this time, bold intervention can win more than 20% of the overnight short-term difference. .

Key points: The daily limit was quickly closed before 10:30, the short-term moving average showed a long arrangement, the third adjusted K line hit a new low, and the previous two days were continuously reduced and adjusted, and it dropped for 7 days and 10 When the day or 20-day moving average is used, the time-sharing pulse is used to shrink the volume and buy at the stepping point, and the short-term gains are considerable. The screenshots are as follows:

The choice of the daily limit is very particular, be sure to choose the one that quickly seals the daily limit before 10:30 in the morning For stocks, it is best to gap and seal the daily limit or the one-word board; the short-term moving average after the daily limit should show a long arrangement or Xue’s channel to form an upward channel. When adjusting, it should show a shrinking trend, and adjust the K-line at 5 days, 7 days, 10 days. Days, 13 days, 14 days, 20 days and other moving averages shrink and stabilize, or stabilize on a certain channel line of Xue's channel, and it is safe to buy at the end of the day when there is a shrinking and stabilized Yinxian line.

The method of stop loss after purchase: before the closing of the next day, the effective price falls below the lowest point of yesterday's K line and stop loss and sell in time. If you see a mistake, you must admit your mistake, and stop your losses decisively, otherwise you will die; the method of taking profit after buying: seal the shares before 10:30 the next day and wait for the later period to rise, and stop when the pulse volume cannot effectively keep up. If the profit is out, the next day if you fail to seal the daily limit, you can choose the second highest point in the intraday to be out.

Short-term hot topic stocks operation skills

In fact, for short-term investors, he is not very concerned about the rise and fall of the market. What they pursue is actually speed, that is, a little faster than the market. They intervene when a stock has just started, and then exit decisively when it is weak. Their core ability is to kill and make decisions, that is, if a stock does not meet expectations , then it will be cut off immediately. I am very amazed at the great achievements they have achieved, and I also believe that "killing decision" is the core competitiveness in investment.

The first step in short-term stock selection is to quickly find hot spots in the market, such as utilities such as electricity this Friday.

Then look at the graphs of the stocks one by one, and find the graph that best meets the short-term rise expectations. Of course, if the long-term also meets the expectations, it will be better.

As a short-term method of selecting stocks, it is necessary to pursue profits as soon as you buy them. Therefore, such stocks The long-term moving average must be arranged in a long position, the short-term heavy volume is obvious, and the short-term technical graphics are: rising volume and falling volume. Then when the market opens the next day and calls back, it is aA good time to intervene.

The same is true for the second power stock, you will find that this pattern is very consistent with a short-term buying pattern, Friday The rise of the Yang Xian is not big, up 4.05% and 2.26% respectively. Therefore, the callback is a good time to intervene, and it also conforms to our description of the role of the trend in investment in the long run. "When the trend is upward, you chase after buying. Stocks are never the highest."

Therefore, when we choose a stock, it is like choosing a beautiful woman. It must have the following characteristics:

1. The figure is better (the long-term trend is upward, and the moving average is long. Arrangement)

2. Good-looking face (short-term in line with buying points)

3. Fashionable (in line with recent hotspots)

Finally, always remember:

The secret to making money continuously in the stock market: through your own observation and research, and constantly accumulating experience, increase your probability of winning every entry from 50% to 60%, or even 70%; The bet is too large and should be a small fraction of your stake.

Failure to make money

Correctly understanding when the stock movement is normal is the most difficult thing to learn, and it is also one of the most critical skills for successful stock trading .

What percentage of the TV do you invest in buying stocks? It must be pointed out that desire must be based on effort

What is perseverance? It is the perseverance to endure when it is unbearable! Anyone who thinks he's going to be a hit in the stock market and soar into the sky is daydreaming. Even if he is lucky and makes a fortune as soon as he enters the market, this money is easy to come by, but it is only temporarily lent to him by the stock market. If he does not go ashore immediately, the stock market will ask him back sooner or later. To make money consistently from the stock market, you must have knowledge, experience, and you must be an expert.

Success comes too easily, it usually doesn't last.

Have a "fighting the stock market, it's a lot of fun" style

Almost all successful investors are loners. They must be loners! Because they often do different things from the public.

Those likable characters you learned from childhood, such as obedient, gregarious, unconventional, etc., have become obstacles to the success of stock trading.

Stock trading is an extremely boring job. Collecting data every day, judging the market situation, and making a stock trading plan with reference to your own experience, doing things occasionally may be exciting and interesting, but repeating the same work over the years is "hard work". If you don't make "hard work" a habit, your chances of success in this line of work are low.

You must have a stock trading model that suits you.

Must be forward-thinking and future-proof.

Wall Street sums up the tricks of stock trading in two sentences: cut losses and let profits run!

The skill of buying stocks is all about finding the critical point.

Before buying, set a stop loss and figure out how much you are willing to lose. Remember to do so.

Choose the cut-off point, remembering that you cannot be right every time, so the probability of winning at the entry point should be greater than the probability of losing.

It is best to buy on an uptrend or breakout of a resistance line, ready to start an uptrend.

Never enter a market on a downtrend.

Don't use "the stock has fallen very low" as a reason to buy, you don't know how much it will fall!

Don't use "good news" or "expert recommendations" as a reason to buy, especially if the stock has risen a lot before the good news is announced.

If the stock falls below the support line, the volume increases and the stock quickly bounces back above the support line, this is an excellent buying opportunity.

The stocks you buy are sold to you by others, and the stocks you sell are bought by others. Think about who your opponent is! If you are a big investor, you probably lose money in stock trading. If you are a small investor, you probably have more wins than losses.

If you are a long-term investor, don't pay attention to the manipulation of the big players. Their manipulation can only affect the short-term fluctuation of the stock, not the general trend.

If the market is bad, you'd better not buy anything and sit still.

When you decide that the stock market is a "bull market",After choosing the stocks with the most "bull strength", the remaining work is to select one or two "leading" stocks in the stocks with the most "bull strength".

If a stock burns me three times, I try not to touch it again. Focus your attention on the stocks you like.

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