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If you don't want to continue to be poor, keep in mind the 8 handicap languages ​​repeatedly, and get all the profits

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One of the stories

A rich man's dog got lost on a walk, so the newspaper published a story Then the revelation: if the dog is lost, the person who returns it will be rewarded with 10,000 yuan.

There are endless dog givers, but none of them belong to the rich. The rich man's wife said that the person who actually found the dog must think that the money was too small, so the rich man changed the reward to 20,000 yuan.

A beggar found the dog while napping on a park bench. , the remuneration has become 30,000 yuan. So the beggar turned back to his broken cave and tied the dog there again.

For the next few days, beggars have been following the signs. The beggar returned to his cave when the reward rose to the surprise of all the townspeople.

However, the dog is dead, because the dog ate fresh beef and milk at the rich man's house, and was not interested in what the beggar picked up from the trash can. , it simply can't stand it.

Just take it as soon as it's good, don't let the flood of material desires fascinate your eyes. Greed makes you irrational and makes you lose even your due. It's certainly right to set reasonable target levels in the stock market and pay close attention to trend dynamics, but when the fundamentals change significantly and you don't care, disaster can occur.

Story 2

A group of mice climbed up on the table to steal meat, but disturbed the dog sleeping beside the table . The mice discussed with the dog and said, "If you don't speak up, we can get you a few pieces of meat, and we can share the delicious food." The dog Yanci rejected the mice's suggestion: "You all go away, if the owner finds that there is less meat I must suspect that I stole it, and then I will become meat on the chopping board."

Doing your job well is the first priority. Coveting the two pieces of meat in front of you will eventually punish yourself. In trading, only do what you are familiar with, and do what you have a chance of winning.

Story 3

A dog often goes to the monastery to find food. There are two local monasteries, one on the east bank of the river and the other on the west bank of the river. When the dog heard the bells of the monks in the East Bank monastery opening meals, he went to the East Bank monasteries to beg for food; when he heard the bells of the monks in the West Bank monasteries opening meals, he went to the West Bank monasteries to beg for food.

Later, the two monasteries rang the bells at the same time to open the meal, and the dog crossed the river to beg for food. When I went there, I was afraid that the meals in the temples on the west bank were better than those in the temples on the east bank. The dog swam westwards and eastwards for a while, and at last drowned alive in the river, exhausted.

Focus on doing one thing well, too many goals will make you dazzled, and in the end you will get nowhere. When a consolidation in the stock market occurs, people often get involved and lose their way.

1. Disk Information Features

1. Market sentiment is sluggish

Everyone knows that a hot market is easy to purchase, and a sluggish market is easy to attract goods . Therefore, some main players deliberately create a sluggish market in the entire process of building warehouses to achieve the purpose of absorbing goods. The main performance is that the trading is light, the securities hall is sparsely populated, the market is deserted, the market is dead, and the stock price trend is sticky.

2. Market volatility is disorderly

When the stock price reaches the real bottom, it is often There will be irregular fluctuations. Retail investors cannot study the trend of the market outlook from a technical perspective, and all K-lines, technical indicators and trends fail. The up and down direction of this natural fluctuation is unclear, and the market performance is disordered.

3. The market volume can be weakened

During the whole process of the main position opening, the trading volume will gradually shrink from large to small. In the late stage of opening a position, it is very likely that dozens or hundreds of lots are traded in one day. This is the performance of the amount of energy gradually depleting from strong to weak until it is unable to resist. The highs of the intraday rebound are lower than each other, and the lows are shorter than each other, until the bottom finally fluctuates in a narrow range along an approximately horizontal straight line. Form a dragging "tail", as shown in Figure 2-7.

4. When the market volatility narrowed

when the main force opened a position, the stock price basically did not fluctuate greatly, especially in the later period. The performance on the disk is: when it goes up, it is boring, when it goes down, it is not violent. Anyway, the stock price is in a state of suffering. In the arrangement and combination of K-line, small yin and small yang appear alternately, and there are few big yin and big yang lines. Generally, the daily wave amplitude is within 3%, or even smaller.

2. Handicap language trading skills

1. After opening low, it rose steadily And there are big deals. Can be bought at random.

2. Stocks that open high and move low and have large transactions. Must sell immediately.

3. The stocks that entered the 60-minute decline list at the end of the session must be sold first, which may be bearish.

4. The stocks that entered the 60-minute increase ranking list (top 20) in late trading. Can be bought and sold today.

5. The stocks that are sparsely traded and weaker than the general market trend at the close of the morning should be closed at rallies.

6. If it is pulled back after rushing with volume, it will definitely fall not shallowly (especially in a weak market). Top selling.

7. When the stock price falls below the daily limit price of the previous day, it means that the daily limit of the previous day is meaningless, and it is the last stick!

8. There have been several sharp drops and pullbacks in the time-sharing trend chart. Be careful that the dealers sell to the buying orders. Depth Bullets! Also known as Drop Pulse.

9. Open high and go low at the bottom, not breaking yesterday's closing price, revealing the dealer's intention to make an order in early trading after the market opened that day;

10, opened low and went up to break yesterday's closing price, the dealer deliberately opened low to absorb the goods and revised technical indicators, and the intention to do the market on the day was obvious;

11. After the morning market went up, it moved sideways strongly, ignoring the ups and downs of the market, the main dealers were strong and stable in controlling the market, and then it was inevitable to go higher;

12, along the moving average in the morning Climbing waves, a classic trend, and then a strong sideways movement on the moving average, which is a surge of momentum for the market outlook, and the impact of the tail market is inevitable; Continue, keep up with the moving average, classic strong, must be carefulRemember;

14. After opening low and walking high, the closing price traded sideways yesterday, so that those who entered the market were not determined to follow the trend and exit the market, and then go up a step after changing hands. , the trader is stable, and it is pushed up step by step.

15. Stocks with a rapid increase in trading volume at the opening in the morning and a better shape can be bought immediately following the time-sharing map. Don't buy too much volume!

16. The top 20 strong stocks of the same type on the increase list. Opportunity to buy. (Sector)

17. Yesterday's strong stocks that continue to be strong today can be bought on dips. The strong is the principle of constant strength!

18. After opening low, it rose steadily and there were large-scale transactions. Can be bought at random.

19. The stocks that entered the 60-minute increase ranking list (top 20) in late trading. Can be bought and sold today.

20. Individual stocks that did not increase much during the session but suddenly rose in heavy volume. Buy in time.

21. Keep an eye on hotspots when speculating in stocks. Buy the hotspot principle!

22. For those stocks that enter the trading volume rankings for the first time, and the stock price has risen again, there must be purchase considerations; for those who enter the trading volume rankings for the first time. , the stock price fell again should be considered shipping.

23. After the market opens sharply lower, it goes up to the daily limit (especially when the market is not too strong), and can imitate the time-sharing map to enter and exit.

24. The closing of the first day of the week often coincides with the weekly closing of the week, that is, the same as Yin and Yang.

"Handicap pending order" sees through the true intention of the main force!

1. Large order pressure accumulation


Pending order features: There is a relatively large sell order for more than one sell, while the buy order below is relatively normal, and the stock price does not fall.

Principle: This is a It is a more typical way of accumulating single and accumulating funds. The main force deliberately placed many large sell orders on it, which gave investors the impression that the upward selling pressure was heavy and the stock price might fall. Therefore, ordinary investors sold stocks because they were worried that the stock price would fall. Although the buy order below is not big, the time-sharing chart shows that the stock price has not fallen because of this, and there are small orders that take the initiative to take the initiative to buy a position from time to time. This shows that the main selling stock is false, and the hidden accumulation is true. If the stock price is in the bottom area and this phenomenon occurs, the possibility of the main accumulation is very high.

2. Large single-top delivery

Pending order features: buy order buy The first one is full of big buy orders, but the sell order is only the one with a large sell order. The rest of the sell orders are more normal, and after the big sell order is eaten, it appears again and again.

Principle: This is a very typical shipping method for the main force. All buying orders are placed on large orders. If ordinary investors want to buy stocks, they must take the initiative to buy the main selling orders listed in the sell one, and new sell orders appear after the large sell orders are taken, indicating that the main force is continuously shipping. . This is more likely if the stock price is already high. This situation generally occurs in high-controlled stocks.

3. Large buy single top

Pending order features: There are several large sell orders in the sell order, but only one large order is resisted below the buy order.

Principle: This kind of pending order shows that the main force hopes to oscillate sideways. There are several large sell orders in the upper gear, and the main force deliberately appears to be under heavy selling pressure, but the big sell order above does not actively suppress the big buy order below, which shows that the big buy and sell orders are all deliberately placed by the main force. There are several big sell orders above and another big buy order below. Retail investors are generally hesitant, so they may take a wait-and-see attitude. And even if sold,The main force has a big buy order and is willing to take it below, indicating that the stock price is still in the middle of the rising stage, and it doesn’t matter if the main force has some chips.

4. Plywood Shuffle

Characteristics of pending orders: Selling more than 2 and buying less than 2 are large orders, but selling 1 and buying 1 are almost neutral.

Principle: This is the main and very obvious splint-washing technique. The main force hopes that investors who want to sell and investors who want to buy can freely change hands within a relatively narrow price range, and exchange time for space to achieve the purpose of shuffling. This phenomenon generally appears in the time-sharing and long-term platform arrangement chart, and generally occurs more in blue-chip stocks, of course, it is also common in high-controlled stocks.

5. Daily Limit Shipment

Characteristics of the market: Buying files below the daily limit price, there are consecutive large buying orders or very large buying orders alone, but these buying orders are not active Seal the daily limit, let the stock price open repeatedly at the daily limit, and continue to sell orders at the daily limit.

Pending order principle: After the stock price rises to a relatively high level, it hits the daily limit on a certain day. The main force uses large buy orders to withstand below the daily limit price, while at the daily limit price, retail investors take orders and ship them by themselves. The flaw of this method of placing an order is that the main force has the ability to block but does not block. The characteristics of daily limit delivery and daily limit absorption are similar. The difference between the two lies in the different positions of the stock price.

6. Yes Drop limit delivery

1. Handicap features: After the stock price rose sharply that day, it was suddenly suppressed to a certain price by a large sell order, and then at that price There are consecutive relatively large buy orders below the buy one below, and the sell one at this price is eaten up and then appears continuously after being eaten. The stock price did not move, and the trading volume continued to increase.

2. The principle of pending orders: This is the main method of pairing and selling, which generally appears in short-term hot stocks. Because the stock was a hot stock at the time, and when the stock price rose sharply that day, retail investors regretted not following the trend, and when the main force suddenly suppressed the stock price to a lower price, the market followed the trend and bought a lot of money. The main force will continue to ship at this price. In order to create the illusion of active buying, the main force will also buy a small amount of reverse. The time-sharing chart shows that the stock price does not move and the trading volume continues. Until the buying at this price dries up, the main force will further induce or suppress operations.

Case 1: Qilian Mountain 600720, once a popular stock in post-earthquake reconstruction. On May 21, 2008, the stock jumped from a drop of 7% to a rise of 7% in the afternoon, with a short-term amplitude of up to 14%, and then the main force directly suppressed it to 10.4 yuan and began to sell at the limit price. The real-time market shows that the main force has shipped more than 20 million shares at this price. The stock opened sharply lower the next day, killing all investors who had bought at that price the day before; it then fell more than 50% all the way. Investors who took delivery at this price on the day suffered an unusually heavy loss.

7. Special digital pending order

Pending order features: The stock price is placed on the buying and selling order with a special order, such as 888, 555, 666, 999, 111, 444, 333 and other special numbers.

Principle: This may be the agreed signal sent by the trader to the sub-warehouse, or it may be the main signal of fraud and shipment. It needs to be analyzed according to the different stages of the stock price and the state at that time.

Case 2: From 600316 Hongdu Airlines, it can be seen that the stock has 37322 buy orders at the price of 26.97 yuan to seal the stop, and the buy orders at this price opened in the afternoon It's been sealed all the time, and the number hasn't changed much, so there's nothing special about it. weird thingsThe love happened 3 seconds before the market closing. At the three price levels of 26.96 yuan, 26.95 yuan, and 26.94 yuan, a large buy order was suddenly placed before the market close, and it was all 4444 lots.

Inside Disk Outside Disk The secret

Inside order is an active sell order. The seller takes the initiative to sell the stock at a price equal to or lower than the buy one price. The detail window is usually represented by S.

Outside order is an active buy order. The accumulative transaction quantity when the buyer actively buys the stock at a price equal to or higher than the sell one is usually used in the transaction details window. B to indicate.

Sometimes, it is easy for us to confuse the inner and outer disks. Usually in the disk viewing software, the numbers displayed on the outer disk are red, the numbers displayed on the inner disk are green, and red represents the representative Up, on behalf of the buyer's advantage, green on behalf of falling, on behalf of the seller's advantage, so it is easy to distinguish between internal and external disk.

Internal and external disks reflect the strength of buying and selling power. The outer disk is larger than the inner disk, indicating that the buyer's power is stronger, and investors are willing to buy in time at a higher price. The inner disk is larger than the outer disk, indicating that the seller is stronger, and investors tend to sell in time at a lower price. The theoretical content of the inner and outer disks is the above, and the following is the application of the inner and outer disks in combination with the actual situation.

The mark left by the banker's accumulation

The banker's accumulation will do It is very hidden, but if you want people to not know it, unless you do it yourself, no matter how hidden the dealer does, it will also show on the handicap, making people trace it.

When the overall market is in a downturn, but a certain stock rises independently; after encountering negative pressure, the stock price only falls slightly or does not fall at all but rises; a small amount It can rise sharply, or even the daily limit, which means that the dealer is accumulating. At the end of the accumulation stage, in order to digest the profit-making positions and remove the follow-up players, the dealers used small chips to wash wildly. The price difference between buying and selling was very large, but the price could not fall, and the trading volume was extremely reduced. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes to close a deal. There is no selling, indicating that there are very few floating chips, and the K line at this time will fluctuate.

(1) A clear bottom signal -- multiple low-grade tandem positive lines.

The K-line chart appears with multiple small positive lines in the low price circle, indicating that someone took over at this low level, and the strength is very strong, and the bottom of the stock price has been formed , the stock price is about to rebound. This Yangxian mostly opens lower than the closing price of the previous day, but it cannot break down and will eventually close at a high price. If the stock price opens low and moves high for several consecutive days at a low level, it means that a buyer's market has been formed, and the bookmakers are accumulating a lot of money.

(2) The signal of low-grade stop falling and stabilized - low-grade multiple parallel Yinxian.

If the stock price opens high and moves low for several days at a low level, although more than four or five small Yin lines are drawn one after another, the stock price does not see a significant decline. It has even risen, which is also a signal that the stock price has bottomed out. Although the stock price closed lower every day, it opened higher every day, indicating that the banker has begun to accumulate funds and has the desire to attack, but the strength is limited, and it will take a long time to officially attack.

(3) The signal of shock accumulation at the bottom - the sword-shaped line in the low-grade sideways.

In the process of low-end trading, if the stock price is greatly lowered on a certain day, it often hits a record low, but when the market closes, the price returns to Near the opening price, a small K line with a very long lower shadow will be formed. This kind of long shadow is often the banker's means, and it is deliberately done, indicating that the banker has secretly accumulated money.

(4) The institution pulls up the signal of opening a position - the arched line in the low-grade sideways.

After the stock price falls to a certain low level, investors are already unprofitable and will not sell easily. If the bookmaker wants to get as much chips as possible with the lowest possible cost of opening a position, only by raising the stock price can he The chips in the hands of retail investors are "cheated". On the K-line chart, it is shown as: the stock price was greatly pulled up during the session, and then fell back to the closing price near the opening price, thus leaving an arch line.

< p data-pid="xI"> (5) The signal of shock accumulation -- jumping down the big Yang line in the low-grade sideways.

During the low-grade sideways consolidation process, the market opened at the lowest price of the day, and then quickly moved up, returning to the closing price of the previous day to close. It is shown in the K-line chart that it is a long positive column, indicating that the dealer Accumulating chips in shock.

(6) The signal of low-level suction and test market--jump up the big negative line in low-level sideways.

If the stock price has been trading sideways at a low level for a long time, one day it suddenly gapped upwards and opened, and then gradually fell back down until it closed in the sideways area. It seems that no one cares, and the previous sideways state continues, indicating that the banker is accumulating and testing the market at the same time.

The banker's accumulation behavior? It is carried out in a vacuum , will leave clues, so investors need to have keen insight, pay high attention to their every move, and make clear their true intentions.

In the process of raising the stock price, the following features will appear on the market.


①In the early stage of the start-up of individual stocks, there will often be continuous short squeezes. With the development of the market, the trading volume will continue to increase, which is the breakthrough of the stock price. A disk phenomenon of initial resistance. For this type of bookmaker, time is more important than capital, so they use the method of exchanging space for time to quickly increase the stock price. At the same time, the rapid increase in the stock price is easy to generate huge profits, and it can be better It has a tempting effect on retail investors.

②On the time-sharing chart, you can often see that the stock price is not long after the opening, or a few days before the closing. There is a sudden increase in minutes. If the stock price reaches the daily limit within 30 minutes after the market opens, it will help the bookmaker to achieve the purpose of raising the stock price with less capital. When the bookmaker opens the daily limit, most of the stock prices are not far from the bottom area. Once the stock price goes up and down, it will attract short-term funds from outside the market to intervene, thereby reducing the cost of self-raising. The rising of the tail market is deliberately done by the dealer, whose purpose is to show his strength and attract the attention of retail investors And follow the trend, or to make a K-line chart and a good technical form.

③Individual stocks with market makers, once the market starts, its trend is obviously independent of the trend of other stocks in the broader market or the sector, and the market start mostly occurs when the general trend is relatively high. In good times, the broader market performs better at this time, which can attract over-the-counter funds to intervene. With a certain popularity support, once such stocks are stronger than the broader market, it will attract more retail investors to follow suit.

④When the makers of the stocks they operate are sharply rising, the media or institutions will continue to spread positive themes about such stocks, and they will spread all kinds of good news by spreading all kinds of good news. , which is more conducive to attracting retail investors to follow suit. At the same time, the dealer will deliberately enlarge the trading volume in the process of rising stock prices.

⑤When the stock price goes up, there are often big trades in the positions of buy one, buy two, buy three and sell one, sell two, and sell three at the same time. The transaction volume will also increase significantly. As the stock price continues to rise, the buying and selling price listed by the bookmaker will continue to move upward, and the stock price of some stocks will rise along an angle of 45 degrees or more on the time-sharing chart.

⑥Strong bookmakers will place huge buy orders in buy one, two and three places, blocking the room for the stock price to fall. If retail investors want to buy, they can only trade at the price of one sell. This invisibly helped the bookmakers push up the stock price.

⑦ The most important thing for short-term bookmakers to pull up is to take advantage of the situation, that is to say, to pull up with the help of the broader market. bookmaker fastAnd the phenomenon of sharply raising the stock price mostly occurs in the late trading. The operation method is simple, mainly based on ruthlessness and fastness. Buy at a higher price. Even if retail investors continue to fill in new buy orders, it is still difficult to catch up, and a large number of chasing disks will not be allowed to buy until the bookmaker's ideal price target is finally reached.

⑧The mid-to-long-term market maker has risen. Because of its relatively long time period for the target stocks, the target profit is also set relatively high, and it often reaches the target stocks for the target stocks. The degree of height control. Therefore, when it pulls up the stock price, the time-sharing disk trend usually shows a trend that is independent of the broader market, and the pull-up method shows a trend of pushing up in small steps, and a round of pull-up often takes a long time. In the later stage of this type of bookmaker's operation, the increase will become larger and larger, the upward angle shown on the chart will become steeper and steeper, and the trading volume will become larger and larger. Such stocks are either slowly sold sideways at high levels, or they wait for ex-rights and then sell when the stock price is relatively cheap.

Main Force Pull Up

1. Rapid pull-up

Case study: as shown in the figure below

2. Wave lift

Wave-like pull-up means that when the banker pulls up, every time it pulls up a certain amount, it will wash the market, causing the stock price to sag for a certain distance, and then carry out The next wave of pull up. It is characterized by ups and downs in the stock price, one after another, like a surge, but the lows and highs of the stock price are constantly rising, that is, the so-called one wave is higher than the other. This method usually washes the market during the pull-up process, especially in the important resistance area, digests the resistance with a small retracement or sideways oscillating trend, and completes the process of retail investors changing hands from low-cost to high-cost to minimize the upward trend. time pressure. This method mostly occurs in large-cap stocks and mid-cap stocks, and the stock price shows a very stable attitude in the market, which is easier to be accepted by investors.

Case study: as shown below

Retail investors coping skills:

1. If the stock price If there is heavy volume, it has risen and fallen, and the Yinxian with long upper shadow line, the evening cross star, etc., can be considered for selling;

2. If there is a clear signal to stop falling, you can consider buying.

3. Step-by-step pull-up

Step-by-step pull-up means that the banker puts After the stock price rises to a certain height, it will move sideways for a period of time, then it will be raised for a period of time, and then it will move sideways again. This is repeated many times, continuously pushing up the stock price, and the daily K line on the trend chart presents a shape of a ladder. This way of pulling up can make those unsettled and impatient stockholders out of the game, and has the effect of cleaning up short-term profit chips, which mostly occurs in large-cap stocks or some mid-cap stocks.

Case study: as shown below

Coping skills for retail investors:

1. When the stock price rises for a while, Sell ​​when the stock price rises and falls with heavy volume, or when the heavy volume Yin Xian and heavy volume cross star are closed;

2. Investors may consider buying again.

4. Raising Multimodal Pulling

Raising Multimodal Pulling refers to the dealer Pull up in the way of continuous small YangxianStock prices, and regardless of the ups and downs of the broader market, the market trend shows the characteristics of loners and their own way. The bankers who use this method to pull up have absolutely control the chips, and the trend of individual stocks depends entirely on the intentions of the bankers. The stock price has been slowly rising for a long time, attracting a large number of retail investors to follow suit, and the dealers enjoy the fun of retail investors "carrying sedan chairs" for them.

Case study: as shown below

Coping skills for retail investors:

Raise stocks that are rising in multiple ways, generally There is no obvious fallback band. Therefore, such stocks are not suitable for short-term investors to make gains from price differences.

5. Bulldozer-type lift

When the banker uses this method to lift, The stock price will rise up along a certain slope, and on the time-of-day trend chart, it is shown that there are a large number of buy orders below. This is a powerful bookmaker who hangs out in order to seal the falling space of the stock price, and then gradually lift the stock price up. After pulling up for a period of time, the bookmakers often deliberately suppress the stock price in order to attract buying to bargain-hunting, and then pull the stock price up again. In the end, dealers often use the cooperation of listed company themes to conceal shipments.

Case study: as shown below

Coping skills for retail investors:

1. Small fluctuations during the rise Vibration is a normal disk phenomenon. Investors can hold stocks patiently as long as they do not increase their volume during the fall;

2. After the stock price rises sharply, there will be a bulldozer-like rise, and it is not ruled out that the bookmaker uses this method to make out the stock. Goods, if there is a drop in heavy volume and closes with a negative line, attention should be paid. Once the heavy volume continues to fall or falls below the rising trend line the next day, you should leave the market decisively.

Six, compound pulling

Composite pulling means that the dealer is pulling In the process of rising, it is not a single operation method, but a combination of various methods to pull up the target stock. In order to drive away the follow-up market, mature and experienced bookmakers have also made new tricks in pulling up, making it impossible for ordinary retail investors to judge whether the bookmakers are pulling up or selling.

Retail investor coping skills:

Investors can divide the compound lift method into Several independent ways, and then look for their characteristics, "prescribe the right medicine", and take corresponding operation strategies for different lifting methods at different stages.

7. Short squeeze lift

Short squeeze lift is It means that when the general trend is very hot, the dealer uses the method of continuously raising the stock price and quickly raising the stock price, and there is no obvious callback in the middle, so as to force retail investors to chase the high and buy the goods. In terms of operational effect, as long as the chips are thrown out, it will be difficult to get them back unless they are bought back at a higher price. In this way, the cost of investors in the market is getting higher and higher, and the bookmakers can be crazy. distribute chips. Such stocks are often leading stocks or stocks in hot sectors.

Case study: as shown below

Coping skills for retail investors:

Stocks that are squeezed up will generally There is a long-term bottoming process, and the volume is sluggish. Once the stock price breaks through in heavy volume, it is the best time to buy.

The following is an entertaining summary of some "Handicap Code Words" for reference only.

111(1111): Represents "want to want". If it is pressed at the sell order, it means that the stock may fall, and there will be a lower selling point. If it is pressed at the active buying order, it indicates that the stock It may be about to rise. It should be noted that if it is at a historical high, the rising band may end.

222: Represents "let, let, let", which is implied by an agency Representation of unilateral action.

333: Represents "earn, earn, earn", indicating that it is about to rise, whether it is in a buying order or a selling order; it also means "flickering", If the stock is at a high level, or this number appears on consecutive sell orders, it may be an indication that the institution wants to sell.

444: Represents "dead dead" and is The market is called evil. It is either crazy buying or selling with big orders, especially when 4444 appears on the pending order, which means that the institution is very strong, buying or selling goods at any cost.

555: Represents "covering and covering", indicating that it is about to rise. If the number appears in the buying order, it means that someone wants to take the order. If it appears in the selling order, it indicates that the institution is still in the accumulation stage. It is influenced by short-term fluctuations.

666: Represents "yo-yo" and "liu-liu-liu", if it appears in a sell order, it can be judged to be one of the main products to be shipped This kind of hint, and it appears in the buy order, is a hint for major institutions to keep the stock.

777(7777): Represents "eat, eat, eat", indicating that the main Food is a sign of not having enough chips in hand, and it is also a signal for multiple institutions to buy shares together.

888: Represents "fafafa", which usually means making a fortune. This password means that the stock will enter a rising stage, but as the password is familiar to the market recently, the current 888 mostly means delivery, that is, the main shipment.

999(9999): Represents "Save and Save", which generally means that an institution runs out of cash or chips, type the password, and let another cooperative institution take over.

168: Represents "all the way". Generally, if this kind of pending order appears at a low level and sideways, it is a sign before pulling up, which means holding all the way and making a fortune all the way. But it is worth noting that , if the stock is at a high level, it may be a smoke bomb released by the main institution.

158, 1558, 1588: represent various combinations of "I want to issue", this number represents the institution Still building positions, generally Sent in the process of opening a position at the beginning and halfway through opening a position.

5858: Represents "covering the hair and covering the hair", the appearance of such a password means that the main force is likely to make this stock a long-term bull stock, and the possibility of a slow bull is relatively high .

123, 456, 789: Passwords with three consecutive numbers like this are also worthy of attention. They are generally signals that individual stocks need to be activated. This type of password is more common in the Shenzhen market, and the Shanghai market is more difficult to control. Since the last three minutes of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange is the call auction time, some main players can use these three minutes to create the betting language password for the last transaction volume.

What do you want in life? What do you want to get? Will you be troubled by not getting what you want, filled with remorse, filled with anger.

Taking is human instinct, our elders will teach us from a young age that others should not take things casually. But as we get older, we seem to forget this teaching. As we grow up, we want everything. I have it, I don't have it; my friends have it, but my friends don't. As long as it can be something that satisfies our own heart, we will all find ways to ''take'' to it. This is also the reason why inner troubles will increase, and people will become impatient.

The ancients said: "Fish is what I want, and bear's paw is also what I want; you can't have both, just give up the fish and take it. Bear's paw too."

A ignorant person who first entered the financial securities industry is either interested in the financial industry; or he is sought after by the legendary figures around him, and intends to test the water himself; or he wants to achieve his goal of financial freedom. Each reason is Feasible factors for you to enter the financial and securities industry. But before entering the industry, you will face the first choice. Can you work hard for the industry as a career; can you work hard for the industry; Learn skills seriously for the industry. Can you give up your leisure time for the industry; can you give up time with your family for the industry; can you give up a small part of your hard-earned assets for the industry. And more There are many problems that you must be prepared for before you enter the industry.

If you can make a clear choice, then let's talk about it.

I just entered the industry, ignorant Ignorance, when I don't know anything, I believe in all the technical schools and fundamental schools around me. Pay high tuition fees, listen to the terminology of clouds and mountains, and force myself The imprint is in my mind. After a long time, there are a lot of technical terms and standard technical graphics cases in my mind. Whenever a market appears, I can always find the rationality of its existence, and also find out the negative entry. The reason. Whether it is technical or fundamental, learning is inevitable, and learning more is certain. This is the way you need to ''take'' in learning stocks. But over time, when you have accumulated a certain foundation At times, can you give up. Give up knowledge that is not certified; give up those so-called ''famous masters'' explanations; give up some signals in different market conditions and different positions; give up self-belief; like Tai Chi , learn from something to nothing, from nothing to something.

If you can make a clear choice, then let’s talk about it.

Children must also understand that one pair of eyes is not enough to see everything.With the rapid development of China's financial industry, there are more than 3,000 individual stocks Every single stock fluctuates every day. Can you take a comprehensive look at these fluctuations? Can you understand the characteristics of these stocks? Many people have a kind of trouble, and they keep staring at them over and over again. Stop loss. Ignored stocks are either in a big trend or plummet.

Profit is never closely related to oneself. The choice of individual stocks is also a trade-off. Stocks with large holdings; select stocks with high activity; select stocks with a wide range of uses compared with industries; choose stocks that fit your personality. on the ''take'' way. How to abandon the volatility of all individual stocks; how to abandon individual stocks that you are not familiar with; how to abandon the full participation of individual stocks. This is our ''home'' road in individual stocks. Zeng Wumen said: "There are hundreds of flowers in spring and the moon in summer, and cool breeze in autumn and snow in winter. If you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time in the world''. The same is true for the selection of individual stocks. When and what stocks are, he will definitely have some fluctuations. If you don't keep all the stocks on your mind, it's time for you to make money.

If you can make a choice, let's talk.

The huge profits of the stock market industry are well known. If his huge profits die one day, we will not follow it. As long as it is lucrative and someone is following it, it will fluctuate. We also just profit from volatility. What a capable person can take all the fluctuations in the bag, if there is one, I believe that the number of times he is limited is as small as possible.

Following the trend is the essence of trading. I have seen such a sentence: ''The kite travels thousands of miles in the wind. Therefore, those who rely on their power will surely reach '' even if they are far away. This is also the best interpretation of the power of the trend. And how to identify the trend, how to follow the trend is the way we have to ''take''. And in the trend, how to abandon the market that you can't understand, how to abandon the maximization of profits, and take all the fluctuations in your pocket. This is the way we want to ''leave'' in the trend.

Stock trading is life, and life is alsoStocks. Make a choice and you are the winner.

The surging river water, just drink a scoop.

In my spare time, I communicate with stock friends to learn "Shuanglong short-term tactics", "Daily limit copying bull-catching tactics", and "high-control plate battles for the main players in the middle line". "Fundamentals", "Funding Compounding Method" and other practical trading skills, those who are interested in learning voluntarily are welcome to come to me for exchange and learning, and they will definitely help. A gentleman respects inwardly, and righteousness outwards.

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