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Why does the stock seal the daily limit, but the funds show a net outflow? If you don't understand, you will lose...

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The current domestic stock analysis software distinguishes the flow of funds by super order, large order, medium order and small order.

Large orders of 1000 lots and above are considered large orders, 500 lots and above are large orders, 100 lots and above are medium orders, and less than 100 lots are small orders. This calculation method does not take into account the overall market value of the stock, which leads to the fact that all stocks use the same lot or the same capital to count the main trend, and there must be a deviation in the statistics of large-cap stocks and small-cap stocks.

And in the transaction, the operation method of the institution is also changing with each passing day, which can be quite large compared to the statistics of the capital flow in the software. If you split a small order, the funds will be reversed to calculate the illusion, and the accuracy of using the flow of funds to judge the main behavior will not be too high, and there will be greater risks when using this as a reference for trading.

For example, a stock institution can use a small order to pull up to the daily limit after fully controlling the market to attract investors to follow suit. After closing the board, it will cause a net outflow of funds today, but there are too many chips, and it can still be used the next day. Continue to lift the sealing plate for shipment, and the stock daily limit is formed here, but the funds show signs of net outflow until all the goods are sold out.

If you want to prevent investors from following up, you can also use large orders to scare away investors or split large orders and small orders Buying results in no sign of large capital entering the market, and investors who determine the direction based on capital flow will be deceived.

And it is not uncommon for individual stocks to have a large inflow of capital into the stock price limit and a large outflow of capital out of the stock price limit in the two cities. A tool to attract investors into the trap.

The statistics on the flow of funds can only be used as an auxiliary reference, and cannot identify the operational behavior of the institution. The capital size judgment list may belong to which category to give investors a judgment, and it is not necessarily the result of the statistics that is true, so don't blindly believe it.

The grasp and understanding of capital trends is a compulsory course for every investor and one of the prerequisites for successful stock trading. However, in practice, many investors have a big misunderstanding of capital flow. It is believed that the flow of funds is the actual buying and selling of funds, but in fact it is not.

Next, let's take a closer look at the flow of funds and why stocks are trading above their daily limit but the funds are showing a net outflow.

1. What is the flow of funds?

The flow of funds refers to the direction in which funds are actively selected. It is active buying and active selling.

In actual operation, the flow of funds displayed on the trading software is somewhat confusing. Generally, if a stock shows an upward trend within a certain period of time, the turnover during this period will be included in the capital inflow; on the contrary, if the stock shows a downward trend during this period, then the turnover during this period will be included in the funds. Outflows; not included if there is no change in share price.

But we all know that in the stock market, if there is only selling without buying, it will not constitute a transaction, so The real turnover of any single stock is split in half by both buyers and sellers.

The important thing is that everyone misunderstands that the flow of funds is represented by the volume of transactions over a period of time, and what is the volume of transactions? Sexual buying and selling,It is a manifestation of the wishes of both long and short sides.

In this way, we can clearly understand the flow of funds, which is more a reflection of the wishes of both long and short parties, rather than a real data reflection of the entry or exit of funds.

2. Why do individual stocks rise by the daily limit, but the funds show a net outflow?

We also said above that the flow of funds mainly reflects the long and short sides of the market The game can help investors see the market's true thoughts on this stock through the rise and fall of the stock price.

Under normal circumstances, the capital flow corresponds to the rise and fall of the stock price, that is, if the stock price rises sharply, the capital will be shown as a net inflow, and if the stock price falls, the capital will be shown as a net outflow.

However, sometimes the capital flow and the stock price trend also show a deviation. There are two common deviations:

1. The stock price rises sharply on the day or even reaches the daily limit, and the capital shows It is a net inflow, but the net inflow is very small;

2. The stock price rose sharply or even the daily limit on the day, and the funds showed a net outflow.

When there is a deviation, practical experience tells me that I can only believe in the flow of funds. The stock price is the most deceiving thing, and the flow of funds can reflect the actual situation of the market far more than the stock price.

It should be noted that when the stock price rises sharply or even reaches the daily limit, and the funds show a net outflow, there are generally the following three Reasons:

1. The main force induces more

This usually occurs after the stock price rises for a period of time, the price is at a high level, and the dealer Pull the daily limit to ship.

2. The main force to lure shorts

Usually occurs when the stock price is still at a relatively low level, the main chips are not collected much, or there are too many floating chips in the intraday. , The strength of the control plate is weak. At this time, the daily limit is pulled to shake out the floating chips in the plate, and then after a period of small decline or sideways, it will rise again.

3. There are differences between the main players

After the stock price rises for a period of time, the banker who goes in first feels that he has made enough money, so he thinks about it , but those who came in later still want to pull up. At this time, the differences between the two houses will lead to the fact that although the stock price is still at the daily limit, the funds may show a net outflow.

The secret of "fund flow"

A stock, whether institutions are buying or retail investors are buying, has always been the concern of many ordinary investors question. Obviously, the tickets bought by the institutions are the tickets of the main players and the dealers, and the tickets that the retail investors participate in are a pool of backwater, and there may even be a catcher! In theory, the transaction details of each individual stock can be seen. In the mainframe of the exchange, who bought which tickets for which seat and which brokerage, it is clear at a glance, if you can see this data, Stock trading will definitely become easier than cooking! The reality is that the host of the exchange should be a high-level "secret unit", and almost no one can peep the data inside. Even so, wanting to see the opponent's hole cards is still the best shortcut for gamblers to win! Where there is demand, there is a market. In order to satisfy the desire of investors, the market has created a very turbulent data - the flow of funds!

The data of "fund flow" was all the rage for a while ("net inflow of funds", "institutional funds", etc. are the same), and now, major financial media are also publishing it every day. This data is also the main selling point of many charging software, and it is also the flagship product of many financial service companies, which can only be bought with money! At the beginning, we really thought that this "fund flow" data told us what tickets the main players and dealers were buying, and what tickets retail investors were buying! However, with the passage of time, many investors have found that the data of capital flow is not as magical and accurate as legends. In many cases, the stocks and sectors to which capital flows will not rise or even fall. Many friends are also here. Data stumbles. Slowly, the flow of funds to this data will be "forgotten to everyone". There are also people who have many friends. From the beginning, they are eager to avoid it, and they have moved from one extreme to another extreme. They are angry that "the flow of funds" is a scam!

Is the Money Flow data really useful? According to our "Heizhuang Logic" point of view, for any disk phenomenon, you must know its principle, and you will have a real bottom line when you use it! Dear friends, do you really understand the principle of "fund flow"? What data did he count? For example, today's disk, funds flowed to the financial sector, what does this mean? The first thing that comes to mind is that the cityThe money in the market is buying the financial sector.

The transaction must be the behavior of the buyer and the seller, and there is a buy and a sell! Some people buy tickets for 10,000 yuan, and some people sell them for 10,000 yuan. The more people who buy, the more people who sell them. The data shows that the most is the enlargement of the transaction volume, and there is no capital. The question of where to go. Many friends immediately thought that the flow of funds to the financial sector reflects the

initiative of funds to buy tickets in the financial sector... In fact,

is about active buying and active selling The problems that arise are represented by "outside disk" and "inside disk" on the disk, not "fund flow"...

Here comes the question, the flow of funds, what is his statistical basis? Let's take a look at the transaction details of this picture first

​On this transaction details, 3 transactions of 10,000 lots suddenly appeared huge deal! The market generally believes that retail investors cannot make such transactions because of the limitation of the amount of funds and the lack of unified and coordinated actions. Such transactions are considered to be the order of the institution, or the order of the main force.

The answer is revealed: "Fund flow", "Net inflow of funds", "Institutional funds" and other data actually count the difference between "active buying" and "active selling" large orders value. The active buying of large orders is greater than the active selling of large orders, and funds will flow in; the active buying of large orders is smaller than the active selling of large orders, and funds will flow out. It can be seen that the transaction of large orders is the key to the statistics of "fund flow data"!

Here comes the point. After knowing the principle of "fund flow", is this data still useful? Many friends would like to say: Of course it is useful, because the large order transaction as shown in the picture above is the behavior of the institution, and the inflow of funds shows that large funds are buying this ticket! It makes sense to say that the market is intriguing. As shown in the figure below, it is revealed that the main force easily uses the simplest trading technique to create the illusion of capital inflow!

​As shown in the figure, the main force hangs a huge pressure order on the sell order, and then uses the initiative of the large order If you want to buy him, in terms of statistics, all purchase transactions are active purchases of large orders, and they are all counted as net inflows of funds. The real situation is that the main force hangs up the order and eats it by himself, but he sells his left hand to his right hand, and there is no real money flowing in. This may be a trap!

One trick to catch the latent main force

The principle of follow-up: Because the main capital is very large, when they enter a stock, they tend to be in the transaction There are obvious signs on the volume, which are directly manifested in the enlargement and shrinkage of the trading volume. Because the dealer can use multiple accounts to create the illusion of heavy volume, the increase in trading volume is not necessarily true, but the shrinking volume must be real, and the price does not fall when the trading volume shrinks. On the one hand, it shows that the market agrees with the current stock price. On the other hand, this phenomenon implies that the main force has already controlled the market. Since the dealers come in to make money, if they want to sell, there must be room for profit, and there will inevitably be a rise in the future. the process of.

Technical points of stock selection:

1. The short-term moving average and the long-term moving average are long arranged (the rising trend is clear and the short-term is protected by the middle line)

2. The decline is not large during the adjustment, and the trading volume shrinks significantly. (Shrinking volume indicates that the dealer is highly controlling the market)

3. During the adjustment process, a beautiful double bottom, arc bottom and other platform forms are formed.

4. The stock price rises twice or the platform breaks through to be confirmed buy some.

5. Do not use it when the market index is trending downward, avoid systemic risks, and pay attention to stop losses.

The following are several typical actual combat maps of this stock selection technique:

Teach you how to catch the main upswing

The main upswing is what stock speculators dream of, and every stock has the main upswing. How can we catch several times and dozens of times the main rising wave? Is there a way to do this? The answer is yes.

According to the performance of individual stocks in the past, those stocks that are about to enter the main uptrend have the following characteristics:

1. The individual stocks have already made a certain increase in the early stage, but they are rising. The pace of the stock price is relatively cautious, and the trend is relatively moderate;

2. The position of the stock price is not low, and some have been3. Before entering the main rising wave, the stock price often has a period of sideways consolidation, some fluctuated slightly, and some In an upward triangle trend, but either way it has experienced a certain consolidation process.

4. As far as transactions are concerned, in addition to the huge amount released in the early stage, the later transactions are gradually shrinking, and the transaction volume before the start is relatively small.

Judgment on the buying point of the main rising wave:

1. Small yin and small yang lines appear on the daily K line

Under normal circumstances, If the stock price is relatively low, the main force will slowly push up in the way of small yin and small yang, and the increase will be controlled within 7% intentionally or unintentionally, because at this time the main force does not want anyone to follow the trend, let alone exceed the increase of more than 7% to be on the list. When the stock price rises to a certain extent, and the main force hopes that the market will follow the trend, there will be a big positive line.

For example, the picture above is a recent big line. The bull stocks dominated the trend before the rise of the wave, and the k-line was arranged before the start of the small yin and the small yang. The trend was in a stage of oscillating and climbing. After entering the main rising wave, the stock price entered a stage of rapid rise, constantly pulling out the big Yang line.

2. If there is an upward gap, the gap will not be filled.

Generally speaking, the stock price gaps and opens higher, which is a strong signal to do more. If the stock price can continue to open after it opens higher Going up, or even closing the daily limit, is a signal that the main rising wave is unfolding

For example, our old friend Donghua Software, in February On the 5th and April 5th, when the stock's rising wave started, there were many upward gaps, and none of them were covered. After that, the stock price started the most explosive three-wave rise.

3. The weekly MACD has just happened "golden cross" or is about to occur "golden cross" above the zero axis.

According to the application principle of MACD, we can know that MACD is above the zero axis. A "golden cross" of a 'golden cross' means that the stock had a previous rally and a subsequent correction. When MACD appears "golden cross" again, it means that the previous adjustment has ended, and this adjustment is just a retracement, and the stock price will enter a new round of rising stage.

For example, the main rising bull stock in the picture above, at 1949, the stock price soared 60%, and then began to follow The market adjustment, although the adjustment is not large, but we can see that the MACD indicator has been in a downward channel until March 26, after the MACD indicator appeared a golden cross above the zero axis, the stock price entered the main rising wave again. .

How to use the 3-day line to capture the rising waves of individual stocks?

There are three short-term trends for general stock indexes:

One is when the 3-day moving average is upward, which is called a short-term upward attack trend (the larger the angle, the stronger the attack, 45 The degree angle is the boundary of strength and weakness)

One is when the 3-day moving average is flat, which is called a short-term consolidation situation. (The rise and fall of the stock price is transformed by the obvious or insignificant short-term intraday trend as a transit point)

One is when the 3-day moving average is downward, which is called a short-term downward trend. (The bigger the angle, the stronger the attack, the 45-degree angle is the boundary of strength and weakness)

In terms of operation, in addition to the basic understanding of the 3-day moving average, there are many skills, the most exciting is the short-term Chase method. Remember that chasing up is not chasing high, it is chasing up!

Detailed explanation of the nine daily truce laws with pictures and texts

Buying daily limit stocks is the goal of every investor in the stock market, but most It is often difficult for people to achieve this goal. Only by encountering a bull market with a daily limit of 1,000 shares can they realize their "daily limit dream". However, in the A-share market, there are not many opportunities for the daily limit of 1,000 shares. Therefore, if you want to seize the daily limit, you still have to have some skill. Today, Xiao Feng will explain in detail: how to capture the daily limit of stocks, I hope to give you some reference:

You need to pay attention to the following points when buying daily limit stocks:

1. The first choice has themes Stocks that suddenly gapped higher and opened the daily limit on a certain day; secondly selected stocks whose stock prices have been consolidating at the bottom for a long time, and have not responded to the rising limit; thirdly selected strong stocks that have been rising for a period of time, and the strong consolidation has ended and pulled out the daily limit;

2. The sectors are linked, and the leading stocks with the daily limit are chased first, especially in a big bull market or a very strong market. If you want to chase, chase the first stock with the daily limit;

3. Consolidate and search the ranking list for many times, more than the stocks that are close to the daily limit, look at their current prices, previous trends and the size of the circulating market in time, so as to determine whether the stock is suitable for intervention. The increase of chasing stocks should not exceed 9%;

4. This style of continuous reduction should not be changed at will, so as to avoid the quilt caused by entering the market when the market has no daily limit.

Catch the daily limit, especially by chasing the price. This is a strategy with high returns and high risks. Xiao Feng does not recommend conservative operators and risk tolerance below 50. % of investors do this. Next, I will share the daily truce method for everyone to study:

Nine daily truce methods:

1. Revisit the place of the daily truce method

2. Meeting at the Magpie Bridge of the Law of Armistice

3. Happy breakup of the daily armistice method

4. The Upside-Down Willow

5. The law of daily truce is seamless

6. The third law of daily truce There are three outside

7. The opening of the sesame of the daily truce method

8. Advances, Two, and One Retreat in the Up and Down Law

9. Ascension to the Long-term Armistice

Three Rules of Trading

What exactly is trading? As far as speculators are concerned, it is a special investment behavior aimed at making profits and at the same time taking certain risks. As far as the entire market is concerned, it is a method of risk transfer.

The market is full of contradictions, and contradictions constitute the ups and downs of market prices. There is no absolute right or absolute wrong in the perception of the market, only the market is always right. Among the spears and shields of the market, among the right and wrong perceptions of the market, we should find a moderation, a balance, not too extreme, not too absolute, survival of the fittest.


Trade is the trend, not the price, and it's not too late to wait until the trend is finally clear. This will lose a small amount of opportunity, but won the safety of funds. Your goals must be aligned with the market and follow the trends of the market. If you are in line with the market, profits will roll in; if you see the trend wrong, you have to use the old and reliable umbrella - the stop-loss order, which is the relationship between trend and profit. Contrarian action is the beginning of failure , should not fight against the market, or try to beat him, there is no need to be shrewd than the market, when the trend comes, follow it;


The highest level of trading is five noes: no joy, no worry, no fear, no desire, no ego, "the market is like a vast Dahai, the only thing you can trust is your trading system and plan.

The road of trading is a road of learning. For everyone, failures are almost self-inflicted. In the market, You have to change your frequency and follow the market. Be sure to build a trading system that suits you. No matter if you are slapped by the market, you have to get back on your feet and improve your system. Don't be afraid of complexity and cumbersomeness, because this It is the only way for you to succeed and avoid losses, and there is no other way.

Fund Management

Investing must first ensure the safety of capital. Take limited risks as little as possible before making a profit. After you have made a profit, use the profit to take the risk. Develop a set of capital management plans: the first goal is long-term viability; the second goal is the implicit growth of capital; The third goal is a high level of profit. Common use of funds in actual trading:

1. Full position trading method; 2. Regressive Masukura trading method; 3. Aggressive Masukura trading method; 4. Speculation trading method; 5. Dead resistance trading method; 6. Two-way pair opening trading method (commonly known as lock-up trading method); 7. Probabilistic trading method; 8. Arbitrage trading method.

Professional master absolutely do not envyThe accidental profit of others, they hate their accidental success even more. The most important value of their existence is to obtain their own profits from the market continuously, stably and for a long time by virtue of their superb technical skills, and any accidental or temporary success is meaningless to them.

Flexible and reasonable allocation of funds, attack the most potential market, success depends on the program to ensure the success of the probability advantage, the winning rate should exceed 60%, the trend concept is the most important, and the tool is easy to use. Getting to the bottom of things, overcoming mental exhaustion, being calm and daring to win. Don't scale your operations beyond your load -- just focus on the game you're currently playing, don't worry about making money.

The market is a school that can never graduate. Always remain humble and cautious, guard against arrogance and impetuosity, maintain a normal heart, be an ordinary person, and always have a heart of awe for the market , succumb to the market, map it, follow it, "only those who are afraid can survive", the market is not ready in one day, nor is it finished in one day, the market is a school that can never graduate. Fall in love with your gains, but don't be timid about your gains; fall in love with your losses, but don't get used to your losses. The greatest joy in life is not the result you get, but the process of constantly pursuing and struggling. So "you must develop a set of procedures, you must understand your procedures, you must follow your procedures" to operate, and win!

What you lack is not only technology but also patience

Too many people are impatient and stop losses when they see a downturn in the stock market. losses turned into actual losses. Regular cuts and stop losses are a shortcut to accelerating bankruptcy! Northbound funds are smart funds, and they come in to pick up chips whenever they fall too much.

Patience is also the secret to making money investing in the stock market. You don't need to make too many decisions, you only need to seize the rare investment opportunities in the downturn in your life, and you will be able to succeed and become rich. This refers to buying in a downturn and not to your ability to buy the lowest price. In fact, no one can attempt to buy the lowest price.

You don't need to think too much about investing. You just need to be patient and wait until the market panic spreads to invest your heavy money (50% stock position), leaving room to continue to increase your positions in the fall. Then wait patiently until the next stock market madness to clear your positions. As soon as you enter and exit, you will earn a lot of money.

The secret to making money in the stock market is the inconspicuous four words "waiting patiently". Patiently waiting for buying opportunities, patiently waiting for harvest season. A friend is educating his children to invest: "Success comes by waiting. If you bought a house for rent more than ten years ago, you can wait for the house to rise five times. Now you buy stocks and get dividends. You will wait for the next time. Great opportunity for wealth.”

Rogers said a passage that is worth thinking about: “If you make 50% profit on your investment in two years, but lose 50% in the third year. Then you might as well put your money into the treasury market. You should be patient and wait for a good opportunity, make a profit and take a profit, and then wait for the next opportunity. Then you can beat others."

Be patient and wait for the market to really The perfect trend, don’t be preconceived, do predictive intervention.

Timing is everything, buy at the right time and sell at the right time. Trading is not something to be done every day, and those who think that trading should be done at any time ignores one condition, that is, trading needs a reason, and it is an objective and appropriate reason. In addition to trying to decide how to make money, traders must also try to avoid losing money. Knowing what to do is almost as important as knowing what not to do.

A stock operator must contend with many costly enemies within. Make big money by "waiting," not thinking. Be sure to wait until all factors are in your favor. Predicting markets is so difficult because of human nature, and navigating and conquering human nature is the most difficult task. It's important to choose your timing carefully...there is a price to be paid for being too hasty.

The first mentality in speculating well in stocks is patience. Patience is to face fluctuations, to have a normal heart, to watch it calmly, and to be unmoved. "Mount Tai collapses in front of you, but the color remains unchanged." This is the embodiment of the highest state of mind. The obvious manifestation of patience is calmness. In layman's terms, patience is the ability to hold back and not be in a hurry, which is the heart of "patient". "

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