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20220608 Week ③ Fundamental interpretation of mainstream events in the evening + classic case analysis + sweeping the whole event

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Fundamentals of today's event:


Sports 004 UEFA Nations League

Ireland VS Ukraine


Matt Doherty's main right-back (9 games) injury return unknown

Gavin- Bazunu goalkeeper (8 games) injured return date unknown


No injuries

Injury Interpretation: In Ireland, Tottenham defender Doherty and Portsmouth goalkeeper Gavin Bazunu are currently recovering from injuries and will be withoutmethod selected. Ukraine has a perfectly healthy team with no injury problems.

Sports 005 Nations League

Scotland vs Armenia


Lyndon Dykes main center (4 goals in 9 games) injured return unknown

Ryan -Jack midfielder (2 games) injured return unknown


No injuries

Interpretation of injuries: For Scotland, Liverpool left back Robertson, Queen's Park goalkeeper Marshall, Aston Villa midfielder John McGinn and many other experienced players were selected, and Queen's Park main striker Lin Den - Dykes and Rangers midfielder Ryan - Jack are out due to injury. On the Armenian side, the 33-year-old veteran Henrik Mkhitaryan, who is currently playing for Rome, announced his farewell to the national team. The selected players are not troubled by injuries.

Sports Lottery 006 Nations League

Wales VS Netherlands


Nathan Broadhead centre back due to injury unknown


Van Dijk's main central defender (1 goal in 6 games) rests

Interpretation of injury: Welsh side, Joe Mo Rael has returned from the ban, and Nathan Broadhead is currently injured and has been excluded from the game. The other positions are fully staffed. The Dutch team has a completely healthy team, and the main defender Van Dijk is allowed to take a vacation to end the current national team event ahead of schedule.

007 UEFA Nations League

Belgium VS Poland


Thibaut Courtois goalkeeper groin return unknown

Jason Denayer Ernest central defender is injured and the return date is unknown

Lukaku center (5 goals and 1 assist in 4 games) is injured


Jakob Model main midfielder (1 goal in 9 games) knee cruciate ligament rupture in early November

Cash back (3 games) injured return date unknown


Injury Interpretation: The latest news from the Belgian national team, Lukaku missed the match against Poland due to injury, Courtois and Denayer played in the last game Just out of battle. Poland will lack Modell, who has been out for a long time due to injury.

Sports Lottery 008 FC

Juventus VS Parana Athletics


Ayrton Miller returns in mid-June with a back knee injury

Gilmer Pared, right winger (6 games, 1 assist), torn ligament and returns unknown

Parana Athletic:

Christian midfielder (5 games) accumulated yellow cards and returned after suspension

Vitinho left winger (3 games) injured his thigh and returned in mid-June

Marlos Romero-Bonfim right wing (4 games) calf injury to return in late June

Marcelo Chirino right wing (4 games) thigh injury June Returning in the first ten days

Thiago-Heleno will return in late June with a shoulder injury

Interpretation of the injury: Juventus German midfielder Elton continues to recover from injury, striker Pared is injuredCruciate ligament rupture long-term injury. Parana Athletic midfielder Christian suffered a suspension in this game, Vitinho, Marlos, and Chirino were injured and the three forwards were missing, and the substitute central defender Heleno was also unable to play due to injury.

Sports Lottery 009 FC

Mineiro America VS Ceara

Mineiro Americas:

Iago Maidana center back (3 goals in 6 games) with broken foot to return in early August span>

Juan Pablo Ramirez's attacking midfielder (6 games, 1 goal, 1 assist) will return from a knee sprain in early July

Paulinho Bo Ya left winger (1 assist in 4 games) will return from a thigh injury in mid-June

Orlando Berio right winger will return in late June from a knee injury

Dani Los Fernando Avilar left back with cruciate ligament injury unknown


Lima's main right winger ( 7 games 1 goal) Thigh injury to return in late June

Luis Otavio (5 games) thigh injury to return in late June

Management Chad goalkeeper hamstring injury to return in late June

Dantinho center (1 game) thigh injury to return in mid-June

Leo La Phil's attacking midfielder (1 game) and a thigh injury will return in mid-June

El Ferreira's center Achilles tendon injury will return in late June

Booy Ukrainian right-back will return from a knee injury in late June

Interpretation of the injury: Mineiro in the Americas, Madana, Ramirez, Boa and others also Will miss the game due to injury. Ceara's main striker Lima and central defender Otavio will miss the game due to injuries, and there are also some injuries in other positions.

Sports Lottery 010 FC

Bagantino VS Fra Mengo


Olan returned mid-June with a thigh injury in front midfielder (4 games)

Carlos Eduardo will return with a muscle injury to his right wing in mid-June

Mekong Clayton will return with an ankle injury in mid-June

Emiliano Martinez returns in mid-June with a lower back Achilles tendon injury


Santos Goalkeeper (3 games) injured in the thigh and will return in mid-June

Matthews Franca will return in late July with a fractured front waist and foot

Fabrici O-Bruno will return from a foot injury in mid-July

Interpretation of the injury: As for Bagantino, midfielder Oran is injured and unable to play, Eduardo Many other people are also injured, but the impact is not great. On Flamengo's side, goalkeeper Santos was ruled out due to injury.

Sports Lottery 011 Brazil

Sporting Goiania vs. Wye

Athletic Goiania:

Dudu's main right back (4 games, 1 assist) returned from an ankle injury in mid-June


Bressan's main central defender (7 games) returned in late June with a thigh injury

Matthews Gardzani midfielder is unwell to return in mid-June

Jean-Pierre has an unknown return date from a front waist injury

Interpretation of the injury: Athletic Goiania's main defender Dudu is still unable to return, and the other players are in good physical condition. Avayi's main central defenderBressan was injured and missed this game, and the defensive end was affected.

Sports Lottery 012 Brazil

Santos VS Brazil International


Angelo Porguez, right winger (2 games, 1 assist), will return from a thigh injury in mid-June

Kevin Malthus midfielder (1 game) ruptured cruciate ligament to return in late June

John Victor Marcel Futado goalkeeper to return after a few days of new coronary pneumonia

Brazil international:

Wesley center (4 games) returns after a few days of fever

Rodri G. Moledo, central defender (3 games), will return in late June with a thigh injury

Bruno Gomez will return in mid-June with an elbow injury in the lower back

Gabriel Boschilia's midfielder (3 games, 1 assist) will return from a knee injury in mid-June

Matthews Cardolini, a center, will return in late June from a thigh injury

Interpretation of the injury: In terms of the Santos lineup, Porguez and Malthus are injured and will miss this game, and the backup goalkeeper John is absent due to the new crown problem. On the Brazilian international side, center Wesley has a fever and needs to rest, while Moredo, Bruno Gomez, Boschilia and Cardorini are unable to play due to injuries.

Sports Lottery 013 Pakistan

Fluminense VS Minet Atlético


David Duarte CB (1 game) to return in late June

Mario Pinida left back (3 games) back in late June with a calf injury

Fred center (4 games) injured after a few weeks Returns

Atletico Mineiro:

Matthias Saraccio attacking midfielder (6 games, 1 goal, 1 assist) with six muscle injuries Returning in the middle of the month

Eduardo Vargas, the second striker (4 games, 1 goal), returning in the middle of June with a muscle injury

Injury Interpretation: Fluminense's Duarte and Pineda are missing two defenders, and the striker position will lack Fred. On the side of Atlético Mineiro, both Saraccio and Vargas were unable to play due to muscle injuries, and there were two less possible scoring points in the frontcourt.


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*2Sports Lottery 007 Europa League 02:45 [ 2 ]Belgium-Poland[ 26 ]

Belgium lost in Europa League first round , but it is not surprising that many giant national teams play this event as a warm-up match.

The visiting team Poland got their tickets to the World Cup. This game is also a good warm-up opportunity to challenge Belgium. But the team's first brother, Lewandowski, has recently been distracted by transfer matters. I'm afraid there won't be much thought for the game.

The 2 historical battles have not played against each other recently

The home team Belgium has 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss recently, and the state is not good.

The visiting team Poland has 2 wins and 1 draw recently, and the team has performed well after the coaching change.

Judging from the recent situation of the 2 teams, the distribution pattern of this game should be: partial reverse distribution pattern

According to my big data model, the reasonable range of this game should be the home team 5 Zone

The sub-index gives the home team the high position of Zone 5. Currently, the home team is in the high position of Zone 5 of the home team or the first range in Zone 4.

The European refers to the downward trend of away wins, giving the visiting team relatively more favors.

Belgium has a problem with the Europa League game! This game is not easy to watch!

The number of goals has reached 2.5 goals to show a good pattern!

This game is concerned about the visiting team waveBlue undefeated pattern, value investment, customer wins

Score 1-2 2-2 2-3

*2Sports Lottery 008 Brazil A 06:00 [ 17 ] Juventud - Parana Athletic[ 8 ]

The home team Juventud is currently ranked 18th in the league with 10 points, and the team has only won one game at home and away. In 9 games, they scored 1 goal and conceded 14 goals.

The visiting team Parana Athletic currently ranks 8th in the league with 13 points.

In the past 4 games against Juventus, Juventus got 3 losses, 1 draw and 1 loss, and they are 2 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses.

According to my big data model, the reasonable range of this game should be the home team 2 zone pattern

The home team Juventus won 1-0 in the last round, and the team recently won 2 wins and 1 draw 1 negative, in good condition. 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss at home.

The visiting team Parana Athletic drew 2-2 with Santos in the last round, and the team has 4 wins and 1 draw.

The Asian Index gave the home team Zone 1, opening a shallow range, and the home team continued to maintain the low level of Zone 1 in the market outlook. Indicating weakness of the home team's pattern

The European index currently opens lower with a draw. The main victory has not changed much at present, and it is still at a high level in Zone 1. The trend is relatively unfavorable for the home team.

The number of goals has reached a high of 2 goals, and the trend is favorable for the small score pattern!

This game is still optimistic about the unbeaten pattern of the visiting team! Value Investment Draw

Score 1-1 0-0 Half-time draw

*2Sports Lottery 009 Brazil A 06:00 [ 7 ]Mineiro America - Ceara[ 16 ]

The home team of Mineiro America is currently ranked 7th in the league with 14 points, scored 11 goals and conceded 10 goals, and won 3 home games and 1 draw.

The visiting team Ceara is currently ranked 17th in the league. The away record is better than the home team with 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, scoring 10 goals and conceding 12 goals.

3 wins in history Mineiro America got 6 draws and 1 losses in the past 4 games, and has a bigger advantage.

According to my big data model, the reasonable range of this game should be the home team's 2nd zone pattern

The home team Mineiro America won the last round, with 1 win, 3 draws and 2 losses recently. The back defense is unstable and loses more balls. 2 wins and 1 draw at home

The visiting team Ceara drew with Coritiba at home in the last round. The recent 3 wins and 3 draws have been going well, and the team's defense is relatively stable.

Judging from the recent situation of the 2 teams, the distribution pattern of this game should be: hedging distribution pattern

Asia Index gave the home team a high start in District 2, some institutions are in District 3, The market outlook came early to the home team's high position in Zone 2 to show weakness for the home team

Ou refers to the high position for the home team, the middle position for the draw, and the low position for the away win. The current trend of the European index is not obvious.

At present, this game is still optimistic about the unbeaten pattern of the visiting team.

The Score 1-2 1-1 2-2 Half-time Closed and Negative

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[2] type of competition: the fundamentals face a confrontation, or the weaker side with less fame is doing well, and the index also supports the weaker side to get upset points

                               Consider blowing cold directions!

[3] type of game: a well-known and strong handicap player (smooth, hedging, or moderate distribution) with dominant fundamentals (or a mid-deep game with superior strength). However, the trend of the index does not support it, or the index supports it but the fundamentals have obvious hidden dangers.

      Such competitions can only be used as daring, and should be considered in the absence of [1] competitions

[4] competitions: difficult competitions with hedging or moderate distribution, the fundamentals are chaotic Or the index points to unknown.

Such competitions are resolutely given up!

Order suggestion:

Robust type: 2 [1] games can be combined into 2 strings of 1. Generally, the income is about 2 times.


Upgraded version 1.0: 3 [1] games available, strung into 3 strings 1


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The following is today's selection of multiple games Interpretation with score recommendation​​​​

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