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Master Letter Standard Edition 101513 Information Workshop and Observer Information Opening Method

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Landlord |Published at 2012-3-24 14:33|Show allfloor004B369F   push TdxW(PT3.0071354C                    DSOEMName
004B36A4   push TdxW(PT3.00713548                    OEM
004B36D5   push TdxW(PT3.0071353C                    DSTabFirst
004B36E2   push TdxW(PT3.00713548                    OEM
004B36F5 push TdxW(PT3.00713530                    HasHKMarket
004B36FA   push TdxW(PT3.00713548                    OEM
004B370D   push TdxW(PT3.00713520                    HasGZ
004B3712   push TdxW(PT3.00713548                    OEM
004B3725   push TdxW (PT3.00713510 HasFundMarket
004B372A   push TdxW(PT3.00713548                    OEM
004B373D   push TdxW(PT3.00713500                    Has
004B3742   push TdxW(PT3.00713548                    OEM
004B3755   push TdxW(PT3.007134F4                    HasLCMatch< br />004B375A   push TdxW(PT3.00713548                    OEM
004B376D   push TdxW(PT3.007134E0                    HasGlobalZSMarket
004B3772   push TdxW(PT3.00713548                    OEM
004B3785   push TdxW(PT3.007134D4                    MustInGUI
004B378A Push TDXW (PT3.00713548 OEM
004B37AA Push TDXW (PT3.007134C8 Externalsurl
004B37AF Push TDXW (PT3.00713548 OEM
004B383D   push TdxW(PT3.00713594                    GUIMarket%02d
004B386A   push TdxW(PT3.0071358C                    GUISet
004B388E   push TdxW(PT3.00713578                    GUIMarketSet%02d
004B38BB   push TdxW(PT3 .0071358C                    GUISet
004B38C2   push TdxW(PT3.0070A714                    ,
004B396A   push TdxW(PT3.00713564                    GUIMarketName%02d
004B3997   push TdxW(PT3.0071358C                    GUISet
004B399E   push TdxW(PT3 .0070A714,
004B3A26 Push TDXW (PT3.00713594 Guimarket%02D
004B3A60 Push TDXW (PT3.0071358C Guiset
004B3ACE Push TDXW (PT3.007135C0 & NB & NB & NBsp; hq_cache \ brkseat.dat
004B3AE2 Push TDXW (PT3.00707F74 RB
004B3B89 Push TDXW (PT3.007135BC, |
004b3c46 Push Tdxw /> 004B3C5A Push TDXW (PT3.00707F74 RB
004B3D2F Push TDXW (PT3.007135BC, |
004B3F4D PUSH TDXW (PT3.007135D8 SHORTCUT.DAT. BR /> 004B40BF Push TDXW (PT3.007135BC, |
004B41ed Push TDXW (PT3.007135D8 Shortcut.dat
004b4201 Push TDXW (PT3.00707F90 WB
004b4273 Push TDXW (Push TDXWsp;    %s,%d,%s\r
004B42FF   push TdxW(PT3.007135F4                    Software\Microsoft\RWNode
004B43FF   push TdxW(PT3.007135F4                    Software\Microsoft\RWNode
004B44EA   push TdxW(PT3.00713624                    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
004B4508   push TdxW(PT3.00713610                    HKEY_CURRENT_USER
004B4736   push TdxW(PT3.00713638                    %s\%s.lnk
004B6A60   mov dword ptr ds:[ 0x7078B4 ], TdxW(PT3.006 ,
004B6A70 mov dword ptr ds:[ 0x7078BC ],TdxW(PT3.006 ,
004B6A80 mov dword ptr ds:[ 0x7078C4 ],TdxW(PT3.006 ,
004B6A90 mov dword ptr ds:[ 0x7078CC ],TdxW(PT3.006 ,
004B6AA0 mov dword ptr ds:[ 0x7078D4 ],TdxW(PT3.006 ,
004B6AB0 mov dword ptr ds:[ 0 Relevant resourcesNews
004B6B25 Push TDXW (PT3.007136B0 Ceding \ T22
004B6B51 Push TDXW (PT3.007136A0 Ordinary Sell \ T223
004B6B6D Push TDXW (PT3.00713690 <\ \ T221 < BR /> 004B6B9A Push TDXW (PT3.0071367C Lightning Trading \ T233
004B6B6 Push TDXW (PT3.00713668 Lightning financing \ T211
004B6BD2 Push TDXW (PT3.0071365C Lightning Sold \
004B6Bee Push TDXW (PT3.00713650 Lightning Buy \ T21
004B6C19 Push TDXW (PT3.007136A0 is generally sold \ T223
004B6C35 PUSH TDXW (PT3.00713690
004B6C62 push TdxW(PT3.0071367C           Lightning Securities Selling\t233
004B6C7E push TdxW(PT3.00713668           &nBSP; Lightning financing \ T211
004B6C9A Push TDXW (PT3.0071365C Lightning Sell \ T23
004B6CB6 Push TDXW (PT3.00713650 Lightning Buy \ T21
004b6cdb push TDXW (PT3. 007136a0 General selling \ T223
004B6CF5 Push TDXW (PT3.00713690 Ordinary Buy \ T221
004B6D20 Push TDXW (PT3.00713644 One -click full withdrawal \
004b6d4e push Tdxw Lightning Trading Sell \ T233
004B6D67 Push TDXW (PT3.00713668 Lightning financing \ T211
004B6D80 Push TDXW (PT3.0071365C Lightning Sell \ T23
004B6D9A Push TDXW (PT3. 00713650 Flash Buy\t21
004B6DBF push TdxW(PT3.0071367C Flash 68 Sell\t233
004B6DD8 push & nb TdxW(PT3.007136SP; Lightning financing \ T211
004B6DF1 Push TDXW (PT3.0071365C Lightning Sell \ T23
004B6E0B Push TDXW (PT3.00713650 Lightning Buy \ T21
004B6EDF Push TDXW (PT3. 007136d8 (initial)
004B7164 Push TDXW (PT3.007136e8%S \ T%D
004B71A1 Push TDXW (PT3.007136e0%S \ T.%D
004B71E4 Push TDXW (PT3.0071200C Hong Kong plate
004B7336 Push TDXW (PT3.00713718 Comprehensive Ranking
004B7380 Push TDXW (PT3.0071370C CSI 300
004b73a1 Push TDXW (PT3.007136FC Settlement
004B7431 push TdxW(PT3.0071372C   Connection%s
004b7465 Push TDXW (PT3.00713724 disconnects%s
004B74D9 Push TDXW (PT3.0070A118 Mobile chip distribution
004B74EE Push TDXW (PT3.0070A12C main monitoring elves
004B7503 Push TDXW (PT3.00713814 Market Radar
004B7518 Push TDXW (PT3.00713800 Setting Conditions \ TCTRL+Y
004B752D Push TDXW (PT3.007137EC trading system instructions \ TCTRL+E
004B7554 Push TDXW (PT3.007137D8 section index and ingredient stock
004B7569 Push TDXW (PT3.007137C4 institutional evaluation and diagnosis \ T18
004B7590 Push TDXW (PT3.007137B8 related quotation
004B755A55A55A55A55A55A55A55A55A55A55A55A55A55A5A55A55A55A55A55A55A55A5A55A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A5A57 PUS PT3.007137AC         Institutional Strategy
004B75BA   push TdxW(PT3.007137A0       Industry Raiders
004B75EA Push TDXW (PT3.00721CF4 Instant Decision Model
004B760C Push TDXW (PT3.00721CD4 Decision Pioneer model
004B7633 Push TDXW (PT3.00721CC4 strong model
004b7648 Push TDXW (PT3.00721ce4 Funds Disterium
004B765D Push TDXW (PT3.00706890 Plate Decision Analysis
004B7672 Push TDXW (PT3.007089a8 Flow of Flowing
004B7699 Push TDXW ( Decision indicators
004B76AE Push TDXW (PT3.007068B0 midline decision index
004B76C3 Push TDXW (PT3.007068C0 suction section
004B7834 Push TDXW (PT3.007079C4%s
004b79133 push TdxW(PT3.007138BC   upload personalized data
004B792D Push TDXW (PT3.007138ac Download Personalized Data
004B7980 Push TDXW (PT3.007138A0 Uploaded Ring Ring stock selection
004B799A Push TDXW (PT3.00713894 Download Self -selected stock selection < BR /> 004B79C1 Push TDXW (PT3.00713884 View self -selected stock ranking
004B7B2D Push TDXW (PT3.0071387C \ TF11
004B7baa Push TDXW (PT3.0071387C \ TF11
004b7c3f push 00709EEC Information Workshop
004B7C59 PUSH TDXW (PT3.00713870 Observer Information
004B7C86 Push TDXW (PT3.0070A13C Hong Kong stock information
004b7cb7 push TDXW (PT3.00707CFC data view of the data view PT3.00713860 &nBSP; In -depth information \ tf11
004B7E0B Push TDXW (PT3.00713854 Customer Service Zone
004B7EDF Push TDXW (PT3.00713844 Buy real -time Hong Kong stocks
004B7F07 Push TDXW (PT3.00713834 Hong Kong Exchange br />004B7F3B push TdxW(PT3.00713820 Warrant and CBBC information
004B7FA0 mov dword ptr ds:[ 0x7078B4 ],TdxW(078.006 ,
004B7 ds FB0 mov mov 004B7 FB0 0 x mov TdxW(PT3.006 ,
004B7FC0 mov dword ptr ds:[ 0x7078C4 ],TdxW(PT3.006 ,
004B7FD0 mov dword ptr ds:[ 0x7078CC ],TdxW(PT3.006 ,
004B7fe0 MOV DWORD PTR DS: [0x7078d4], TDXW (PT3.006,
004B7FF0 MOV DWord PTR DS: [0x7078dc], TDXW (PT3.006,
004B801B Push TDXW (PT3.007138cc TDXW Mutew Mutew Mutew br />004B8033 push TdxW(PT3.0070AB80
004B8038 push TdxW(PT3.007104B0 \
004B8136 push investor TdxW(PT3.00 7138E0 )
004B814C Push TDXW (PT3.007138D8 attribute
004B81F6 Push TDXW (PT3.007138EC Financial Investor (second screen)
004B820C Push TDXW (PT3.007138D8 attributes
004B82D0 MOV DWORD DWORD DWORD ptr ds:[ 0x7078B4 ],TdxW(PT3.006 ,
004B82E0 mov dword ptr ds:[ 0x7078BC ],TdxW(PT3.006 ,
004B82F0 mov dword ptr ds:[ 0x7078C4 PT ],TdxW( .006 ,
004B8300 mov dword ptr ds:[ 0x7078CC ],TdxW(PT3.006 ,
004B8310 mov dword ptr ds:[ 0x7078D4 ],TdxW(PT3.006 ,
004B dword mov PTR DS: [0x7078dc], TDXW (PT3.006,
004B8332 Push TDXW (PT3.006B04C6 irrigation lettuce
004B83C7 Push TDXW (PT3.00713900 Fund Analysis Platform
PT3.006D0370 'Rl
004B8612 push TdxW(PT3.00713924                                  Top ten holdings of the fund
004B8788 mov dword ptr ss:[ esp+0x20 ],TdxW(PT3.007 serial number
004B8790 mov dword ptr ss:[ esp+0x24 ],TdxW(PT3.007 Fund Name
004B8798 mov dword ptr ss:[ esp+0x28 ],TdxW(PT3.007 Current shareholding(10,000)
004B87A0 mov dword ptr ss:[ esp+0x2C ],TdxW(PT3.007 % of listed companies
004B87A8 mov dword ptr ss:[ esp+0x30 ],TdxW(PT3.007 % of fund net value
004B87B0 mov dword ptr ss:[ esp+0x34 ],TdxW(PT3.007 Shares held in the last period (10,000)
004B880F mov dword ptr ss:[ esp+0x8 ],TdxW(PT3.0071 Serial number
004B8817 mov dword ptr ss:[ esp+0xC ],TdxW(PT3.0070 variety Code
004B881F mov dword ptr ss:[ esp+0x10 ],TdxW(PT3.007 Variety name
004B8827 mov dword ptr ss:[ esp+0x14 ],TdxW(PT3.007 Current quantity
004B882F mov dword ptr ss:[ esp+0x18 ],TdxW(PT3.007 accounts for % of the fund
004B8837 mov dword ptr ss:[ esp+0x1C ],TdxW(PT3.007 The number of the last issue
004B8D06 Push TDXW (PT3.007077DC%D
004B8D64 Push TDXW (PT3.0070972C%.2F
004B8DA1 Push TDXW (PT3.00713A00-
004B8D B6 push TdxW(PT3.0070972C )  %.2f
004B8DF3 Push TDXW (PT3.00713A00-
004B8E08 Push TDXW (PT3.0070972C%.2F
004B8E40 Push TDXW (PT3.0070972C%.2F

004B8F01 Push TDXW (PT3.007139F4%S%.2F %%
004B8FCE Push TDXW (PT3.007139F4%S%.2F %%
004B9089 Push TDXW (PT3.007139e8 other%.2F %% < BR /> 004B917E Push TDXW (PT3.007077DC%D
004B922B Push TDXW (PT3.007139e0%.1F
004b926c Push TDXW (PT3.0070972C%.2F
004b92a1 push TDXW (PT3. 007139E0 %.1f
004B931C push TdxW(PT3.007139D4         %s %.2f%%
004B969B push TdxW(PT3.007139C4 other %.2f%%
004BA0A0 , mov dword ptr ds:[ 0x7078B4 ],
(PT3.00 004BA0B0 mov dword ptr ds:[ 0x7078BC ],TdxW(PT3.006 ,
004BA0C0 mov dword ptr ds:[ 0x7078C4 ],TdxW(PT3.006 ,
004BA0D0 mov dword ptr ds:[ 0x TdxW(PT3.006 ,
004BA0E0 mov dword ptr ds:[ 0x7078D4 ],TdxW(PT3.006 ,
004BA0F0 mov dword ptr ds:[ 0x7078DC ],TdxW(PT3.006 ,
004ba102 Push TDXW (PT3.006B06A3 Auxiliary Wiring
004ba186 MOV ESI, TDXW (PT3.00713A04 ¨
004ba1b6 MOV ESI, TDXW (PT3.00713A04 ¨
004ba1f2 Push TDXW (pt306b6006b6006b6306b (pt306306b6006b635006b (PT306306306b6b6306b (PT306306306b (PT30656 100
004BA69B push TdxW(PT3.00709E74 System
004BA6AA push TdxW(PT3.00719E60 3 3 E74 & System
006BA6BB0 1 push TdxW(PT3.00719E60nbsp;              System
004BA6E1   push TdxW(PT3.00719F50                    Tahoma
004BA6F6   push TdxW(PT3.00719F50                    Tahoma
004BA739   push TdxW(PT3.00709E74                    System
004BA73E   push TdxW(PT3.00719E88 Arial
004BA760   push TdxW(PT3.00719E88                    Arial
004BA790   push TdxW(PT3.00709E74                    System
004BA795   push TdxW(PT3.00719E88                    Arial
004BA7A8   push TdxW(PT3.00719E88                    Arial< br />004BA7E5 push TdxW(PT3.00709E74 System
004BA7EA push TdxW(PT3.00719ED8 ED 33 &System
004BA80C 1nbs TdxW(PT3.00719ED8 004BA80C 1nbs Td09p;             System
004BA83C   push TdxW(PT3.00709E6C                    Arial
004BA86C   push TdxW(PT3.00709E6C                    Arial
004BA89C   push TdxW(PT3.00709E74                    System
004BA8A1   push TdxW(PT3.00719F00 Song style
004ba8c3 Push TDXW (PT3.00719F00 Song style
004ba8F3 Push TDXW (PT3.00709e74 System
004ba8f8 Push TDXW (PT3.00719F00 Song style
004ba90b Push TDXW BR /> 004BA948 Push TDXW (PT3.007094F4 Song
004ba978 Push TDXW (PT3.00709E74 System
004ba97d Push TDXW (PT3.00719F28 & NBSP & NBSP;       System
004BA99F   push TdxW(PT3.00719F28                    System
004BA9CF   push TdxW(PT3.00713A60                    italics_GB2312
004BA9FF   push TdxW(PT3.00709E6C                    Arial
004BAA2F   push TdxW(PT3. 00709E6C Arial
004baa5f Push TDXW (PT3.00709E6C Arial
004bb464 Push TDXW (PT3.007079C4%S
004bb489 Push TDXW (PT3.007079C4%s
004b4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4A4B4A4A 007079c4%s
004bb5f3 Push TDXW (PT3.00713A6C pen
004bb81c push TDXW (PT3.00713A98%9.0F
004bb834 Push TDXW (PT3.00713A90 & NBSP;%9.1F
004bb845 Push TDXW (PT3.00713A88%9.3F
004bb859 Push TDXW (PT3.00713A80%9.4F
004bb86e Push TDXW (PT3.00713A78%9.5F
004BB89D push TdxW(PT3.00713A90 %9.1f
004BB8AE push TdxW(PT3.00713A70 %9.2f

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