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The number one research report: photoresist reproduces the daily limit! Who is the real leader in the context of localization?

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Original title: The number one research report: Photoresist reproduces the daily limit! Who is the real leader in the context of localization? Source: Jufeng Finance

Recently, the concept of photoresist has been active, the entire index has gone out of the trend of rising again, and the frequency of daily limit stocks is relatively high. Let's take a look at the situation in this area.

What is photoresist?

Photoresist, also known as photoresist, is a key chemical in the lithography process. It mainly uses photochemical reactions to transfer the required fine patterns from the mask. On the substrate to be processed, it is widely used in the processing and production of micro-patterned circuits in the optoelectronic information industry. The downstream is mainly used for micro-processing of integrated circuits, panels and discrete devices. It is also widely used and is a key material for microfabrication technology.

According to downstream applications, photoresists can be divided into photoresists for semiconductors, photoresists for LCDs, photoresists for PCBs, etc., and their technical barriers decrease in turn . Correspondingly, PCB photoresist is currently the fastest in domestic replacement, LCD photoresist is relatively fast in replacement, and the current domestic technology of semiconductor photoresist has the largest gap with foreign advanced technology.

The market prospect of photoresist

With the global semiconductor, LCD panel and consumer Electronics and other industries have shifted to China, and the domestic demand for photoresist has increased rapidly. From 2011 to 2017, the compound growth rate of domestic photoresist demand reached 14.69%, and by the end of 2017, it had reached 79,900 tons; the compound growth rate of domestic photoresist market scale. 59%, reaching 5.87 billion yuan by the end of 2017.

In terms of output, my country's photoresist output reached 75,600 tons in 2017, with a compound growth rate of 15.83% from 2011 to 2017; local photoresist output reached 4.41% 10,000 tons, with a compound growth rate of 11.87% from 2011 to 2017. At present, photoresists in China are mainly concentrated in the PCB field, and LCD and semiconductor photoresists with high technical barriers mainly rely on imports.

Important company review

PCB photoresist field

In the domestic market, the penetration rate of localization of PCB photoresist is relatively high, and domestic enterprises in China have already In the domestic PCB market, it occupies more than 50% of the market share. The technical barriers of PCB photoresist are relatively low. In the domestic market, Rongda Photosensitive, Guangxin Materials, Oriental Materials, Beijing Rio Tintoda and other domestic enterprises have occupied about 50% of the domestic market share of wet film photoresist and photoimaging solder resist ink. Among domestic enterprises, Feikai Materialsspan>, Rongda Photosensitive, Guangxin Materials, etc. have already put into production corresponding PCB photoresist products.

LCD photoresist field

The global supply of LCD photoresist is concentrated in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other regions, and the market share of overseas companies exceeds 90%. The polymer pigments and pigment dispersion technologies required for color filters are mainly concentrated in the hands of Japanese pigment manufacturers such as Ciba, so the core technologies of color photoresists and black photoresists are basically monopolized by Japanese and Korean companies.

Semiconductor Photoresist

Semiconductor is the most important application field of photoresist. Lithography and etching technology are the most important processes in the processing of fine circuit patterns of semiconductor chips, which determine the minimum feature size of the chip. Semiconductor photoresist is the most high-end variety in photoresist, with the highest technical difficulty.

(Original title: No. 1 research report: Photoresist reproduces the daily limit! Who Is it the real leader in the context of localization?)

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