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The stock price limit scare away investors, Zotye, which has no value, is becoming more and more valuable?

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News background:

Recently, *ST Zotye issued an announcement saying that the company received on May 12, 2021 According to the letter from Shanghai Zhiyang Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Zhiyang"), which was forwarded by the company's pre-reorganization manager, Shanghai Zhiyang decided to suspend the investment in the company because of recent changes in Zotye Auto's stock price, Seriously deviated from its fundamentals, and decided to suspend investment due to investment prudence.

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①: Zotye's stock price skyrocketed to frighten the investor Shanghai Zhiyang, and technicians fled creditors to collect debts Zotye existed in name only: After entering 2021, Zotye Auto has become a demon stock, and since then From January 4th (the first trading day in 2021) to April 12th, Zotye Auto gained 44 daily limit prices, rising from 1.36 yuan/share to 5.81 yuan/share, an increase of 308.89%. Such an extraordinary rise in stock prices has led to Zotye Auto’s announcements of abnormal stock trading fluctuations several times, and two suspensions for verification. For Shanghai Zhiyang, which negotiated the acquisition and asset reorganization in 2020, the so-called suspension of investment announcement at this time was interpreted as wanting to "retreat".

Previously, according to public information, Zotye Auto had a net loss of 10.8 billion yuan in 2020, compared with a loss of 11.19 billion yuan in the same period last year. At present, many of Zotye's bases are in a state of shutdown and semi-shutdown, and their performance has also plummeted. At present, Zotye Auto has been involved in 1,241 contract disputes, involving more than 200 million yuan in salary arrears to employees, and more than 3 billion yuan in related dealer debt disputes. Most of the technical personnel in the company have left. In fact, Zotye exists in name only. But since the news that Zotye was acquired, the stock price and market value have skyrocketed. Countless capital is waiting for Zotye to sell the stock directly to make money once it is sold.

②: Xiaomi used Zotye to build a car but turned to Baowo. It was Baoneng who actually bought Zotye: Before Xiaomi When it was decided to officially announce the car, there was a rumor that Xiaomi wanted to acquire Zotye. However, in the follow-up Xiaomi chose to give up because of Zotye's complicated creditor-debt relationship. Subsequent news showed that Xiaomi had in-depth negotiations with Borgward Auto on car manufacturing, but due to the huge gap between the two sides in the valuation of Borgward Auto, the current negotiation has come to an abrupt end. However, Xiaomi will definitely acquire a car company, depending on the signal released next.

At the beginning of the year, the website of the Bureau of Commerce of Linyi City, Shandong Province announced the relevant content of "Baoneng's special work class fully carries out precise docking around project cooperation", showing that Baoneng has a future The holding of Zotye's Linyi Base may be completed through acquisition or merger. Basically, Zotye's assets in various places are already in a state of severable sales. In fact, for some car companies, such an acquisition is definitely the most economical option for “expansion”. It's just that for Baoneng, such an acquisition cannot be regarded as a wise move. Anyway, the previous Baoneng such as DS did not take advantage of it.

③: All Zotye cars are on the verge of delisting, and being acquired like Lifan is the only hope: In the auto market, currently facing It is not just Zotye itself that has been delisted, but the entire Zotye family. At present, the sales volume of Dacheng cars "starting from scratch" is in a state of dozens of vehicles per month. Hanteng cars in Shangrao are also basically in a "dying state", and Junma cars have completely disappeared. The entire Zotye line has no value in the market. It was lucky that Hanteng was assigned to Shangrao Economic and Technological Development Zone before.

But for the likes of Zotye, the best home is indeed Lifan. At the end of 2020, Lifan's controlling shareholder was officially changed from Guofan Holdings to Chongqing Manjianghong Investment Fund Cooperative Enterprise, and GeelyMaijie Investment Co., Ltd. is one of the major shareholders of Manjianghong, with a shareholding ratio of 49%. Geely Maijie is a holding subsidiary of Geely Technology Group. After taking over Lifan, Geely will fully develop, manufacture and sell battery-swapped new energy vehicles under the coordination of Chongqing Municipality. So no surprise, no matter who, in the future, the acquisition of Zotye and Zotye-series car companies will be led by the local area. Being acquired by a big car company and continuing to develop locally is the only hope.

MiVo Garage Summary:

Zotye had sold 11.6 billion yuan worth of cars to Jinma Group before. Worth, behind this arrogant operation is Ying Jianren's "rumor" that he can get 5 billion in cash. It has to be said that if Zotye can successfully sell now, it is very difficult to say how much money will be made by this wave of capital that promotes the "mad increase". A brand with no market value is behind countless debts, and its market value can still rise. It really needs to be checked carefully.

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