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"Oops Mom" ​​was released for free, but the company's stock rose by 40%. This operation is a bit "showy"

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The Spring Festival is an annual reunion festival. No matter how busy or helpless you are outside, a happy homecoming for the New Year is what you are most worthy of pursuit. The Spring Festival is not only a day for reunion and New Year's Eve dinner, but also the best time for many movies to be released.

During the Spring Festival in 2019, the number of moviegoers reached 130 million, and many movies in the Spring Festival have achieved good results at the box office. Among them, the box office of the sci-fi film "The Wandering Earth" exceeded 2 billion, and the comedy "Flying Life" won the box office of 1 billion. However, this year's film industry is facing huge challenges during the Spring Festival.

Beginning in January 2020, many movies have been withdrawn due to safety concerns, and many of them The long-awaited "Oops Mom" ​​also announced its withdrawal on January 23. "Oops Mom" ​​is the third work of director Xu Zheng's "Oops series". It continues the usual funny style and injects more human interpretation. Although it is a comedy movie, it uses comedy to tell the truth of human nature. The withdrawal of the file does make many people feel a deep pity, but the withdrawal of the file does not mean that it will not be released.

On the second day after the announcement of the withdrawal of "OopsMom", Douyin announced on January 24 that the "OopsMom" movie would be released online for free on the first day of the new year. For many people, there are only two types of movies to watch online, one is free gun version movies, and the other is exclusive movies for VIP members on various apps after the cinema line is over.

Is the release of "OopsMom" a free gun movie?

As a big platform, the release of the gun version of the movie is self-destructive. ByteDance, where Douyin is located, has already signed an agreement, and the two parties will start short video cooperation. At the same time, Huanxi Media's new movies will be licensed to ByteDance for online screening. The price of this is that ByteDance will pay Huanxi Media at least 630 million yuan.

As early as November 2019, "Oops Mom" ​​was set by Hengdian Film and Television with a box office target of 2.4 billion, which is not easy to achieve. With various efforts, Huanxi Media also tried to increase the release time of the movie, hoping to sprint to the box office target. However, it was resisted by many theaters, and coupled with the various strategies of major theaters during the Spring Festival this year, "Oops Mom" ​​was once faced with a very embarrassing situation.

Therefore, this time, thanks to the keen insight of ByteDance and the wise decision of Huanxi Media, the film that faced the "embarrassment" situation was reborn and stood out among the many films to be released.

Under the impact of this year's epidemic, starting from January 20, many shares in the cultural media industry have Sliding mode is turned on. Among them, nearly 60 stocks of 102 stocks fell. China Film, the producer of "Detective Chinatown 3", fell by 7.67%, and Huanxi Media also fell by 5%.

However, for ByteDance, this is a very good opportunity for cooperation. After all, the short video platform is all about videos. If a movie can be premiered online on the platform, the number of users and the viscosity will increase. There will also be some development.

For Xu Zheng, the benefits behind being able to use a new form to cooperate with Douyin, which has more than 300 million active users, are not a single star.

After the movie premiered online, shares of Huanxi Media soared by 40%, for the previous 2.4 billion The target income of the box office has also been reached. As a 15% shareholder of Huanxi Media, Xu Zheng will earn a lot of money from this "show" operation.

However, many people who have watched "OopsMom" don't have a high response to the movie, and they are obviously embarrassed to watch the comedy. The nonsensical incident also made the movie a bit bloody. If you don't choose to be released online, this "Oops Mom" ​​will definitely hit the street, not to mention the income of more than 600 million.

At the same time, this online release also made Xu Zheng much discussed. for otherAs far as people in the film industry are concerned, many people say that Xu Zheng has broken the rules of the industry. After all, movies still depend on the box office of the theater. If the online premiere sets a precedent, will the film industry be in decline next?

However, some people have different views. For the short video industry, being able to cooperate with the film industry just shows the openness and inclusiveness of the current citizens. But not everyone's mentality is positive, and many self-media platforms are waiting for Douyin to collapse.

Xu Zheng once again used the platform traffic to push himself to the cusp of the storm. In fact, long before the movie was released, the publicity method of Xu Zheng's "Oops Mom" ​​had a little clue. Instead of using "offline roadshows", it is promoted on the Douyin platform "online roadshows".

Now that I look back and think about it, this seems to be a "long-planned plan", and the traffic of online platforms is indeed higher than More offline. Do you have any different opinions on the release method of "Oops Mom"? Say it and listen!

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