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Xueba's notes are "exposed", allowing children to learn to use 20% of the time and master 80% of the key points!

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Your child's effective self-directed learning is very important!

How to let children learn effectively and independently?

In fact, many academic masters reflect autonomous learning, and the most important thing in autonomous learning is excellent habits + systematic learning methods! Good at summarizing and summarizing, good at sorting out knowledge, and really "installing" things in books into their own minds.

Then the question comes again, how exactly does the scholar summarize and summarize what about?

Although we can't see other people's brain circuits, we can look at his notes. Because notes are the most intuitive reflection of a person's way of thinking and thinking habits.

This is a 13-year-old girl in Anhui's famous book reading hand-painted notes▼


This is a chemistry note from a certain scholar, didn't you expect that such a boring chemical equation could be so cutely interpreted by a scholar? ▼

The study notes truly reflect the student's thinking process and accurately record the importance of each subject. It's difficult, and the system is clear. After reading their notes, you will definitely feel a sense of enlightenment. It turns out that learning should be done this way, and it turns out that learning can be so fun!

Xueba's notes are good, but Puwa can't, what should I do? Can Xueba Notebook be mass-produced? Give me a dozen of those funny and cute notes! I just want this kind of good-looking and practical notebooks that can attract me to read!

The set of books I recommend today - "Notes of a Scholar", is sent to save the lazy puwa!

Systematic coverage of Chinese, Math, English

Grades 1-6Basic knowledge points, difficult points, test points, error-prone points

Very effective for self-directed learning and improving academic performance


And Nationwide!

Use 20% of your time and energy to get 80% of the benefits, and be an easy student


This set of books consists of three volumes: "Student Notes-Elementary Chinese", "Student Notes-Elementary Mathematics", and "Student Notes-Elementary English". ▼

In addition, there are 3 free "Practice Do Not Forget" workbooks, so that children can consolidate learning knowledge points at any time. ▼

How important is the number of words?

A series of new regulations from the Ministry of Education recently:

In 2020, it is strictly forbidden to use students' Olympiad scores and English star ratings as the basis for admissions in compulsory education.

In 2020, the independent enrollment of the college entrance examination will be cancelled, and the extra points for subject specialties will be gone.

In 2020, art and sports students will no longer enjoy bonus points.

The secondary education diversion policy is implemented in many places, and 50% of the children go to vocational high school.

When the specialty is no longer added, it is no longer a stepping stone for primary and secondary schools. The three main subjects other than language and mathematics are still the key to the decision to enter a higher school.

So learn the languageNumbers are the top priority!

Each knowledge point in this set of books is compiled from excellent notes from various editions of the country , covering knowledge points beyond the three main subjects in primary school, it can be called a "mini-encyclopedia" reference book for notes!

It can effectively improve children's learning and summarization ability training, lower grades can learn synchronously, upper grades can prepare for college entrance exams, and sprint before junior entrance exams, which really helps children improve their scores!

The reasons for recommendation are detailed below:


Left and right columns, key annotations

Use comics to teach knowledge

Cover primary school language and mathematics key knowledge

This set of Xueba notes is written in "left and right columns":

Main column in accordance with the latest curriculum standards and exams Explanation, systematically, comprehensively and coherently sort out the knowledge points of the textbooks, and cover the key knowledge points mastered in primary schools; ▼

The sub-column records what you have learned and thought in your studies, interprets the difficult points and frequently tested points, easily overcomes the difficult points, and breaks through the bottleneck of scoring. Key and difficult points are marked in different colors, and learning is more efficient with a clear focus.

▲The knowledge points of the teaching textbooks are refined, so there is less interesting learning. This set of books also uses comic illustrations to make boring conceptual knowledge lively and interesting, and it is also easy for children to understand in depth.

▲And there will be Example Analysis after the explanation of knowledge points, typical example questions And answer analysis, so that children can learn problem-solving methods and ideas.

Let's take a look at each book:

Xueba Notes - Elementary Chinese

The book has a total of 272 pages and is divided into:

Basic knowledge, comprehensive application, reading and writing , Encyclopedia General Knowledge

There are 15 topics such as Pinyin, reading methods, writing methods, etc.

Covering primary schools 1-6 Grade language knowledge

Reorganize the messy language knowledge, and connect each knowledge point from top to bottom , both independent and interconnected, cultivate children's ability to inductive classification, logical thinking, and comprehensive application

★ Difficult content, cartoon illustrations, easier to understand

For example: Explain the "tone" in Pinyin: describe it with a cartoon image of a car going uphill and downhill. ▼

★ Deeply interpret the knowledge points of the textbook, summarize the test points, and deepen the understanding

Each knowledge Click to analyze and explain with example questions to consolidate what you have learned in a timely manner▼

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Reserve a spare space to take notes as you learn, good memory is not as good as bad writing, clear at a glance, and develop a good habit of learning and taking notes. ▼

Finally, there is an encyclopedia general knowledge section, which enriches knowledge inside and outside the classroom. ▼

Including all aspects: historical figures, traditional knowledge, common sense of life...▼

Xueba Notes-Primary Math

The book has a total of 228 pages and includes 4 major themes:

Numbers and Operations, Space and Graphics, Statistics and Probability, Practice and Comprehensive Application

It is further subdivided into cognition of integers, operation of numbers, equations, typical application problems, etc.14 chapters

Starting from basic mathematics, it systematically presents the framework and context of mathematics.

Fully guide children to build a mathematical knowledge system and grasp the key points of mathematics learning.

The left and right columns are more clear and easy to grasp. ▼

Mathematics learning is a headache for many parents, and children still “do not get started” after exhausting all methods. In fact, it is not that the subject is too difficult, but the lack of "interest" in mathematics.

The same cartoon explanations make learning mathematics easier to understand and more interesting.

For example, this score, expressed through cartoons, allows children to understand the knowledge points more vividly, and the memory will be more profound. ▼

Conversations like this cartoon image can not only arouse children's interest, but also better express The meaning of knowledge points, kill two birds with one stone. ▼

After each knowledge point, there is an example analysis and explanation to consolidate the learning situation, and more importantly, digest and solve the problem ideas and methods. ▼

This mathematics book also has a comprehensive assessment of unit knowledge, so that children can consolidate their basic knowledge in time and further their abilities . ▼

And there are error-prone analysis and summary, so that children can deepen their understanding of knowledge and remind us to solve problems. Be more attentive. ▼

Xueba Notes - Primary English

The book has a total of 208 pages, covering 6 chapters:

Letters and Phonetics, Morphology , syntax, tense, situational communication, question type organization

Involving letter pronunciation, English grammar, reading comprehension, etc. 31 topics

About the learning of English, Xixi's mother has a deep feeling. If the enlightenment is not done well, it will be really difficult to start from scratch in elementary school English, and I can't remember the words. , can not read, the test scores are naturally difficult to improve.

With this in mind, this book in English has put a lot of effort into the layout, starting from the learning of basic alphabets, to the use of words, sentences and reading comprehension.

From shallow to deep, gradually guide children to build a learning knowledge system and lay a solid foundation for English comprehensively and systematically.

interesting The cartoon explanation of , so that learning English will not be boring, and children will like it more easily.

For example, we often don't know how to use "through" and "across". This cartoon shows the difference between them very vividly. Leave this picture, and you will not make mistakes when you do the questions again~▼

Like in English It is also easy to make mistakes in the writing of numerals. The cartoon of which little mushroom vividly shows the specific writing method is not easy for children to forget. ▼

The example questions are explained very carefully ▼

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In addition, there are 7 appendices of key words, phrases, common expressions, etc. of primary school.

By picking out these knowledge points in a centralized manner, children can easily remember them systematically, and they can quickly find them when they encounter problems. ▼


Portable Teaching Aids Reference book

Applicable to the whole primary school stage, the whole country is applicable

Remember, this set is enough


Presumably in the usual study, parents also enroll their children in various remedial classes. But most of them are for a certain subject. If you want to provide tutoring in Chinese, mathematics and English, you must apply for all subjects. This is a lot of expenses in a year.

This set of three courses of calligraphy, language and mathematics, each subject and difficulty has exercises adapted to the teaching materials.

and applies to the entire primary grades:

Lower grades as synchronous learning Reference books, entry catalogues are very convenient to check;

Senior grades can be used as test preparation materials, covering all the massive and rich knowledge points;

As a pre-exam sprinting book, students at the beginning of Xiaosheng can explain systematically and learn from templates to improve their scores quickly.


3 Free Workbooks

Consolidate learning knowledge in time

Let children "practice never forget"

Bonus-3 copies of "Practice never forget" 》Workbook

Three additional workbooks p>

Both the question type and the direction of the questions are highly similar to the exam papers. ▼

Such as multiple choice questions, connecting questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, etc.

involves verbs Name, emotional color, word structure and other types of questions. ▼


handwritten, Full color printing

Primary school bullies are using it

The lowest price, the most efficient promotion

Handwritten finishing, let children have a real sense and intimacy of reading notes. ▼

The color matching is simple and clear, which perfectly protects children's eyesight. ▼

Books are printed in full color with environmentally friendly ink, safe and sound, consider. ▼

Except for a very small number of geniuses, most ordinary students have a lot of room for improvement, and continue to absorb and learn from Excellent way to learn.

Learning is a long process, and qualitative change caused by quantitative change is the correct learning attitude that every parent needs to guide their children. If you are a parent or primary school teacher, this book is strongly recommended as a teaching aid to start with !

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