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wallet pulling corpse

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Purpose Pulling Corpse

Wallet Pulling Corpse

Author: Lu Yan

699.17 million

Details Table of Contents Comments Chapter Introduction: Wallet Pulling Corpse

No motor vehicles are allowed on the road, and the number of purchases is limited in the community without infected people... The most stringent control is implemented in the urban area of ​​Suihua, Heilongjiang.

Reporter from Suihua City to respond to the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic work command The Ministry has learned that, in view of the severe situation faced by Suihua City's epidemic prevention and control work, in order to minimize the flow and gathering of people, and maximize the safety and health of the people, the Suihua City Response to the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Work Headquarters has researched and decided From now on, the most stringent and precise control measures will be implemented in the urban area of ​​Suihua. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

I. Strictly implement vehicle control measures. Within the urban and rural areas of Beilin District and Suihua Economic Development Zone, all Motor vehicles and electric vehicles are prohibited on the road. Vehicles participating in epidemic prevention and control, medical rescue, emergency rescue, and transportation of production and living materials are allowed to pass by the prescribed route and at the prescribed time with the vehicle pass or special certificate issued by the Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of Suihua City, Beilin District, and Suihua Economic Development Zone.

2. Closed management is implemented in the community (village) where confirmed cases and asymptomatic infected persons are found, with buildings (houses) as units, and personnel are quarantined at home, with fences, partitions, and seals, etc. Rigid control measures are adopted to resolutely block the risk of transmission. The street (community) and township (village) where they are located are responsible for purchasing materials. The author has not filled out the announcement of this work! ! !

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