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Reader recommendation list for the third week of June

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/Chemical Industry Press

/Pricing: ¥45

2. "World War II Weapons Illustration Series - Red Torrent: World War II Soviet Heavy Weapons (Second Edition)"

This book is the first On the basis of the edition, it introduces in detail the various heavy weapons used by the Soviet Army during World War II, including warships, fighter planes, artillery, tanks and armored vehicles. For each weapon, its research and development history, combat performance and actual combat performance are comprehensively explained. Readers can deeply understand the birth background, structure, performance and role of the weapon in war. In addition, a lot of related knowledge links and anecdotes are added in the book to enhance the interest of reading. This book is not only for the majority of young friends to learn military knowledge, but also for the collection of military enthusiasts.

Edited by Law Press and Regulation Center

/ISBN: 9787519717292

/Law Press

/Pricing: ¥78

3. "2018 Administrative Litigation Law and Judicial Interpretation of the People's Republic of China (including Guiding Cases)" span>

"2018 Administrative Litigation Law of the People's Republic of China and Judicial Interpretations (including Guiding Cases)" takes all laws, judicial interpretations and important judicial documents related to administrative litigation as the main content. The system of law is roughly divided into categories, including jurisdiction, evidence, acceptance, trial, application of law, and enforcement. In addition, *Guiding Cases published by the People's Court and typical cases of the Supreme Court's Bulletin are attached, which are suitable for administrative litigation-related case handlers and the public to consult.

Shaolie Fan

/ISBN: 9787302472636

/Tsinghua University Press

/Pricing: ¥35

4. "Learn Psychology by Reading Comics - Be a Happy Worker"

Anxiety, insomnia, procrastination, depression, burnout, sub-health... Absolutely Most "workers" have their own troubles. Do you want to change this "lifeless" working state? Do you want to be full of energy and positive energy in your workplace? Do you want to maintain a positive and healthy attitude in the face of social pressure? Since we cannot change the social environment, we can only change ourselves. "Learn Psychology by Reading Comics - Be a Happy Worker" starts from the perspective of "psychology", and helps us understand ourselves better through "psychological tests", clarify our strengths and weaknesses in our work, and better shape our career influence force. Frustration, difficulty, exclusion, criticism, pressure...

[America] Kenneth Waltz, Xinqiang translated by Mr. Su and the principal

/ISBN: 9787208145672

/Shanghai People’s Publishing House

/Pricing : ¥58

5. "International Political Theory (Translated by Dongfang Compilation)"

Logical deduction, integrating previously scattered terminology in IR into a unified theoretical framework, draws extensively on theoretical results from other disciplines, including philosophy of science, sociology, and microeconomics. And it defines the international political structure from three perspectives: arrangement principle, unit function and power distribution.

Editor-in-Chief Pei Xiufeng

/ISBN: 9787519709549

/Law Press

/Pricing: ¥168

6. "Commercial Arbitration Case Handling Guide"

"Commercial Arbitration Case Handling Guide" includes all the arbitration-related documents, policies, laws, regulations, judicial interpretations, The speeches of leaders, etc., are systematic, practical and comprehensive, and are an indispensable reference book for the majority of workers in arbitration institutions.

Quan Yingdong

/ISBN: 9787115463555

/People's Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House

/Pricing: ¥128

7. "Heroes of the Three Kingdoms"

"Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is one of the four famous works in my country One, the lifelike characters, the twists and turns of the plot, and the Chinese political, military and life wisdom it shows are all memorable. The heroic characters and war allusions that appear in it are even more impressive and thought-provoking. This book gathers Mr. Quan Yingdong's wonderful works in "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" comics and Huafeng's Three Kingdoms card creation. It is a must-have for card fans and Three Kingdoms culture lovers.

By Wu Guanjun

/ISBN: 9787532158713

/Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House

/ Price: ¥45

8. "Activate Your Daily Philosophical Vision of Eating, Drinking and Playing"

This book continues the author's consistent efforts: against academic abstraction, slang, and industrialization. This is the appearance of Chinese academia since the mid-1990s. Academia has become a specialist, and scholars have become experts. The purpose of this book is to point out that there are two approaches to learning. First of all, starting from the existential problems encountered in daily life, starting from various phenomena in daily reality, and slowly forming theories through one's own observation, thinking and analysis, and the wisdom of the sages in the pile of paper is also in the present. The context of life is reactivated.

Edited by the Women and Technology Development Research Group

/ISBN: 9787030535078

/Science Press

/Pricing: ¥78

9. "Gender Equality and Green Development"

Achieving green development depends on technological innovation, especially the advancement of green technology industries. However, it is undeniable that women in most countries of the world are still relatively absent from the green tech field. Promising green hair in the futureThe proportion of women in the fields of information technology, energy technology, environmental protection technology and other fields that have made important contributions in the exhibition is still relatively low, which directly affects the process of women's participation in technological innovation to promote green development as scientific and technological experts.

[French] Léon, Vandermeersch

/ISBN: 9787301276952

/Peking University Press

/Pricing: ¥39

10. "Two Reasons in Chinese Thought: Divination and Significance" p>

The author believes that in the 21st century, China can provide a reference for the world to seek new social models with its long and rich ideas and experiences. Chinese thought originated from Chinese characters, and the origin of Chinese characters was divination, which played a decisive role in the formation of Chinese thought patterns.

/ by Chu Xiaodong

/ISBN: 9787517055389

/Water Resources and Hydropower

/Pricing: ¥55.5

1. "Exploring the Diversity of Chinese Traditional Music Culture"

Teacher Dandan's Micro Classroom & Haobai Art Studio

/ISBN: 9787115468420 p>

/People's Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House

/Pricing: ¥59.8

2. "Learn to draw with micro-classes to draw wonderful paintings with a variety of brushes 1"

Something everyone can learn. This book will teach you to use a variety of painting tools to easily draw unique and beautiful works, quickly pick up the brush and paint with the author. This book is divided into 4 lessons. The first lesson explains the painting techniques of "Wisdom Flower", mainly learning drawing techniques such as generalizing graphics, summarizing and finding rules; the second lesson allows readers to learn through the case of "Large Manor". Look for changes in symmetrical pictures, as well as the matching techniques of thick and thin lines; the third lesson explains the case of "rich bird", mainly learning the expression of texture and the mixed use of various painting materials...

Chen Tao, Chen Baoye

/ ISBN: 9787302484714

/Tsinghua University Press

/Pricing: ¥89

3. "Q Version Character Drawing Techniques (Game Animation Development Series)"

" Drawing Techniques of Q-version Character Original Paintings" combines the creative principles, production rules and performance skills of cartoon-style painting, and comprehensively analyzes the drawing skills of Q-version original character paintings. Summarize. "Q-version Character Original Painting Techniques" condenses the author's years of experience in the industry, and in-depth explains the methods and techniques of Q-version character original painting design. The main contents include human body structure principles, composition rules, basic painting skills, auxiliary exercises, color concept design, material texture performance knowledge and so on.

Yang Shousong

/ISBN: 9787506394055


/Pricing: ¥169

4. "Grand View of Kunqu Opera" ·Past and Present"

The author paints a picture scroll of elegant and classic Kunqu Opera that travels through time for 600 years. The Kunqu Opera people who are full of sorrows and joys and have ill-fated, the vicissitudes of life, and the history of Kunqu Opera from prosperity to decline are intertwined into a majestic, lingering and moving swan song. The author restores history, depicts reality, and demonstrates the profound art and remarkable charm of Kunqu Opera for 600 years.

by Yu Ji

/ISBN: 9787010151274

/People's Publishing House

/Pricing: ¥60

5. "The Four Dimensions of Cinema: Ontology, History, Art and Market"

The articles in this book are the important academic achievements published by the author in the past 30 years, with a total of more than 40 articles, including film aesthetics, film history, film Industrialization reform, film reviews, and reading notes. The 30 years from 1985 to the present are 30 years when Chinese society has undergone earth-shaking changes, and it is also 30 years when the Chinese film art and film industry have been reborn from the ashes and the phoenix has been reborn. The author himself has personally experienced this great market-oriented change, and experienced the Chinese film industry from "the emperor's daughter does not worry about getting married" to the difficulty of kowtowing and selling.


/ISBN: 9787530481653

/Beijing Science and Technology

/Pricing: ¥68

6. "Magic Bible-Super Comprehensive Magic Training Course"

The book is divided into thirteen chapters, the main contents include: poker magic, money magic, rope magic, handkerchief magic, improvisation magic, psychological magic, betting magic, self-made prop magic, sponge ball magic, billiard magic, cup ball magic, etc.

by Wu Tingting

/ISBN: 9787568130936

/Northeast Normal University Press

/Pricing: ¥72

7. "Creative Expression and Discovery in Visual Communication Design"

The ability to use creativity in visual communication design to make information recipients have an unforgettable feeling is a must in any era. In today's society with extremely developed digitalization and informatization, it is even more important for designers to use accurate and intuitive visual symbols to convey correct and eye-catching information. "Creative Expression and Development in Visual Communication Design" will conduct a more detailed discussion on the various forms of expression and development of visual communication design in my country. The author will also demonstrate the visual communication design for a highly information-based environment. How to use creative ideas to create a visual feast, and put forward your own innovative ideas.

Jingjing Li

/ISBN: 9787510660559

/Time Economy

/Pricing: ¥52

8. "Fitness Line Dance Teaching"Theory and Practice Research"

This book is mainly divided into two parts, the first part is the construction of line dance theory, which elaborates the origin, development, Basic knowledge, nutrition and health protection, health theory, etc.; the second part is line dance teaching practice, which covers Latin-style line dance teaching, non-Latin-style line dance teaching, line dance choreography, and dance competition organization and implementation. In-depth description, with great reference significance.

/Yan Ke

/ISBN: 9787504380265

/China Radio and Television Press

/Pricing: ¥40

9. "Music and Visible Instruments: Illustrations of Chinese Traditional Musical Instruments"

(Japanese) by Soseki Natsume

/ISBN: 9787532773725

/Shanghai Translation Publishing House

/Pricing: ¥39

1. "Sanshiro"

"Sanshiro" is a novel by Soseki Natsume, written in 1908, and "Later Things" and "The Door" constitute the love trilogy. After graduating from high school in Kumamoto, the protagonist Sanshiro Ogawa was admitted to a university in Tokyo. After coming to Tokyo, a world completely different from his previous cognition, under the impact of modern civilization and modern women, he was confused and at a loss as to what to do.

(Switzerland) by Claude Gallam

/ISBN: 9787301269268

/Peking University Press

/Pricing: ¥32

2. "Poetic Form, Pragmatics and Cultural Memory"

The main part of this book is a series of academic lectures made by Swiss classicist Prof. Claude Gallam when he was invited to visit Fudan University and Peking University in 2013. In these three lectures In this book, he adopts a historical and comparative anthropological perspective to discuss issues such as the cultural memory of ancient Greece, the narration of ancient Greek heroes, and the study of ancient religious history. Gallam has been advocating the research path of "Semiotics" and "Pragmatics" for many years, and has applied them to the interpretation of ancient Greek texts and cultures, and has achieved world-renowned achievements. The last chapter is an interview. His academic experience and career are reviewed in detail. Readers who want to know about Garam's own studies can start with this chapter.

Shanghai Dictionary Publishing House Literature Review

/ ISBN: 9787532647866

/ Shanghai Dictionary Publishing House

/ Pricing: ¥ 36

3. "Wang Wei Poetry Appreciation Dictionary"

"Wang Wei's Poetry Appreciation Dictionary" is one of the series of appreciation dictionaries of famous Chinese literary masters of our agency. The representative poems of Wang Wei are selected, and the appreciation articles are written by contemporary literature research experts Zhou Zhenfu, Huo Songlin, Yu Shucheng, Zhou Xiaotian, Liu Dezhong, etc. Among them, the interpretation of words and sentences, and the invention of wonderful intentions are helpful to understand the profoundness of Wang Wei's famous works, so that readers can better appreciate the artistic characteristics of Wang Wei's poems with paintings and paintings.


/ ISBN: 9787568224475

/ Beijing Institute of Technology Press

/ Price: ¥33

4. "The Curse of Jammu-Xenomena Science Fiction Detective Notes-II"

"The Curse of Jambu": As soon as the "City of Destruction" incident came to an end, Cai Feng died mysteriously in the night of the bridal chamber. Had an unfortunate posthumous child. Xenophobia had to stay in City S to deal with the mystery of his friend's death. After reading Cai Feng's diary for many years, Xenophobia and Bai Feng sneaked into Cai Feng's hometown in disguise. They know that under the serene appearance of this closed mountain village, there must be hidden the curse of the reincarnation of generations and the mysterious mystery beyond imagination.

The Milky Way

/ISBN: 978756823150 3

/Beijing Institute of Technology Press

/Pricing: ¥32.8

5. "Cosmic Pendulum: Doomsday Alley"

All things in the world are born and die, even if the universe has existed for more than 13 billion years, there is no exception! The "cosmic pendulum" is such a large system that controls the cycle of life and death in the universe. It consists of more than two gravitational centers to form a peculiar space-time structure. In this grand and unparalleled structure, all matter in the universe can only make pendulum motion in a few gravitational fulcrums, and the reincarnation of all things in the universe is born from this.

(Japanese) by Keigo Higashino, translated by Zheng Yue


/Shanghai Translation Publishing House

/Pricing: ¥38

6. "Silver Jack (New)"

…………The result is unexpected... Who is the real culprit? The mystery is waiting for you to reveal!

By Wang Guolin

/ISBN: 9787532582655

/Shanghai Ancient Books Publishing House

/Pricing: ¥58

7. "Research on White Body Poetry in the Early Song Dynasty"

Wang Guolin "Research on Baiti Poetry in the Early Song Dynasty" comprehensively analyzes the Baiti poetry in the early Song Dynasty from the political and cultural ecology of Baiti poetry in the early Song Dynasty, the composition of the Baiti poets in the early Song Dynasty, and the actual creation of the main Baiti poets in the early Song Dynasty. Poetry style. It is believed that the group of Baiti poets in the early Song Dynasty is a loosely structured, complex and open creative group; although the style of Baiti poetry in the early Song Dynasty has obvious unity and stability, it is constantly enriched and mutated with the development of the times. stage and individual differences.

Zhao Lihong

/ISBN: 9787532165636

/Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House

/Pricing: ¥12

8. "Under the Ice is Fire (Shanghai Poet No. 6, 2017)"

Unique Pastoral (Poems) Huang Yazhou, staying in the same pastoral garden in Hangzhou feels like staying in the middle neighbor of petals and stamens, a busy decorator The bee spring has not yet been fully completed. We walked from this cluster of flowers to that cluster of flowers. We inevitably followed the demonstration of the butterfly. Is the small island of rapeseed flowers in the middle of the lake?

[de]Ernst Berrell span>

/ISBN: 9787305163081

/Nanjing University Press

/ Price: ¥58

9. "Contemporary Academic Prism Translation Series // German Romantic Literary Theory" span>

The birth of German romantic literary theory is a major turning point in the history of literary criticism. This departure from this new perspective on literary works even subverted the mainstream classicist understanding of aesthetics and poetics at the time. Romantic literary theory sees the infinite variability of genre and firmly upholds the place of genius and creative imagination in literature. Professor Berel introduced the early development of German Romantic literary theory and the characteristics of representative figures and works for readers in plain and easy-to-understand language.

Yan Geling

/ISBN: 9787506390521

/Writers Press

/Pricing: $26

10. "The Thirteen Hairpins of Jinling"

This book is a new revision of the original novel of Zhang Yimou's film "The Thirteen Hairpins of Jinling", and it is also the work of Yan Geling. Classic representative. In Nanjing in December 1937, the entire Chinese army defending the city collapsed, and the Wilson Church in the United States became a temporary refuge. An American priest, thirteen Qinhuai rouge singers, a group of schoolgirls who took refuge, several scattered Chinese soldiers and The wounded soldiers, a group of Japanese officers and soldiers, deduced a heart-wrenching hatred of the family and the country in this cramped space... Those flowery names, those beautiful family members, those pungent words, those pure and kind souls, are always in the A history of scars and bloodstains.

Xu Lin, Cao Huaqing

/ISBN: 9787520304740

/China Social Science Press

/Pricing: ¥88

1. "Research on Risk Control of Rural Private Finance"

The scale of rural private finance in China is huge. Rural private finance is endogenous in the local social network, has information advantages in financial supply, has strong vitality, and has become a rural financial force that cannot be ignored. However, in the actual operation process, the risks of rural private finance have become increasingly prominent, and how to defuse the risks and strengthen management has increasingly become a key issue to be solved in the process of promoting its healthy development.

Ding Congming

/ISBN: 9787520309974

/China Social Sciences Press

/Pricing: ¥59

2. "Fiscal Decentralization, Economic Fluctuations and Loss of Efficiency"

This book mainly studies the relationship between the fiscal decentralization system and Chinese-style macroeconomic fluctuations and the related economic efficiency losses. Specifically, this book involves the following two aspects: First, will China's fiscal decentralization system have an impact on macroeconomic fluctuations? If it exists, what is its microscopic mechanism of action? Second, if decentralization promotes economic volatility, what are the resulting economic efficiencies?

Hu Jinjuan, Editor-in-Chief

/ISBN: 9787305190834

/Nanjing University Press

/Pricing: ¥41

3. "Insurance Fundamentals and Practice"

First, Starting with the basics of risk and insurance, this course introduces the basics of insurance, risk management and insurance contracts. The second is to introduce practical knowledge such as the operation of various personal insurance and property insurance products, the practice of insurance financial planning and the development of Internet insurance. Specifically, it includes: risk and insurance, insurance contract business, basic principles of insurance, motor vehicle insurance, fire insurance, other property insurance, life insurance, health insurance and personal accident insurance, business operations of insurance companies, insurance planning, and Internet insurance.

Song Qingshu

/ ISBN: 9787121312328

/Electronic Industry Press

/Pricing: ¥49.8

4. "Understanding Financial Common Sense, Playing with Family Finance"

This book is a practical guide for investment and financial management. This book is divided into two parts. The first part (Chapter 1-4) focuses on the explanation of common sense of finance, aiming to lead readers to get started, including 9 common sense of finance that investors must master, as well as the interpretation and analysis of necessary economic data. The second part (Chapters 5-16) introduces in detail various financial markets and a series of investment tools involved in investment and wealth management, including stocks, bonds, financial derivatives, public funds, foreign exchange, gold, bank wealth management products, private equity funds, Insurance, real estate and art.

Guo Chunguang Zhao Yueyang

/ISBN: 9787115410245

/People's Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House

/Pricing: ¥49.8

5. "New Thinking of Financing in the Internet + Era of Crowdfunding"

"Internet of Crowdfunding" +New Thinking of Financing in the Times" is divided into 8 chapters. Chapter 1 introduces the definition, origin, and rules of crowdfunding combined with Internet finance. Chapter 2 describes the development process of crowdfunding in China, and the development of crowdfunding at home and abroad. The difference between the 5 representative crowdfunding platforms; Chapter 3 describes 4 crowdfunding models; Chapter 4 tells readers the skills of crowdfunding projects; Chapter 5 describes how to promote crowdfunding projects; Chapter 6 shares Crowdfunding strategies and techniques; Chapter 7 introduces the risks of crowdfunding; Chapter 8 describes successful cases of crowdfunding.

edited by Hong Zhang

/ISBN: 9787122249050

/Chemical Industry Press

/Pricing: ¥39.8

6. "Learn to read the market from scratch: 200 ways to effectively capture trading points"

This book starts from the market, and analyzes the market as Mainly, supplemented by analysis methods such as K-line, time-sharing line, moving average, trading volume and daily limit operation, from the inside to the outside, from the perspective of classic technical analysis, re-examine the law of stock price operation, helping small and medium investors and beginners. Scholars discover rules, formulate trading strategies, and discover market conditions from subtleties. It is a must-read reference book for investors to understand the market, understand the market, and win the market.

by Weiran Wang

/ISBN: 9787568244046

/Beijing Institute of Technology Press

/Pricing: ¥78

7. "Research on the Causes, Identification and Evaluation of Enterprise Tax Risks"

This book focuses on the following contents: investigating and studying the causes of corporate tax risk at the operational level and management level, analyzing the ultimate source of corporate tax risk from the perspective of economic theory, and analyzing the formation mechanism of corporate tax risk on this basis; Common substantive tax risks of enterprises and their identification and specific response methods; related issues in the design of enterprise tax risk identification and assessment methods.

Liu Xiaoxia//Yang Buxin

/ISBN: 9787547612903

/Shanghai Far East Publishing House

/Pricing: ¥35

8. "Winning the Heart Service Winning Outlets"

Service needs to be managed to standardize, the management level determines the service level, and only when the management is in place can the service be in place. "Winning the Heart Service Wins the Outlets" edited by Shanghai Qihang Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., Liu Xiaoxia and Yang Buxin is a rare reference book that introduces the service management of banking institutions. The book elaborates on the standardization of service environment, service behavior, service process and service management of bank outlets, and makes a very useful summary and exploration for improving and improving service management.

Meng Shengwang

/ISBN: 9787302482062

/Tsinghua University Press

/Pricing: ¥89

9. "Risk Model: Insurance Loss Prediction Based on R"

Insurance is a risky business , Risk assessment and pricing is the core competitiveness of insurance companies. Taking the insurance industry as the research object, this book discusses the corresponding risk models and their applications, mainly including the distribution models of loss probability, loss times, loss amounts, and cumulative losses, as well as their prediction models. It also discusses catastrophe losses and their dependencies. Risk modeling problem. In the empirical research, the R language is used as the calculation tool, and the detailed program code is provided to facilitate the readers to reproduce the complete calculation process. This book is suitable for senior students, researchers or practitioners in risk management, insurance and actuarial disciplines.

Liu Chunhui

/ISBN: 9787121331749

/Electronic IndustryPublisher

/Pricing: ¥49.9

10. "Internet + Auto Insurance and Claims 500 Questions"

This book systematically introduces the core content of auto insurance and claims auto insurance basics, auto insurance products, auto insurance underwriting, auto insurance Claims, auto accident investigation and damage assessment, and new changes in auto insurance in 2016. In the form of a question and answer, the author made a detailed interpretation of the terms of compulsory auto traffic insurance and commercial insurance, insurance claims, on-site investigation, and damage assessment of accident vehicles. The content of this book is close to reality, covering all the core content of auto insurance claim settlement and loss determination, and has strong practicality and guidance.

Yu Leizu

/ISBN: 9787548609674

/Xuelin Press

/Pricing: ¥23

1. "Strangling"

This book is one of the juvenile ecological science fiction series "Interstellar Elf Lan Duoduo". The building where Cai Xiaodou's house was located shook violently for no reason. The next day, plants on the earth began to grow wildly. Earthlings are working hard to find the reason for the wild growth of plants. Bao Dalei's father, Bao Xiaosong, is a scientist. After research, he found that the reason why plants grow wildly is because of a peculiar virus. After a certain stage of wild growth, plants infected by this virus will even develop intelligence. You must find the mother of the virus to find it. Ways to control the virus. Where did the strange plant virus come from? Can people on earth work together to fight the virus?

Wang Yue contains

/ISBN: 9787548609643

/Xuelin Press

/Pricing: ¥24

2. "The Great Desert"

Wang Yuehan * "The Great Desert" is one of the juvenile ecological science fiction series "Interstellar Elf Lan Duoduo", which tells the story of Bitstar Lan Duoduo and his earth friend Cai Xiaodou and others who went to the northwest to investigate the desertification of the land. In order to avoid the sandstorm, Lan Duoduo and Cai Xiaodou were accidentally thrown to the alien ruins. In the process of investigating the Mu Us Desert, Tengger Desert, Lop Nur and other places to understand the reasons for the desertification of the land, Lan Duoduo was inspired by the memory from the ancient Bitstar, and introduced a magical plant from Bitstar to solve the desertification of the earth. question.

C.S. Lewis, translated by Liao Guoqiang

/ISBN: 9787532765201

/Shanghai Translation Publishing House

/Pricing: ¥28

3. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (The Chronicles of Narnia)

The Chronicles of Narnia is A set of seven volumes of fantasy children's literature, written in the 1950s, is one of the classics of British and American children's literature. The seven volumes are: The Sorcerer's Nephew, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, The Talking Horse and the Boy, and The Last Battle. The story tells the story of two children who accidentally entered a different world - the kingdom of Narnia, where they experienced a series of adventures. The boy buried a seed brought from another world in the garden, and the seed grew into a big tree, which was knocked down by a hurricane and turned into a wardrobe.

(English) by Lewis, translated by Zong Duanhua

/ISBN: 9787532765195

/Shanghai Translation Publishing House

/Pricing: ¥28

4. The Wizard's Nephew (The Chronicles of Narnia)

The Wizard's Nephew, written by C.S. Lewis, is the first in the "The Chronicles of Narnia" series. It tells the story of an evil and cowardly wizard and two incredible Lord of the Rings. The New World, which witnessed the birth of the kingdom of Narnia, went through an adventure and finally returned to the real world, laying the foundation for the "past life" for the next six installments in this series.

C.S. Lewis, translated by Xiong Tingyu

/ISBN: 9787532765218

/Shanghai Translation Publishing House

/Pricing: ¥ 29

5. The Horse and the Boy (The Chronicles of Narnia)

The Chronicles of Narnia is a seven-volume set of fantasy children's literature, written in the 1950s and one of the classics of British and American children's literature. The seven volumes are: The Sorcerer's Nephew, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, The Talking Horse and the Boy, and The Last Battle. The story tells the story of two children who accidentally entered a different world - the kingdom of Narnia, where they experienced a series of adventures. The boy buried a seed brought from another world in the garden, and the seed grew into a big tree, which was knocked down by a hurricane and turned into a wardrobe.

(English) Sam Childs (Sam Childs)

/ISBN: 9787121331053

/Electronic Industry Press

/Pricing: ¥39

6. "Little Mammoth Uli"

All mammoths are born with thick, long hair, but one mammoth was not, she was Uli. She looks very special and is full of pink and has no hair at all! It's so frustrating, like my father and my mother, how cold it would be without hair! So, Elephant's mother put on various clothes for Uli. As a result, every time Uli wears different clothes and goes out to make friends, she encounters a series of interesting things... Children and big friends all over the world who are distressed because they are different will definitely find courage and strength from Mammoth Uli!

(English) Diane Fox (Diane Fox)

/ISBN: 9787121328688

/Electronic Industry Press

/Pricing: ¥39

7. "A Dog Named Bear"

Lucy wants a dog, and after she has everything she needs to get a dog, she embarks on a journey to find a dog. Bear pretended to be a dog and went home with Lucy. Can a bear play the role of a good dog? Through a little story full of love and misunderstanding, it inspires and cultivates children's awareness and ability to see themselves and the world from each other's perspective, so as to reconcile with their own troubles.


/ISBN: 9787556815043

/21st Century Press

/Pricing: ¥10

8. "I found my confidence for my father"

In the early morning, dark clouds covered the sky, a familiar scene Let Pidick recall the last time he couldn't wake up the sun, and he suddenly lost his confidence. Just then, a storm hits, and the little roosters are eager to replace Pidick. What a catastrophe! Carmen, Carmelido and Berio set out on a journey to regain Pidick's confidence. Can three amazing little friends help Pedik regain his confidence and get back on his feet? Look, a bright sun is pulling away the dark clouds!


/ISBN: 9787556815067

/21st Century Press

/Pricing: ¥ 10

9. "I Laid a Golden Egg"

Incredible! Carmela lays a golden egg and the whole coop is shocked. When the Carmela family was still immersed in excitement and joy, everyone began to talk about it, and even rumored that Carmela was a wizard! Even Berio couldn't help but run to his friends for confirmation. It was late at night, and Carmela, who was worried about extracurricular problems, secretly left the chicken coop with the whole egg. She didn't know that the danger was lurking in the darkness. Will Carmela suffer the same poison as the little hen in the fable "The Golden Egg"? Don't forget, she's a witty Carmela!


/ISBN: 9787556815050

/21st Century Press

/Pricing: ¥ 10

10. "I Can Predict the Future"

A cat who predicted the future came to the henhouse. He predicted that little Kelly would gain weight, Pero the cormorant would find love, grandpa the rooster would fly, and Pedick would lose his voice... He even predicted the future of the henhouse the leader! This makes Carmelido unacceptable no matter what! What the prophecy cat said not only caused an uproar in the chicken coop, but also caused the three bad voles to fight each other! What did the cat claim to be the great prophet Nostradamus talking about? Will his prophecy come true?

Chief Editor Gan Zhirong

/ISBN: 9787537263351

/Xinjiang People's Health Publishing House

/Pricing: ¥29.8

1. "Baking by Hand to Bring Happiness to the Family"

The book is divided into five parts, namely Baking Basics, Fancy Breads, Handmade Cookies, Delicious Cakes and Classic Pastries. One part is the basics of baking, which mainly introduces you to some basic knowledge about baking food, such as sending materials, making dough, etc.; the remaining four parts mainly introduce you a variety of baking food, including bread, biscuits, cakes, desserts, etc. , the practice is detailed, the content is rich, from the familyFrom a DIY perspective, it details the recipes, tools and rooms needed, along with practical baking tips.

Zhao Peiquan, Zhou Jiaming

/ISBN: 978712225817 5

/Chemical Industry Press

/Pricing: ¥39.8

2. "Second-hand Car Appraisal, Evaluation and Transactions"

This book is divided into three parts: basic knowledge of used car appraisal and appraisal, used car appraisal and appraisal, and used car trading according to the knowledge that needs to be understood and mastered in used car appraisal and exchange. Among them, the basic knowledge of used car appraisal and evaluation explains the relevant knowledge of car classification, car model compilation rules, and car use; used car appraisal and evaluation is divided into two parts, used car appraisal explains the basic requirements and purposes of used car appraisal, Second-hand car appraisal, second-hand car photography and other related basic knowledge, second-hand car evaluation explains the calculation method of second-hand car replacement rate, the basic method of car evaluation and the choice of used car evaluation method, and lists some evaluation examples.

Translated by Shiina Kei Ye, Lao Yichen, etc. span>

/ISBN: 9787547831083

/Shanghai Science and Technology Press

/Pricing: ¥45

3. "Women's Leather Small Objects"

Add a little creativity of stamping, dyeing, lace, buttons, and stickers, and your leather work can be transformed into a beautiful work of art - leaf coasters with nostalgic spots, ear light Lightly swaying flower earrings, an elegant collar... "Women's Leather Small Objects" will take you on a wonderful DIY journey of leather handicraft. The production time of all works will not exceed 2 hours, which is very suitable for little girls to learn Leather Handmade Basics Reader.

(Japanese) written by Satoshi Aoi Translated by Zhang Lan and Wang Chunmei

/ISBN: 9787538199192

/Liaoning Science and Technology Press

/Pricing: ¥25

4. "Delicious Chiffon Cake"

The recipes of the popular chiffon cake shop highly recommended by Japanese food magazines and TV have been released. The book introduces the popular chiffon cakes in the store: honey chiffon, chocolate bean chiffon, almond chiffon, brown sugar chiffon, black sesame chiffon, yogurt chiffon and other flavors of chiffon cake. In addition, the pattern cakes created using the chiffon cake as the base were also introduced. Surprisingly, the chiffon cake body goes well with any style of cake. Therefore, it can be applied to various seasonal events or various dinner parties. Please be sure to give it a try. Making a cake doesn't require a lot of work or prudence.

(US) by Dwight Spivey

/ISBN: 9787115454461

/People's Posts and Telecommunications Press

/Pricing: ¥ 69

5. "Smart Home"

Smart home is the embodiment of the Internet of Things under the influence of the Internet. Smart home connects various devices in the home through Internet of Things technology, providing various applications such as home appliance control, lighting control, indoor and outdoor remote control, anti-theft alarm and programmable timing control. This book is a book about smart home technology in the classic series of "Famous People". It leads readers to appreciate the style of smart home through simple and easy-to-understand descriptions. The content of this book is divided into 5 parts and a total of 17 chapters. It introduces the essence of smart home from five aspects: understanding the concept and composition, indoor intelligence, outdoor intelligence, building a smart home system that meets user needs, and skill collection.

Sand between fingers

/ISBN: 9787532162246

/Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House

/Pricing: ¥36

6. "I'm hungry just looking at it"

This book focuses on food, from the perspective of stars, film and television works, and daily life, and writes about the emotional relationship between food and contemporary urbanites. Although the food written in the book is very common, it is all topical, and written by the author, it is both interesting and with the temperature of life. The author refers to Sha, whose two hobbies in writing are food and gossip, and this is the first time she has combined the two to write food and the inner world of food lovers with full emotion. It is also the greatest feature of this book.

360 UnicornTeam span>


/Electronic Industry Press

/ Pricing: ¥59

7. "Smart Vehicle Security Attack and Defense"

"Intelligent Vehicle Security Attack and Defense Secrets" firstly introduces some basic security knowledge for automotive R&D personnel, such as encryption and decryption, security authentication, digital signature, common attack types and methods, etc., and then introduces security researchers. The working principles of some smart cars, such as the car's intranet protocol, network architecture, the principle of X-By-Wire control system, common potential attack surfaces, etc. Finally, a detailed analysis of some actual car attack or security test cases is carried out. During the analysis process, a defense analysis is performed on the vulnerabilities involved in the case. The characteristic of this book is from the shallower to the deeper, providing readers with detailed actual case analysis and defense suggestions.

Jianping Liu

/ISBN: 9787121324840

/Electronic Industry Press

/Pricing: ¥49.8

8. "A bowl of soup that women can't live without"

From a professional perspective, this book presents nearly 200 delicious soups for women based on their unique physiological characteristics. They are easy to learn, delicious and nourishing, allowing women to enjoy the most family-friendly health food. This book is not a simple recipe book. The point is to adjust the physiological functions of female friends through delicious soup, porridge and juice, so that female friends can live healthier and happier lives. Readers can not only reap the happiness on the tip of the tongue, but also improve Physical fitness, prevention and treatment of occupational diseases, conditioning in special periods, treatment of minor illnesses and pains, beauty and anti-aging, is a health conditioning book to help health and stay away from pain. p>

【America】Abigail Ellsworth

/ISBN: 9787115459787

/People's Posts and Telecommunications Press

/Pricing: ¥49.8

9. "Muscle Training Color Anatomy Atlas Pilates"

This book introduces the six core principles and basic knowledge that should be followed when practicing Pilates. Form, for 14 kinds of stretching exercises, 21 kinds of exercises in the primary stage, 21 kinds of exercises in the intermediate stage, and 21 kinds of exercises in the advanced stage. aspects are analyzed.

Zhang Yi, edited by Yan Lina

/ISBN: 9787122312105 p>

/Chemical Industry Press

/Pricing: ¥68

10. "The Secret of Forest House - How to Have a Natural Style Home"

This book first introduces the natural style home design The composition elements, and then show and analyze the design effects of different living spaces (natural wind), and also exemplify some DIY skills related to the theme. The focus of the whole book is to introduce the design method and space effect of natural style home to readers. The main text of this book is concise and to the point, with many pictures and annotations. It can be used as a reference book for professional designers to learn design methods and case studies, as well as a knowledge-expanding book for design enthusiasts and those who yearn for natural style home furnishing.

Nikhil Buduma

/ISBN: 9787564175177

/ Southeast University Press

/Pricing: ¥80

1. "Basics of Deep Learning (Photocopy)"

Companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are actively developing internal deep learning teams. Deep learning is still a very complex and difficult subject for us to master. If you are familiar with Python, have a background in calculus, and a basic understanding of machine learning, this book will help you start your deep learning journey.

Jiang Yunliang

/ISBN: 9787030552013 p>

/Science Press

/Pricing: ¥110

2. "Artificial Intelligence Set Pair Analysis"

This book systematically summarizes the staged results of set pair analysis in artificial intelligence theory and technology research, with a total of 12 chapters. Chapters 1 and 2 are introductions to the basic concepts, basic theories and advanced progress of set-pair analysis. Chapter 3 is the foundation of artificial intelligence and frontier set-pair analysis. Chapters 4 to 12 introduce set-pair analysis in pattern recognition, uncertainty Applications in sexual reasoning, intelligent decision-making, knowledge ecology, natural and human language understanding, expert systems, neural networks, intelligent engineering, and intelligent societies. This book is rich in content, covering philosophy, mathematicsScience, System and Information Science, Computer and Network, Military Science, Safety Science, Water Science, Electric Power, Transportation, Machinery Manufacturing...

Ci Siyuan/ISBN: 9787121311239/Electronic Industry Press/Pricing: ¥72

3. "Chictronics Design Matrix - Design Guidelines for Internet People"

"Chitronics Design Matrix" ——Design Guidelines for Internet People" summarizes the author's design experience in the past 7 years. Based on the design problems faced by a large number of enterprises, he proposes a gun-shaped thinking, that is, how to position products more accurately. It is designed on the basis of accurate positioning, and proposes the design thinking of combining high dimensions with low dimensions in design, that is, designers can deduce from business logic to design logic to make the design more accurate; it also proposes a game between design and calculation, pointing out that in each On the basis of one step innovation, the designer must clearly judge the cost of the design.

[American] Sean-Philip Oriyano by Li Bo, Du Jing/ISBN: 9787302486930/Tsinghua University Press/Price: ¥59.8

4. "Introduction to Penetration Testing (Security Technology) Classic Translation Series)"

Learn Penetration Testing Quickly and Easily "Introduction to Penetration Testing" is a one-stop solution to firmly grasp the technical foundation of discovering and reporting system vulnerabilities Solutions, this introductory guide written by the most popular cybersecurity experts can help you get a head start when it comes to passing the latest penetration testing certifications. This book not only provides the same tools used by today's top ethical hackers to perform penetration testing, but also introduces you to the techniques and behavioral patterns of attackers to compromise computer security through simple explanations. Lay a solid foundation for penetration testing, and start today.

Longma High-tech Education

/ISBN: 9787301288283

/Peking University Press

/Pricing: ¥39


5. "Beginners Learning Computer Office"

"Beginners" "Learn Computer Office" guides readers to study in depth through selected cases, and systematically introduces the relevant knowledge and application methods of computer office.

Edited by Zhang Tianji

/ISBN: 9787115455222

/People's Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House

/Pricing: ¥79

6. "Unity 3D game special effects production typical example"

This book mainly explains the overview of the Unity3D game engine, the basic knowledge of game special effects, the introduction to the basic knowledge of Unity3D, and Unity3D special effects design and production. Specific special effects cases include Unity3D scene effects, basic cooperation between Unity3D and MAX, particle systems, physical attack effects, spell attack effects, and general skill effects.

Edited by Answer Meow College p>

/ISBN: 9787121312021

/Electronic Industry Press

/Pricing: ¥59.8

7. "The Truth About PPT That No One Will Tell You"

This book is aimed at newcomers in the workplace, white-collar elites who are eager to make breakthroughs in PPT, and PPT enthusiasts. Urgent needs and study habits, reveal the "truth" of PPT production from beginners to masters. The book divides the content into three parts according to the growth stage of the PPT novice in the workplace: a good helper, using a template, and making it yourself. The "good helper" stage explains the production of conference materials (PPT printing), cooperating with the leader's speech (PPT projection), and the preparation for changing the computer speech (PPT saving). Through various scenarios and requirements, readers can learn PPT application techniques ;The "Use Template" stage introduces from downloading templates, modifying templates, etc.

Longma Edited by High-tech Education


/Peking University Press

/Pricing: ¥59

8. "Windows system installation, reinstallation, backup and restoration from entry to mastery 》

This book guides readers to study in depth through selected cases, and systematically introduces the Windows system Knowledge and application methods of installation, reinstallation, backup and restore. The book consists of 5 chapters and 15 chapters. "Quick Start" mainly introduces the basics of the operating system, BIOS settings and applications, and the distinction and formatting of hard disks; Operating system, etc.; "System Settings and Optimization" mainly introduces the establishment and maintenance of the network, the installation of drivers and system patches, and the security and optimization of the operating system;

Chief Editor Li Guihua

/ISBN: 9787568237567

/Beijing Institute of Technology Press

/Pricing: ¥59

9. "Sensing and Detection Technology Project Course"

The book is divided into 15 teaching projects. Each project is divided into 6 parts: project description, knowledge preparation, project implementation, project expansion, project summary and project training. This book mainly introduces classic sensors, modern new sensors and more advanced smart sensors. Each project provides application examples. The content of this part is sorted, summarized and summarized to help readers clarify the knowledge system. exercise.

Liu Yuhong, Pu Juan

/ISBN: 9787302438304

/Tsinghua University Press

/Pricing: ¥69

10. "Java Dynamic Website Development Case Class (with CD-ROM) (Website Development Case Class)"

The example guides readers to study in depth, and adopts the explanation mode of Java basic knowledge → Java core technology → Java advanced application → web page special effect application case, and explains the various technologies and practical skills of Java dynamic web design and development of dynamic websites in simple terms.

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