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The daily limit triggered by a picture

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Apple's WWDC22 annual developer conference will be held in June Held on the 7th, the official posters and open source code appeared suspected AR information, which echoed the "realityOS" trademark will be submitted for international applications on June 8th, so fruit fans and analysts frantically guess Apple The AR/VR software platform will be launched at this WWDC.

AR/VR is a new generation of consumer electronic products after mobile phones, and it is highly valued at home and abroad. Facebook, Huawei, Microsoft, Sony and other major manufacturers have layouts. Apple set up the project a few years ago, and it is rumored that the first VR product will be launched in 2025. With the advancement of technology, problems such as dizziness and lack of content have been gradually resolved. It is reasonable for Apple to take the lead in releasing an operating system at this time for developers to prepare for software.

The popularization of AR/VR is the result of the mutual promotion of technological progress and content richness. The path of a virtuous circle is: AR/VRS device penetration rate growth - user rapid growth - content demand surge Increase - the increase in developer revenue - the explosion of content supply - and then drive equipment sales.

AR/VR has more interaction methods such as actions and postures than the simple mobile phone screen. In the application of virtual scenes such as the metaverse, AR/VR will enter an industry explosion period.

Industry bigwigs predict that Apple will release its first AR glasses in 2022, priced at $1,000-3,000.

Goertek is the global leader in the assembly of ARVR systems, with a market share of nearly 80% in the entire industry. Its customers include Facebook, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, Pico (GoerTek holds a 26% stake and sold it to ByteDance for 9 billion in August), DPVR and other companies.

Goertek is a close partner of Apple, AirPods The wireless earphones are produced by Goertek. Goertek's daily limit is today. It is rumored that the foundry of Apple's ARVR will probably find Goertek. Analysts from CICC predict that by 2025, the ARVR business will become GoerTek's largest business, with revenue contributing nearly 40%. According to the current situation of the industry in full swing, this time will only be sooner rather than later.

The real money maker in the Western Gold Rush is the "water seller", the innovative drug R&D chain is the one that earns the industry's profit, and the one that benefits the most from the popularity of ARVR is the equipment foundry


Goertek shares


Goertek previously issued a performance forecast for the semi-annual report. It is expected to make a profit of 2.077-2.423 billion yuan in the first half of the year, a year-on-year increase of 20%-40%. A large part of the growth is the increase in sales revenue from products such as VR virtual reality and smart game consoles. It is worth looking forward to!

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