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Stock bull picture cartoon (stock bull picture mobile wallpaper)

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Selected Summary: It is 151.487 billion, the net inflow of funds this week is 4.413 billion, the total scale of thematic ETFs is 207.084 billion, and the net inflow of funds this week is 3.877 billion. The broad-based index ETF is currently The 50PE of the Shanghai Stock Exchange is 13.74, which is at a very high level, the CSI 300PE is 15.54, which is at a very high level, and the CSI 500PE.”

I. The stock bull market picture cartoon

1. According to the plan, by 2035, China will basically build a modernization that is convenient, smooth, cost-effective, green, intensive, intelligent, advanced, safe and reliable The high-quality national comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network realizes international and domestic interconnection, three-dimensional smooth access to major cities across the country, and effective coverage of county-level nodes, which effectively supports 1-hour commuting in the "National 123 Travel Traffic Circle" metropolitan areas, 2-hour access to urban agglomerations, and major cities across the country. 3-hour coverage and "Global 123 Express Cargo Logistics Circle" 1-day domestic delivery, 2-day delivery to neighboring countries, and 3-day delivery to major cities around the world.

2. The credit default risk during the domestic economic recovery period will reduce the market risk appetite and increase the performance certainty premium.

3. 2. Fang Xinghai: Research and improve the Shanghai-London Stock Connect system to cover major European capital markets.

4. In the short term, the short-term industry allocation is based on the boom, and it is recommended to focus on "consumption, consumer electronics and some midstream manufacturing industries".

5. On the profit side, we estimate that the estimated revenue of the first phase of the project is more than 10 billion yuan, and the net profit center is about 2 billion yuan or more.

6. Recently, in order to implement the deployment of the State Council executive meeting, further promote bulk consumption and key consumption, and release the potential of rural consumption, 12 departments including the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the Notice on Several Measures to Stimulate Key Consumption of Bulk Consumption and Promote the Unleashing of Rural Consumption Potential" "Notice".

7. This year, the median excess of index-enhanced funds is 1.37%, and the median return of quantitative hedge funds is 1.79%.

8. The long-term logic remains unchanged, and the domestic and overseas markets continue to expand. As a domestic yeast leader, the overseas market is gradually developed, and the company is expected to further increase its global market share.

The market value of bond assets decreased from 46.25% to 44.56% in 2020Q4.

For reference, Apple's third-quarter revenue and earnings per share were $59.7 billion and $0.65, respectively.

Part III: This issue of outstanding stock quantitative private placement recommends Longqi Investment Longqi Investment focuses on A-share quantitative investment, development So far, after many market bull-bear transitions and strategy updates and iterations, the company's investment and research team has matched management scale development, and has both an international investment perspective and localized investment and research and development capabilities.

The company announced that it plans to issue 1.253 million restricted shares, accounting for 1.16% of the current share capital, to a total of 17 people, including President Liu Wenbo, at 26.92 yuan per share.

It is expected that the personnel appointments of the Biden administration in the next four years will be more "elite + diversified", and the stability and continuity of policy formulation will be significantly improved.

The ability of marketization and specialization is remarkable, and the advantages of management mechanism are outstanding.

▍The company announced the fourth repurchase, and plans to repurchase no more than 7.66 billion shares for the restricted stock plan.

On January 5, the stock indexes of the two cities rose in shock and continued to hit new highs for many years, and the volume continued to expand moderately.

The controlling shareholders of Shoucheng Holding and Jingfu Company are both Shougang Group, but Shoucheng Holding is not a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shougang Group. Therefore, from the group level, this transaction will convert Shougang Resources shares from At the same time when Shoucheng Holdings is transferred to Jingfu Company, the effective shareholding ratio of Shougang Group in Shougang Resources will increase from 14.53% to 33.09% as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2.

Based on the training and accumulation of the long-term R&D team and the manufacturing capacity of the flexible production line, the company is expected to build the core entry barrier of the industry.

From the perspective of splitting, we believe that the growth rate in 21 years is mainly contributed by the main business of duck neck to accelerate store opening & same-store recovery, and the supply chain of perfect match. The revenue growth rate of duck neck main business is 15%, and the possibility of extension mergers and acquisitions cannot be ruled out.

This phenomenon is also reflected in the capital market. In January and March or Friday every year, investors are more inclined to convert safe assets into risky assets, which leads to the price of risky assets. rises, the opposite is true for periods of low sentiment.

It is expected to achieve two lines within the year, and the financing cost may continue to improve. As of the end of June 2020, the company's interest-bearing debt scale 320.33 billion yuan, a decrease of about 1.94 billion yuan from the end of the previous year; the net debt ratio at the end of the period was 149.0%, a decrease of 23.3pct from the end of the previous year.

The quantiles of the current position estimates of common stock funds and partial stock hybrid funds in the series of position estimates since 2016 are 91.2% and 98.1%, respectively.

The accelerated development of research and development has laid a foundation for long-term development, and the mRNA new crown vaccine has entered phase I clinical trials. The company and Aibo Biotechnology jointly promote the development and commercialization of mRNA-based herpes zoster vaccine and new crown vaccine products, which is conducive to the establishment of the company The mRNA vaccine technology platform is conducive to the company's research and development of new vaccine varieties and promotes the company's pipeline expansion, which is an important signal for the company's research and development to accelerate.

3 From the perspective of the balance of securities lending, except for 3 CSI 500 ETFs, the balance of other ETFs is relatively low, and only 5 ETF funds have a securities lending balance of more than 500 million.

The Shanghai 300ETF rose 1.86% to close at 5.433.

Second, the stock bull market picture mobile wallpaper

In terms of sectors, liquor, petrochemical, agriculture, and semiconductor sectors led the market.

In general, if the credit default is only caused by the poor management of the relevant company, the impact on the overall market may be limited.

However, the pressure to reduce holdings continued, the scale of market financing was relatively large, and the net outflow of northbound funds for two consecutive months still greatly suppressed market funds. In addition, the external environment before the US election was still Unclear, confidence in the market outlook is still suppressed.

Last week, 37 NEEQ companies updated their IPO review status.

Considering the gradual approaching of the US election and the possibility of the second spread of the epidemic in winter, gold can play a role in diversifying risks in the portfolio in the short term.

The number of graduate students and postgraduate students is expected to increase by 189,000 and 322,000 year-on-year.

Last week, 30 NEEQ companies updated their IPO review status.

Focus on stock performance.

The company's management team is of excellent quality, hard-working and enterprising, and equity incentives are in place. It belongs to a high-quality enterprise in a good track.

This paper summarizes the definition of leading stocks. According to investors' understanding, leading stocks can be divided into value leading stocks, market leading stocks and intermediate leading stocks. Among them, value leading stocks have better long-term investment value, and their corresponding Listed companies often have certain advantages and leading positions in the same industry; leading stocks in the market tend to have higher growth rates. However, these stocks change rapidly, and the corresponding listed companies are usually not too large, which is beneficial to the stock market. Hype; the middle leader has the comprehensive characteristics of value and market leader, and often benefits from the pursuit of a certain theme and hot spot.

In the third quarter, the company achieved substantial growth in performance driven by the high volume of 13-valent pneumonia and 23-valent pneumonia vaccines.

Event: The company issued an announcement revealing the draft 2021 restricted stock incentive plan. People granted 3.377 million restricted shares, accounting for 0.28% of the company's total share capital of 1.226 billion shares on the announcement date of the draft incentive plan.

Event: The company issued an announcement revealing the draft 2021 restricted stock incentive plan. People granted 3.377 million restricted shares, accounting for 0.28% of the company's total share capital of 1.226 billion shares on the announcement date of the draft incentive plan.

From Nov. 6 to Nov. 30, our portfolio of key stocks fell 1.4%.

Pingmei Co.Coal bond default impact, the stock price fell 2.36% on Thursday and 4.32% on Friday, but Pingmei shares rose 5.96% on November 16, almost making up for the decline of the previous two days.

Looking back at the antitrust investigations of IBM and Microsoft, the core of the allegations focused on hardware respectively. IBM was accused of monopolizing intercontinental trade and commercial general use. At the computer and software level, Microsoft is accused of monopolizing the operating system and illegally bundling browser software with Windows operating system software.

Quick overview of IPO information 45 companies in the market have accepted IPOs, 89 companies have given feedback, and 53 companies have been pre-disclosed and updated.

Among the enhanced strategies of the CSI 500 Index, the medium and high frequency strategies ended the positive and excess performance for 9 consecutive months, and the excess frequency of the undifferentiated strategies also turned positive to negative.

▍Business overview: The balance of stock financing and financing exceeded 1.4 trillion yuan, and the balance of securities lending exceeded 110 billion yuan.

The 10-year yield to maturity of ChinaBond government bonds was 3.2627%, down 0.08BP.

In 2020Q4, the industries with heavy positions in active stock funds that have lightened up more are pharmaceutical biology, electrical equipment, electronics, computers, electronics, and media, with the lightening ratios of -1.20%, -1.11%, and -1.07% respectively , -0.86%, -0.77%.

Chongqing Department Store, which recommends the implementation of the national reform and the gradual clear planning of equity incentives and performance release.

Risk warning: This fund is a stock fund with a high level of expected risk and return; historical performance does not represent the future.

Model algorithms may fail because the market does not meet the assumptions.

Quick overview of IPO information 59 companies in the market have accepted IPOs, 75 companies have given feedback, and 57 companies have been pre-disclosed and updated.

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