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Diagram of 5 function keys of Midea oven

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Eat in Guangdong, Guangdong dishes "Claypot Rice", "Wife Cake", "Chicken Cake", "Fried Ghost", "Chicken Shit Cake", "Ren's Head Rice"...Every A name makes Hokkien people shiver. Those flying in the sky, running on the ground, and swimming in the water, as long as they prove that they are safe and hygienic, Cantonese can turn them into delicacies on the dinner table, and there are many kinds of tricks.

As an authentic Cantonese, and as a senior foodie, the cake shop's colorful macarons , fluffy and soft croissants, soft and chewy buns, crispy and sweet puffs... are all my favorites. Never underestimate a girl's appetite for desserts.

Recently, there have been frequent food safety problems (just because my family complained that I can’t cook), so I decided to buy an oven , Personally select materials and make them yourself, which is safe and fun. Now that every inch of land is expensive, house prices have been rising steadily. The kitchen at home is only 5 square meters. There are many kitchen appliances, and the location is a bit tight. At first, I wanted to buy a small oven, but my sister-in-law told me that her small oven bakes unevenly and has a small capacity. Then get a bigger oven! Embedded is for sure, I directly replaced the original position of the disinfection cabinet, I don't need the disinfection cabinet if there is a dishwasher.

I had difficulty choosing in the large oven, and the customer service lady planted a steaming and roasting machine, which combines steaming and roasting. , automatic menu, WiFi intelligent control, really very popular. So I decided to start baking, and spent thousands of oceans to get this beautiful Star Lord steam oven.

Appearance - Simple operation, focus on user experience

To control a steam oven, the operation panel should be as simple and intuitive as possible, too many functions are complicated, user operations are cumbersome, and dozens of designs are required. The keys have almost no effect.

The operation panel of the Midea Star-lord steam oven is simple and neat. Now some electrical appliances have complicated functions and users are complicated to operate. There are dozens of keys designed, and I don't know how to start, and some keys may never be used. Used, and this machine also has function keys with Chinese logo, touch screen panel, responsive. There are 5 cooking modes in the two function keys of steam combination meeting and heating combination, which can meet almost all the needs of baking. It is easy to use and very convenient.

In the upper right corner of the machine is the "steaming" function in the steam oven, which needs to use the water box. ” button, the water box will be pushed out automatically, you just need to take it down and fill it with water and put it back in place.

The triple-layer glass door can lock the heat inside the box and prevent burns. To be honest, this door is held in There is still a lot of weight in the hand. Looking at the inside of the box, the capacity is 34L, which is just right for a novice like me. It can be made from small cookies to pizzas as large as 10 inches. There is no need to change the oven frequently because the capacity is too small.

I am also concerned about the heat dissipation of the steam oven. The cabinet is quite expensive (even if it is old). There is a heat dissipation port between the panel and the door handle. The heat of the steam oven is directly dissipated from here when cooking. The advantage of the front heat dissipation port is to protect the cabinet!

Operations - Xiaobai makes a plate of egg tarts

This machine is the most versatile baking machine The mode is hot air circulation. Hot air circulation is also called 3D three-dimensional surround technology. When the oven is working, the fan on the back will blow the heat of the heating pipe on the back evenly into the oven, and strengthen the heat circulation inside the oven, forming hot air convection and strengthening the heat to the food. The penetration effect of the oven ensures that the heat inside the oven is evenly distributed, and the food is roasted from multiple angles to make the food taste more delicious.

Intuitive operation and simple menu are the keys to ensuring the smooth use of the oven for novices in the kitchen, Midea StarJue steaming and roasting machine, Chinese panel, it is not as difficult to use as I imagined, even a novice like me can learn it without a teacher.

Then start making an egg tart. After adjusting the egg tart liquid, pour it into the tart shell, select the hot air convection mode, wait for the oven to be preheated, put it into the machine, set the temperature to 200°C and the time for 20 minutes, and then wait for the fragrant egg tarts to come out of the oven.

The effect of the baked egg tart is completely beyond my imagination. When I bite into it, the sweetness of the custard and the crispy crust complement each other. It blends into one in the mouth. The appearance and taste are no worse than those bought in the bakery.

In addition, there is an automatic cleaning function, so that the oily steam oven does not need to be brushed vigorously. After self-cleaning, just wipe it gently with a rag~


It is true that technology changes life. I used to only buy snacks, but now I am also Can easily make at home, in addition to enjoying the taste buds, sharing your sincere hand-made with friends is even more blissful.

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