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SEO Learning Road: Search Results Page Optimization Tips to Naturally Increase Clicks and Rankings

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We all know that search results (SERP) clicks and click-through rates have a huge impact on keyword rankings.

The currently popular "Baidu Quick Ranking" technology improves keyword ranking by simulating the search click behavior of real users.

But this method is a black hat method. Once the search engine modifies the algorithm or official investigation, the website is very likely to be punished.

There are not many companies in China that really master the key technology and resources (a large number of IP) of "quick row", and they are basically agents. And most of them are charged by keywords, which may be attractive to industries with high keyword conversion rates and high profits. However, for a large-scale information platform with a large number of keywords to be optimized, in addition to the risk problem, the cost performance is not suitable.

Then how to improve the CTR of the overall website search results?

First of all, think from the user's point of view: what kind of search results do I like?

1. The title and description are highly relevant to the search term

2. Non-advertising organic search results

3. Eye-catching , different

Especially for pages that have obtained keyword rankings, the "title" displayed in the search results (SERP) is very important to users. The click-through rate has a huge impact, which further affects the ranking of search engines. We also talked about headline writing skills before: SEO Learning Road: Six headline skills that can increase SEO traffic - know the column

Most of the time We hate advertising. We think about the costs behind it, false propaganda, etc. Last year's Wei Zexi incident had far-reaching consequences.

I guess when many people use search engines such as Baidu, they usually skip advertisements and look directly at the natural search results.

SEO hopes to preempt the ranking of natural search results, so it is very popular for a long time.

Then the question becomes: How can I make my search results more attractive under the premise that the title is qualified?

Taking Baidu as an example, here are some ways to make search SERPs unique.

Special symbols for titles

In the field of classified information, everyone is used to using [] in the title Label.

58. The practice of rushing to market classification information wars left over from the era of information war is becoming more and more common on the Internet. This way of writing can make the title more eye-catching, and the theory is still effective in increasing the click-through rate, but if everyone writes this way, can they think of another way?

Plot the search results

At the beginning of 2014, Baidu began to add pictures in front of some search results. This form of presentation is convenient for users to judge the theme of the page in a short time, which is conducive to improving user experience.

Later Baidu officially enabled this display rule, and almost all words searched will appear with image search results, as shown below:

If the homepage of the website or the homepage of a subdomain, you can actively log in to the Baidu webmaster platform to submit the Logo, as shown below:

For other page types, rely on Baidu's automatic identification and crawling , so what are the rules?

According to Baidu's official statement:


The picture appears in the main content of the page, and Baidu will do picture recognition and scene recognition.

The image size ratio should be as close to 121:75 as possible.

The image must be closely related to the content of the page, cheating or bad quality images will be processed.

For details, see: Entering the Baidu Webmaster Platform in the Age of Reading Pictures

The premise of using pictures is to be included in Baidu Image Search (although it shares spider with web search), so the pictures must meet the inclusion criteria.

In conclusion, there are several points to consider:

The website business theme is the same. There are credible, accurate, and relevant descriptions around the image, including contextual descriptions, image descriptions, alt attributes, image titles, and image anchors. Pictures can be viewed without logging in. Image links are not written in JS and do not use asynchronous loading. The website server is stable, the pictures are opened smoothly, and it has not been punished by Baidu. The picture is as clear as possible. The main body of the content of the picture is prominent, and the watermark is in the corner position without blocking the main body. Original scarce pictures are best.

Detailed reference: Baidu image search inclusion and display basic requirements latest article Webmaster Academy_ Baidu Webmaster Platform

Page description

It is uncertain what part of the page Baidu crawls as the description part of the SERP. Generally, it is believed that search engines will use the content in the Meta Description as the page description.

In addition to the Meta Description, if the page is full of various links and lacks a large paragraph of text. The general SEO practice is to add a description that appears on the page, which is usually pieced together in a sentence.

For example, the description section at the bottom of the HC product aggregation page:

8518 walnut 8518 walnut price high quality 8518 walnut wholesale/purchase business opportunity - HC Network

On the one hand, improve the keyword density , on the other hand may be crawled by Baidu and appear in the SERP as a page description.

There are also strategies used in the title, and the description can also try to use, such as highlighting numbers, timeliness, etc.

In addition, emoji can also appear in the description of mobile search, which looks very eye-catching. For example:

If you are interested, you can go to the following website to copy the emoji icon for testing :

【emoji】 _ large emojiQuan - Mr. Symbol's release area

Preliminary observation: PC Baidu displays black and white icons, and mobile displays color icons, but the display varies slightly depending on the browser.

Baidu word-of-mouth number and favorable rate

Baidu word-of-mouth is a website review network launched by Baidu , the number of reviews or positive reviews will appear in the search results (SERP), which may affect user clicks.

Similar to APPs that usually lead users to give praise, Baidu Koubei is worth the effort to operate and maintain.

Various authentication icons

Baidu will display some V icons in the search results, This is the sign of the website's real-name authentication to place Baidu affiliate advertisements.

For air ticket websites, there are also Air China Air Tickets The agency qualification certification icon, as shown below:

Trademark certification may also appear in the search results (when searching for brand-related words) :

It is estimated that Baidu has many other certification icons. In theory, the more icons, the more eye-catching they are. Well, there is an improvement in click help for search results.

Formatted data

For example: the duration and clarity of video website search results .

For example: number of replies and posting time in Discuz forum:

Baidu should also have formatted data for other industry websites (it is estimated to be automatic identification), and corresponding research needs to be done Analysis, own website to display the characteristic data.


Don't give up anything that makes a difference in your search results. For example, the mobile page uses MIP technology, and the lightning icon will appear in Baidu search results; large well-known websites will display Favicon and so on.

Under the premise of not violating the rules of search engines, try to make your search ranking stand out in the SERPs, which will not only help improve the click-through rate, but also There are also ways to further improve your keyword rankings.

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