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Blessing idioms for blessing the new era (idioms expressing blessings)

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1. Idioms expressing blessings

1. Blessing couples, the love is as deep as the sea, the eachother, the dream, the autumn is refreshing, the swallows and swallows fly, the prosperous, flirtatious, ingenious, Gongxi makes a fortune.

2. I wish you peace, safety, never forget the danger, talk about the danger, talk about the wind, make money, witness the Tao, auspicious, high-spirited, angry and forget to eat, perfect, beautiful, new look ,May all your wishes come true!

3. Blessing of friendship: Seeing each other like old friends, the meaning of old friends, congenial feelings, repaying the peach and plum, Li on behalf of the peach stiff, compare the hearts, the hearts are connected, the silver mountains are iron walls, the eyes are linked, and they will not change until death!

4. May our friendship be: high mountains and flowing waters, water and milk blending, integration, understanding, reasonableness, righteousness, high aspirations, clear sky, high mountains and flowing water!

5. Bless the career, work diligently, be conscientious in the world, benefit the land and people, and make money with harmony, talent is high, the stars are moving, single-minded, high-spirited, carry forward, great wisdom and courage, and go down in history forever.

6. Dear friends, I wish you in your work: wholehearted, energetic, carry forward, and you are done, thousands of people, one heart, one heart, one heart and one heart!

7. Bless life, live dragons fresh and healthy, walk like flying, soar to the sky, Da Shitong people, people give their families enough, down-to-earth, long and long, long winds and waves, prodigal sons turn back, head horns are prosperous, Honor the ancestors, honor the ancestors, have merits and virtues, have both ability and political integrity, prepare for hardships, rejoice in hardships, and live in peace!

8. Blessings to friends, everyone is safe, safe and smooth, the wind is smooth, the water comes naturally, the family is established, the industry is proficient in diligence, diligent and prosperous, wealth and destiny, destined, set in one, respect the teacher and the road , The friendship of morality, the word of mouth, and the reputation of the world.

9. For us, money is not a problem, the problem is lack of money. In order to solve this problem, I congratulate you on Gong Xi Fa Cai, wishing you a wealth of wealth, good morals and career development, and industry expertise in diligence and diligence. Make up for clumsiness, stand out from the crowd.

10. I wish you a fortune, rich and powerful, thick and thin, long flowing water, flowing gold and silver, silver mountains and silver seas, seas and rivers, endless rivers, happy years, flowers and wine, rich real estate, wealth and prosperity.

Blessings are expressions of good wishes to people. Blessings are no longer limited to festivals and banquets in social development. It is common for couples to send mobile phone messages to each other, greetings and blessings for weather changes, daily encouragement and blessings from friends, and daily morning greetings and blessings.


Friends Blessings Love Blessings Wedding Blessings Anniversary Blessings

Success Blessings Holiday Blessings Funny Blessings English Blessings Whole Cup Blessings Christmas Blessings

Transmission method

1. In celebration occasions such as parties, banquets, candlelight meals, etc., the participants directly wish the protagonist. Such blessings are straightforward, brief, and refined.

2. Network blessing: Network blessing is in line with the characteristics of the modern times and has a sense of fashion. The Internet has the incomparable characteristics of letters and telephones in terms of universal population, communication field, and real-time speed. The blessing will be remembered and spread in the online world through the Internet, and the eternal record of blessing will be recorded, representing and embodying the beauty, romance, eternity, fashion and environmental protection of blessing.

3. SMS blessing: the language of blessing sent to friends through mobile phone SMS, QQ SMS and other communication tools. Such blessings are very romantic.

4. Greeting card blessing: Write down the language of blessing to friends through letters, greeting cards, etc., and send it to the blessed party by mail.

5. Gift Blessing: Express your blessings to your friends by giving gifts, imprinting them on the gifts or the symbolic meaning of the gifts themselves.

2. What are the idioms that bless the motherland

Prosperity, prosperity, prosperity, prosperity, peace in the world, prosperity for the people, prosperity for the country, prosperity for the country, prosperity for the country, prosperity for the people, and strength for the country, Zhengtongrenhe

1. Prosperity and prosperity

Pronunciation: fán róng chāng shèng

Interpretation: prosperous: prosperous; prosperous: prosperous. It means that the country is prosperous and prosperous.

2. Guotai Minan

Pronunciation: guó tài mín ān

Interpretation: Thailand: peace, stability. The country is peaceful and the people are happy.

Source: "Han Shu·Criminal Law": "Up to now, Duke Huan has appointed Guan Zhong; and the country is prosperous and the people are safe."

3. Prosperity

Pronunciation: xīn xīn xiàng róng

Interpretation: Xinxin: Describes the vigorous growth of vegetation; Rong: lush. Describe the lush vegetation. A metaphor for the flourishing and prosperous career of a business.

Source: Jin·Tao Yuanming's "Returning Speech": "Mu Xinxin is prosperous; the spring is trickling and beginning to flow."

4. Peace in the world

Pronunciation: tiān xià tài píng

Interpretation: everything is safe and sound. Refers to the world of great rule.

Source: "Book of Rites·Zhongni Yanjun": "According to what you say; Propriety; doing and having fun; having fun. The gentleman does both for this; Taiping also."

5. Minkangwufu

Pronunciation: mín kāng wù fù

Interpretation: Fu: many. The people are safe and the products are abundant. Describe the scene of social stability and economic prosperity.

Source: Qing Zheng Guanying's "Dangerous Words in a Prosperous Age: Under the Rule of Officials": "It can be seen that at that time, the ruler was well-informed and the minister was good, and the people were well-off, and the longevity of the rule was not without reason."

3. What are the latest four-character idioms for blessing the newlyweds

Let's grow old together, Luanfeng and Ming, eternal knot, harmony made by nature, mutual bond

One, grow old together

Interpretation in vernacular: husband and wife Living together until old age: a century of harmony

Dynasty: Ming Dynasty

Author: Lu Cai

Source: Ming·Lu Cai "Huaixiang Ji·Feng Zhao Class Teacher" ": "Baby; I will grow old with your mother; Wealth and honor."

Translation: Child; I will live with your mother and husband until old age; Wealth and honor

2. Luanfeng and Ming

Interpretation in vernacular: It means that the luan bird and the phoenix respond and call each other. A metaphor for marital harmony.

Dynasty: Spring and Autumn

Author: Zuo Qiuming

Source: "Zuo Zhuan·Zhuanggong Twenty-two Years": "It is said that the phoenix is ​​flying, And ming qiang qiang."

Translation: This is called the flying of the phoenix, and ming qiangqiang

Three, forever tied together

Vernacular definition: used to bless the newlyweds The married couple, forever tied together, grow old and grow old, have a good relationship for a hundred years

Dynasty: Tang

Author: Li Deyu

Source: Tang Li Deyu's "Mandarin Duck": "You don't see the same people in the past, and you turn into a mandarin duck."

Translation: You don't see the same people in the past, and you turn into a mandarin duck

4. A match made in heaven

Interpretation in the vernacular: a marriage perfected by God

Dynasty: Zhou Dynasty

Author: Anonymous

Source: "Book of Songs, Daya, Daming": "The celestial prison is below. , the fate of the gathering, the first time of King Wen, a match made in heaven."

Translation: God is in the sky to observe the world, and the destiny of King Wen is concentrated, and when he was still young, the emperor concluded a good marriage for him.

5. Heart-to-heart

Interpretation in vernacular: to describe each other's emotional connection without waiting for language explanation, and their hearts are completely the same. Print: close.

Dynasty: Tang and Song Dynasties

Authors: Fa Hai, Zong Bao

Source: "Six Patriarchs Dharma Treasure Altar Sutra": "I pass on the Buddha's Heart Seal, Don't dare to violate the Buddhist scriptures." "Huang Tie Chuan Xin Dharma Essentials": "Since Kassapa, the heart has been imprinted with the heart, and the heart is the same." "Huang Tie Chuan Xin Dharma Essentials": "Since Ying Ye, the heart has been imprinted with the heart, and there is no difference in the heart. ”

4. What are the idioms about blessings

Four-character blessings 1: happiness, good luck, good luck, good luck in everything, happy new year, more than every year, Prosperity, good health, safe travel, Longma spirit, prosperous spring breeze, prosperous family and wealth, congratulations on the new year, all the best, always smiling. Commonly used four-character congratulations: Tao Weibi, Fuguo Limin, Junye Zhaoxing, Dazhan Great plans, more wealth and good people, Shengsheng cottage, great cause for the future, great development of economics, new Junye, long history, Jiahui industry and commerce, thousands of merchants gathered, open Junye, Junye Hongkai, model of the same industry, good birds choose wood, Dobe has neighbors, arbor and Yingsheng, beautiful and beautiful, Hongji Yonggu, Jinyu Mantang, Huawu Shenghui, Chuangxia Restoration, Yishi IKEA, New Residence Dingding, Tangou Zenghui, Rui Ai Hua Tang, Tang Kai Hua Building, beautiful, new foundation, Dingding,The new building, the outstanding people in the land, the joy of the housewarming, the joy of the relocation, the relocation of the trees, the relocation of Gaudi, the new look, the joy of taking a new position, the joy of being appointed, hey be careful, the joy of retirement, the style of eternal virtuousness , Dedication and Lequn, Jue Gong Youwei, Diligence Forever, Long-term Achievement, Political Achievement in the People, Famous in the Gold List, Talent High and Big Dipper, Talented, Famous and Group Lun, Long Future, Top Rank, Aspirational Achievement, Good doctors help the world, benevolent techniques help the public, living people help the world, Huatuo reincarnation, Huatuo's wonderful art, Jingqihuang, wonderful hand rejuvenation, rejuvenation of all diseases, hanging pots to help the world, superb medical skills, benefit the world and people, good things, good doctors, Hua Tuo Reincarnation of Tuo, virtue of benevolence, excellent morality and art, benefiting patients, rejuvenation, excellent medical skills, respectable medical ethics, good art of benevolence, charity for the public, spring return to the earth, achievements of Xinglin, gospel of patients, spring of Xinglin Full, knowledgeable in medicine, good medicine for the world, enriching the country and benefiting the people, outstanding credit, benefiting people, thriving, stable economy, prosperous people's livelihood, counseling industry and commerce, benefiting the country and benefiting the people, facilitating the people and benefiting the country, financial hub, prosperous society, outstanding service people , a long way to go, a long journey of prosperity, a respect for Peng Zhan, a kindness to the gods, a kindness to the public, a kindness to the people, a passion for public welfare, a benevolent wind, a broad quilt, a boon to the public, self-help to save others, righteous deeds, and Chunhui Wide quilt, good mother role model, good morality, good manners for teaching children, mother ceremonial model, great display of skills, both morals and skills, the national dominance of the ball, superb ball skills, Zhuang Jing and self-improvement, baseball player, outstanding, sports light, outstanding ball skills, The best of the ball, the glory of the country, the light of the basketball world, and the continuous self-improvement of the four-character blessing 2: all the best, all the good, good longevity, good health, always smiling, Pepsi, good luck, rising step by step, reaching the peak, smooth sailing, good health, Study and progress, work smoothly, all wishes come true, family is happy, happy, happy life, family harmony, successful career, good health, happiness and happiness, more than every year, more money, rich family, rich family, colorful butterflies Be elegant, have a lot of spare money, rise step by step, fish every year, business is prosperous, financial resources are prosperous, longevity is a hundred years old, blessings are like the East Sea, longevity is more than Nanshan, all wishes come true, everything goes well, longevity is in harmony with the sky, thriving and changing with each passing day. , the financial resources are rolling, the business is booming, a hundred years of harmony, good health, the spirit of Longma, Pepsi, open the door, good luck, good spirits, good things, longevity and heaven, thriving, with each passing day, a hundred years of harmony, good health, dragon and horse spirit, smooth sailing , flowers bloom and wealth, dragon and horse spirit, text is auspicious, mandarin ducks match, marriage is matched, vows are concentric, happy mandarin ducks, good fate, alliance and good fate, white head makes a pact, fish and water harmony, fate is set for three lives, great auspiciousness, new year With more than a year, abundant wealth and treasures, there will be good luck, wealth and treasures, gold and jade, and the year of the dog will be prosperous, gold and jade, blessings like the East Sea, longevity is like Nanshan, all wishes come true, everything goes well, longevity is in harmony with the sky, prosperous and new with each passing day. , The wealth is rolling, the business is booming, a hundred years of harmony, good health, congratulations on making a fortune, everything goes well, step by step, smiles are always open, Pepsi Cola, open the door, good luck, high spirits, good deeds, wealth and wealth, all wishes come true, Everything is going well, thriving and changing with each passing day, wealth is rolling, business is booming, flowers are prosperous, the text is auspicious, auspicious and good, every year Yu, rich wealth and treasures, must be happy, smooth sailing, attracting wealth and treasures, golden and jade full, the year of the dog prosperous, golden and jade full of ten thousand classic blessing idioms: smooth sailing, two dragons soar, three sheep Kaitai, four seasons peace, five blessings come to the door , Sixty-six Dashun, seven stars shine, wealth comes from all directions, ninety-nine concentric, perfect.

Everything is prosperous, everything is auspicious, everything goes well! Some blessing idioms used in special occasions: Newlyweds: live together, give birth to a precious child, forever tie, spend a good time, a full moon, a hundred years of love, mutual respect and love, birthday: longevity, a hundred years of happiness, such as East China Sea, longevity, and Nanshan Opening: Gong Xi Fa Cai, auspicious wealth, and prosperous wealth. Good luck every year, farewell to the old year, welcome the new year, congratulate the new jubilee, others: all wishes come true, dreams come true, all the best Happy forever, good health, good luck in all things, such as East China Sea, Shou Bi Nanshan, all wishes come true, good luck, good luck, good luck and longevity, three sheep, Kaitai, Gongxi, good fortune, good luck, good fortune, good fortune, good fortune, good fortune, good fortune, good luck in the family, harmony in two, three-star in the family, peace in the four seasons, The five stars are shining, the six animals are prosperous, and everything goes well. I wish you all the best. Congratulations on the new marriage, the perfect harmony of the heart, the eternal knot, the love for each other, the love for a hundred years, the love of the river, the perfect couple, the perfect couple, the IKEA, the old flower, the full moon, the blessings, the mandarin ducks, and the coincidence Respect each other like a guest, share a heart like a drumQinse flowers bloom and merge.

5. Idioms about blessings

Shoubi Nanshan

Everything goes well

Fortune is like the East Sea

Phoenix Yu Fei



Splendid future

Smooth sailing

Being happy

Congratulations on the New Year's jubilee

The talent is high and the eight fights

The long life is a hundred years old

The cleverness is extraordinary

One hundred years of harmony

Daily Jin Doujin

Love and sympathy

Ranked among the best

Teaching others tirelessly



Prosperity in wealth



Love each other

Live and work in peace

Fortune Hengtong


Spring Breeze

Good luck all the way

Safe road

Yuncheng starts

The official fortune is prosperous

The title of the golden list

The big ambition

The longevity is boundless

The spirit is high and high

Good luck

As a tiger with wings

A long-term vision

Fortune will last for a long time

Success at the moment

Everything will be fine

Lucky Stars High Illumination

Fortune and Treasures

Have both ability and political integrity

Climbing to the top

The longevity of Nanshan


Success and fame

Step by step

6. What are the words to bless the newlyweds

In life, we write good blessings The method:

1. To grasp the basic structure of the blessing. Blessings generally include three parts, namely the object of the blessing, the reason for the blessing and the sincere wish.

2. Pay attention to the accuracy and decency of the blessings. "What mountain to sing what song", the way of writing blessings is the same, we must adapt to the situation, analyze the characteristics of the characters, and think carefully, so that the written blessings will be accurate, decent, and full of sincerity.

3. Combine the mood of the character at that time, convey your blessings accurately, and make the other party feel that you are also happy for him (her).

Words to bless the newlyweds:

1. Fortunes, mandarin ducks, coincidences, good luck, good luck, talented and female appearance

2. p> 3. Hundred years of good fortune, forever in love, good couples, IKEA, in heaven

4. Heaven-made harmony, heart-to-heart, and eternal love for each other

5. /p>

6. Gualuo stretches out in love with a suitable room IKEA sweetheart Tiancheng

7. Tongde concentric phoenix Yufei happy family Luanfeng and Mingming

8. Flowers bloom and stems The red rope is tied to the foot of the piano and the serpent.

9. Love is eternal, the katydid Si Yanqinghong case, the village is like the drum and the piano

10. The immortals are newlyweds, and they will love each other and love each other. Talents and beauties

7. The four-character idioms of blessing

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Four-character idioms of blessings [Part 1: Four-character idioms of blessings] Four-character Daquan 1, good things come again and again, longevity and Tianqi, opening the door for good luck 2, business is booming, a hundred years of good luck, longevity and Tianqi 3, Prosperity, happiness like the East China Sea, longevity of Nanshan 4, there are fish every year, business is booming, the house is rich and rich 5, colorful butterflies, good health, happiness 6, happy, happy life, progress 7, work smoothly, auspicious Good luck, everything goes smoothly , Mingguan Qunlun 12, Long-term Remaining in Maoji, Joy of Retirement, Gaodi Yingqian 13, New Buildings, Zengguanghui, Jinyu Mansion 14, Good Birds and Wood, Jiahui Industry and Commerce, Shengsheng Cottage 15, oath of the same heart, good teachers and good friends, dragon and horse spirit16, marriage match, vows of the same heart, flowers blooming and wealth 17, dragon and horse spirit, a hundred years of harmony, good health18, happiness, good luck, wishful thinking, good luck, success in all things 19, happy new year, More than every year, thriving, healthy 20, safe in and out, Longma spirit,Proud of spring breeze, family well-being 21, abundant wealth, congratulations on the new jubilee, good luck in all things, always laughing 22, Tao Weibi, wealthy country and people, good business Zhaoxing, great exhibition, wealth and treasure 23, more wealth and good Jia , Shengsheng Hut, Great Years of the Year, Great Exhibition of Economics, Junye Daily New 24, Long History, Jiahui Industry and Commerce, Thousands of Merchants Gathered, Kai Zhang Junye, Junye Hongkai 25, Model of the same industry, good birds choose wood, Germany must have neighbors , Arbor Yingsheng, Beautiful 26, Hongji Yonggu, Jinyu Mantang, Huawu Shenghui, Chuangxia Restoration, Yishi IKEA 27, New Residence Dingding, Tangou Zenghui, Rui Ai Huatang, Tang Kai Hua Building, Beautiful 28, New Foundation Dingding, New Buildings, Outstanding People in Fudi, Joy of Housewarming, Joy of Relocation 29, Yingqian Arbor, Gaudi Yingqian, New Look, New Year's Happiness, and Honored Appointment 30, Hey, be careful, the joy of retirement, and forever Huaide

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