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Four-character idioms for New Year's greetings

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New Year's greetings is a traditional Chinese folk custom, and it is a way for people to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. The Spring Festival is approaching, and New Year's greetings are indispensable. How to make your blessings different? The following are the New Year's greetings idioms carefully collected and organized by Xiaobian for everyone, I hope you like them!

Four-character idiom of New Year's greetings

The three sheep are blessed with good weather and good harvests and good harvests

Living people help the world Hua Tuo's reincarnation is outstanding and has a great future

Peng Cheng Wanli Peng Exhibition's Respect to Shen Zhen, Respect to the Public and Righteousness

Created people who are enthusiastic about public welfare and benevolent and widely distributed to the public

Desires become a family, happy, happy, and happy in life

Picking up oneself to save others, righteous actions, Feng Chunhui is widely modeled by a good mother

Shude Kefeng teaches children a Fang mother Etiquette, example, morality and skills

Being noble, peaceful, affectionate, indifferent, calm, calm and worry-free

Step by step, wealth, prosperity, wealth and prosperity

New Year's greetings Four-character Idiom II

The perfect match, the dream come true, all the good luck and the sweetness come.

Congratulations on making a fortune, making fortune, making a fortune, making a fortune and having a good path for a hundred years. Progress in academic progress

Long Ma is in good spirits and spirit is smooth sailing

Zhang Yueju stars are dotted with stars, step by step, promotion, promotion and fortune

A wealthy family, a fat house, and colorful butterflies fluttering A lot of spare money

Beautiful, brilliant, talented, illustrious, famous, and a long-term future

Being among the best, aspiring to be a good doctor, helping the world, benevolent, and helping the public

Prosperous business and financial resources Guangjin has a long life and a hundred years of happiness like the East China Sea

Shoubi Nanshan Shou and Tianqi are prospering with each passing day

The financial resources are rolling in for a hundred years and the spirit of Longma opens the door.

The spirit is full of good things Flowers blooming, wealth, wealth, and good luck

New Year's greetings, four-character idioms, three

The mandarin ducks match the marriage and the vows are concentric and happy. Menford enjoys newSpring auspicious celebrations have more than enough

forge a good relationship, a good relationship, a good relationship, a good relationship, a white head, a fish and a water harmony

A good bird chooses a wood and a virtue must have a neighbor, Hongji, Yonggu, and Huawu.

New residence, Dingdingtang, construction, Pfizer, Oihua, dignified opening of a mansion

Auspicious Lin Wei Feng Jing Xing Qing Yun Harmony is auspicious good things go through hard times

Destiny for three lives, good luck, wealth, wealth and treasures must be good luck

Wealth and treasure, gold and jade, congratulations, fortune and prosperous Year of the Horse

All the best, all the best

Phoenix Yufei, a beautiful home, Sanyang Kaitai, good weather and good weather

Five grains, great wealth, great wealth, ominous prosperity and prosperity

Two dragons take off, Sanyang Kaitai, four seasons, safety and five blessings Linmen

Four-character idioms for New Year's greetings

Sixth, six, seven stars, all directions, wealth, ninety-nine, concentric

Perfect, perfect, and perfect, Pepsi, everything is ominous, everything goes well

Daily progress, gold and wealth, wealth and wealth

Smooth sailing, good health, learning and progress, and smooth work

Guests like clouds come to pig cages into water, wealth, color, and red face

p>Happy from the sky and the beauty and beauty of heaven and earth

Welcome to the Spring Festival and congratulate the new year, happiness, longevity, health and well-being

Years of peace and prosperity

Family harmony, career success, happiness and happiness year after year

Youth is always in the Year of the Monkey, auspicious and wealthy, and the future is bright

Fortune is prosperous and prosperous, and a book of great profits is like a wheel

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