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Wishing the company a prosperous business (50 selected)

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Wishing the company a prosperous business (50 selected)

In our ordinary daily life, we all often come into contact with blessings. Blessings can enhance emotions and convey blessings. effect. What kind of blessings are heartfelt? The following are the wishes of the company's business prosperity (50 selected) carefully compiled by the editor, for reference only, let's take a look.

1. Congratulations! Congratulations! Happy opening, happy to attract the god of wealth, happy to welcome full customers! Congratulations! congratulate! I wish the business is prosperous and the wealth is prosperous, and the industry is prosperous and prosperous! Wish: Go to the next level!

2. On the day of opening, I will prepare you for you: wearing a wealth-inducing official hat, wearing a wealth-gathering jade robe, stepping on wealth-absorbing boots, holding a wishful abacus, with a wealthy smile on your face, and wealthy hands With one wave, ten thousand taels of gold rained down like rain, one fortune bowed down, a crowd of friends filled the house, and one counted with a jade finger, and the three sons of gold and silver bills jumped all over the house! Good luck with your opening!

3. New store opening, send you blessings, prosperous fortune, congratulate you, make money, congratulate you, make money, send text messages, sincerely wish, business is prosperous, and money is continuous.

4. Good store standards: 1. The customer is God. 2. Employees are family members. 3. Take the business strategy as the center and the service attitude as the basis. 4. Take honesty as the first priority and win by quality! The grand opening ceremony, I wish you a prosperous business and daily gold! "

5. The opening of a new store, liveliness is certain, auspiciousness is absolute, fortune is huge, festivity is considerable, blessings are necessary, may your business be prosperous throughout the world, and your wealth will flow to the three rivers.

6. On this grand opening day, I specially invite "Monkey King" to cheer for your auspicious clouds, "Marshal Tianpeng" to treat your guests with delicious food, and "Rolling Shutter General" to greet you Yingfu, "Zhantan Gongde Buddha" seeks fortune for you in all directions, and finally I wish you: business is booming in the three rivers, and the wealth is prosperous throughout the world! The opening is great!

7. , Blessings will surround you, the money will keep rolling, and there are buddies who send text messages to congratulate you. I hope you will be full of money every day, and the money will flow."

8. New store opening, send you a gift A peony flower, I wish the flowers bloom and wealth and wealth; I send you a plum blossom, I wish the purple air to rise in the east, and fortune is prosperous; Happy opening.

9. On the auspicious day of opening, I will send you the Tathagata Palm, the wealth of all directions, the Jiuyang magic, the prosperity of popularity, the moonlight treasure box, the extraction of jewels, the blessing of friendship, the condensed Wealth and confidence, I wish you a golden room and a prosperous opening!

10. Happy news of the opening of the new store, special auspiciousness on the door of your store, wish to open the door, good luck to the windows, wish to make gold every day, to hang festive on the roof, and wish to continue to make money , I'll send you a text message, I hope business is booming.

11. The sound of firecrackers celebrates the opening, and the colorful flags flutter to welcome the wealth. On the occasion of the opening, I wish you to welcome customers from all over the world, to have four seasons of wealth, to make money, and to be blessed!

12. Run a store and do business, and start to accumulate wealth independently. The business is prosperous, everything is auspicious and lucky, one pays and one is busy, and one is successful. May your independent store be successful and be successful. Your brilliant turn on.

13. Start a life, start a happiness, open a store, start a business, manage a business, gain a success, accumulate a little financial resources, gain a hope, auspicious and fiery send you, I wish you all the best.

14. People are like a tidal wave, gathered in all directions, and there are many customers; the pockets are bulging, the gold bowl is full, and the money is large; On the occasion of the opening of the new store, I wish friends a happy opening!

15. Water the flowers of career with hard work, cultivate eternal dreams with hope, and accompany you all the way with blessings. Life is endless and struggle is endless. May you come to the east, have a good business, and have a prosperous career!

16. On the day you opened the store, I exercised urgency and decree, specially ordered the four people of wind, rain, thunder and lightning to attract the gods of all directions for you, the goddess of luck will bring you endless good luck, the god of wealth will keep you rolling, The land god will keep your side safe, beautiful, happy, and accept my opening ceremony soonthing!

17. The celebration is held in the sound of firecrackers, and the blessings are endless. The gift of flower baskets expresses one's heart, and the source of wealth is longer than running water. Congratulations on the opening and smooth sailing!

18. Independence begins with entrepreneurship, success begins with opening a store, brilliance begins with management, happiness begins with business, wealth starts from today, dreams start from now, good luck and good luck follow you, and happiness follows you , I wish you all the best and all the best.

19. The facade is open, the business is prosperous and the wealth is abundant; the good luck is open, the good luck is good and the career is prosperous; the opening today, good luck, good luck and long life! The wealth is rolling, and the joy is continuous. I wish you a happy opening and everything is satisfactory!

20. On this special day today, I will send you a wild goose, ride on it, you will be able to fly to any height you want; this wild goose has a name, called "" Integrity", dear friend, I wish you and your career to spread wings and high-flying under the leadership of this wild goose, and continue to create miracles!

21. When a friend opens a business, they send congratulatory messages and feel happy. They unite with employees. They smile at customers and look at them. They don’t give up in the face of setbacks. I wish your store more and more prosperous, business more and more prosperous!

22. On this good day, please open the door to welcome my flower basket. There are five flowers in it: the first plum blossom, the fragrance comes from the bitter cold, congratulations on your hard work in exchange for a career spring; the second Chrysanthemums, chrysanthemums still have proud frost branches, I respect your persistent character and achieve good results; the third sunflower, only sunflowers are inclined to the sun, I wish your career will always be sunny, the fourth pear flower, the spring breeze will bloom all night, I wish you little The store is full of streets and alleys, the fifth flower is rich, and the money is endless. May you wear this flower every day!

23. The day has come, it is about to open for business; the post is posted, and friends are invited; the salute is fired, relatives and friends are here; the congratulatory message is spoken, the bell rang; , the days are red; the good dishes are tasted, the business is prosperous; the blessings are here, the wealth is rolling; may your days be red, and your business is booming!

24. Send you a flower basket. Flowers represent colorful life, flower poles represent money and wealth, and green leaves represent smooth sailing in business. I wish you: good luck in opening and prosperous business!

25. First, I wish the guests to be happy and come together from all over the world; second, I wish good luck, brothers and sisters to help; Happy opening!

26. On the day of opening, I express my heart to express my thoughts on the world for you, and send it to the people. I wish you: set up ambitions, create great careers, fill the warehouse with wealth, set up ambitions to write the spring and autumn, the sun and the moon, and flow gold, horizontally: send blessings Betfair! Those who receive it will have their wealth billowing like the water of the Yellow River.

27, Kai Kai, He Fa Cai, Ri Dou Jin, Jin Mancang, wide financial resources, all directions, rich financial resources, up to three rivers, good fortune, prosperous business, prosperous fortune, prosperous business. On your happy opening day, I wish you a prosperous business and a smooth fortune.

28. Ambition and dreams, let you open a chapter, future and hope, let you start a store, business all the way, that is hope, financial resources all the way, that is bright, dedicated management, that is persistence, yearning for success , that is a blessing, may your ambitions open from now on, and your ideals come boldly.

29. When the opening arrives, the blessing is called: plum blossoms hold happy brows, gourds hold good fortune, lilies hold good luck, chrysanthemums pull pine chrysanthemums to prolong life, longevity peach drags Shoubinan Mountain, wheat Sui is carrying the safety year after year, lotus and lotus are pushing for more than year after year, bamboo is lifting steadily, brothers send you to open auspicious and auspicious business is booming!

30. Magpies come to announce the good news, and the opening sings: the horse sings, the opening will be successful, the sheep sing, the three sheep will open Tai, the rat sings, the opening should invite the money mouse, the turtle sing, the opening should be Please longevity turtles, cows sing, open stocks are like a bull market, everyone sing, I wish you good luck in opening! I wish you a prosperous business!

31. Opening a store is a dream, independent and hopeful, business must be prosperous, business is enthusiastic, opportunities often come, wealth is often approaching, harmony is in the store, wealth is around, happiness is always accompanied, brilliant day by day, wish You start a happy business and all the best.

32. The business is booming and the financial resources are prosperous. That is the basic blessing. The grand vision is wide and the dream is successful. It is the sincere blessing. From now on, it is a text message blessing, I wish your business is prosperous, happy haha.

33. Start a store, and you will have more hope in your life. May you live out your spirit, start a business, and have more worries in your heart. May you live out your responsibilities and have more money. The dream has one more direction. I wish you live a magnanimous life. I wish you a prosperous business and a prosperous business.

34. Open a shop, everything is going well, business is booming, happiness is with you, go away brilliantly, live happily, bright tomorrow, life goals, struggle to accompany you, wishAll the best for you, your hard work will be successful, and your business will be rewarded. May you make a fortune in the present and prosper in this moment.

35. I heard that you opened your business today, but last night, you failed and told me to part ways with you. Don't worry about small setbacks, he may appear occasionally, and will never cause major dangers! I wish you a prosperous business and good fortune!

36. New store opening I wish you: business is booming and the world is open, the sky is wide and you can fly, fly to the sky, and show your ambitions. The wealth is prosperous and reaches the three rivers. The deep water of the river is far away from you, and you can swim to the Dragon Palace to reproduce the style of the king!

37. Good luck for opening on Monday, good luck on Tuesday, happy every day on Wednesday, good luck on Thursday, harmony on Friday, gathering good luck and health on the weekend, I wish you a good mood on the weekend!

38. The once dream of rivers and lakes, the former swordsman, the former beauty and the crane shadow, the former memories are in the dream. All the once settled into a small shop, and all the friends have a foothold. I use fine wine and coffee, toast to you one cup after another!

39. You can eat later, sleep later, work later, but congratulations to you can't be late, you won't be able to seize the opportunity if you are late, I wish you good luck in business!

40. The God of Wealth will report today and surround you all year round. Shou Xing just telegraphed, and the happy time arrived on time. Lucky Star didn’t sleep last night and insisted on leaning on you. I sincerely wish you smile forever. Fortune, Lu Shouxi cannot run away!

41. Hotel: Famous stores are famous all over the world; Yingbin Building is full of Yingbin Building. The kitchen cooks fresh food, and the door opens a feast in the city.

42. Light auspicious firecrackers, and the store will open the God of Wealth hood; lift up the soaring balloons, and open the door for good luck; set up a happy feast and invite friends to visit. On the occasion of the opening of the store, I hope you will come to join us, and my brother still depends on you for help! I want to toast you a lot!

43. It's not easy to open a store by one person, half-hearted and rushing around, looking at the face in different colors, worshipping the gods seven and eight times, ninety-nine return to one and finally opening, perfect opening day, I wish you a good opening and a lot of money.

44. Brew with sincerity and send good expectations; use enthusiasm as tea to convey sincere wishes; use understanding as thread to weave a web of friendship; to support-oriented, cast a bright beacon. On the occasion of the opening of the new store, I would like to extend my deepest blessings from friends, and hope that the business will be prosperous and the money will continue to flow!

45. Auspiciousness is covered, wealth and treasure are protected, the God of Wealth is watching, all the gods are holding the field, and it is strange that the sample does not come out. I wish the wealth will flow to the three rivers and the business will be prosperous. All over the world, good luck!

46. Friends who have opened a business, may your career flourish and bloom beautiful flowers, I want to cut the ribbon for you personally, but I can only send my sincere wishes to convey my sincere thoughts and wishes for your career Prosperous, family and harmony!

47. There is a road in life. Open a store and take the road. Self-steer. Grasp the direction. There will be brilliant tomorrow. Be cheerful today. Have a clue, business is going well, I wish you all the best.

48. May you make a fortune every day of the year, make money every hour, prosper every minute, and have good luck every second; Business and financial resources converge on three rivers!

49. Congratulations on the opening of the new store, send my congratulations, send you a lucky cat, wish you a lot of wealth, send you a fortune tree, wish you prosperous wealth, send you a big god of wealth, May your wealth be prosperous.

50. New store opening, special gift for business: be kinder, bigger financial resources, better service, more prosperous business, kinder hospitality, wider financial road. Another blessing: good luck in opening.

51. Sending you blue and white porcelain, may your prosperity begin here, sending you Tang Sancai, I wish you to accept Bafang Cai, send you a small message, I hope your heart will win new, brother, and business is booming.

52. Sending you a fortune tree, the wealth cannot be stopped; sending you a good luck flower, the God of Wealth will help you every day; sending you a long blessing, a prosperous business and prosperous wealth; I wish you a good business, Wealth continues!

53. A blessing represents sincerity, a greeting represents sincerity, a belief, wishing you to be happy, a short message expressing my sincere wishes, a good opening and a prosperous business.

54. I wish you smooth sailing, the two dragons take off, the three sheep are open to Thailand, the four seasons are safe, the five blessings are in the door, the six or six are smooth, the seven stars are shining, the wealth is coming from all directions, the nine and nine are concentric, and the perfection is perfect.

55. I will send you an auspicious fruit basket. The low-level installation is smooth sailing; the middle is full of wealth and auspiciousness; the top is covered with success and eternal happiness!Happy opening!

56. A series of firecrackers, continuous fortune; a lot of money, small money is often earned; the facade is lively, the source of customers from all directions; well-managed, often smiling. Today's opening is full of blessings, and the Ming Dynasty's career is booming. I wish you a prosperous opening and a prosperous business.

57. Enterprise development is everyone's responsibility. May you join hands with diligence in the new year to make your performance rise. Work side by side with hard work to double your profits. Together with sweat, keep success. Walk with laughter and let happiness last forever.

58. I am happy for you to open a store. I wish you all the best. I am happy for you to open a store. May your business be prosperous. May your business be full of heat and smooth.

59. The opening of the new store is festive and lively and auspicious; the business will be rolling in, and the financial resources will definitely be uninterrupted;

60. On a good day of opening, I will send you a text message, which is filled with my most sincere blessings. Anyone who receives this text message can make money in business and sweet in love. , you can go out safely!

61. My friends open a shop and I will send blessings. I wish you a prosperous business and prosperity, a wide range of financial resources and wealth, good luck in everything, harmony in the team, and happiness in friends. Fu, all the way is full of blessings, Wanfu is happier in hand.

62. On the prosperous day of opening a store, when you are on a wonderful expedition, the business is more prosperous, the financial resources are more brilliant, the contacts are more grasped, the opportunities are more harvested, auspiciousness is in communication, luck is in timing, success or failure is in the heart, everything goes well.

63. Be the master of the house and be the boss, the new store is extraordinary, the festive life finally rises, the bright future is in the assault, the busyness will be rewarded, the enthusiasm will be fruitful, the effort will become the harvest, the life is prosperous and festive Open the store, all is well.

64. Exhausted every possible means, after thousands of trials and hardships, offering me a thousand words, a thousand dollars, worth a thousand troops, I wish you to take care and create a great cause for the future.

65. The flowers on the ground are brilliant, and the bunting in the sky is boiling. The flaming career will be rich in wealth, warm wishes for prosperity and prosperity, sincere blessings drive the jumping `notes, and bring you the vitality of spring. In this beautiful day, I wish you a prosperous business! May all go well with you!

66. Start a journey, start a journey, open a store and open a bright future, life will be different from now on, festivity is accompanied by joy, excitement brings enthusiasm, business is booming, and money is prosperous. Auspicious and prosperous business.

67. A text message is a heart, a bouquet of flowers is a love; a text message wishes you a grand exhibition, and flowers send you a prosperous business; when the bell rings, the financial resources arrive, and the mobile phone is shocked; every text message I Heart, bless friends Yonglongxing!

68. The opening of a store is a great blessing and great joy, great auspiciousness and good fortune, all the money is running into your pockets, popularity and good luck are pouring into your store, I wish you, business is prosperous, wealth is prosperous, and the rivers and rivers are rich. , the sea and the lake to collect wealth.

69. The opening is auspicious, the prosperity is great, the wealth is prosperous, and congratulations on getting rich! I wish you good luck, big business, big slashes, continuous fortune, big fortune, make money and don't want to make it, count the money until you get the title.

70. The opening is auspicious, and the golden day is happy; the guests are flowing, and the opening is good; On the occasion of the opening of Hongzhang, I wish you a good day, a prosperous business, a prosperous wealth, and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

71. I am delighted to hear that you have a good business opening, and I send you a batch of blessings. Your business is booming, your financial resources are prosperous, Gongxi Facai, and you will make great progress in the future, and your career will take off. Good luck , followed by a prosperous fire. May you gather the resources of the Quartet and make great achievements.

72. Dear brother, may your company add luster to the country, set lofty aspirations, and write the spring and autumn and the sun and the moon. May your company continue to innovate and develop.

73. I am honored to work and study under your leadership in the past year. I wish you good health and success in the new year! Happy New Year.

74. Work hard, try to make fewer mistakes, and make progress in mistakes.

75. Thank you for your strong support to our company in the past year. I wish you a prosperous and prosperous new year! Happy New Year.

76. A year of hard work, in exchange for today's toast, success is in front of you; a year of sweat, in today's flowers and applause, victory is in front of you; a year's course, a Years of hard work will eventually pay off. Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. I give you the best wishes. I hope you will make great achievements in the new year. Come on!

77、Beautiful flowers bloom for your glory; congratulations and applause sound for your happiness; mellow wine, for your celebrationI wish success; happy laughter, share the joy for you. On the occasion of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, I sincerely wish you, in the new year, make persistent efforts, let the good achievements continue, and the glory will come back again.

78. My respected boss, I believe that with your strong support, we will move forward bravely and create a magnificent chapter. I wish you good health and wish the company more and more prosperous.

79, the fragrance is blowing on the face, the purple air is auspicious, the opening ceremony is celebrated, and the business is like spring, and the wealth is like water!

80. You bring the vitality of spring. On this beautiful day, I wish you a prosperous business! May all go well with you!

81. Living together with each other, Junye opens up a happy land; a lot of wealth and good Jia, Hongming is a big businessman.

82. The financial resources are rolling up to the three rivers, and the business is prosperous all over the world.

83. I wish you good luck and smiles in the new year; I also wish us a happy cooperation and good luck in the new year.

84. Wealth rises like the sun rises in the clouds, and profits like spring tides bring rain. The three-foot counter is closely connected to the great cause of four modernizations, and a red heart welcomes guests from all directions.

85. The day before yesterday, the congratulations were a little early, today's congratulations are crowded, tomorrow's congratulations are a little late, and now the congratulations are on time. Congratulations on your prosperous business and prosperity. The wealth is prosperous, reaching all directions. The business is going well, Fu Gao Zhao. Every day is going to fight for gold, and the door is noisy.

86. Get up in the morning and open the door, sincerely welcome the God of Wealth. You make a bow to the God of Wealth, and the God of Wealth will send you a cornucopia. Collect the money at night, and the God of Wealth will give you a golden Pixiu. Prosperity of wealth at a real price, the four seasons of wealth are like a stream of customers. I wish you a prosperous career and a brighter future.

87. Today, the God of Wealth descends into the world, and comes to your home to keep money. The God of Wealth smiled and got rich, and the God of Wealth congratulated everything was auspicious. The opening of the new store has a wide range of financial resources, and the daily progress is made of money. I wish you a prosperous business and a rising life.

88. Business is continuous, prosperity is continuous, happiness is continuous, good fortune is continuous, financial resources are continuous, business is becoming more and more abundant, guests often come, opportunities often come, success comes all the way, happy shop opening, good luck in opening, wish You are happy from now on.

89. Put up an escalator where you need it most to help you climb the peak. At the most critical time, support a small boat to help you swim in the blue ocean. I hope you and the company can help each other, go hand in hand, have one heart and one mind, and create greater glories in the new year.

90. Jinri opened: the plane trees were planted in front of the door, attracting phoenixes. Prosperity store opened, quality first, reputation check. May you stand at the counter, smile brightly, trade smoothly, and make a fortune!

91. The God of Wealth is here to report today. The birthday star surrounds you all year round. I just telegraphed, and I arrived on time when I was happy. Lucky star didn’t sleep last night and insisted on leaning on you. I sincerely wish you smile forever. Lu Shouxi can't run!

92. Open the door to do business, may you be proud from now on, and plan your business carefully. I wish you a prosperous life, perseverance and patience, and may your life be smooth and business prosperous.

93, gongs and drums, firecrackers crackling, blessings to follow, congratulations on the opening of the store, wishing: good luck and auspicious opening, popularity soars, business is booming, money is rolling in, new store Fame is flying, career victory is in sight!

94. The opening of the business is auspicious, I am really happy; the sound of firecrackers, the sky is rushing; the flowers are placed, blessings are here; On the opening day, I wish you good luck and a prosperous career.

95. Knock on the door of wealth with hard work, obtain long-term wealth with integrity, and win vast wealth with harmony. Today's opening is auspicious, and the plump is bright, the gold and jade will be filled immediately, and the financial resources will surely come!

96. My friend, seeing your blessed face, I know that you are a good material for doing business: a pair of bright eyes illuminates the way of "money" and the future; a smiling face welcomes guests from all over the world ; A jade hand, like a lucky cat to attract wealth! Hehe, my friend, I wish you a happy opening!

97. I heard that you have opened for business. Yesterday, the congratulations were a little early, today's congratulations are crowded, and tomorrow's congratulations are a little late. Now the congratulations are on time. Friends, I wish you a happy business and more financial resources. longer than running water.

98. The sun shines, a good day arrives; the flowers are fragrant, the birds are chirping; when it is happy, it is good to open for business; If you are willing to come, the excitement is high; come on time, don't be late!

99. The wealth is high and the eight buckets are ten tops. May you be happy and prosperous!

100. Hanging lanterns, beating drums and gongs, business is prosperous and business is booming. Open the door, welcome the purple air, gold and silver treasures, everything goes well. Good friends, send blessings, business is booming, good luck. Send a text message, it's smooth sailingMake a fortune.

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