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The most auspicious and prosperous idiom

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The most auspicious and prosperous idiom

The most auspicious and prosperous idiom, many people usually use idioms when they speak, using idioms can improve our literary quality and improve our personal image. The idioms of "successful and wealthy" include wealthy, wealthy, wealthy, wealthy and wealthy, and the wealth can rival the country. Learn about the most auspicious and prosperous idioms and related information below.

The most auspicious and prosperous idiom 1


Baifu Jizhen, Fushou Kangning, Ruiqi Demen, Harmony gathering, blessing to the soul, door and lake gift celebration,

Gong Xi Fa Cai, the harvest of five grains, Fu Qi Nanshan, Fu Shou Shuang Quan, Fu Shou Nian Gao, Fu Hui Shuang Xiu,

Demen Jiqing , Shengqi Pianfu, Tanzhi Yingxiang, Welfare Pianfan, Five Blessings Complete, Sanyang Kaitai,

Auspicious Lucky Fortune, Fortune Longevity, Tanqi Diji, Huaxing Ninghui.

Happy New Year

Good luck, five blessings are coming. > There is surplus every year, flowers bloom and wealth, gold and jade fill the hall, bamboo reports peace, fortune and treasure, the house is full of wealth,

New Zhao Ruyi, welcoming the spring and blessing, congratulating Chunli, rich and noble, lucky stars shining, Happy New Years,

everything goes well, blessings and longevity, congratulations on the new jubilee, all the best, Gong Xi Fa Cai, and every year is safe.


Longevity without borders, Bailing Meishou, Rejuvenation, Longevity such as Nanyue, Peach of a thousand years, Songhe dancing phoenix,

Beautiful and wealthy, Magu wine full, Tianbao Jiuru, Qiyi's longevity, Nanshan Xian eulogy, Counting Yan Chunling,

Fuhai Shoushan, Rongji Seventh Rank, Nian Deng Da Lao.

Congratulations on the opening

The grand exhibition, the great cause for the future, the best Acer. > Thousands of merchants gather, thriving. Junye Rixin, Junye Hongkai, Junye Hongtu, Junye Zhaoxing,

Junye Chonglong, Junye Hongye, Kai Zhangjunye, Dingye Restoration , Thousands of Businessmen Gather, Hongxian Exhibition

Her Xiyu

The joy of the family, the harmony of the phoenix and the phoenix, the flying of the wings, the perfect combination, the thousand years of Zhilan, the bridal candle,

The good of Qin and Jin, the symphony of Qin and Jin, the purple air coming from the east, the auspicious star is shining, the newlywed Yaner, the joy of housewarming .

He Lu language

Jinyu full house, turning a thousand steps in the sun, fish leaping over the dragon gate, Jiadi Xingluo, splendid, reaching the peak,

Wealth and glory, inscriptions on the wild tower, drinking to Ce Xun, Yun Cheng Fa Ren, Zhu Huaijin, Yu Yue Longmen.

He Anyu

Guotai Min'an, Shi Yaren, Fengshun Jiaxing, Four Seas Prosperity, Min Yin Guofu, Good Fortune,

The wind is warm and the sun is warm, the society is harmonious, and the bamboo reports peace.

He Dee

Having great virtues, being respected by virtue, being pure and clean, accumulating love and becoming a blessing, being the happiest for kindness, doing my best,

Welcome to Spring

Spring returns to the earth, Sanyang Kaitai, full of spring colors, plum blossoms, auspiciousness in the door, universal celebration,

Everything is bright, everything is radiant, the spring is peaceful, the spring is peaceful, the green is quiet and the spring is deep.

The most auspicious and prosperous idiom 2

The death is auspicious and the phoenix is ​​mingled. High rises, phoenixes come to the ceremonies

Flowers bloom, wealth, talent, high, eight fights, Pepsi, great fortune, great fortune, Sun Yinzi

Do good, auspicious, avoid bad luck p> Wealth, glory and prosperity, the phoenix gathers the country, the people, the strong, the prosperity, the longevity, and the prosperity

The year of life is auspicious and the auspicious day congratulates the new jubilee, wealth and auspiciousness

The auspicious day and the good time of the Yiren in Qiushui, such as the gods, help the green and flowing pills

The weeping phoenix, the phoenix, the auspicious day, the blessed earth, the cave, the sky, the auspicious star, and the bright sky

The flowers are blooming, the rich, auspicious, the good day, and the phoenix and owl's nest is gorgeous and colorful

Slip through great auspiciousness, people, heaven, and heaven, the finishing touches, cranes, and Jiugao

Beautiful scenery, auspicious days, auspicious days, auspicious times, fortunes, blessings, pillows, and gargles

Good luck, self-reliance, self-improvement, bamboo, peace, and good luck

The death is auspicious and romantic, the clouds are bright, the clouds are bright, and the stars are high.

The phoenix comes to the instrument and the sailing is smooth and the kite is flying. Brilliant from the golden wall

Hong Fu Qi Tian Xiang Lin Wei Feng fighting spirit high flowers blooming rich and noble

Fu Shou Mianmian is overjoyed and single-minded Jing Xing Qingyun

Blessing and longevity all over the world A well-known tree of hope and success

Blessings and longevity, powerful, phoenix, auspicious Lin, everything is prosperous, Sanyang Kaitai

Turtle, dragon, scale, phoenix, majesty, auspicious spirit, full of energy and longevity

The turtles, dragons, the linfengs are outstanding, the spirits are harmonious, the spirits are peaceful, and everything is going to be good

Harmony will lead to auspiciousness for a long time. The most auspicious and prosperous idiom 3

The idiom of auspicious fortune and wealth

Year by year, backgammon Prosperity, prosperity and wealth

Prosperity, prosperity, prosperity, business and prosperity

Gold, jade, jade, prosperity, daily progress, gold, money, and wealth

The wealth is rolling in The wealthy dragon and the tiger leap over the dragon gate

The lucky year is auspicious and the lucky year is full of wealth and wealth in the air. There are more than enough flowers to bloom, wealth and wealth to open the market, to make great achievements and great plans

Wealth is coming in and treasures, lucky stars, congratulations on the new jubilee

Wealth and wealth are rolling in, and there are more than auspiciousness every year

Idioms that bring good luck

Every year there is a surplus of flowers to bloom, wealth, gold and jade The whole house is blessed with bamboo

Everything goes well, blessings and longevity congratulate the New Year and all the best

New Zhao Ruyi welcomes the spring and welcomes the blessings to congratulate the spring. Sheng Qi, Pian Fu Tan, Wealthy Wealth, Wealthy Wealth, Pian Fan

Congratulations on Prosperity, Grain and Grain, Fu Qi, Nanshan, Fu Qi and Longevity

Hundred blessings for longevity, Kang Ning Rui, Qi De Gate, Hong Xi gathered

Fortune, wealth, wealth, five blessings, Sanyang Kaitai

Congratulations Hui Shuangxiu

Blessed star shines brightly in the new year and one hundred blessings are presented to the soul gate pool

The four-character idiom of auspicious and prosperous wealth

Great luck Italy's self-improvement, bamboo reports, peace, good luck and good luck

In times of misfortune, auspicious jade trees are in the wind and clouds, Xia Xia, auspicious stars are shining

The phoenix comes to the instrument, and the sailing is smooth and the kite is flying.

Fu Hui Shuang Xiu is prosperous and prosperous, the fish leaps over the dragon gate, and the golden blue and blue splendid

Fu is like the East Sea, auspicious Lin, Wei Feng, and the hall is full of gold and jade.

Fu Shou is full of joy and smiles, wholeheartedly, Jing Xing Qingyun

Heaven is well-known, and the tree of hope for the son, Jackie Chan, and Lili

Fu, Shou, Boundless, Powerful, Phoenix, Xianglin

The turtles, dragons, linfengs stand out, the spirit is harmonious, everything goes well

The harmony will last forever, the spirit will be prosperous and the grains will be prosperous

The owls are the doves, the three Yangs, and the Taishen is soaring Wuzi Dengke

Auspicious and beautiful four-character idiom

Death Chengxiang Fenghuang Laiyi is rising step by step, and there is a phoenix Laiyi

Ziqi Donglai is only high and eight fights Pepsi is auspicious Sun Yinzi

Do good, surrender to auspiciousness and avoid bad luck Prosperity and longevity

Prosperity, wealth, Luanxiang, Phoenix, Guotai, People’s safety, happiness, longevity, and Kangning

Auspicious and auspicious days in the year of lifeCui Liudan

The weeping phoenix, the phoenix, the auspicious day, the blessed earth, the cave, and the sky, the lucky star is shining.

The dragon and the phoenix are auspicious, and the phoenix and owl are in the same nest. Ming Jiu Gao

A good day, a beautiful zodiac, auspicious days, auspicious days, auspicious days, auspicious days, auspicious days, auspicious days, auspicious days, auspicious days, auspicious days, auspicious days, auspicious days, auspicious days, auspiciousness and wealth, pillow flow and gargling stones

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