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68 excerpts from classic New Year's greetings

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The key to gratitude is in return. To repay is to be grateful to those who nurture, cultivate, teach, guide, help, support and even save themselves, and repay them with practical actions through their tenfold and hundredfold efforts. Teacher, happy new year! The following are 68 New Year's greetings that Xiaobian has compiled for you. Welcome to share.

1. Do not move! Raise your hands, those you know stand on the left, those you don't know stand on the right, and those who want to laugh stand in the middle. What about you, put down your phone, put your hands on your head and stand against the wall, and listen to me carefully: I wish you a Happy New Year!

2. I wish the teacher good health and all the best!

3. Teacher, you have inspired me to truly appreciate the grace of nature. Since then, I have understood every green leaf, every cloud and every wave. May my teacher be happy forever.

4. When the Spring Festival is here, I want to give you some money, but I find that you can earn more than me; I want to give you some clothes, but I find that you are prettier than me; ; I want to send you some happiness, but I found that you can laugh more than me; I have to send you four words: Happy Chinese New Year!

5. May our company take off like a giant dragon, our business is as colorful as flowers, our company is as strong and stable as a rock, and our employees are as close as brothers and sisters, May our friends be as evergreen as pine, and may our life be as sweet and complete as honey. Let us wish together: xx has a better future!

6. One (Yuan) starts again, (Dan) eve is coming, expedited special (fast), happy (happy) New Year, weather one (new), (year) more than one year, grand plan ( Big) exhibition, (auspicious) auspicious. I wish you a happy and prosperous new year!

7. When the Spring Festival is coming, I would like to say hello to my friends. I used to have deep friendship over the years, and it is rare to have a good friend in life. I know the cold, the heat and the heart. I wish you a new look in the new year, a happy life and a prosperous life. Prosperity in all things.

8. The Spring Festival is approaching, I wish you in the new year: be happy all the time, be happy all the time, be full of every minute, be at ease every second, be sweet every day, be wonderful every week, make a fortune every month, every season Seasons are romantic, happy every year, and safe every year!

9. I wishYou two have done great things this year! Happy New Year and all the best!

10. There are a thousand paper cranes flying beside you and me, carrying a piece of persistence, two sincerity, three-point expectation, yearning for the four seasons, no regrets, no regrets, all tears, seven cups Good wine, eight points of drunkenness, nine long unforgettable, lifelong companions. Spend the first day of the new year with you!

11. In the New Year, I will give you a wish tree, full of pistachios, lucky plums, rich dates, warm plums, happy peach, happy pear, prosperous chrysanthemum, happy candy, and auspicious flowers!

12. Turn countless thoughts into infinite blessings in my heart, and pray for you silently, you are healthy and happy!

13. The New Year's bell has been struck, and the New Year's calendar has been opened. has become a thing of the past. Brand new opening. The Spring Festival holiday has come to an end, please pack up your mood and welcome the exciting new year!

14. The footsteps of the new year are coming, the door of happiness is opened, the red face is smiling, the auspicious silver snake is around, the rolling wealth is gathered, the prosperous good luck has arrived, and the abundant harvest Full, Chinese New Year, may your dreams come true!

15. The little white monkey is white and white, and my blessings sound: exercise health, be filial to parents and wash dishes, work well and have extra money, career success and promotion, sweet life and true love, friendship Love is brilliant!

16. When Miaoer needs a glass of water, never give a bucket of water; and when they need a bucket of water, never give a glass of water. Giving at the right time and in the right amount is the skill of a good gardener. My teacher, this is also the art of your education. Teacher, happy new year.

17. It's the end of the year again, and the New Year is approaching. I bring the monkey tribe to celebrate the New Year: Happy monkeys accompany you to have fun, docile monkeys will take care of your troubles, auspicious monkeys will give you a good harvest, and colorful monkeys will order for you Bright life is beautiful. I wish you an auspicious new year outlook!

18. In the year of [20XX], there have been disappointments, sorrows and pains, flowers, applause, music, joy, fall and climb, hardships, successes and failures, and vows; [20XX] ] Years to work harder, strive for a career change, smooth sailing, and a happy life with every day!

19. Happy New Year, this is not a conventional wish, but an eternal wish.

20. A star in the sky, a heart on the ground, flashes and flashes to express sincerity, I bless you, I sing for you, I wish you a happy New Year, and may your dreams come true.

21. The New Year is coming, and the SMS blessing will be sent first. The comma brings fortune, the colon brings health together, the quotation marks bring peace and happiness, the period ends with happiness, and all blessings are sent. I wish you a happy new year in advance and a happy life!

22. I want to give you happiness, sweetness and warmth. I wish you the best New Year. I hope every day in the future will be as happy as today!

23. At the end of [ 20XX ], bring a cornucopia, which is full of a year's harvest, put it in the warehouse, empty the pot and start from scratch, may my friend your [ 20XX ] pot: There are piles of happy events, bags of happiness, health and happiness!

24. The troubles of [ 20XX ] drifted away from the clouds in the nine nights. [ 20XX ] Your career is growing like sesame blossoms. [ 20XX ] Fly away like a geese. [ 20XX ] Come down like KFC in the eyes of children.

25. The New Year is here! I want to give you everything that is delicious, beautiful, beautiful, and fun! I wish you good health, peace and happiness!

26. When happiness comes, I stumble and send my greetings; when happiness comes, I send my thoughts; when happiness comes for a long time, send my blessings; when smog comes When I am lost and confused, send my care; when winter comes, it is cool and cool, and send my warmth; when the cold current comes, I hide and send my health; when text messages come, I send it to you Blessing brings warmth and health.

27. You are a flower, very beautiful and fragrant; you are also a flower of wisdom, and your classmates are fascinated by you. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, I wish you this flower blooms better and better, and the fragrance spreads thousands of miles, benefiting the land of Shenzhou!

28. A person's love is valuable, we don't want to see one love one, if we love too much, our love is worthless; friends, the new year is here, I wish you a happy new year! Happy and peaceful life.

29. Christmas and New Year are born with purple smoke, seeing the festival in front of you from a distance, happiness goes down three thousand feet, and happiness floats for nine days. Looking at the Christmas and the New Year horizontally, the distance is safe, the heights are safe, and the festival's true colors are recognized, and the greeting text messages are in front of you. Happy holiday!

30. Lucky monkeys say goodbye to the old year, and golden rabbits come to spring. On the occasion of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, I sincerely wish a happy Spring Festival, family reunion, and good health, happiness and smooth work in the new year! May all go well with you!

31. Xiang Yang resigns, and Jade Monkey welcomes the new year. The New Year is here, I wish you all the best, the two dragons take off, the three sheep are prosperous, the four seasons are safe, the five blessings come to the door, the six or six great successes, the seven stars are shining, the wealth comes from all directions, the nine and nine are concentric, and the perfection is perfect!

32. Gently put down the phone, wet and wet with tears; hot reunion dumplings, crackling New Year's Eve fireworks; trembling silver hair, so much care; lonely wandering far away, New Year's Eve at home Mother!

33. The sun gives you warmth, the moon gives you warmth, and I give you my best wishes for a prosperous new year!

34. The New Year is a beautiful start, hundreds of millions of dollars follow you, and happiness will never leave you!

35. When the New Year comes, wear new clothes and new hats, stay young forever, never get old; eat dumplings and set off firecrackers, worry-free, no worries; receive blessings and get red envelopes, work smoothly and earn high income; I wish you a happy life, happy Taotao!

36. I wish you a prosperous New Year and full of children and grandchildren!

37. It's time to welcome the new year. I wish you a prosperous career and happiness in the new year!

38. Sending you health is a gift. Send you contentment, that is wealth. Send you confidence, that is the character. Sending you concern is the most sincere blessing. Wish you a Happy New Year! safe and happy!

39. Life is rich and exciting, and happiness and hard work follow closely. Years of sweat and tiredness, in exchange for a lot of fruit. The outstanding and advanced are all you, and the bonuses and dividends are not lost. May you work hard in XXXX years, the company will prosper and you will be the most beautiful!

40. Heartfelt greetings, a string of sincere blessings, and a piece of deep affection, riding the short breath of love, traversing thousands of mountains and rivers, floating into your heart. Wish you a Happy New Year!

41. Good luck in the Spring Festival, good things come early! Friends smile, joy surrounds you! Flowers open to you, birds call to you. Live a happy and fulfilling life! Festive! Festive! I wish the baby a safe and prosperous Chinese New Year!

42. The mighty rooster looks up and struts forward. Bring blessings to the world, congratulations on opening the door and accepting the "chicken" wealth. Ji Ji licks away your melancholy, and enjoys happiness, health and happiness. May you have no troubles in the new year, and have a good harvest in career and love!

43. A song is sung from the New Year to the New Year, full of joy. A dance jumped from a jade horse to a silver rooster, jumping for joy. A blessing WeChat spread from New Year's Eve to the first day of the new year, year after year of happiness. I wish you a new year: follow the spirit of the New Year and sing the New Year's morning song!

44. The New Year is here, I will give you a coat, the front is peace, the back is happiness, auspicious is the collar, Ruyi is the sleeve, happiness is the button, the pocket is full of warmth, put it on, let it Accompany you every day! happy New Year!

45. The New Year is here, and the blessings are not forgotten. There are few contacts and friendships are very strong. There are not many reasons to say. This time, all representatives wish to congratulate the whole family on a Happy New Year. Laugh, happy life is more wonderful!

46. Busy green work greetings are much less, but worries are always entangled in my heart, friendship will never change due to busyness, and I can't refuse my thoughts at any time. The New Year is here, no matter if you are a high-ranking official or a part-time worker with a low salary. May you be happy and healthy, and your life is sunny!

47. The New Year is coming, and several buddies such as "happiness", "happy", "wealth", "health" and so on want to get together with you to get in touch with you. Don't forget to treat your guests at that time, these friends will have good gifts to give you will not make you suffer. Wish you a Happy New Year.

48. People are still the same, things are still the same, and it's the new year again. Think or forget, this is ordinary. Today is good, tomorrow is better, I sincerely wish. Love is also true, meaning is also cut, always in the heart. Happy New Year!

49. Your care is meticulous, your exhortations never stop, your eyes follow all the way, and your figure will always be in my heart. Dear mother, I sincerely wish you health and longevity, eternal youth, and happy new year mother!

50, xx people have been on the road and have been making progress! [ 20XX ], transformation, accumulation, accumulation; [ 20XX ], innovation, change, leap! I wish all xx colleagues a new year and a happy new year!

51. Happy New Year to you! I wish you good health, a better mood, and a more beautiful person! Life is getting more and more romantic! happy New Year!

52. Please turn on the mobile phone of Huan Sing, collect my blessings, let the sweetness reach your heart, happiness beside you, and happiness roam with you. Happy New Year!

53. Happy Chinese New Year, my friends! May you be happy every year, every month and every month will go smoothly, every day is joyful and worry-free, always happy and joyful, always full of vigor, bless you!

54. I wish you a lot of money, like a fat pig; a great body, as strong as a bear; sweet love, as beautiful as a bee; good luck, as much as a cow's hair; Fly higher and higher like Dapeng.

55. On October 10, I will send you a very healthy body, a very happy mood, a very beautiful wife, a very smooth career, and a very warm family. I wish you a perfect day! Friends, happy new year!

56. Air conditioners can't cool the flames of youth, color TVs can't interpret the colors of youth, MP can't play the tone of the years, movies are far less excellent than life, but messages can entrust my sincere wishes: Happy Spring Festival !

57. The Spring Festival holiday is over, and the information is reported in time; blessings will surround you, and it will be wonderful after the festival; all worries and sorrows are thrown away, and happy work is the best; You: Go to work after the festival and have a good luck, happy work and happy leisure!

58. Looking back [ 20XX ] I feel a lot of emotion. I have tasted the ups and downs. Looking forward to the high starting point of [ 20XX ], the advanced planning will be successful, I wish you good luck and fortune, and a happy and healthy life.

59. In the sound of firecrackers, one year old is removed, the company has a good future, the employees are motivated, and a bright future is ahead. In the New Year, the morning sun is picturesque, the sky and the earth dance together, the snow is flying to send wealth, and the red sky is full of good luck. At the beginning of the new year, I wish the company a bright future, and wish the employees a happy increase.

60. May there be no darkness in heaven, may there be no fear in heaven, may it be sunny forever in heaven, may true love last forever in heaven, it's New Year, send text messages, and may the deceased children bloom with bright smiles in heaven !

61. The most beautiful thing in the world is childhood, what I remember most is the past, and what I think about the most is the past; unfortunately you and I have not been children for many years, and now I just focus on making money; I wish you a happy new year like childhood and success forever!

62. The [teaching] room is full of books, [the teacher] is busy with preaching and teaching, [the festival] is full of blessings, [happy] happy and warm-hearted, [happy] this is not tired brilliant. Happy New Year. Teacher, happy new year!

63. When the cold dew arrives, the fruits are ripe, and all of them bring true blessings. I send oranges, I wish you peace and prosperity; Looking forward! Friends, happy new year!

64. I know your hobbies, so when the new year is coming, I will give you a lollipop, a diaper, a pair of crotch pants, and a piece of snot. Don't get excited, hold the gift and reminisce . Have a great new year!

65. People who have not passed the postgraduate entrance examination review are not worthy of falling in love with us!

66. Giving birth to me is a heart-wrenching pain. Raising me is a painstaking effort. Nurturing me is a whitehead who forgets to sleep and eat. The most sincere blessings on holy festivals are given to the most Great you, happy holidays. Mom, happy new year!

67. I have a kind and virtuous mother who loves me dearly. Her face is round, her skin is white, her dark eyes are full of kindness and love, and her mouth always has a sweet smile. In my heart, my mother is the most beautiful mother in the world. Mom, happy new year!

68. The wind blows, the spring in March, the grass grows in the south of the Yangtze River, the water in the north of the Yangtze River is warm, the plum fragrance outside the ridge is filled with soft willows, and it is the season of outing to find fragrance. In fact, what I want to say is... new [ 20XX ] The year is coming, spring is blooming, when will you invite me to dinner.

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