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New Year's Greetings Idioms

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New Year's greetings for the Year of the Tiger Recommendation: New Year's greetings Recommendation: Tiger New Year Idioms Recommendation: Tiger New Year Idioms Recommendation: New Year's Greetings Idioms Recommendation: Related Recommendations New Year's Greetings Idioms p> New Year's Greeting Idioms【1】

1. The dust settles and the old year comes to an end. Greetings will not be broken, and affection will remain. The wandering of life, the care of relatives, the way home is not far away. Happy New Year, I wish you a new year, a new vision, and a new chapter in your career!

2. National Rise

3. Shine brightly

4. Four seasons of peace

5. All industries are prosperous

6. Send you a New Year's joy, let you forget your troubles; send you a couplet of wealth and honor, let your career take off; send you a bright starry night, let you dream continuously; send you a blessing of good luck, let you You are always happy. Happy new year to you!

7. Don't be annoyed because you have less contact at ordinary times. Everyone has their own things, and they can't be pushed. Now that the New Year is here, the busyness has to be thrown away. Be in a good mood and be happy to find it yourself. Relaxing and happy, I wish you a good life! Happy New Year, lucky stars shine!

8. Tower near the water

9. Happy New Year holidays: I wish my friends, good health, happiness; happiness without boundaries, happiness; brilliant career, happiness; continuous good luck, happiness; peace and happiness forever; Happy, happy; love is sweet, happy!

10. Take it easy

11. New Year's mobilization: release your happiness, show your enthusiasm, show your smile, show your 'vigor, enjoy the joy of the festival, celebrate the new year, and don't forget to take out your RMB and send Click on the blessing message!

12. Five-star high photos

13. The New Year is coming. On the days of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, I would like to send you away your troubles and usher in happiness, send away your stress and usher in health, send away your disappointments and usher in success, and send away your accidents and usher in peace and happiness. Hope you have a happy new year.

14. Fu Lu Double Star

15. Money from all directions

16. The New Year is coming as scheduled, and I wish you a new year: I wish you a new year, good health, promotion and salary increase, a happy life, and a good relationship with people. Finally, I want to wish you a good laugh and all the best! p> 17. I am the Hong Kong Royal Police. You have been surrounded by our Happy New Year and good luck in everything. Accepting the blessing is the only way out! Otherwise, there will be more rainy days in the Year of the Ox shooting at you happily every day! Happy New Year!

18. After the New Year, there are fewer celebrations, fewer text messages, and fewer blessings. Fortunately, I didn't forget you, and the blessings are still sent. The Chinese New Year is coming soon. I wish you a Happy New Year in advance and all the best!

19. Two dragons take off

20. Happy New Year! I wish you in the new year: your career is just at noon, your body is as strong as a tiger, your money is innumerable, your work is not hard, your leisure is like a monkey, and your romance is like a musical score. You must be happy! p> 21. Friendship is not long or short, but sincerity is enough; blessings are not too much, but the time is right; text messages are not long or short, but sincerity is enough. Happy New Year, I wish you peace and happiness, Happy New Year!

22. Family happiness

23. When the New Year is here, I will greet each other with heartfelt greetings and sincereThe blessings, pieces of deep affection, riding the text messages of love, crossed thousands of mountains and rivers, and floated into your heart. Happy New Year!

24. Promotion and fortune

25. The New Year is coming, and everyone has sent a lot of text messages to wish you, which basically represents my heart. In addition, I will add one more thing: you need to have a round hairstyle and a happy smile on your face, so as to match the happy round egg!

New Year's Greetings Idioms [2]

The sailing is smooth, the two dragons take off, the three sheep are open to Thailand, the four seasons are safe, the five blessings are in the door, the six or six are smooth, the seven stars are shining, the wealth comes from all directions, the nine and nine are concentric, and the perfection is perfect.

Happy New Year, the spirit of Longma, everything goes well, a hundred feet of success, Gong Xi Fa Cai, more than every year,

Everything is successful, the family is happy, the people are strong and the horses are strong, the wishes come true, and it is logical to rise step by step

The nation rises and shines brightly. The spirit of Longma is bright and smooth, and it is a matter of course. Zhang Yuejuxing

Relax, Ode to Nine Rus, Evergreen Pines and Cypresses, Blessed East Sea, Longevity, Nanshan, Nanshan Ode

Distinctive, step-by-step promotion, promotion and fortune, wealth and wealth, close to the water tower

Promotion and fortune, wealth and wealth, near water and building, the four seas will be brighter, and the journey will be thousands of miles;

The longevity of the sea house, the years of the pine forest, the Jichou of Qingyan, the spring breeze of Pengdao, the grand opening of the Shoucheng, the Xuanchou of Qingyan

The sun and the moon are forever bright, I wish the infinite longevity, the crane's longevity increases the longevity, and I enshrine the longevity

Heaven bestows pure leave, Jin Jue, Trillium, Blessings, blessings, and blessings, the two stars in the sky, the two stars in the sky, the pine and cypresses in the spring, the Huatang grows together, the peach blossoms and the management

A family of auspicious spirits, two spirits of harmony, three-star Gongdo, four seasons of peace, five-stars high, and six animals prosperous

Hung's case is full of eyebrows, extremely Wu Lianhui, Hesuan Tongtian, Shouyu Tongdeng, Chunxuan Bingmao, all blessings at home, two stars in the sky

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