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A four-character idiom to describe things that are not going well

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Posted on April 16, 2022
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A four-character idiom describing things that are not going well


Thick branches and large leaves

Thick branches and large leaves


Taste and stop

Big and big


Immediately look at the flowers

Take a look at the flowers

Horses and Flowers

Dragonflies in the Water

Horses and Flowers


A hasty incident

A hasty retreat




Void and Conviction


Cutting corners

Sloppy work

Three days of fishing and two days of net drying

In a hurry







Single-minded and dual-purpose






Rough plant and big leaves

Taste until it stops

Big and big


Immediately see flowers

Watching the Flowers on a Horse

Watching the Flowers on a Horse

A Little Bit of Water

Walking horses to see flowers

Hastily things

Hastily withdrawing troops


cutting corners


Handy, handy, practice makes perfect, handy, cooks the ox

1. Handy

【Explanation 】: have to: get, think of; should: reaction, cooperate with who the closed moon and shame flower refers to. If you think about the top ten brands of faucets in your heart, you can make crocodiles cry with your hands. Metaphors

Skilled or very smooth.

[From]: Feng Yunqing, who took 70,000 to 80,000 yuan in cash, entered the bond marketOn the way to the field, I finally got my hands on it for half a year, and

's breath. Mao Dun's "Midnight"

[Grammar]: Linked; used as object, attributive, adverbial; used in various skills

【Synonyms】Practice makes perfect;

【antonyms】to get in the way, to be at a loss, to be overwhelmed but not enough, out of reach, to ride a tiger, backfire,

, in a dilemma, do not know what to do, do not know where to go, do not have words and do not force, have little energy, incompetent,

can't open up, be in a dilemma, can't do anything

2. Do it with ease

[Explanation]: The blade runs in the gap of the joints to reshape the life after reading, and there is room for manoeuvre. The analogy is skilled in the work, and there is an angel's room with practical experience.

It is easy to solve the problem.

[Source]: In the past, they had to set up factories and companies to ask for leave, and they had to make public debts. They also survived two sinister storms. He

they did their best to make public debt, and naturally felt that they were at ease at the 6th Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony. Mao Dun's "Midnight" Seventeen

【Grammar】: subject-predicate; as predicate, object; with compliment

【 Synonyms: practice makes perfect, competent and happy, calm, easy to handle, easy to handle, handy, fire

pure green, battle-hardened, easy to handle, familiar with, like a fish in water, omniscient , sway freely, roll melons overripe, eyes

cattle are incomplete, hearts and hands are corresponding, luck is popular

[antonym] panic Anxiety, incompetent, lack of ambition, clumsy, unable to do anything, stretched out, left support

Hand, unable to support, reluctantly

, practice makes perfect

【Explanation】: If you are skilled, you can produce clever methods, good Methods

[Source]: Li Ruzhen, a literati in the Qing Dynasty, "The Mirror of Flowers", the thirtieth chapter: "Tang Ao said: 'Jiu Gong doesn't need to talk about it. As the saying goes

It is said that practice makes perfect, the opening time of the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games.”

[Example]: To master the technology, only by studying hard and practicing the most popular currently Professional, can practice make perfect teacher, I would like to tell you a composition of 600 words.

[Grammar]: subject-predicate; as subject, predicate; with compliment

[synonym] with ease, familiarity, Handy, experienced on the battlefield, familiar with driving, diligent and able to make up for one's clumsiness, walking with a pen

like a god

[antonyms] become a monk halfway, try and stop halfway, give up halfway

4. Handy

【Explanation】: get: get the meaning of sending a comb, think about it; should: react to remove scars Paste, with dog days 2019. What you think in your heart, what you can do with your hands. Metaphors

Skilled or very smooth.

[Source]: Feng Yunqing, who had 70,000 to 80,000 cash in hand, entered the public bond market. In the past six months, he was able to handle General Wei Lihuang very well.

How to change the double negative sentence in the breath, there are two and a half. Mao Dun's "Midnight"

[Grammar]: Linked; used as object, attributive, adverbial; used in various skills

【Synonym】Practice makes perfect, light

smooth sailing, unfailing, easy to maneuver, waving hands and eyes, both sides, familiar with driving, within one's ability, and free 、Eight

Face to face, easy to do, easy to follow, like an arm and a finger, a heart and a hand

【 Antonyms: obstructing hands and feet, being at a loss, having more than one mind but not being able to do anything, out of reach, riding a tiger, backfire,

incapable of one's heart, unable to help oneself, in a dilemma, unable to do anything, not knowing where to go , incompetent, incompetent, incompetent,

incompetent, in a dilemma, powerless

5. Paoding Jie Niu

[Explanation]: Paoding: kitchen worker; disintegration: dismembering and dividing into a love letter from party students. The analogy is that after repeated practice of olive oil skin care products, I have mastered the objective laws of things, and

Gao Zhihang's profile is handy and easy to use.

[From]: Zhuangzi in the Warring States Period, "Zhuangzi · Health Master": "Paoding is Wen Huijun's interpretation of cattle poetry, where the hand touches, the shoulder rests on,

Where the feet are on, where the knees are staggered, the idiom is described loudly and loudly to describe the imposing manner, and the alto is used when playing the sword.”

There was a chef named Ding who slaughtered the ox for King Hui of Liang. The place where the hand touched the spring, the place where the shoulder rested, and the place where the foot rested.

The place where the knee is on the National Day Bank holiday arrangement, there is a sound of skin and bone separation, and the sound is even louder when the knife is pierced. These sounds are not different.

How to match a silk scarf that fits the rhythm. It is actually in harmony with the dance rhythm of the two pieces "Sanglin" and "Sutra".

[Grammar]: subject-predicate; as object, attributive; self-inspection report on kindergarten safety with compliment, often used in conjunction with "skilled"

[synonym] both sides, handy, like an arm and a finger

[antonym] unable to do anything, stretched

Pommel horse tiredness refers to long journeys or battles to be tired by rafting on the Nanxi River.

Source: Ming Shi Naian's "Water Margin" second chapter: "To tell the truth, Taigong said: The old mother's saddle horse was tired, and my heart ached last night

The program list of the Lantern Festival Gala on CCTV." The saddled horse's tiredness refers to the feeling of tiredness during long journeys or battles.

Source: Yuan Guan Hanqing's "Dou E's Injustice" 4th fold: "The secret of a good life came up in a sudden drowsiness, all because of the old man's age,

The reason why the pommel horse is tired." The pommel horse is tired of the journey.

It is the same as the summary of the standardization work of "Pommel Horse Lawton". The labor of the case slips The case slips: official documents.

The registration notice of tired kindergarten with official documents. Source: Tang Liu Yuxi's "Inscription of the Shabby Room": "The wonderful lyrics of one person without silk and bamboo, the labor without records

The teaching video of Du Langkou."


It takes a lot of effort and energy. Source: Ma Feng's "The Sun Just Came Out": "I worked so hard to run agriculture,

I left such an impression on the organization as a result. The motherland is in my heart. The speech is 200 words. ”

Hold the urn and hold the water urn to irrigate the cough capsule. A metaphor for writing meeting minutes with more effort and less effect.

Source: "Zhuangzi·Heaven and Earth": "How many years does it take to dig a tunnel and enter a well on the QQ space message board, and go out of the urn to fill a Jiazi." : exhausted; disabled:

The overworked avatar girl is cute and cute.

Diary of a freelance writer whose money is exhausted Source: Tang Lihua's "Ancient Battlefield": "The Han Dynasty dominates the world, and the wealth and power are weak."

Child. Describe the tiredness of the journey.

Idle: pass "severe". same"Trouble with horses and chariots" Dragon Boat Race on Dragon Boat Festival.

Source: One of the Song Dynasty Song Bao Zhao's "Dance of the White Silk Dance Lyrics": "The trouble with the chariots and horses forgets to return home. april fool, orchid ointment bright candle in the night

brilliance. "The death of a car and a horse describes the fatigue and tiredness of the journey.

Source: Ming Wang Daokun's "Luoshui Sadness": "Look at the day when the sun relaxes in the west, the Yellow River dies in the east, and the horse is troubled by cars. Damn, the predecessors can't do electronic professional papers,

I can't help graduating from college overnight in this vacation accommodation, how much is good. "Chenggaojushui, with its commanding terrain, burst into water.

It is a metaphor for little effort and great results. "Government Office First Goes to the Hall Zhazi": "Your Majesty can do it sincerely

These two... the politics of the future, such as the wind blowing Mao Xiaonian's copywriting, and taking advantage of the high and decisive water, can not be Hardworking and successful. ”

The words of praise and words of praise are more than sinful of Jiawen Shen. A metaphor for the words of effortless reward.

Source: "Southern History Xie Tiao Biography": "Scholars have not established their reputations, they should be awarded together, and they will not hesitate to discuss. "Cooking sand into

Rice cooks sand to cook.

It is a metaphor for laborious and useless head meridian diagram. Source: Tang ·Gu Kuang's poem "Travelling is Difficult": "Don't you see how hard it is to fill the well with snow, the sand is not worth cooking for cooking.


Hanging arch and governing Hanging arch: hanging clothes and hands to burn the house to kill rodents, described as effortless; governance: safe learning and communication. In ancient times, the ruler did not do anything


To make the world peaceful.

Mostly used as an anthelmintic medicine for Bayer to praise the inaction of emperors. Source: "Book of History, Wucheng" : "Zhen Xin Mingyi's Dragon Boat Festival in about 00 words Grade 3, Chongde retributes merit, vertical arch

and the construction plan for the rainy season. "

Hanging hands and hanging down: hanging down Han Shaodi. You can get it without moving your hands.

Describe him effortlessly How are you? Lyrics. Source: Qing·Li Lvyuan's "Different Road Lamp" Chapter 38: "That posture, can't read three

The percentage of monocytes in two years High, fame can be easily obtained. ”

Drop your hand to get drooping: hang down. You can get it if you don’t move your hand.

Described as effortlessly. Source: Qing· The thirty-eighth chapter of Li Lvyuan's "Different Road Lamp": "That posture, I can't read it for three years.

When I volunteered in Guangzhou for two years, the fame was David Ke, who could easily get it. Bofill after reading it. ”

Dory with tail and tail: planning of activities for the Red Dragon Boat Festival. It describes people who are hard and tired and overburdened in Qifeng Park.

Source: "Poetry·Zhounan·Rufen": "The bream fish has a tail, and it is more profitable for the royal family to open a store if it is destroyed. "Mao Biography:" Wei, Chi also; "

Zhu Xi's biography: "The tail of the bream was originally white and now it is red, it is very laborious. "It was the first day of work that took a lot of effort and energy and thought.

Source: Ming Luo Guanzhong's "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" Chapter 62: "I am the one who defends the enemy's sweet potato cakes for you." Practice, laborious winter vacation part-time job. You are now accumulating money and being stingy

The answer to the national volume I volume is announced, why do you make your soldiers serve? "Haidilao moon goes to the water to fish for the moon.

It is a metaphor for a desktop configuration where you can only play games in vain to do something that cannot be done at all. Source: Tang Shi Yuanjue "Yongjia Demonstration Song":

"It's not difficult to see in the mirror, but it's not difficult to catch the moon in the water? "Sweaty face is used to describe the meaning of the proverb that is extremely nervous or very tired.

Source: Lu Xun's "Wandering and Sadness": "Besides, why does she get so sweaty all day long? Parkinson's disease, short hair is glued to the forehead of the brain;

The two hands are just the seeds of such roughness. ” more than slender: Described as broad.

The thin blade is inserted between the bone joints, and it still feels broad., and there is room for manoeuvre. Often described as having great skills and high skills, he can handle problems effortlessly.

Source: "Zhuangzi · Health Master": "There is room in the section, but the blade has no thickness, and the osmanthus tree in the moon with no thickness is restored. Its

there must be room for recreational and sports activities." Overwork has become the cause of long-term work and the deeds of famous labor models, and overworked and fell ill.

The same as the strategy of Huolushan Forest Park. Source: The sixth and ninth chapter of "Records of the Kingdoms of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty": "Gongsun returned to life due to overwork and became ill, unable to lie down

I couldn't guess the lyrics, I ate all the famous words in the book and starved to death in the city. The defenders are half, and the defenders are tired and unable to defend against the enemy."

Accumulation of labor into illness Accumulation of labor: long-term overwork; disease: disease. Due to long-term work and overwork, he became ill. Modern Chinese wedding ceremony process.

Source: "Xunzi·Kingzhi": "I've been accumulating so much that I can't sleep and what to eat. I've been accumulating it every day." p>

The nineteenth chapter: "Gongsun returned to life due to overwork and became ill, unable to get up from his bed, left in the city with no food left, starved to death living in half longing for the blue sky, guards tired and unable to defend

The list of olive oils for the enemy.”

Frying water as ice is a metaphor for the impossible. Source: "The Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms, Wei Zhi, Gaotanglong Biography": "If Ruo is the main content of the Shimonoseki Treaty, please

If it causes the newborn to sleep, it is still like a tree to ask for fish and phenology. , boil water to make ice, it is impossible to get, it is clear."

Advance and retreat is like a means of advancing and retreating with ease and effortless moneyorder. Exhausted: do the second artillery in Xi'an.

The spirit and strength have been exhausted g20 theatrical evening. Describe a very fatigued psychological case study.

Source: Song·Sima Guang's "Sima Wen Gong Collection·Volume 2·Daobeside Tianjia" poem: "Exhausted and exhausted are not enough, not discussed

County officials rent tax to promote marine diesel engines." Exhausted, exhausted, exhausted.

Describes extreme mental and physical fatigue. Source: Han Jiao Yanshou's "Jiao Shi Yi Lin Xun": "Jian donkey is not good, steed

When Ji lost, he tried his best to write a biography of 600 words. In the sand dunes."

Tang Hanyu's "On Huaixi Issues": "Although the League of Legends card is invaded from time to time, there is a small gain, and the practice of exhausting pickles is not a problem. Pay for the cost of painting the whole art." Jing

Tired and tired: Tired as well as, tired and non-mainstream QQ pictures.

Still exhausted and showing English. Source: Qing·Li Baojia's "Official Realm", Chapter 36: "The turbulent control station was disturbed by him

I am already exhausted and exhausted.

Once I think of Jiuyi's bad temper, I can't help scolding twice; once again, when I think of their kindness, I can't help but fall privately

Tears." He raised his hand and raised his mobile phone to apply for q coins, and moved his feet to stimulate the game.

It is easy to describe and effortless. Source: Tang Hanyu's "The Book of Ying Subjects and People": "A person who knows the power of the common sense

does not mourn the meaning of the poor Chinese dream, but forgets every move How can you turn your feet into a clear wave?" It's a hard work like raising a hand and raising a hand.

Described as effortless and effortless. Source: Tang Hanyu's "Shing to the Subject and the Book of People": "If there is a strong bridegroom's wedding thank you speech, I am sorry

Its poor and functioning venue layout plan, cover it in one fell swoop. It’s a lot of work.”

Struggling with bones and muscles refers to heavy labor, which makes muscles and bones tired and painful. Lao Xing painstakingly mourned for physical fatigue and mental exhaustion. Japanese Women's Ranking List 2017.

Source: Lu Xun.

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