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Idioms expressing good wishes

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This idiom collection provides you with idioms that express good wishes. This content includes many idioms that express good wishes. Some idioms have pinyin and interpretation, which means The idioms of good wishes are all excerpted from the idiom dictionary, I hope these idioms expressing good wishes can help you.

Good luck

[ jí xiáng rú yì ] , meaning: auspicious: auspicious. As you please. Praise the happiness of others more often.


[ ē mí tuó fó ], Interpretation: Buddhism refers to the largest Buddha in the Western Paradise, also translated as Buddha of Infinite Life or Buddha of Infinite Light. People who believe in Buddhism use the name of the Buddha orally recite it to express prayers or thanks to the gods. [ Brahma amitābha ]

Change with each passing day

[ rì xīn yuè yì ] , meaning: there are new changes every day and every month. Describe the rapid development and progress: the face of the motherland ~.

Splendid future

[ jǐn xiù qián chéng ] , meaning: a bright future like a splendid future. Describe the future is very good.

To attract wealth and wealth

[ zhāo cái jìn bǎo ] , meaning: to attract wealth and wealth.

Meiyi Yannian

[ měi yì yán nián ] , meaning: a good mood can prolong life. Often make congratulatory speeches. "Xunzi: To the Scholar": "To win the crowd, to extend the years of beauty." Beauty: optimism.

A thousand words

[ qiān yán wàn yǔ ] , meaning: to describe a lot of words.

Infinite Shouyuan

[ shòu yuán wú liàng ] , Interpretation: Shouyuan: longevity; Infinite: no limit. An ode to longevity.

Hong Fu Qi Tian

[ hóng fú qí tiān ] , meaning: Hong: Great. In the old days, it was a great blessing to praise people.

bounty happiness

[ fú rú dōng hǎi ] , meaning: words of blessing. May one's blessings be as vast and boundless as the East China Sea. Often used in conjunction with "Shoubi Nanshan". Ming Hongyu's "Qingping Mountain Hall Script: Flower Lantern Sedan Chair Lotus Girl Becomes a Buddha": "Shoubi Nanshan, blessings like the East Sea, a good time. From now on, children and grandchildren will prosper, all of them will go to Danchi."

prolong life

[ yán nián yì shòu ] , meaning: increase the age, prolong life. "Gao Tang Fu" written by Chu and Song Yu in the Warring States Period: "Nine orifices open to depression, stagnation of spirit, and prolong life for thousands of years."

Yishi IKEA

[ yí shì yí jiā ] , definition: to describe family harmony, husband and wife harmony.

Safe journey

[ yī lù píng ān ] , meaning: no accident occurred during the journey. It is also used as a blessing to those who go out.

Prosperity in wealth

[ cái yùn hēng tōng ] , meaning: prosperous: accessible, smooth. Good luck in getting rich, making money very smoothly.

Bailing Meishou

[ bǎi líng méi shòu ] , meaning: Meishou: longevity. A blessing for a long life.


[ yì qì fēng fā ] , meaning: to describe the spirit of high spirits and high spirits.

Congratulations on the New Jubilee

[ gōng hè xīn xǐ ] , meaning: Jubilee: auspicious and happy. Respectfully congratulate a happy and auspicious New Year. Chinese New Year phrases.

A bucket of gold every day

[ rì jìn dǒu jīn ] , meaning: one bucket of gold can be collected a day. Describe making a fortune.

The talent of the heart is like a heart, the heart is like the sea, the heart is like the heart, the eyebrows are high, the air is bright, the six animals are prosperous and rich, and the title is happy. Reasonable and reasonable, secluded, elevated, extraordinary, long life, wealth, and housewarming, beautiful and beautiful, the fifth generation, its prosperity, a hundred battles, a hundred victories, dragon and phoenix, auspiciousness, prosperity, and prosperity Xia Taiping, nine turns, success, flirting, perseverance, perseverance, eachother, swearing, changing stars and changing talents > Outstanding

[ chū lèi bá cuì ] , Interpretation: "Mencius Gongsun Chou Shang": "Because of its class, it is outstanding." Refers to beyond the ordinary (mostly used to describe morality) , ability). Out: beyond. Pull: exceed. Cui (cuì): the appearance of overgrown grass, a metaphor for a group of people or things.

Fusion of water and milk

[ shuǐ rǔ jiāo róng ] , meaning: water and milk are fused together, which is a metaphor for a very harmonious relationship or a very close combination.

Life and longevity

[ rén shòu nián fēng ] , meaning: a person who is healthy and mature. Describe the scene of peace and prosperity.

Call forward and hold back

[ qián hū hòu yōng ] , meaning: someone in front shouts to open the way, and someone behind protects it. In the old days, it was described that officials traveled, and there were many entourages.

Everything is prosperous

[ wàn shì hēng tōng ] , meaning: Hengtong: Tongda went smoothly. Everything went well.


[ zhēng zhēng rì shàng ] , meaning: to describe the development of things every day: our motherland~. Steaming: A rising and prosperous look.

Step by step to rise

[ bù bù gāo shēng ] , meaning: step by step: means that the distance is very short; high rise: to go up. Refers to rising positions.

Eight-faced majesty

[ bā miàn wēi fēng ] , meaning: to describe a person full of air.

Everything goes well

[ wàn shì rú yì ] , meaning: wishful thinking: in line with the heart. Everything is in line with the heart, very smooth.

Leading the horse

[ yī mǎ dāng xiān ] , meaning: to lead or take the lead in combat.

Lucky Star Gaozhao

[ fú xīng gāo zhào ] , meaning: to describe a person who is very lucky and blessed.

Phoenix Yufei

[ fèng huáng yú fēi ] , meaning: This refers to the phoenix and the phoenix flying together. It is a metaphor for husband and wife and good affection. Often used to wish people a happy marriage.

Respect each other like a guest

[ xiāng jìng rú bīn ] , meaning: "Zuo Zhuan·Xi Gong Thirty-three Years": "Jiuji (person's name) envoy , excessive hope, see hope lack (peopleName) Nu, and his wife is fond of her, respectful, and treats each other like a guest. ” Describes a husband and wife respecting each other as if they were a guest.

Longevity 100 years old

[ cháng mìng bǎi suì ] Live to be one hundred years old. It is often used as a word for blessing longevity.

National Peace and Peace

[ guó tài mín ān ] , meaning: the country is peaceful and the people are happy. Tai: Peaceful, stable.

Heart to Heart

[ xīn xīn xiāng yìn ] , meaning: to describe each other's emotional connection without language explanation, and the same mind. Seal: combine.

Sparrows congratulate each other

[ yàn què xiāng hè ] , meaning: Sparrows congratulate each other because the building has a place to live. Later It is mostly used to congratulate the completion of the new house.

The joy of getting the tile

[ nòng wǎ zhī xǐ ] , meaning: get the tile: the ancients gave the tile to the girl I hope she can become a female worker in the future. In the past, it was often used to congratulate people on the birth of a girl.

a long history

[ yuán yuǎn liú cháng ], meaning: 1. The source is far away, and the process is very long: the Yangtze River is a big river of ~.","2. The metaphor has a long history.


[ xīn xīn xiàng róng ]


span> , Interpretation: Describes the prosperous growth of vegetation. Jin Taoqian's "Returning Ci": "Mu Xin is prosperous. ” Later refers to the vigorous development of business and prosperity.

Everything is going well

[ wàn shì dà jí ] , meaning: 1. Describes that everything is going well .","2. Everything has been done.

Double happiness at the door

[ shuāng xǐ lín mén ] , meaning: two happy events together Arrival.

All in one mind

[ wàn zhòng yī xīn ] , meaning: Tens of thousands of people are of one mind. It describes unity.

Husband sings wife accompany

[ fū chàng fù suí ] , meaning: metaphor for husband and wife to cooperate with each other and act in the same way. Also refers to husband and wife harmony.

Longevity is boundless

[ wàn shòu wú jiāng ] , meaning: Praise for health and longevity. "Book of Songs, Binfeng, July": "Zhi he is in the court, called him Siyu, and his longevity is boundless. . "

reaching the peak

[ dēng fēng zào jí ] , meaning: the metaphor has reached a very high level. Qing Gu Yanwu's "Book with People Seventeen": " Junwen's disease lies in having Han and Europe. If you have this path in your heart, you will never get rid of the word "reliance" for the rest of your life, and you will never be able to reach the pinnacle. "Create: reach. Pole: the highest point.

beat gongs and drums

[ qiāo luó dǎ gǔ ] , meaning: 1. Refers to congratulations. ","2. Described as making a lot of noise and promoting public opinion.

A Hundred Years of Harmony

[ bǎi nián hǎo hé ] , meaning: husband and wife will always be together Good meaning.

Tianbao Jiuru

[ tiān bǎo jiǔ rú ] , meaning: Tianbao: the title of the chapter in "Book of Songs Xiaoya"; Jiuru: Nine "ru" characters are used consecutively in this poem, which means to congratulate the longevity and longevity. In the old days, congratulations on the longevity of longevity.

The joy of Nongzhang

[ nòng zhāng zhī xǐ ] , meaning: Yiyi: The ancients gave a boy to play with Zhang, hoping that he would have the same character as jade in the future. It was often used to congratulate people on the birth of a boy.

Soaring high

[ fēi huáng téng dá ] , meaning: a metaphor for a person's sudden success, and the rapid rise of official position and status. The original is soaring. Tang Hanyu's poem "Fu Shucheng South": "I can't take care of the toad." Feihuang: The name of a god horse in ancient legends, it runs very fast. Tenda: It looks like a high jump.

Dragon Horse Spirit

[ lóng mǎ jīng shén ] , paraphrase: Li Ying's poem "Shang Pei Jin Gong" in Tang Dynasty: "Four dynasties worry about the country's temples like silk. , the spirit of the dragon and the horse in the sea crane pose." Later, it was used as a metaphor for the vigorous spirit.

Success at the start of a horse

[ mǎ dào chéng gōng ] , meaning: In ancient times, when fighting a war, it was often used to wish for a quick victory with the words "victory at the start of the day, and success at the moment of success". It is now used to describe the accomplishment of the work as soon as one gets there.

Shoubi Nanshan

[ shòu bǐ nán shān ] , meaning: life is as long as Zhongnan Mountain. It is used as a tribute to the elderly (mostly used in conjunction with "Fu Ru Donghai"; Nanshan, referring to Zhongnanshan, in the south of Xi'an, Shaanxi).


[ yī xīn yī yì ] , meaning: single-mindedness, single-mindedness.

Golden and jade full hall

[ jīn yù mǎn táng ] , meaning: hall: a tall hall. The hall is full of gold and jade treasures. Describe a wealth of wealth. Also described as knowledgeable.

Five men and two women

[ wǔ nán èr nǚ ] , meaning: there are five sons and two women. Later, it is used to indicate that the descendants are prosperous and blessed. Song Shi often painted and printed pictures of five men and two women on paper or gifts to express blessings.

Wuzi Dengke

[ wǔ zǐ dēng kē ] , meaning: used as a blessing or auspicious word for marriage.

cold remarks

[ lěng yán lěng yǔ ] , meaning: a sarcastic remark from the side or the opposite.

The melody

[ qín sè hé míng ] , meaning:

to grow old

[ bái tóu dào lǎo ] , meaning: white head: white hair. Husband and wife love each other until old age.

Magu Xianshou

[ má gū xiàn shòu ] , meaning: offering: to give something to an elder or a loved one. Means birthday congratulations.

Carry forward

[ fā yáng guāng dà ] , meaning: to develop, expand or improve a career or fine work style, tradition, etc. on the original basis.

Dream Bear's Joy

[ mèng xióng zhī xǐ ] , meaning: Dream Bear: refers to giving birth to a boy. Words of congratulations on the birth of a boy.

The harvest of five grains is abundant

[ wǔ gǔ fēng dēng ] , meaning: a bumper harvest of five grains. Refers to the harvest of food. Deng: The crops are mature.

Ambition to succeed

[ yǒu zhì jìng chéng ] , meaning: actually: finally. As long as there is determination and perseverance, things will succeed in the end.

Spring Breeze

[ chūn fēng dé yì ] , Interpretation: Tang Dynasty Meng Jiao's "After Dengke" poem: "The spring breeze is proud of horseshoe disease, and you can see all the Chang'an flowers in one day. ." Describes the feeling of pride after being admitted to the jinshi. Later, "Spring Breeze Proud" was used to call Jinshi Jidi, and it was also used to describe people's complacent appearance when they were successful in officialdom or career.

One hundred years old together

[ bǎi nián xié lǎo ] , meaning: together: common. Refers to the husband and wife to grow old together.

Fish WaterHarmony

[ yú shuǐ hé xié ] , meaning: to describe the harmonious relationship between husband and wife.

Shoushan Fuhai

[ shòu shān fú hǎi ] , meaning: longevity is as long as a mountain, and blessings are as big as the sea. In the old days, it was used to wish people long life and happiness.

Urgent public goodness

[ jí gōng hào yì ] , meaning: enthusiastic to do good things for everyone, willing to help others.


[ shí quán shí měi ] , meaning: perfect in every way, without flaws: people have flaws, how can they~ ?

More money and good Jia

[ duō cái shàn gǔ ] , Interpretation: This is a lot of money and good Jia. The more money you have, the easier it is to do business. When the conditions are met, things are easy to accomplish. "Han Feizi Five Beetles": "There is a vulgar saying: 'Long sleeves are good at dancing, and more money is good at Jia.' This statement is rich and easy to work." Jia (gǔ).

Smooth sailing

[ yī fān fēng shùn ] , meaning: the boat is full of sails and sails with the wind. The parable goes very smoothly, without hindrance.

Sanyang Kaitai

[ sān yáng kāi tài ] , Interpretation: "Book of Changes" calls the lines connected as yang hexagrams, and the broken ones as yin lines , the first month is the Thai hexagram, and the three yangs are born in the lower; the winter goes to the spring, the yin disappears and the yang grows, and there is a sign of auspiciousness. It is often used to praise the beginning of the year or to imply auspiciousness.

Rong Xie couple

[ róng xié kàng lì ] , meaning: I wish a harmonious and beautiful couple.

Ranked in the top

[ míng liè qián máo ] , meaning: to be listed in the front. When marching in ancient times, the one who walked in front with a Mao (as a flag) was called Qian Mao. "Zuo Zhuan·Xuangong Twelve Years": "There is no consideration for the former."

The flower is beautiful and the moon is full

[ huā hǎo yuè yuán ] , meaning: metaphor A beautiful and fulfilling life. Mostly used as a wedding eulogy.

High mountains and flowing waters

[ gāo shān liú shuǐ ] , meaning: 1. It is also said that flowing waters are high mountains. "Lie Zi Tang Wen" records that in the Spring and Autumn Period, Boya was good at playing the qin, and Zhong Ziqi was good at listening to the qin. When Boya played the qin once, the sound of the qin was like a mountain at times and like water at times. Only Zhong Ziqi could understand the meaning. Later, "high mountains and flowing water" was used as a metaphor for bosom friend or bosom friend. It is also used as a metaphor for the elegance and sophistication of music. ","2. Music. It is based on the story of Boya's drumming in "The Spring and Autumn Period of Lu's Family". "Flowing Water" played by Zhang Kongshan, a qin artist in the Qing Dynasty, is one of the most popular pieces in modern times.

Great auspiciousness

[ dà jí dà lì ] , meaning: very auspicious and smooth. It was used for divination and blessing in ancient times.

The longevity of the turtle and crane

[ guī hè xiá shòu ] , meaning: a ode to wish people long life. "Bao Puzi · Conversation with Customs": "Know the longevity of turtles and cranes, so follow the way to increase the years." Xia (xiá).

Pengcheng Wanli

[ péng chéng wàn lǐ ] , paraphrase: "Zhuangzi·Xiaoyaoyou" said that the Dapeng migrated from Beiming to the South China Sea , the water strikes three thousand miles, and the wind travels up to ninety thousand miles. Later used as a metaphor for the future.

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