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A collection of 200 blessings with two idioms

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Idioms about blessings

Idioms about blessings 1

1. A family of auspicious spirit

2. Erqi Yonghe

3. Three-star Gongdo

4. Four Seasons Peace

5. Five-star Gaozhao

6. Smooth sailing

7. Double Dragons Playing Pearls

8. Sanyang Kaitai

9. Four Seasons Fortune

10 , five blessings come to the door

11, six or six Dashun

12, seven stars hold the moon

13, eight-faced spring breeze

14, nine

15. Perfection

16. Flowers and full moon

17. Family fun

18. Happy in it

19. Gong Xi Fa Cai

20. Money is rolling in

21. Longma spirit

22. High spirits

23. Smooth sailing

24. Naturally

25. Chapters, Moons, Sentences, Stars

26. Scattered

27. Step by Step

28. Promotion and fortune

29. Prosperity of wealth

30. Building near the water

31. Calm and calm

32. Ode to Jiuru

33、Pine and Cypress Evergreen

34、Fu Ru Donghai

35、Shoubi Nanshan

36、Nanshan Ode

37. Sea House Extends Longevity

38. Years of Pine Forest

39. Qingyan Jichou

40. Pengdao Spring Breeze

41. Shoucheng Hongkai

42. Qing Yanxuanchou

43. Heaven-sent Pure Holiday

44. Jinjue Trillium

45. Saying goodbye to a holiday

46. Fu Lu Shuangxing

47. Growing old together

48. Double stars in the sky

49、Double stars and brilliance


Idioms about blessing 2

Non-stop: The metaphor goes forward without stopping.

Success right away: Describes success at the very beginning of a job.

Soon to be successful: Describes that things are going well, and that a victory has been won from the very beginning.

Longma spirit describes the spirit of being healthy and full of energy.

When one horse takes the lead in fighting or doing things, he is not afraid of difficulties and bravely walks ahead of others.

Yutang Jinma Yutang: The name of the palace in the Han Dynasty; Jinma: the name of the palace gate in the Han Dynasty, also known as "Golden Gate". In the old days, it was a metaphor for excellent learning and wealth.

Fast Horse and Whip Add a whip to a fast horse to make the horse run faster. The metaphor is to go faster, to speed up.

Thousands of galloping horses Thousands of knives are running and leaping. Describes a mass activity with great momentum or a lively scene.

Fantastic, unconstrained and elegant.

Thousands of troops and horses Describes a large number of soldiers and a strong momentum.

The horse's head is forward-looking: Forward-looking: looking forward or upward. Looking at the direction of my horse's head, I decided to advance and retreat. A metaphor for following someone's actions.

Six Horses Yangmo Describes the beautiful sound of music, even the horses raise their heads to listen and do not eat feed. Mazu Lonza: It refers to galloping on the frontiers and gaining prestige outside the territory. Lonza, a desert place in Saibei. The horse is strong and the man is strong: It is said that the man is strong and the horse is strong. Describes the military's combat effectiveness or military capacity is very strong.

Horses and Waters: Describes a continuous lively scene with a lot of cars and horses coming and going. Ma Yan Che Tian: Describes the many vehicles and horses, very lively.

Horses like swimming fish: Describe the bustling scene of people and horses. With "horse like a dragon".

Ma Ruyoulong: describe the bustling crowdbustling scene.

The horse is like flowing water: Describes the hustle and bustle of people and horses.

Ma enters Huashan: It means the world is at peace and no more wars.

Blessings with horse characters 1. When the year of the horse arrives, the spirit is good, and the efficiency of getting up early and going to bed early is high. Work is smooth and smooth, and success is the first to never worry. The flowers of love are blooming, and the love is sweet and happy. The relatives are healthy and the family is happy. I wish good luck non-stop, and the fortunes are galloping!

Blessings with horse characters 2, 20xx is coming, and I will send you a "horse gift". Horse eyes, reunion and a happy Lantern Festival life; horse whiskers, longevity noodles, longevity; Ma Zi, happy rice is always with you; horse eggs, Ruyi steamed buns are happy year after year. Happy Year of the Horse and all the best.

Blessings with horse characters 3, 20xx, send you a happy horse, help you drive away troubles and happy heart; send you a healthy horse, protect and escort your health; send you A rich horse will accompany you to make money and advance your career; I will send you a happy horse, and may your life be sweet and picturesque. I wish you a happy New Year of the Horse, safe and good luck, and always embrace each other!

Blessings with horse characters4. I wish you dragons and horses can fly and be vigorous, and the pearl of spiritual horses can be realized. Painting horses will not add enough strength, and you can take the lead in work. May you live a happy life and your career will be successful!

Blessings with horse characters 5. The year of the horse is coming, may Lingma bring you good luck, take care of health, and embrace wealth; help you bypass the ditch, Crossing thousands of waters and thousands of mountains; I invite you to appreciate the prosperity of the world and enjoy the beauty of life; to take care of the five blessings of the year of the horse, fortune, longevity, happiness and wealth for you, and to enjoy the four seasons of the year of the horse, peace, wealth and good luck!

Bring 6. When the year of the horse comes, the spirit is shaking, and the horses are galloping to create a career. Take the lead in swallowing mountains and rivers, and have a successful career and high performance. Good luck shines high, gold and silver treasures are held in the arms. Wife and children are laughing, happy every day. 20xx is the year of the horse, I wish you happiness and good luck!

Blessings with horse characters 7. When the year of the horse arrives, the horse will succeed in creating great achievements. When the year of the horse arrives, good luck comes first. When the year of the horse arrives, thousands of horses galloping friends come. When the year of the horse arrives, the spirit of Longma smiles. I wish you a happy Year of the Horse and good luck 20xx! Blessings with horse characters 8, 20xx arrives, magpies are chirping, snow flowers are blooming and red plums are around; the year of the horse is wonderful, the gongs and drums are beating, the singing is bright and the sun is shining; the year of the horse Well, the spring is frequent, and I wish Mianmian the joy of laughter in China. May you be in 20xx career chattering, love blooming, mood frequently, and happiness to take pictures.

Blessings with horse characters 9, 20xx New Year's Day, the year of the snake and the horse, I hope you can feel my thoughts, and my blessings will run to you first, I wish 20xx a happy New Year's Day, whipping and jumping The horse welcomes the year of the horse, and the success of the horse is yours! 'Blessings with the horse character 10, the prancing horse whips the whip and strives for the hoof, the man is strong and the horse is strong and the body is strong, and the spirit of the dragon and horse is passed down from generation to generation. Say goodbye to the best of luck, and you will be the best when you are successful!

Idioms about blessing 3

Do your best to manage the old and make new ones

Look up to see the joy, and take steps to welcome the spring

Everything is going well, the four seasons are safe

The firecrackers are blaring, and the one yuan will start again

The reeds are repeated, and the Vientiane is renewed

Spring returns to the earth, the sun warms the country


The sheep welcome the good fortune, and the year will end in Yongkang

Spring returns to the earth, the country is prosperous

Everything is successful, the family is happy,

The industry is prosperous

The six animals are prosperous, the two spirits are harmonious

the four modernizations are together, and one heart is shared

The heaven and the earth are upright, the sun and the moon are shining

The rhythm is resistant to the spring breeze, Qing Yi night rain

Mei Xiang Que rhyme, willow green spring breeze

Ding Xin reform old, Yuli prosperous

Sanyang Qitai, four Huaxingbang

Spring is dazzling, and the country is full of dragons

The eulogy of pepper flowers, the cypress wine welcomes the spring

All directions are beautiful, and a room is bright

The tree bears the rain and the dew, and the flower shines in the spring

The spring is near the house, and the plum tree is happy

Kyushu Cathay, Liuhe Spring Festival

The spring is full of face, Rui The door is full of air

The wind is clear, the sun is bright, the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant

The lucky stars are shining, everything is prosperous

The heart of the door is full of water, and the thing is the same as the spring

Reaching for the best, and sharing happiness

Idioms about blessings 4

Guoguang rises up the people's morale, the country prospers and the people are healthy

National Anqing Year of Life The golden rooster announces the dawn, the purple swallow takes the title of spring

The chicken dances and the horse competes for the spring. DixiAbundant spirit, spring breeze, willows, magpies, and plum blossoms

everything goes well at four o'clock, peace and prosperity, and elephants make great selfless

at four o'clock, auspicious, eight festivals, well-being, sky, prosperity, prosperity, prosperity, and China

The Yan dance is safe and sound in the Chinese New Year, auspicious, and there are more than a hundred flowers to present auspiciousness

Hundred flowers bloom, ten thousand horses are galloping, and the whole family is full of happiness in the spring

Celebrating the clouds, the sun, the grass, and the beautiful people in the spring

The picturesque sun and the moon are all spring, the rivers and mountains will forever be the motherland Changchun

The red plum presents the year, the magpie sings the spring, the flowers are fragrant, the four seasons are full of the moon

The flowers welcome the spring, work hard to reform the old and the new look up and see the joy

Walking up to the spring, empty talk, wrong country, hard work, and prosperity of the country

Policies return to the heart Chinese auspicious clouds hold the sun

Auspicious fighting in the sky, auspicious light fills the house with joy and happiness, plum blossoms and spring letters

Bamboo reports good news, plum fragrance, magpie rhyme, willow green, spring breeze and healthy years

abundance In the new year, Hua Honghu has achieved aspirations, peaches and plums compete for spring, happiness, wind and harmony

The full moon and a round of flowers welcome the spring and make efforts to reform the old and bring new ones

Looking up to see the joy and stepping into the spring, empty talk about wronging the country, doing hard work and rejuvenating the country

Idioms about blessings 5

1. Shine brightly, be in the spirit of Longma, be in high spirits, be smooth sailing, and be logical.

2. Six or six Dashun, seven stars shine, wealth comes from all directions, ninety-nine concentric, perfect.

3. The Hong case has the same eyebrows, the extremely Wu Lianhui, the crane counts the same Tim, the Shou Yu Tong Deng, and the Chun Xuan are flourishing.

4. Get promoted and make a fortune, with abundant wealth, close to the water, the world will be brighter, and the journey will be thousands of miles.

5. All your wishes come true, it is logical, step by step, the sun and the moon are bright, and I wish you infinite longevity.

6. Extremely Wulianhui, Hesuan Tongtian, Shouyu Tongdeng, Chun Xuan and prosperous, and the family is full of blessings.

7. Three-star Gongdo, four seasons are safe, five stars are shining, six animals are prosperous, and the case is full of eyebrows.

8. The sea house adds longevity, the pine forest years, Qingyan Jichou, the spring breeze of Pengdao, and the longevity of the city.

9. Smooth sailing, two dragons take off, three sheep are open to Thailand, four seasons are safe, and five blessings are coming.

10. The pine and cypress are in the same spring, the Huatang grows together, the peach blossoms are connected, and the sailing is smooth.

11. The ode to Jiuru, the evergreen pines and cypresses, the blessing of the East China Sea, the longevity of Nanshan, and the ode to Nanshan.

12. It is said to be a blessing and a blessing. The two stars of blessing and luck will grow old together. The two stars in the sky will shine together.

13. It is a matter of course, rising step by step, the rise of the nation, and shining brightly. Ryoma spirit.

14, in high spirits, smooth sailing, logical, chapter moon sentence star, poised.

15. Longevity is more than Nanshan.

16. The world will be brighter, the journey will be thousands of miles, everything will be successful, the family will be happy, and the people will be strong and strong.

17, a hundred feet of success, Gong Xi Fa Cai, more than every year.

18. Five stars are shining brightly, six animals are prosperous, dotted with stars, rising step by step, promotion and making a fortune.

19. Dotted with stars, rising step by step, promotion and making a fortune, wealth and wealth, close to water towers.

20, Crane Shou and Shou, Bong Shou, Happy New Year, Dragon Horse Spirit, all the best.

21. Happy New Year, the spirit of Longma, everything goes well, a hundred feet of success, Gong Xi Fa Cai.

22. Two dragons take off, three sheep are open to Thailand, four seasons are safe, five blessings come to the door, and six or six great successes.

23. The sea house adds longevity, the pine forest years, Qingyan Jichou, the spring breeze of Pengdao, the longevity city is open.

24. The family is blessed with two stars in the sky, the six animals are prosperous, the family is auspicious, and the second gas is peaceful.

25. Seven stars shine brightly, wealth comes from all directions, nine and nine are concentric, and the two stars in the sky are perfect.

26. Double stars in the sky, double stars are shining together, pines and cypresses are in the same spring, Huatang grows old together, and peach blossoms are connected with each other.

27. The case is full of eyebrows.

28, Qing Yanxuanchou, calm and composed, the ode to Jiuru, the pines and cypresses are evergreen, and the blessing is like the East China Sea.

29. Zhang Yuejuxing, a family of auspicious spirits, two Qi Yonghe, three-star Gongdo, and four seasons of peace.

30. One family is auspicious, the second is Yonghe, the three-star arcade, the four seasons are safe, and the five-star high shine.

31. Every year is more than enough, everything is successful, the family is happy, the people are strong and the horses are strong, and everything you want will come true.

32. Chunxuan and prosperous, full of happiness in the family, double stars in the sky, the rise of the nation.

33. Celebrating Yanxuanchou, the sun and the moon are ever bright, I wish Immeasurable longevity, the crane's longevity increases the longevity, and the longevity is enshrined.

34, God bestows pure leave, Jin Jue trillium, called Yu Zhu leave, Fu Lu double star, grow old together.

35. Wealth is prosperous, near water towers, promotions and fortunes, prosperous financial resources, near water towers.

Idioms about blessings 6

1. I wish you a long life, a long life, a beautiful mountain, beautiful scenery, beautiful outside, and a combination of Chinese and foreign. Far, far, far away, live and work in peace and contentment!

2. I wish my friends good luck and smooth sailing.

3. Bless life; be happy, return full of rewards, return to the original, pure jade and gold, Jincheng Tangchi, the calamity of pond fish, the calamity of pond fish, the fish eyes are mixed with pearls, the jewels are shining, and the aura is high.

4. Bless the career: smooth sailing, smooth water and human feelings, situation changes with the situation, thousands of changes, thousands of troops, horses, success, fame, matter-of-fact, important, and accomplished.

5. Blessings for men and women: happy, elated, the fire distinguishes the sun, the time is long, the long story is short, the one is the best, the two or eight beautiful women, the human beings are human, the love is compatible, and the family is happy.

6. Valentine's Day is coming, I wish you all the things you want to do, pair up, be a song to wine, sing to your heart, like-minded, happy family, unbearable joy!

7. I wish everyone in the Year of the Dragon: the dragon and the phoenix are prosperous, the auspicious clouds are auspicious, the air is flowing through the rainbow, the fire is prosperous, the fire is prosperous, the fortune is prosperous, the holy spirit of civil and military affairs, the five grains are prosperous, the peak is high, and the auspicious stars are shining.

8. Wishing love: feeling the heavens and the earth, the earth will last forever, sticking together for a long time, connecting brothers and feet, winning even battles, getting married, smiling, happy, happy, not thinking about Shu, one of the best, two dragons playing pearls, a perfect match , Hehemeimei, a beautiful home.

9. I wish my friends, all the best, high spirits, high spirits, up and down, one heart, one heart, one family, one business, one success, one wind...

10 , I wish you a fortune, a prosperous fortune, a pass from the south to the north, the honor of the Big Dipper, the moon before the moon, the Xia Mingyu Ying, everything you need, leisurely, singing and dancing, the harvest is abundant, and the peak is reached!

11. I wish you: a wealth of wealth, perfection, beauty, a new look, everything you want, sincerity, the same purpose, and success.

12. I hope that there are lovers in the world: a hundred years of harmony, harmony and beauty, beautiful and beautiful, with a new look, all wishes come true, sincerity, high spirits, carry forward, and achieve great goals.

13. I wish the motherland, the country is prosperous and the people are prosperous, the weather is good, the weather is good, the talents are abundant, the world is safe, the people are prosperous, the country is prosperous, the world is peaceful and prosperous, and we are realistic.

14. Blessing friends for success: good luck in everything, high-spirited, strong-willed, strong-minded, well-known at home and abroad, bright outside and bright inside, bright eyes and teeth, thousands of miles in size.

15. Bless my mother: wide-hearted and fat, fat, thin and healthy, beautiful and peaceful, healthy and auspicious, peaceful and demure, refreshed, prosperous, rich and glorious.

16. Bless the blind date partner: love at first sight, special liking, Zhongling Yuxiu, beautiful and magical, whimsical, resounding in the sky, Xiao Cao avoids the banquet, the treasure on the banquet.

17. Bless the world: cast armor and sell the war, singing and dancing, peaceful wind and waves, Jingxing Qingyun, cloud journey thousands of miles, courtesy exchanges, long-term future in Japan, long-term peace, peace and contentment, luxuriant foliage, prosperous and strong!

18. Bless a lifetime, make money and have the right way, the way is in human beings, the most joyful is to do good, to live in peace, to live in peace, to be senior, and to practice deeply.

19. Describe a person's successful experience: calm down → can't wait → wait for another move → world-famous → famous all over the world → Haibo is not surprised → amazing → not taking a penny → winning the trust of the people → what the people want

20. Bless everyone, the family is rich in gold, the quality of metal is jade, the quality is not wild, the wild is virtuous, the virtuous founder, the sincerity is sincere, the spirit is high, the anger is strong, the good news is remembered, the news is happy, the joy is chased The face blooms, the flowers bear fruit, and the fruit ripens.

21. I wish myself a happy and happy every day, a happy adult, beautiful and beautiful, collect the incomplete, eat less, wear less clothes and eat less food > 22. I wish my parents good health and good health. I wish my heart and heart to achieve success, and I will be Wang and Wang Zuozhi's talents. I will be victorious and victorious.

23. I wish my friends to be happy and think every day. Everything is accomplished in every day, high clouds and light water, friendship is as deep as the sea, the sea and the sky24. May you be satisfied, make a blockbuster, come out in large numbers, be ingenious, turn danger into avoidance, convince people with reason, treat benevolence in the same way, get twice the result with half the effort, get rid of grievances with a glass of wine, and look far ahead , Invincible, lively and alive!

25. Bless the beautiful scenery, the pleasant scenery, the peach blossoms on the face, the flowers are red and willow green, the green waters and green mountains, the mountains are full of makeup, the magnificent mountains and rivers, the rivers are sloping, the moon is falling, the flowers are falling, the water is catching the moon, the moon is white and the wind is clear, and the sky is clear. , The sun and the moon are beautiful, the sky is clear and the sun is white, the snow is white, the spring rain is like oil, and the scenery is pleasant!

26. I wish for study: be well-versed, generalist and master of studies, learn to be rich in five cars, the car is in front of the horse, the future is boundless, good teachers and friends, definite goals, ten people nine admire, ten lines at present, sailing thousands of miles, standing bookcases, stand out!

27. I wish you happiness, fortune and wealth, all-powerful and all-wise, full of self-satisfaction, full of joy, joy from the sky, heart-to-heart, heart-to-heart, silver screen and golden house, all the time!

28. I wish my younger brother, the right place and the people, the harmony and the auspiciousness, the auspicious phoenix, the phoenix in the flying, the soaring and the yellow, the people of Da Shitong, the dragon among the people, the spirit of the dragon and the horse, the spirit of harmony, the Taishan Mountain Beidou.

29. Bless my brother: take the lead, gain the upper hand, fight for life, be full of vigor, clear the clouds and see the sun, change with each passing day, move mountains and seas, massive and magnanimous, independent majesty, and infinite scenery!

30. Blessing tomorrow, forever and ever, a long history of wind and dust, dusty, swaying, sprinkled with silver, radiance is new, new people and new things, new and new!

31. I wish you happiness, longevity and prosperity, rather than bending, everything goes well, high-spirited, rich, rich to rival the country, the country is beautiful and beautiful, and self-improvement.

32. Bless friends, be proud of life, be in high spirits, be strong, keep fit, be considerate, be powerful, have a beautiful life, have a happy life, be red-faced, be radiant, and have a prosperous life.

33. Blessing friends, friendship is evergreen, Qingyun is unstoppable, rising step by step, promotion and fortune, wealth, wealth, promotion, official transport, success in the past and present, excellence, refreshed spirit, riches, A rich life!

34. I wish you a happy smile, a sincere meeting, different opinions, like-minded people, famous, famous all over the world, accommodating all rivers, expressive, creative, talented and perfect!

35. Bless the brothers: good gold and beautiful jade, jade trees facing the wind, graceful demeanor, handsome son, filial piety to father, kindness unparalleled, double happiness in the door, the door is like a city, everything goes well, what you want and what you want come true Great ambition, full of self-satisfaction, full of experience.

36. May you be happy, prosperous, prosperous and rich, keep your rules upright, rise step by step, live frugally, work hard, be high-spirited, make a fortune, be rich and honorable, be at the top of the list, and be at your fingertips!

37. In a busy life, I wish you: combine work and rest, enjoy family life, be happy to forget about worries, make a difference, make great achievements, become famous, have a long-standing reputation, gain both fame and fortune, come handy, and change in the coming year it is good!

38. May you work hard, be as powerful as an ox, be as arrogant as the sky, have the right time and place, work hard to manage the country, be on the list, be famous all over the world, have a vast sea and sky, be unprecedented, and a rising star!

39. Blessings of love, deep in love, oblivious, confused, sweet and tender, love the sky and hate the sea, eachother, dreaming. The ancients say the present, and the golden and jade have a good relationship.

40. Love between you and me: deep affection, relive old dreams, dream wandering, have an end and a beginning, be consistent, fall in love at first sight, agree with each other, and live in harmony.

41. May you, my dear, be as beautiful as a fairy, a fairy descended to the earth, with flowers like brocade, a splendid future, riding the wind and waves, bright eyes and sparse eyebrows, picturesque eyebrows, flowers and moon appearance, appearance than Diao Chan!

42. I wish you the Year of the Dragon, there is more than enough money, rice, rice beads, osmanthus, fragrance of osmanthus, Xianglun Baoqi, victory at the start, victory friends like clouds, cloud windows and clouds, households It is limited to wearing, piercing and chiseling, and can talk about it.

Idioms about blessings 7

Six Six Great Shun

【Explanation】Blessing people with good luck in everything.

[Source] From "Zuo Zhuan": "The ruler's righteousness, the minister's conduct, the father's kindness, the son's filial piety, the brother's love, the younger brother's respect, these numbers are tired and called the six obedience."

Always laughing

【Explanation】 refers to facing life with a good attitude.

【Expand】It is often used to bless others with a healthy mentality.

Academic success

【Explanation】Academic success.

[outDepartment] A few years later, those who have succeeded in their studies will listen to the recommendation of the academic officials, what grades the Mongolians are, and what are the officials of all kinds of people. "The History of the Yuan Dynasty: The Biography of Buhumu"

Anything that comes to mind

【Explanation】Anything that comes to mind can be successful. Often used for blessings.

【Expand】The word "I want to make things happen" has no definition in the regular dictionary. It is a widely circulated blessing word for people wishing each other the success of their work.

Long Miles

【Explanation】Future: the future. The metaphor has a bright future and is limitless.

[Source] Tang Yuchishu's "Southern Chu News": "This place has a long way to go."

Leading the pack

【Explanation】Originally refers to the charge of the horse in front of the battle. Describe the leading. It is also a metaphor for working in front of the masses and actively taking the lead.

[Source] Ming Shi Nai'an's "Water Margin" Chapter 96: "Even if the troops are lined up, the horses take the lead and gallop down the mountain, as if the sky is falling and the earth is falling."


Idioms about blessings 8

Everything goes well: People love to use it as a good blessing to each other in ceremonial communication.

Prosperity in wealth: good luck in making a fortune, making money very smoothly.

Flying Yellow Tengda: Describes a galloping horse. It is a metaphor for sudden success and a rapid rise in official status.

Smooth sailing: The boat is sailing with full sails. The metaphor is that things go smoothly without any obstacles.

The harvest of the harvest: the harvest: the harvest of the crops is on the field to be sun-dried. It means a good harvest and a bumper crop.

Happy brows: The mood of joy is expressed from the eyebrows and eyes. Auspicious stars are shining: Jixing: refers to the three stars of good fortune, wealth and longevity. The auspicious star shines high.

Idiom 9 about blessing ·Ode to Nine Rus·Evergreen Pines and Cypresses·Unparalleled Service·Nanshan Praise

·Shoufu Kangning·Xinghui Nanhui·Chiying Respect·Queen Mother Longevity·Turtle and Crane Longevity

·Yellow-haired teeth ·Sea house added funds ·Beautiful meaning to prolong life ·Cure disease and prolong life ·Feng in middle age

·Shoushan Fuhai · Evergreen pines and cypresses · Unparalleled service · Everlasting sun and moon · Blessing Longevity

·Crane Longevity·Fengshan Shangshou·Sea House Longevity·Pine Forest Years·Qingyan Jichou

·Pengdao Spring Breeze·Shoucheng Hongkai·Qingyan Xuanchou·Tianci Pure Fake·Jinjue Trillium

·Beitang Xuanmao·Cizhufenghe·Xuanhua Tingxiu·Magu's birthday·green leaves

About blessings Idioms 10

1. Happy forever, Nayongkang is famous all over the world

2. Live and work in peace and contentment in the middle of the day

3. Prosperity and prosperity

4. Innocent and radiant and prosperous from all directions

5. Must be full of good luck and have a special liking

6. Satisfied with honor The stars hold the moon

7. Fudi, Dongtian, rich, auspicious and auspicious grand plan

8. Smooth sailing, dreams come true, and prosperous world

9. Respect for the longevity of Nanshan with the old man Lifetime

10. Happy brows and offering plum blossoms to the whole family

11. Jingxingqingyun is considerate and resistant to the spring breeze

12. Pupeng Island Spring Breeze

13. The Spring Breeze of Purgatory and the First Case

14. Congratulations on the New Year’s Eve.

15. Wuyangchun

16. Phoenix is ​​flying beautifully and gets rich.

17. Honghu Dezhi is among the best and full of joy

18. Run to the four modernizations

19. The road is smooth and the years are updated and perfect.

20. Fuzhi’s heart bursts into the wind and clouds.

21. Yongjie is full of spring breeze and goods are like rotation

22. The bright and sunny day opened the door, and it has a good reputation for a long time

23. The husband, singer, and wife are rolling with the five lakes and springs.

24. p>

25. Prosperity in wealth, prosperity, wealth, prosperity, wealth, prosperity, wealth, prosperity, wealth, prosperity, prosperity, wealth, prosperity, prosperity, prosperity, prosperity, prosperity, prosperity, prosperity and prosperity with each passing day.

26. p> 28, bodyImmediately, the cypress wine welcomes the spring, and the nine days embrace the moon

29. Both wealth and color are prosperous and prosperous, and the dragon and the country are prosperous.


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