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New Year's Eve greetings jingle idioms

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New Year's Eve Blessings Idioms

1. When the New Year comes, I just want to say to you: This year's Spring Festival must be specially spent, especially happy, especially comfortable, especially happy, so I will Don't worry!

2. The New Year chicken (picture) enters the harmony and prosperity of the motherland, and the chicken (spit) cannot escape It is the prosperity and health of the people! The year of the rooster is coming, I wish my parents good health! 3. Home is a forever harbor, and home is a place that will always accommodate you. In this happy moment of family celebration and family reunion, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the most caring family members. Happy Chinese New Year from relatives and friends. Happy New Year!

4. The old and the young gather together for good fortune, and every family is reunited and happy; the New Year's Eve is prosperous, and the rabbits are greeted sweetly; The Spring Festival and Valentine's Day are two festivals, and I wish my friends more happiness! Happy New Year!

5. It is the social spirit of flattery and pragmatism, positive progress, clean government, rule of law, freedom and democracy, competition and cooperation. The best social and political image of China is the best 'international discourse power'.

6. Stick the Spring Festival couplets with four seasons of peace, write blessing stickers with peace and health, hang lanterns with happiness and beauty, and send wishes with sincerity. Today is New Year's Eve, and I wish you a happy family reunion. Happy New Year's Eve!

7. New Year's Eve SMS Daquan - The rooster goes back to the mountains, the rooster comes from the moon palace; bring back the letter of Chang'e, I wish you a fortune!

8. The golden rooster welcomes the spring, National Security. Blessings spread all over the world and warm hundreds of millions of families. The motherland is stronger and the people are happier.

9. Send a sincere greeting, wish you a happy new year every word; send a string of deep blessings, pray for a safe New Year every minute; pass a deep heart , I wish you a happy New Year!

10. The descendants of Yan and Huang welcome the Year of the Rooster. Good health and well-being, talent in writing, dragon and chicken, clever tricks, good luck and good luck, New Year's Eve bless me the earliest, I wish the Year of the Rooster a happy family!

11. The New Year's Eve dinner is on the table , full of sour, spicy, sweet and sweet, braised bright and smooth mood, steamed auspicious and happy long, stir-fried fortune and wealth, boiled safe and healthy, simmered in sauce, romantic love fragrance, cold and refreshing. I wish friends a family reunion on New Year's Eve, and good luck!

12. New Year's Eve dinner, reunion dinner, sound of firecrackers, the whole family is safe; , everything goes well with the heart and the wealth is wide; the nectar wine, the happy feast, the life is full of smiles. Text message editing, blessing writing, good wishes are boundless.

13. You combine gold, silver and small fortunes into thousands of family fortunes; use your vigor, heroism, courage, and courage to exchange for a group of peace; send my most sincere wishes, wishes and wishes, and give them to you together : I wish you a happy Spring Festival and a year of prosperity.

14. At this time of year, blessings are like the ocean rushing towards you. I hope my blessings are like a light boat, riding the wind and waves to the other side of success! I wish everyone a happy New Year! All the best! Happy family! Enter! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

15. Silently miss it deeply, silently miss the inseparable, silently bless the truest, silently care about forever in my heart, silently wait for the Spring Festival to come, silently bless the Spring Festival Happy, reunion, and joyful!

16. New year is coming, I wish you: Facing love, "spring" is proud; Facing career, "festival" is climbing; Facing the world, "happy" life Like a fairy; in the face of life, its "joy" is endless. Happy Chinese New Year!

17. The lanterns are bright, the fireworks are on, the fire trees and silver flowers are not at night; the gongs and drums are sounding, the dances are swaying, the singing and dancing celebrate the reunion; the New Year's Eve dinner, see you in the middle of the night, happiness and happiness; Biography, may you have an auspicious year. New Year's Eve, may you be happy tonight and enjoy a good life!

18. Broadcasting to find someone: The man is rich, two eyes have a spirit, three lives are fortunate, four seasons are safe, five blessings come to the door, six six great successes, Seven steps into a poem, good luck in all directions, long-term peace, very like you! I want to wish him: Happy New Year!

19. Pick a red plum blossom for you, wish you the Year of the RoosterLife is like a flower. Cut and pull a piece of colorful clouds to send you, I wish you a colorful life. Sending you rays of bright sunshine, may your career be prosperous!

20. The Spring Festival of the Rooster Year is coming, let’s share our wishes: happiness around the side, good luck in the handshake, salary increase, career grand exhibition , life is sweet, everything is complete, family members are healthy, friends are safe! You and I turn together, happiness is continuous!

21. Even if Yu Wei lives, the rooster will not escape the fate of the game! Although the tenderness is forever, the golden rooster still has the opportunity to be the master of Rui! Friends! The Spring Festival is here, I wish you good luck like the golden rooster!

22. It's not easy to take action to occupy the high ground, and it's not easy to get ahead. I wish you all the best in spring! The whole family is healthy and happy Spring Festival!

23. Spring's dream, summer's contrast, autumn's cultivation, winter's test; new life As promised, full of radiance; happy new year, infiltrating new blessings.

24. Snowflakes scatter dreams, bells ring hope. The spring breeze brings prosperity, and firecrackers ignite prosperity. The dumplings are wrapped in thoughts, and the cups are filled with worries. The message conveys auspiciousness, wishing you good health! Happy New Year!

25. The cutest text message this year: the person who receives it will never be fired, the person who reads it will flourish, and the person who stores it will have sweet love, Those who delete it will have good luck, and those who retweet will have their salaries skyrocketed. Happy Chinese New Year!

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