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24 paragraphs of Timing four-character idiom blessing

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1. The end of the summer is coming, the autumn is strong, and the blessings are deep. May the autumn wind blow away your troubles, the autumn moon will intoxicate your mood, and the autumn light will fill you. Your splendor, the autumn harvest fills your barn, I wish you a happy autumn and a happy summer!

2. Sincere blessings pass on you, may you be happy forever, happy birthday song, may you be happy without any problem, I wish you this day every year, I hope you are healthy and beautiful, luck will always follow you, birthday hapiness!

3. My dear, since I have you, my life has become very warm and happy. As long as you like it, I am willing to cook for you for the rest of my life.

4. Shou Sui Arong's house, the pepper plate has been chanted. The hairpins make noise for the horses, and the torches scatter the crows. Forty Ming Dynasty passed, soaring and twilight scenery slanted. Who can be more restrained? Drunkenness is life.

5. The ends of the earth are everywhere, only the teacher's grace is infinite. Thank you, dear teacher, and wish you a happy new year, always young!

6. One radish and two lotus root, happiness is hand in hand with you; three or two pieces of tofu and four slices of ginger, you should look at the object; five moon cakes and six pieces of sugar, equal communication and reunion.

7. Another good start. May my sincere blessings bring you a successful year. Happy birthday to my sister!

8. From the highest to the next day and the moon, the closest relatives to the estranged husband and wife.

9. Some things on your mind can only be talked to yourself, some secrets can only be told to friends, some pain can only be endured silently, and you still have to rely on yourself to save yourself. No one can share the real pain with you, you can only transfer it from one shoulder to your other shoulder. Success is actually very simple, when you can't hold on, just hold on.

10. Hello, I am the deliveryman of Caijie. Zhong Qiujie sent you a package, please accept it: peace and happiness for a lifetime, sweet love and good mood, always favor your good luck .

11. Let peace be on the fast lane of spring, let happiness hug you gently, let difficulties detour when you see you, let troubles bow their heads and quietly go away, let auspiciousness take special care of you, let happiness Always smile at you! Happy Nurses' Day to you!

12. With full of lovesickness, with full of blessings, with warm prayers, in this winter, I would like to bless you deeply and send a greeting and an exhortation, And mother-like nagging, remember to add clothes to prevent the cold when the weather is cold!

13. There are bitters and joys in life, and there are sweets and pains in the years. The pain at the moment of breaking up represents the sweetness of meeting. There will be more joys in your life journey and mine. Yule, we wish us a happy future with happy words and make our life more brilliant.

14. The same galloping horses gallop thousands of miles and plant roses and zinnias together. It is the day of Yinggeyan dancing. When the flowers are full and the moon is full, today they form a lucky and rich couple. They paint splendid pictures all their lives. Two romantic careers, I wish a happy life!

15. There is a kind of love that lasts for a long time, like summer insects, but distance and time become the reasons for separation; that love from the clouds will never change! still! Say your name silently in prayer, and the appointment in the Lord will be forever!

16. I wish your career and life are as bright and dignified as the full moon in the Mid-Autumn Festival!

17. A good story has no ending, a sincere friendship doesn't need words, friends who care about you send messages to each other, the radio waves of blessings will not stop, and a text message of greetings expresses your heart: I wish you a happy weekend!

18. May the Lord bless you from the Holy of Holies, and may you see the benefits of the holy city of Jerusalem all your life!

19. On the fourth day of the new year, I am most gratified to be able to celebrate the New Year with you. Grateful, my family, relatives, friends.

20. To say how sincere my heart is, in fact, it is only a special day to think of you, to say how true my love is, the snowflakes in winter pierce my heart. Christmas is coming, let's make a Merry Christmas in advance, let's build a snowman together.

21. It's a little hot in the day. I'll send you a super cool camouflage uniform, and then wrap a thin and long belt. Remember, the belt must be wrapped morea few laps. Well, this is my gift for you on the Dragon Boat Festival: a big zongzi!

22. Remember me! One day, your name will appear on my family's account book.

23. The wind blows the lotus pond and the waves are clear, and the good news is frequented by joyful singing. The breeze and blue waves are relieved of anxiety, and the dream of the title of the gold list has been fulfilled. Excited and overwhelmed, I invited Huihui students to celebrate. Famous schools enter into sharpening swords, and grow knowledge to create brilliance. May your talents show great success.

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