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The latest finishing! A selection of 51 idioms that wish the company's future development

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1. The fragrance of flowers is not worth your fruitful achievements, and the sweetness of fine wine is not worth your outstanding achievements. Happy applause rings around you, and a successful smile blooms on your face. May you continue to work hard in the new year and achieve splendid performance!

2. I am honored to work and study under your leadership in the past year. I wish you good health and success in the new year! Happy New Year.

3. I wish your company a prosperous development and every day is better!

4. Some things will not fade away due to the passage of time, and some people will not be forgotten because of infrequent encounters. In my heart you are my forever friend. On the occasion of the new year, I wish friends peace and happiness!

5. The heavy snow pressed the green pine, and the green pine was straight and straight. In the face of difficulties, all of us must be a green pine, and only by perseverance can we see the dawn of victory. Comrades, you must have this confidence, I believe in your ability, come on!

6. With the arrival of xx New Year, I wish the company scale expansion, business development, business prosperity, and financial resources!

7. Thousands of sails compete for success, and compete for romance on the road of career. Don't be afraid of hardship or tiredness, and don't stop at the end of the year. The fruitful results were praised, and tears flowed in the applause. Sweat paved the way to success, and hard work can count for romance. May you continue to work hard and not be proud, and work hard to create brilliance!

8. The wind, frost, snow and rain are no more. The joys and sorrows of the past are scattered, and the ups and downs are forgotten. Success or failure is at a glance, looking at the past, developing the future, and a new starting point , a new brilliant new stage, hard work and enterprising in the future, I hope the new year will write a new chapter and continue the past and usher in the future.

9. Looking forward to 2017, a new starting point, a new journey, exciting opportunities, full confidence in development, and horns inspiring people to forge ahead.

10. In the colorful fireworks and cheerful music, the new year is coming to us. When we say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, we always have mixed feelings and thoughts. In the new year, we have many things to do, many tasks to complete, and we will face new challenges and new opportunities. On the occasion of this festive season, I wish all the employees and customers, new and old, a happy new year! May all go well with you! Happy family!

11. May the white and beautiful snowflakes fly to your side with my best wishes. I wish you a prosperous New Year and a prosperous career! happy horse year!

12. Successful people have extraordinary self-confidence, in other words, self-belief, that they are beautiful, that they are good, that they are better than others no matter what!

13. Make a good wish to wish you a happy new year, send a wonderful feeling, wish you all the best in the coming year, and send a beautiful gift to wish you a sweet smile. Happy and sweet Year of the Horse!

14. Hard work and sweat water the successful seedlings, the power of wisdom attracts bees and butterflies to fly, work together to fight together, and finally win the fruitful garden. Hope to build new achievements in 2017 and welcome a better tomorrow!

15. I wish you a prosperous business and a prosperous financial resource reaching the three rivers. I wish you a prosperous New Year, Lulu welcomes the God of Wealth!

16. Taste memories with sincerity, friends with sincerity, work with sincerity, study with diligence, happiness with gratitude, and annual rings with tolerance !

17. At the moment when the New Year's bell is about to ring, let us together wish a new year of happiness and joy!

18. 2016 will pass and work together The days will not be forgotten. Diligent dedication to the company, in exchange for brilliant performance everyone envied. 2017 is coming, and a new year has begun. Work together and make great strides forward. I wish you good health and a happy life!

19. I wish you a prosperous business and a prosperous financial resource reaching the three rivers.

20. The New Year is coming to welcome new wealth; you are happy and I wish! Good luck with a good start; congratulations to you!

21. The Spring Festival is here, I would like to say hello to you: the office is moving forward with life; the lottery period is good luck every day;The long banknotes on the gold wall!

22. The fiery career has a lot of money, warm wishes for prosperity and prosperity, and good wishes are sent. I wish you a smooth career and a prosperous company after receiving my text message.

23. The cold wind and the snowflakes are blowing, and the end of the year comes again. Going out early and returning late is too hard work, hard work and high performance. Celebrate the new year happily and take on the challenge with ease. May you be ready and full of confidence to create brilliance!

24. Make friendship deeper in caring, make family affection warmer in caring, make your heart quieter in honesty, and make life more beautiful in simplicity , let the blessings be better in the greetings, and make the Spring Festival happier in the blessings!

25. Yesterday's splendor was like the sun hanging in the sky, brilliant and dazzling; today's unity is like ten fingers clenched into a fist, united as a city; tomorrow's grand plans are like Kunpeng spreading its wings and soaring into the sky. I wish the company to work together to create new success.

26. The new year opens up new hopes, and new blanks carry new dreams. Brush away the dust of the years, let laughter and tears, love and sorrow condense into a thick crystal amber in the heart. Happy Year of the Monkey!

27. New Years, New Years, achievements, don't be proud, fail, don't die, work hard, fire cannons, good luck, fall from the sky, share with everyone, and be happy. Good luck every day, good luck every day!

28. At this moment of happy sharing, the moment of missing friends, the moment when dreams come true, I wish you a happy new year and a happy festival!

29. Successful people have a kind of self-awareness, which makes them full of passion and fighting power. There is no difficulty to overwhelm them. Their creed is: I want to win! I will win!

30. Based on a new starting point, embark on a new journey and create new brilliance.

31. I wish you all the best in your workplace. You need wind and rain. The most important thing is that you can spend every day happily, happily and with a sense of accomplishment.

32. New Year's and Jubilee "Sina" tide, SMS and MMS with integrity. I wish a happy "Xin" year and "Qian" Cheng Sijin. "Rich" is like the East China Sea, and "thin" is better than Nanshan!

33. When my text message arrives, I hope that you can go through management reforms, rely on an excellent corporate culture, and carry forward our hard-working quality , make our enterprise more dynamic and create more wealth for the society.

34. On the occasion of the new year, I would like to express my most sincere wishes and warmest congratulations to the company.

35. I wish you a new year: your life is getting better and better, your temper is getting smaller and smaller, the economy is going up, the food and clothing are basically solved, there is no grass, there are more meat and less wolves in the family, There is no need to discuss meals, and there are also harassment of the opposite sex.

36. In the wind and rain, walking on the muddy road, I will think of the road of the explorer, and think of your firm steps in the cynical wind and rain and the muddy earth. Therefore, I praise: the road of wind and rain, the road of dirt - the road of the brave!

37. The enterprise is my home, and the development depends on everyone. New year, new start, stick to both hands. Grasp the performance in one hand and the banknotes in the other. Based on the job, innovation in the tradition. Dedicated to the post, striving to be ahead of the times. Embark on a new journey and welcome new glory.

38. Taste memories with sincerity, friends with sincerity, work with sincerity, study with diligence, happiness with gratitude, and annual rings with tolerance!

39. I wish our company a more brilliant tomorrow, I wish you a happy New Year, all your wishes come true, and everything goes well!

40. Congratulations, with a year of hard work, in exchange for A successful harvest, wealth signing with you, joy to embrace you, the arrival of the new year, specially reserved for you good luck for the coming year, may you cheer up, be industrious, and finally hold the hand of victory!

41. As a leader, you must first have dedication before you can contribute to the company.

42. It is your efforts that make the company achieve outstanding performance; it is your hard work that allows the company to win cooperative customers; it is your hard work that makes the company continue to develop; it is your dedication that makes the company Move forward with the sun. Thank you for your efforts, I wish you a smooth new year in work and happiness!

43. Make a wish in the new year, and friends pass on your wishes, luck is willing, happy and voluntary, happiness is wishful thinking, the year of the snake is as you wish ,Everything is fulfilled by people's wishes, realizes long-cherished wishes for many years, and achieves beautiful wishes: I wish you happiness and perfection!

44. Congratulations on your company's successful listing! In the new year, it will make great achievements!

45. The glory of the past should not be forgotten, and a better tomorrow requires struggle, The new year has come, in the fierce market competition environment, we still face many challenges. May comrades make persistent efforts, work hard to move forward, and make new achievements.

46. You and I embrace each other and listen to the New Year's bells like the breath of the annual rings, surrounded by our common dreams, full of love into sincere wishes for a happy New Year!

47. In the Year of the Horse, I wish the company a lot of financial resources, like a fat horse, strength like a strong horse, good luck like a horse hair, and a career like a Malaysia!

48. On the occasion of the 2014 Chinese New Year On the occasion of the coming, please allow me to express my heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and friends from all walks of life who care, support and participate in the construction of ××× on behalf of the ××× project and in my own name; to all employees and their families. Sincere greetings and heartfelt wishes. I wish you all a happy Chinese New Year, good health and a happy family!

49. Some things will not fade away due to the passage of time, and some people will not be forgotten because of not seeing each other. In my heart, you are my forever friend. On the occasion of the new year, I wish friends peace and happiness! Happy Year of the Horse!

50. This season, I miss the most. Just let the wind carry the blessings from your heart, fill your sweet dreams, and wish you a brighter and more brilliant coming year! Wishing you a happy year of the horse!

51. Only when you leave hard footprints on the snow will you know how precious and hot life is. I wish you a happy and prosperous new year.

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