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A collection of 96 Chinese New Year greetings and blessing idioms

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1. Happy Year of the Ox and good luck in the Year of the Ox

2. Smell the chicken, dance and dance for the spring

3. The family is happy and everything goes well

4. The year of the ox is prosperous and the house is full of gold and jade.


7. Flowers are blooming in Kyushu and the four seasons are fragrant.

8. A prosperous year for Huahong Hu to achieve success

9. Such as writing in the spring to create family blessings

10. The country is prosperous and the people are well-being

11. The four seasons are auspicious and the eight festivals are well-being

12. The materialization of Tianbao is outstanding

13. The family is blessed with good luck in the spring


14. Wild Clouds Return to Xiu’s Spring House to Clear the Sky

15. Fushou Shuangquan Dancing and Musical Dances

16. Willow Green Spring Breeze and Peaceful Years

17. Spring breeze combs willows, magpies climb plums

18. North Window Meiqi, East Courtyard Liu Shu

19. Hundreds of families are blessed with six contracts in spring

20. Spring broadcasts Blessing and harmony bring auspiciousness

21. Rixin Han De Tian Fu Huamin

22. Bamboo News Good News Mei Xiang Que Rhyme

23. Taiping has elephants and great creations selfless

24. Auspicious fighting in the sky and auspicious light in the room

25. Spring is full of Chinese auspicious clouds and blessings.

26. Great exhibition and self-improvement.

27. Prosperity is the right way to make a lot of profits

28. Lucky fortune and treasures are full of gold and jade

29. The best way to achieve good fortune and enjoy the new year

30. Peach, birthday, plum and willow to welcome the spring

31. Spring wind and rain change to the top of the sky

32. Qingshu Liu's eyes and warm lips

33. Fushou Ankang's smile is always open

34. The Eight Festivals of Ankang and the Sky

35. The picturesque mountains and rivers, the sun and the moon are spring

36. The marriage is matched, the vows are concentric, and the flowers bloom and wealth

37 , Longma spirit, a hundred years of harmony, good health

38, happy, wishful thinking, wishful and auspicious, everything is successful

39, happy new year, more than every year, prosperous , good health

40, safe in and out, dragon and horse spirit, happy spring breeze, family well-being

41, prosperous wealth, congratulations on the new year, all the best, always smiling

42, Tao Weiqi, rich country and people, steer industry Zhaoxing, great development, wealth and treasure

43, more wealth and good Jia, Shengsheng small house, great cause for the future, great economic development , Junye Rixin

44, Long History, Jiahui Industry and Commerce, Thousands of Business Gatherings, Kai Zhang Junye, Junye Hongkai

45, Industry Model, Good Bird Choice Wood, Tomb has neighbors, Arbor and Yingsheng, beautiful

46, Hongji Yonggu, Jinyu Mantang, Huawu Shenghui, Chuangxia Restoration, Yishi IKEA

47. Dingding of the new residence, Zenghui of the building, Rui Aihuatang, the building of the hall, and beautiful

48. Dingding of the new foundation, opening of the new building, outstanding people in Fudi, the joy of housewarming, The joy of relocation

49. Yingqian arbor, Gaodi Yingqian, a new look, the joy of taking up a new position, the joy of being appointed

50. Bo Shiji, benefiting patients, meritorious Tongliangxiang

1. Progress is rising, there is a lot of money left, there are fish every year, and the business is booming.

2. All wishes come true, everything goes well, longevity is in harmony with the sky, and it is prosperous.

3. The pine and cypress are in the same spring, the Huatang grows together, the peach blossoms are connected, and the sailing is smooth.

4. Good health, Gong Xi Fa Cai, all the best, and rise step by step.

5. Lucky fortune, a book of great profits, and long-term success.

6. Make great achievements, strive for self-improvement, make money well, and make a lot of money.

7. Abundant wealth and treasures, must be wishful thinking, attract wealth and treasures, and be full of gold and jade.

8. Everything goes well, everything goes well, longevity and health, and a smile is always open.

9. With each passing day, the financial resources are rolling, business is booming, and customers are coming.

10. Prosperous, changing with each passing day, healthy and wealthy.

11. Business is booming, good luck, prosperity, prosperity, and prosperity.

12. Good luck, high spirits, good things, longevity and heaven.

13, a hundred feet of success, Gong Xi Fa Cai, more than every year.

14. The sun and the moon are bright, I wish you infinite longevity, and the cranes live longer and live longer.

15. The spirit of Longma, smooth sailing, prosperity, and spirit of Longma.

16. Good luck every year, good luck, all the best, Gong Xi Fa Cai.

17. Chunxuan and prosperous, the family is full of blessings, the sky is double star, the nation is rising.

18. Smooth sailing, good health, learning progress, and smooth work.

19. Always laughing, Pepsi, open the door, good luck, good luck.

20, safe and sound, more than auspicious, a hundred flowers offer auspiciousness, and a hundred flowers bloom.

21. Pepsi Cola, auspicious, rising step by step, reaching the pinnacle.

22, God bestows pure leave, Jin Jue trillium, called Yu Zhu leave, Fu Lu double star, grow old together.

23. Abundant financial resources, close to water towers, promotions to make a fortune, abundant financial resources, close to water towers.

24. Every year is more than enough.

25. Happy New Year, the spirit of Longma, everything goes well, a hundred feet of success, Gong Xi Fa Cai.

26. Extremely Wulianhui, Hesuan Tongtian, Shouyu Tongdeng, Chun Xuan and prosperous, and the family is full of blessings.

27. It is said to be a blessing and a blessing. The two stars of blessing and luck will grow old together. The two stars in the sky will shine together.

28. Zhang Yuejuxing, a family of auspicious spirits, two Qi Yonghe, three-star Gongdo, and four seasons of peace.

29. Double stars in the sky, double stars and brilliance, pines and cypresses are in the same spring, Huatang grows old together, and peach blossoms are connected with each other.

30. Bamboo announces more than three things, red plum announces good luck, Ruixue welcomes the spring, and the spring calls me.

31. Sixty-six Dashun, seven stars shine, wealth comes from all directions, ninety-nine concentric, perfect.

32. There is spring everywhere, the prosperous age of Tang and Yu, the heaven and earth Changchun, the materialization of Tianbao, the outstanding people.

33. Warm spit flowers, wild clouds return to Xiu, spring house is empty, white plum spit bright, yellow chrysanthemum is proud of frost.

34. Dotted everywhere, rising step by step, getting promoted and making a fortune, making a lot of money, close to water towers.

35, shine through the ages, the spirit of Longma, in high spirits, smooth sailing, logical.

36, Qing Yanxuanchou, calm and composed, the ode to Jiuru, the pines and cypresses are evergreen, and the blessing is like the East China Sea.

37. Two dragons take off, three sheep are open to Thailand, four seasons are safe, five blessings come to the door, and six or six great successes.

38, smooth sailing, two dragons take off, three sheep are open to Thailand, four seasons are safe, and five blessings are coming.

39. The family is blessed with two stars in the sky, the six animals are prosperous, the family is auspicious, and the second gas is peaceful.

40. The ode to Jiuru, the evergreen pines and cypresses, the blessing of the East China Sea, the longevity of Nanshan, and the ode to Nanshan.

41. There are elephants in Taiping, and happiness is boundless.

42. Celebrating Yanxuanchou, the sun and the moon are ever bright, I wish Immeasurable longevity, the crane's longevity increases the longevity, and the longevity is enshrined.

43. Three-star Gongdo, four seasons are safe, five-stars are shining, six animals are prosperous, and the case is full of eyebrows.

44. The sea house adds longevity, the years of pine forest, Qingyan Jichou, Pengdao spring breeze, Shoucheng Hongkai, Qingyan Xuanchou.

45. Happy New Year, the spirit of Longma, everything goes well, a hundred feet of success, Gong Xi Fa Cai, more than every year.

46. Everything is successful, the family is happy, the people are strong and the horses are strong, the wishes come true, it is logical, and the rise step by step.

47. The case is full of eyebrows, the most beautiful is Wu Lianhui, the crane is considered to be the same, the longevity is the same, the Chunxuan is flourishing, the family is full of blessings, and the sky is a double star.

48. With each passing day, wealth is rolling in, business is prosperous, a hundred years of good luck, good health, Gong Xi Fa Cai, everything goes well, step by step.

49. There is a lot of spare money, rising step by step, fish every year, prosperous business, abundant wealth, long life, one hundred years of life, such as the East China Sea, and longevity of Nanshan.

50, always laughing, Pepsi, opening the door to good luck, good luck, high spirits, good deeds, wealth, and everything you want.

51. Smooth sailing, good health, progress in study, smooth work, success in all things, happy family, happy, happy life.

52,The Year of the Dog is prosperous, the golden and jade are full, the blessing is like the East China Sea, the longevity is on the Nanshan Mountain, all wishes come true, everything goes well, longevity is in harmony with the sky, and it is prosperous.

53. I wish you a new year: be famous, auspicious, great success, show off your skills, make a big hit, make a big splash, and take the lead!

54. All wishes come true, everything goes well, longevity is in harmony with the sky, prosperous, new with each passing day, wealth is rolling, business is prosperous, and a hundred years of harmony.

55. Happy in the coming year, happy in this life, peaceful in this world, and harmonious in the small family. May all wishes in your life be fulfilled. Happy New Year!

56. Smooth sailing, two dragons take off, three sheep are open to Thailand, four seasons are safe, five blessings come to the door, six or six great successes, seven stars are shining, wealth comes from all directions, nine and nine are concentric, and perfect.

57. To celebrate the festival, thousands of people praise the national policy; Political harmony and harmony, all industries are prosperous; spring flowers are blooming, and thousands of mountains are prosperous. Firecrackers sound in unison, and the unity begins again;

58. The head is shaken, the roads are wide; the ears are fanned, the sun is shining; the buttocks are arched, all happiness; Akira, the bell rang loudly. Happy New Year's Eve!

1. I won't have somersaults like Sun Wukong, but I can fly to you! I'll teleport like a magician, but I can give you a dime to wish you a happy new year and all the best!

2. The Spring Festival is here, the God of Wealth is here, Marshal Zhao smiles at you, the business is prosperous and the stock market is profitable, and you can also pick up gold ingots when you go out to wrestle!

3. In the new year, I wish you good health and lost all your teeth; a smooth journey, and a missing halfway; a good journey, a fall down halfway; Life and death!

4. Who is the most popular in the New Year? The speed catches up with Liu Xiang, he is tall and straight like Yao Ming, handsome surpasses Tian Liang, wealthy contends with Wu Zi, and his girlfriend is more beautiful than Jingjing. Who else is you who is reading text messages!

5. Click a colon to congratulate you, the year of the sheep is auspicious; write a comma to congratulate you, the New Year is more than enough; draw a full stop to bless you, the family reunion in the New Year; ; Draw a quotation mark to include you, and you will be blessed in the new year; circle a bracket to lock you, and gather wealth in the new year; ellipses condense all the words I want to say, I wish you a happy new year and a happy family!

6. It's New Year's Eve again. On the occasion of the reunion, I can't stop thinking about it. I don't know if you are far away. Is everything okay? As we bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, I wish you all the best and peace!

7, buddy, I wish you all the best, the two dragons take off, the three sheep are prosperous, the four seasons are safe, the five blessings are in the door, the six or six are smooth, the seven stars are shining, the wealth comes from all directions, the nine and nine are concentric, and the perfection is perfect.

8. Troubles are temporary, but happiness is forever! A smile will change everything in an instant! The new year is coming, friends, please look ahead, beauty is calling you! Happy New Year!

9. Good sister: I wish you no acne on your face and no pork belly on your body. Thirty this year, twenty-eight next year, it will always be a flower, quickly give birth to a fat baby!

10. Dear revolutionary comrades: The new year is coming, here I wish you good health! Enjoy your work! Good luck with your studies! Get married soon! hey-hey!

11. Please take a minute to forget your worries, take a minute to think about the bright future, and spend an hour bathing in love with your lover. Please accept my blessings with a smile at the moment of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new!

12. I'm afraid I'll get up late tomorrow, so I've booked the first ray of sunshine of the new year for you. Happy New Year! Book the first ray of morning breeze, wishing you all the best! Book the first birdsong, and your wishes come true!


14. Searching for people: a tattered body, two eyes and no spirit, no four meals, no limbs, no voice and no master, seven holes bleed and gossip very much like you. happy New Year!

15. I rely on my parents at home and my friends when I am outside. My friends have helped me over the past year. During the Spring Festival, I want to send New Year's greetings text messages to my friends.

16. At this moment, I have my deepest thoughts. Let the cloud carry the blessings from the heart, embellish your sweet dreams, and wish you a happy new year!

17. I wish the new year as always, the two of you are of one mind, a family of three, happy singing in the four seasons, five blessings come to the door, six or six good luck, seven joys come fortune, eight directions are good luck, nine and nine auspicious, very happy. Happy Year of the Ox!

18. May you embrace peace, health, happiness, happiness, warmth, sweetness, wealth, and auspiciousness, and go into a happy New Year to spend every day! Spring Festival SMS Funny Blessings

19. Heart arrives! think! Received! See! smell! Eat it! Blessed! Transported to! Wealth arrives! The Spring Festival hasn't come yet, may my blessings arrive first, if anyone is earlier than me, please send his fullDelete, I wish you a happy Spring Festival in advance!

20. The wind is soft and the rain moistens the full moon, and the beautiful days and beautiful scenery look forward to every year, and a happy life follows every day! Winter and spring come like water like smoke, fleeting years will never return, life needs to be full of joy! Say goodbye and say peace, and I wish you a happy new year!

21. Today is a brand new beginning every year. Let the world change and the time will flow. Happiness, peace, happiness and health will always be with you!

22. The bell rings, the years pass, the stories are left, the hope is taken away, the hope is good, and the blessings are sent, I wish you: Happy New Year ! Peace and happiness, step by step!

23. Thank you for your care, for your help, for everything you have done to me... Please accept my New Year's wishes, I wish you peace and happiness.

24. If I have my deepest thoughts this season, let the wind bring blessings from my heart and fill your sweet dreams. I wish you a splendid New Year!

25. I put the blessings and hopes of the New Year quietly under the melting snow, and let them grow along the spring seedlings, giving you the abundance and fragrance of the whole year! XX, happy new year!

26. I will give you a dumpling for the New Year: Ping'an skin is wrapped with wishful stuffing, cooked with sincerity, one bite is happy, two are happy, three are smooth, and then drink the whole family's healthy soup, the aftertaste is warm, The fragrance is a blessing! Happy Chinese New Year!

27. Bless the New Year! May the peaceful atmosphere of the New Year flick your elegant skirt and let you feel my peaceful and peaceful love.

28. If the sun and the moon are a mighty long river, then the festival is the colorful waves that shine in this long river! And the first day of the new year is the most beautiful, joyful, and exciting one in the waves. Happy Chinese New Year friends!

29. Life is in a hurry, the days are rushing for a year, and the fate is faint for a lifetime. Although the connection is intermittent, the thoughts are every minute and every second. My blessing is forever, my friend, God. It's cold, put on clothes to keep warm! Happy Chinese New Year!

30. Before the bell rang, before the firecrackers rang, before the fragrance of the wine dissipated, before the Spring Festival Gala was over, before the text messages were idle, and before the enthusiasm faded, a text message was sent out, choose On the punctuality of joy, I wish the old classmates a happy Chinese New Year and auspicious Year of the Rat.

31. I will give you a bowl of honey, add some sugar in it, and finally add salt. It is salty when separated, sweet when we meet, and finally we know that everything is happy! Happy New Year!

32. The earth is still spinning, the sky is still dark, the wind is still a little cold, I will still miss you, the earth will be tired, the sky will be bright, the wind may stop Well, I'll still miss you, honey, take care. Husband, happy new year!

33. When the Spring Festival arrives, I wish you happiness forever; when the Spring Festival arrives, I wish you a prosperous business; Send, happy family. Happy Chinese New Year!

34. Take my heart, send it to the blue sky, send it to you through the air, accompanied by the breeze, and send my sincere blessings: good health, all your wishes come true, and everything is smooth sailing.

35. Years of anticipation, constant care, my thoughts are with the Spring Festival; let our mood be surging, and strive to win a better future; today I wish the world a happy Spring Festival! I also wish you all the best, and your career is undefeated!

36. Happy New Year, I wish: a successful career belongs to you, and a happy smile is always with you!

37. It's cold again at the end of the year. Send a message with greetings: keep watch out for the cold, wear gloves and scarves; keep your mood comfortable, don't be upset; don't forget about caring, and nagging me when you are free. I wish you a great cold and warmth, and a happy year-end!

38. When the years go by, I am no longer young. Can't keep up with the trend of brain damage, can't stand the stench of gold worship, live up to the winter, summer, spring and autumn, no longer have a long time, happy new year, who can we hide with? Sister, happy Spring Festival!

39, New Year's Eve and New Year's string together, always be happy and happy. Good luck and happiness are strung together, and family harmony and wealth are not scattered. A string of blessings from friends keeps friendship forever. Forward a string of text messages, the New Year's Eve Spring Festival blessings continue!

40, I wish you: Pepsi! All things Fanta! Everyday Wahaha! Yueyue Le Pepsi! Happy LEGO every year! Feeling like Sprite! Always stand out!

41. You are the busiest with all your daily affairs. You look at the big and small affairs. You take the lead in overtime duty. For the sake of performance, you are burdened. Sending blessings during the Spring Festival. I wish you health and happiness, and family happiness. !

42. The pointer waved selfless propaganda, the chalk imprinted the light of knowledge, the paint erased the vicissitudes of the years, and the talent cast your gratified face; teacher, you have worked hard, I wish you a happy new yearhealthy!

43. To bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, there are three Spring Festival blessings: first, I wish you good health, health and happiness every second; You are backgammon, and the blue sky is going straight to the sky! Happy Spring Festival!

44. Collect every blessing and every wish in my heart, describe every detail and every expectation in my heart, and send you deep concern. Happy Chinese New Year!

45. Your heart is an inclusive ocean; your arms are a warm harbor; your giving is the dedication of great love; your kindness is the source of happiness. I said loudly: Dad, I love you!

46. Let Ping An get on the subway bound for spring, let happiness be with you, and let blessings and auspiciousness be as indispensable. Let your romance and warmth never end! Happy New Year!

47. The long train takes me home, the small courtyard is full of chickens and ducks, the short fence is covered with snowflakes, the yearly lovesickness is so much worrying, the wet eyes welled up with tears , Happy New Year to the loving parents!

48. In the endless road, you will not be lonely if you hold hands; the endless horizon, you will not be lonely if you have company; in ordinary years, you will be sweet when you are waiting; New Year's Eve, you are My rose, baby I love you, happy new year's eve!

49. Happy Year of the Rat! May you be happy and prosperous! May you have a good life every year, your career is prosperous and smooth, your life is happy and always happy, your work is smooth and rising, and your love is sweet and delicious!

50. On New Year's Eve, I will send you four fish: a salamander, add blessings and happiness; a flounder, sweet love; a mermaid, a beautiful mood; a golden arowana, a more energetic life . Send blessings, discuss the color, and have more than every year!

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