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New Year's four-character idiom blessing, New Year's auspicious idiom

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Four-character idioms for the New Year, auspicious idioms for the New Year

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The New Year is an important time, it means putting an end to the past and a new beginning. In order to express the celebration of the new year, in addition to family reunion, everyone will send blessings and gifts to each other. So let's take a look at the four-character idioms for the New Year and the blessings for the New Year. .

Four-character or eight-character Chinese New Year idioms

Happy Spring, Abundant grains.

The spirit of Longma is smooth sailing.

The scenery is better than the old, and the yearly sequence is updated.

Sixth contract in spring, sixty-six big smooth.

Blessed and longevity, good luck and peace.

Happy family and all the best!

Auspicious and safe, people are prosperous and luck is prosperous.

Rejoice and peace, and all blessings.

Fortune is soaring and wealth is prosperous!

The financial resources are rolling in, and a huge profit.

The hall was full of gold and jade, beaming with joy.

Sanyang Kaitai will make a lot of money.

The peach blossoms are all smooth sailing.

The auspicious star shines brightly and is auspicious.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Produce money in a proper way, and a lot of profit.

Abundant wealth and treasures are sure to be fulfilled.

Fortune and treasure, gold and jade fill the hall.

Everything goes well and everything goes well.

The five grains are abundant, and the five blessings come to the door.

Happiness surrounds, health accompanies.

As long as you want, everything goes well.

Long life is like the East China Sea.

With each passing day, the wealth is rolling in.

Peace and joy, get what you want.

Open the door to good luck and good luck.

The four seasons are safe and the five blessings come to the door.

Congratulations on the Spring Festival, congratulations on the new year.

Everything goes well, and the Spring Festival is auspicious!

Good luck every year.

Happy and happy for a hundred years.

Being beaming and rising.

Ancient Poems to Welcome the New Year

The rhythm is in harmony, and the shoulders are rubbed against the hub. There is no need to go to the eastern suburbs, spring is in thousands of households. ——Ye Xie's "Welcome to Spring"

The jade rabbit will come to the door, and blessings are everywhere. Firecrackers laugh every day, and happy events are heard in the morning. ——Lulis, "Happy New Year"

The stubborn wax will soon be exhausted, and the east wind should gradually be heard. One night is still a little, and two years old want to be divided equally. When the dark is poured, the battle is fought, and the spring is full of flowers. In the Ming Dynasty, when holding wine from afar, first congratulate Yaojun. ——Cao Song's "In addition to the night"

People sing Xiaosuijiu, and flowers dance in Tangchun. ——Lu Zhaolin's "Waiting on the First Day"

To celebrate the New Year with laughter, Mrs. Hongyan presented plum blossoms. Toast each other's Tusu wine and share the victory tea. Only loyal and loyal can serve the country, and there is no happy land to be home. Accompany the capital to sing and dance to welcome the festive season, and wish Yan'an a beautiful scenery from afar. ——Dong Biwu's "New Year's Day's Mouth Occupying Liu Yazi Huai Ren Yun"

Yuanliang has been passed down through the ages, and once the color shines in China. Gathering in the space of pleasure, and rejoicing in the heart. ——Mangang Qiuye "Happy New Year's Day"

New Year's greetings phrases

May you go to the sea of ​​stars and have a picturesque future!

In the new year, I only wish: the fate of the road will end, the weather and the calendar will add new years, and the old mountains and rivers will be blessed.

May all the regrets of last year be the foreshadowing of this year's surprises!

The road ahead is mighty, and everything can be expected.

May the disease go away and the family is safe. See all the wind and moon in the world, travel all over the mountains and rivers.

Everything you ask for will come true, everything you do will be a smooth path, much joy, and long peace.

May everything you meet be a good person, and everything you meet is a good deed.

I wish you a happy year and a happy year to you.

Looking up is spring, bowing is autumn, may all happiness follow you. In the new year, good wishes are sent to you. I wish you a new year and a happy new year.

The sky is high and the earth is wide. The sea of ​​​​people is vicissitudes, and it is smooth and worry-free.

Yesterday's vain finally made a difference, Ming Dynasty's new puzzle wealth rises, Happy New Year!

There is wind every year, and the wind blows every year, slowly and slowly. May all old wishes be fulfilled and new wishes come in the coming year.

I wish for a peaceful world and a healthy body. Three wishes to visit the old man and meet you several times. ——[Tang] Bai Juyi's "Giving Dreams"

The firecrackers sounded, and it was New Year. May you be happy and triumphant, and everything can be expected.

New Year's Eve, Spring is coming, farewell to the old and welcome the new, I hereby congratulate: my teacher, my brothers and sisters, friends, and New Year's Weiqi, all the best.

At this moment, the lanterns are beginning to come on, and thousands of families are reunited. The New Year is approaching, I wish the mountains and rivers are beautiful, the country is prosperous and the people are safe. May you be harmonious and prosperous.

May the placket be full of flowers and the years will be peaceful.

New Year's Day x, to send you warmth, to show your true feelings, and to convey your best wishes on WeChat.

Prosperity of wealth, prosperity, prosperity, prosperity, and prosperity of all horses! Happy new year!

New year, new things, new beginnings, new starting points, and new harvests. I wish my friends all the best, a safe year, a happy spirit, and a happy Spring Festival.

The bells of the new year keep ringing, and my blessings keep sending. A thousand words of blessing: Happy Chinese New Year, auspicious New Year!

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, I wish you and your family happiness, good health, good health, a happy gallop, and a higher level!

Long Chinese New Year's Blessings

A feast of flowers and songs is commingled. Happy Chinese New Year. Cai Chuan Xian hand green silk fine. Fans and children are both aunts. Wear more playful. May the new year be auspicious and auspicious. Everything is pleasing.

I pray that all the thoughts in my heart can be fulfilled, and that the wind and rain can also rely on each other. May the hustle and bustle turn into the breeze and the bright moon, and the dream of the Quartet becomes a promising future.

Singing and laughter come together into a film, adults and children are overjoyed, wishes are sweeter than wine, reunion with the United States and the United States, auspicious celebrations, toast to praise, family and everything are as desired, happiness, longevity and prosperity, good years, farewell to the old Welcome new life sweet. Happy Chinese New Year.

You can see the sake and rice wine in front of you, and the snow and fireworks outside the window. I am very sorry. I am not by your side tonight, but I often live in the old days. After that, it was full of spring breeze, looking at the flowers and picking up the evening, together with me Songhua wine, boiled water and decocted tea.

In the new year, may the days be bright, gentle and peaceful. You and I are sincere and brave, and joy is also in sight. Loved ones are happy. What you want is in your heart.

The New Year is the arrival of the God of Wealth, I wish you a lucky star to take the lead; I wish you a good mood and a good health, I wish you a better life; I wish you a prosperous life with more money and family harmony; happy New Year!

A feast of flowers has been opened between Sheng and Song. Happy Chinese New Year. Cai Chuan Xian hand green silk fine. Harmony enters, east wind enters. Fans and children are both aunts. Wear more playful. May the new year be auspicious and auspicious. Everything goes well. ——[Song] Zhao Changqing's "Exploring the Spring"

Congratulations on the arrival of the New Year, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations. The financial resources are rolling in thousands of miles, and the good fortune will not stop. Good health, happiness and good fortune, and a happy and happy year for the whole family. Everything goes smoothly, and the New Year is even more prosperous! happy New Year!

As the Spring Festival approaches, I wish you a happy year, a happy life, a peaceful life, a harmonious family, and may every wish in your life be fulfilled! Happy Chinese New Year, good health and all the best!

You are the busiest person. You are the one who gets up early and spends a lot of time in the dark. You have to worry about everything. You are the most tiring to entertain many customers. Le, happy Spring Festival!

New Year's greetings from the younger generation to the elders

Sounds of heartfelt greetings, strings of sincere blessings, pieces of deep affection, riding on the heart of love. Take a short breath, travel through thousands of mountains and rivers, and float into your heart. Happy new year!

The wine is memorable, the music is intoxicating, the good books are read without regrets, the affection goes hand in hand, and the holiday greetings are the most valuable. At the end of the year again, I wish you happiness and health to accompany you, smile from ear to ear, and wish you a happy Spring Festival!

Send you a bottle of red wine, wish you more success; send you a pot of gladiolus, wish you more health; send you a banner, wish you happier; send you a computer, wish you more wise . Sincerely wish a happy new year!

I hope that in the new year, you will be healthy and full of life, getting younger and younger.more and more spiritual.

I wish you a happy new year, great luck in the year of the tiger, good luck, good health, and good luck! The family is happy and prosperous.

Today is a festive day. Today, after you have worked hard for decades, the children and grandchildren gather together to enjoy the happiness of the family. I wish you a happy birthday and a beautiful tomorrow!

The young chicks of that year will now roam the sky with their strong wings, looking for the unknown horizon. But no matter how high or far they fly, they will never forget their lovely home and the kindness of their parents. Parents, happy new year!

I send you a coat, the front is peace, the back is happiness, auspicious is the collar, Ruyi is the sleeve, happiness is the button, the pocket is full of warmth, put it on, let it accompany you every day! Happy New Year!

The bell rings, the years pass, the stories are left, and the blessings are taken away! Hope, the hope is good, the blessing is sent, I wish you: Happy New Year! Peace and happiness, step by step!

New Year's wishes to you: a better mood, a sweeter love, a better fortune, a higher salary, a higher position, more friends, a better popularity, a better health, a longer happiness, and a longer Spring Festival a little!

There are countless New Year's wishes, many New Year's wishes, New Year's greetings are still beautiful, at this warm moment, I send my most sincere wishes, I wish you a healthy and safe New Year, happiness and happiness!

New Year's luck: rush like the law! New Year's Eve is here, I wish you optimism and courage to be a pioneer of happiness! I wish you a smile and enterprising, all your dreams come true! I wish you all the best, and the Year of the Tiger is prosperous and auspicious!

Make a wish, and it will come true in the Year of the Auspicious Tiger. Sending a blessing, a happy and brilliant new year. On a Yangguan Road, the work is smooth and the career is prosperous. I wish you all the best in the Year of the Tiger and a happy face!

Happy God, good luck, WeChat arrived just right, I wish you a happy year, I wish you good luck throughout the year, at 4 o'clock on the New Year's Day, the joy can be a little more , I hope everyone can be a little happier in the new year.

2022 comes to Xilinmen in the Year of the Tiger, and I will send you a cornucopia, which will be filled with books and books, knowledge, gold and silver, the God of Wealth, health and career, friends and relatives, and you will be happy all the time. , Peace of mind and good luck!

Happy New Year! Career advancement, success in everything! The sparrow is handy and has a lot of money! Good health, good food, good sleep, happy family, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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