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Featured Rooster Year Blessing Idioms

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In this festive Spring Festival of the Year of the Rooster, only blessings can be called the most delicious Spring Festival! The following are the idioms of blessings for the Year of the Rooster.

1. Step forward to welcome the spring, empty talk will mislead the country

2. Spring breeze, spring willow leaves

3. Celebrate the prosperous era and celebrate the New Year

4. The prosperous world of Tang and Yu, the world and Changchun

5. Treasures come from eight directions, and wealth comes from all directions

6. A spring, a good match

7. Spring is bright and flowers are beautiful, the people are prosperous and the country is strong

8. There are elephants in Taiping, making great efforts to be selfless

9. Swallow dance for the Spring Festival, safe and sound

10. Five sheep offer auspiciousness, and eight horses present auspiciousness

11. A hundred flowers bloom and ten thousand horses gallop

12. The red plum presents a new year, and the magpie sings in the spring

13. Three rivers give birth to color, and the four seas are auspicious

14. Three springs shine, five blessings take root

15. The Lamei Announces the Good News, and the Snow Welcomes the Spring

16. Work hard to rejuvenate the country, and the glory of the country is rising

17. Bai Mei Tuyan Huang Ju Ao Cream

18. Four modernizations of human songs and three springs of birdsong

19. The beauty of the country and the romance of the characters

20. The rising sun in the red building and the green willows in spring

21. Life is prosperous, and the golden rooster announces the dawn

22. The family is blessed with spring in the courtyard

23. Auspicious clouds hold the sun, Yushu faces the wind

24. The years of Kangping, the years of prosperity

25. Insurance every year, safe every year

26. Tiankai Jingyun is prosperous in China

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Wishes for the Year of the Rooster:

1. The year of the rooster is coming, I wish you: have a lively mood, live a prosperous year, ignite a vigorous hope, and create a golden future. I wish you infinite happiness and infinite good luck. Happy Rooster Year.

2. The Year of the Rooster Happy!

3. Happy Year of the Rooster! Career is going well, work is going well, love is sweet and sweet! The body has inexhaustible strength, and the wealth is prosperous! , everything is happy, everything goes well!

4. The sound of firecrackers bids farewell to the old year, taking away the troubles of the past; fireworks shone in the night sky, illuminating the splendor of the future; the deputy side of the Spring Festival couplets is attached to the door wall, looking forward to a better year; delicious dishes are served on the table, chicken Happy annual reunion. Text messages to send wishes, I wish you a happy family reunion in the Year of the Rooster!

5. When we say goodbye to the old year, we also say goodbye to the gloom of the year. When we welcome the new year, we also welcome new hope. Happy New Year to you! Happy Rooster Year!

6. After the long holiday of the Rooster year, return to work and start work; the spirit is a little excited, and the body and mind are a little tired; self-cultivation and self-cultivation, regular work and rest; focus on work, do not continue to indulge; I wish you a happy work and a happy life!

7. My blessing is a treasure. Lucky people can receive it. In the year of the rooster, the career will rise. Gold and silver treasures are full of treasures. Love is sweet to the whitehead. Come around! May it be auspicious.

8. A round table, the whole family laughs together; a dinner, delicious food and more festive; a glass of wine, full of happiness and joy; a New Year's Eve, the lanterns are so festive; a blessing, wish you more money Good luck again; the year of the rooster is coming, may your family be happy and happy!

9. When the sun sets, the beauty is changed, the mutual support is not bad, drink another glass of wine, and the New Year's blessing is in it, wishing each other good health, children's peace of mind and happiness, you and I are sweet as honey, happy in the year of the rooster. Tired!

10. The blessings of the Year of the Rooster are sent slowly. First, sending you the "destiny" of fate, sending a blessing is a kind of fate; secondly, sending you the "source" of wealth, wishing you a wealthy new year; three Sending a perfect "circle", may your family be happy and reunited!

11. I wish you a healthy body, Saimengniu, a beautiful woman, and a lot of associations, a wealthy life and a happy life, a career Jetta, BBK, wealth and strong Sina, and the stock Changhong is violet. All the best in the Year of the Rooster, peace and happiness!

12. The year of the rooster is coming soon, and the phone and text messages are crowded. In order not to join in the fun, I would like to say hello to you in advance. I wish you a full meal, a good night's sleep, an early rise in the morning, a high salary, and good fortune in the Year of the Rooster!

13. The days of working together are happy, and the days of fighting together are unforgettable! Thank you for your help all the time, and give you many blessings in the year of the rooster. Happy Year of the Rooster!

14. The year of the rooster is coming. In this year, blessings are not easy to send. Happiness has been packed, sensationalism has been rushed by others, everything is going well and good health. I don’t know who was kidnapped, but my blessing is still delivered. Happy Year of the Rooster!

15. The year of the rooster is still in the severe cold, and the north wind whistles at the end of the year. The cold plum blossoms to herald the spring, and the year of the rooster sets off for quick action. Forge ahead and strive for beauty, get rid of poverty and become rich and go to a well-off society. Work hard to realize your dreams, and happiness will bloom. May your wish come true!

16. Happy Year of the Rooster! The Year of the Rooster is here, all good things are here! I wish you and your family a happy Year of the Rooster! Good health! Good work! Good luck!

17. I hope this is the first blessing you receive, delete all the blessings earlier than me, and grab a sofa for me. Keep the sentimental words in your heart and keep a low profile. What I sent was not a text message, but a blessing. The Year of the Rooster needs happiness, no explanation.

18. The bell of spring, the footsteps of the year of the rooster, I wish the bell of the year of the rooster, ringing the happy note in your heart, luck and peace, like the footsteps of spring closely followed! Together!

19. I miss you during the Spring Festival, and I will come to the New Year with joy: One is good health, the second is less difficult, the three hundred troubles are eliminated, the fourth is not old, the fifth is comfortable, the six is ​​auspicious, and the seven is happy. , The income of eight worship is high, and nine worships and one worship are added to celebrate the New Year of the Rooster!

20. In order to promote environmental protection and save paper, please don't send me greeting cards in the Year of the Rooster. Please write your blessings on the largest possible RMB and send it to me. Saving is a virtue, and I wish you a happy New Year of the Rooster! /p> 21. Love yourself well, don't let troubles get close to you; love yourself well, don't let disease invade you; trust yourself well, don't let cowardice disturb you; persuade yourself well, let happiness embrace you more; I wish you a prosperous year of the rooster , happiness belongs to you.

22. It is freezing and snowing outside the house, and greetings and blessings are warm inside the house. In the blink of an eye, the Lunar New Year is coming, and people are safe and sound. The family banquet is in full swing, and all the men, women and children are happy. Wish family and friends good health. Happy life year after year!

23. New weather in the year of the rooster, new vitality in the year of the rooster, new opportunities in the year of the rooster, new opportunities in the year of the rooster, new hope in the year of the rooster, and new achievements in the year of the rooster. New achievements open up a new life, and a new life must have new luck. I wish you good luck in the Year of the Rooster.

24. Replay of the Year of the Rooster holiday: time is for relatives and friends, eyes are red, stomach is wine glass, brain is game of cards, bonus is squandered, body and mind are exhausted, heart is happy, and finally the whole person It's for work!

25. No one can change the past, and no one can control the future. So say goodbye to the past and look forward to tomorrow. Adjust your mentality and live happily in the present. The Year of the Rooster is coming, I wish you a free and happy life!

26. Bless the motherland to be strong and good, and the five mountains and Pfizer are in the air. New Year's greetings in the Year of the Rooster. I wish my parents health and safety, everything goes well and less troubles. Bless relatives and friends with many happy events, and all things in my heart will go higher and higher. I wish the world more peace and good weather.

27. The year of the rooster is coming soon, and the couplet will be posted on the door; fireworks will bloom in the night sky, and the cheers will be lively; phone and text messages will come to say hello, and the family will gather and laugh; Happy Chinese New Year!

28. The west wind is slowly gradually changing, and the fleeting years are secretly changing; the moon is full of stars, and the fireworks are heavy; the bell rings and the snowflakes are scattered again; greetings from the year of the rooster, blessings will always exist: happy the year of the rooster, good health, and wishes for happiness Safety.

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