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New Year's Blessing Idioms (Some New Year's Blessings?)

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Congratulations to the new jubilee, auspicious star, Gao Zhao, Gongxi, fortune, prosperity, longevity, wealth, prosperity, health and longevity, carp leaping to the dragon gate good luck

Some greetings for the Chinese New Year?

Happy New Year! Best wishes to you: God bless you! Allah cares about you! Buddha loves you! The God of Wealth follows you! The god of luck is with you! The Spring Festival is here, I say hello to you; your body is healthy and your mood is particularly good; good luck is delivered every day, and the taste is delicious; gold is produced at home, and banknotes are long on the wall. Wine: pour it into a glass like water, drink it into the belly to be haunted,...

2011 New Year's Greetings SMS

Happy Chinese New Year! All is well! Happy family! Abundant wealth! Good luck! Prosperity blooms! Full of gold and jade! Happy birthday! May you be happy and prosperous! I wish you in the new year: your career is just at noon, your body is strong... 4 Some things do not fade away due to the passage of time, Some people don't forget because they don't meet each other. You are my forever friend in my memory. On the occasion of the new year, I wish you a prosperous career.

2011 Chinese New Year Blessing SMS I wish you a prosperous new year, rich blessings, many wives and concubines, and full of children and grandchildren. They kissed and groaned, hugged the beauty from left to right and smiled, making Wei Xiaobao jealous and jealous of Ximen Qing. 6 No danger, no danger, another year, the new year is coming, my heartfelt wishes, bank deposits Money, only increase but not decrease, a bright future, work hard today, life goals, always focus on money!

2011 Chinese New Year Greetings The sky increases the years and people increase the lifespan, and the spring is full of blessings. Three sheep open Thailand to send auspiciousness, and five blessings come to the door. I wish a happy new year, happiness and health! ! 8 Good luck in the new year! Career advancement, success in everything! The sparrow is handy and has a lot of money! Body Great, fragrant eating, sleeping well, family happiness, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Four-character words for New Year's greetings

Congratulations on the New Year's Jubilee, Prosperity in Wealth, Good Fortune, Prosperity in All Things and Prosperity in Grain 1. Congratulations on the New Year’s Eve Vernacular Interpretation: Jubilee: Auspicious and happy. Respectfully congratulate a happy and auspicious New Year. Chinese New Year phrases. Dynasties: Modern Authors: Luo Guangbin, Yang Yiyan Source: Chapter 1 of "Red Rock": "The high-rise buildings on both sides of the street...all are decorated with lanterns and large characters such as 'Celebrate New Year's Day' and 'Congratulations on the New Year'." 2. Prosperity of wealth Vernacular Interpretation: Heng: Mastery, smooth. Good luck in getting rich, making money very smoothly Dynasty: Qing Dynasty Author: Li Ruzhen Source: "Mirror Flower Fate": "Who would have known that wealth and fortune floated to the country of Changren; that wine jar actually benefited greatly." Translation: Does anyone know that the luck of making a fortune is good, and making money will be very smooth; then you can make a lot of money with a wine jar Three, auspicious Vernacular interpretation: auspicious: auspicious. As you please. Praise the happiness of others more often. Dynasties: Southern and Northern Dynasties Author: Zhang Cheng Source: "Inscription on the Statue": "The Guanyin statue is built for the deceased parents in one area; the family of eight people worships it; good luck." 4. Everything is prosperous Vernacular Interpretation: Hengtong: Mastery and smooth. everything went well Dynasty: Qing Dynasty Author: Li Lvyuan Source: "Different Road Lamp": "Brother Kong Fang has the ability to make everything prosperous; he first cured the disease of the pass." 5. Grain abundance Vernacular Interpretation: A bumper harvest of five grains. Refers to the harvest of food. Deng: The crops are mature. Dynasty: Warring States Author: Jiang Ziya Source: "Liu Tao·Long Tao": "It is the season of wind and rain; the grains are ripe; the crops and crops are stable." Translation: So the weather will be good; the five grains will be plentiful; the society will be stable

Spring Festival Blessing Idioms

congratulations on the new jubilee, auspicious stars, congratulations on getting rich, a lot of luck and longevity, good fortune, good health and longevity, carp leaping over the dragon gate, the spring is coming, the spring is coming, the spring is auspicious, the flowers are blooming, and the wealth is congratulating.Binan Mountain, everything goes well, happiness is prosperous, official fortunes are prosperous, and dreams are prosperous. Good luck, all things go well, prosperity and wealth, and smooth sailing.

New Year's greetings words Daquan

1. The New Year is full of joy and laughter, and the lanterns are colorful and lively. Fireworks and firecrackers say goodbye to the old year, and family and friends congratulate the new chapter. Delicious delicacies are endless, and good luck is coming. If you ask what to send for the New Year, I wish you good luck. Happy New Year. 2. The Spring Festival is here, bless Yao: Worry chickens fly "Dan", worry "Dan" runs out of food, love vows "Dan", good luck is loaded with guns to "Dan", happiness "Dan" is not empty, everything is Very "once" set. Happy Spring Festival! 3. People are like houses, and friends are windows. The more windows, the brighter the house. I would like to be your biggest sunny window, sending flowers in spring and fresh air in autumn, cool breeze in summer and sunshine in winter. May you be happy every day and always be healthy! 4. The firecrackers sound, the Year of the Pig arrives, the Spring Festival Gala sends blessings, the programs are good, the crowd cheers, the Spring Festival has a new atmosphere, blessings for wealth and hope, I wish you a successful career, a happy family, and a rise step by step. 5. I ask the most nasty mosquito to find you, it will tell you that I miss you very much, and ask it to kiss you for me, because I can't get close to you, I hope you don't use mosquito coils and mosquito killers, because it I will send you a lot of "red envelopes" for me. 6. From the festival to the New Year! I wish you smooth sailing, the two dragons take off, the three sheep are prosperous, the four seasons are safe, the five blessings come to the door, the six or six great successes, the seven stars are shining, the wealth comes from all directions, the nine and nine are concentric, and the perfection is perfect! 7. The New Year is coming, I say hello to you, happiness and well-being, auspiciousness surrounds you, good luck will come soon, and wealth will come into your pocket. 8. Listen, the laughter of joy and joy is approaching; look, the happy and auspicious firecrackers are coming; look, the festive and prosperous lanterns are hung up; look, the couplets of happiness and sweetness are pasted; A feast of feasts celebrates auspiciousness. The tone of the Spring Festival is high, and the blessings of the Spring Festival are sent early: I wish a happy Spring Festival and a happy life backgammon! 9. Rejoicing and wishing, year after year, heart to heart; a greeting and blessing to you, the word peace will never leave; flowers bloom, wealth and happiness meet, the year of the tiger is happy; 10. The Chinese New Year is coming, work well, update your passbook, good news about your position, more and more things, less and less contact with friends, no blessing text messages, within a minute Forward it, or you will be charged for this. 11. The Spring Festival is coming soon. Hello on New Year's Eve: Office is smooth, life is backgammon, lottery period is mid-term, good luck is paid every day, poker is winning every day, taste is good, gold at home, long banknotes on the wall! 12. A string of sincere blessings, an extraordinary heart, will be sent into your heart with a short message of love. Happy Spring Festival! 13. The snow is fluttering, and the new year is quiet. The new year is coming, the sun is shining: the career is prosperous, and you can enjoy the glory. Stock funds, the God of Wealth takes care of them. Life is full of joy and laughter.

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