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Xie Nan posted photos of Wujing's women's clothing, and responded humorously to her husband's rise to the most handsome face in Asia Pacific, which is the number one black fan

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From ancient times to the present, everyone has a more persistent pursuit of beauty, so beauty pageants or handsome selection activities can be found everywhere! On March 16th, TC Candler, a very famous commentary media in the United States, today announced the list of the 100 most handsome faces in the Asia-Pacific region in 2018. Among them, Wu Jing, who has been particularly popular in the past two years, topped the list! About this result, everyone must be convinced, whether it is appearance or inner, Wu Jing is well-deserved to take the first place!

From the lower left corner of the picture, we can easily find that Wu Jing is praised as: outstanding fighter, outstanding actor! Short and concise, but the evaluation is spot on!

But Wu Jing is probably still busy with filming, so he didn't make a statement. To be precise, it seems that all the award-winning domestic friends have not made a statement yet.

That night, Xie Nan, the wife of the winner of the most handsome face in the Asia-Pacific region, took the lead in responding. She posted a moving picture and said, "Mr. Shoushuai, my thoughts are: ……

Xie Nan is as humorous and funny as always, not only cheating her son, but also her husband. Congrats or come to dismantle? The little friends who saw the animated pictures almost laughed miserably!

Visually, this is a TV series made by Wu Jing when he was young. He played a girl in the drama. Have you watched this drama? Wu Jing's purple headband is tied with a high ponytail, air bangs are combed, willow eyebrows are drawn, and a red scarf seems to be around it. Coupled with the movements and expressions of these hands, it is full of thousands of styles, and Wu Jing's lines are simply not too appropriate: Everyone fainted when they saw me! Well, being dizzy, it must be right!

Netizens say that in Teacher Yu Qian's new drama, Wu Jing is now so fat that her double chin has come out, Xie Nan will come again A wave of ridicule: Yan Yuan (member), Xie Nan has never lost in terms of cheating her husband and children!

Fans sighed that Xie Nan was Wu Jing's number one black fan, and he still kissed his wife ruthlessly!

All kinds of Wu Jing's emojis in the play have been used by netizens: keep it in the small book, I'm wronged, I'm going to make trouble... It's very funny! Sure enough, the master is in the folk!

Don't say Xie Nan, Wu Jing sometimes even blacks himself! On March 13, 2015, he posted a handsome photo when he was young...

At that time, he was still Little fresh meat, collagen on his face, really handsome!

But on the 14th of the same month in the same year, which is the second day, Wu Jingyou began to black out, and he posted a lot of when he was young All kinds of women's clothing photos are really beautiful!

These big eyes and three-dimensional facial features... Nowadays, many girls are not as delicate as Jing Ge!

Previously, Xie Nan also shared Wu Jing's hair-lifting action, which is too soft, she is completely a female compatriot when she wears makeup!

Black is black, but in fact Xie Nan once praised Wu Jing, Xie Nan is 9 years younger than Wu Jing , When I saw Wu Jing on TV with my father when I was a child, I always boasted that she was good-looking!

I didn’t expect this guy on TV to become his husband later, and he was also selected as the number one handsome face in the Asia-Pacific region. The wife must be very proud!

Now the young couple has two lovely sons, life is not too happy! Everything Wu Jing has now is achieved by his own hard work, but at the same time I hope he can take care of himself, because health always comes first!

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