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What interesting teachers does Tianjin University have?

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Look through the undergraduate photos, there are many PPTs taken in class , with the teacher who lectures next to him.

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1. Mr. Wu Sen, do not cut A hairdresser otaku, a haircut is prosperous and beautiful.

Mr. Wu Sen teaches digital circuits, and is usually quite sloppy. He said that he was so busy that he didn't have time to shave and cut his hair. Speech can even sound weak at times, possibly from staying up too late.

One ​​day in the second half of the semester, he suddenly shaved his beard and cut his short hair. On that day, all of us girls were boiling. Although he still wears his usual polo shirt, simple jeans and sneakers. But the whole person's temperament has changed, white to luminous, and instantly younger by several years, not like a teacher, but a graduate student.

On that day, all the girls except me were addicted to asking questions. I got the teacher's WeChat, but I was the only one who was shy and didn't add it.

The teacher is married, and we had a cute doll in the year we were studying. He named him Xiao Gouzi, which is also hahahaha. It is said that the teacher often shares the daily life of raising Xiao Gouzi in the circle of friends. Alas, I was shy and did not add WeChat for a while, which is really a pity.

2. Mr. Wu Wei, happy line generation, professional chatter.

Mr. Wu Wei has curly hair, plump, and always has a smile on his face. Although the content of linear algebra is difficult for first-time learners, it seems that it is not so difficult to accept under the cheerful tone of the teacher.

Teacher prefers to chat, and when everyone is sleepy, he will take the initiative to chat with us about daily routines and discover that If you are too far away, come back quickly, "I can't chat for too long, just chat for ten minutes." What impressed me is that once, she advised girls not to lose weight too much, saying: "Why do you want to lose weight? Every piece of meat on my body was eaten hard. It's a pity to lose it."

Sometimes she would gossip a bit. After her guidance, we found out that the linear algebra class is really a holy place for couples to make class appointments (it's amazing). She often does not show up in class, and in the next class, she tells us with a smile that she has never seen the little girl sitting in the back row of the previous class, and it should be the little girlfriend of a handsome guy. So many people take her class at the same time every semester, and it is amazing that she can accurately remember the familiar face.

Counting down a few lessons before the exam, everyone stared at the review materials in a daze, preparing to suffer the consequences and accept the punishment. She would secretly tell us that modern exams are divided into different years, and this year is not difficult. As a result, it was her turn to invigilate our exam, and she looked worried and said, "Look at the paper, it's much more difficult than I thought, you have to be careful."

The emoji I made back then hahaha.

In short, she is a very lovely teacher. Although it is a big class, she feels like a mother very much.

I met her on campus the next year, and I even recognized me, so I jumped up and gave her a bear hug, which scared her a little hahahaha.

3. YuanTeacher Bing, too many things have happened in my life.

Mr. Yuan Bing Yuan from the Department of Physics, it is estimated that all those who have taken his class will not forget him, that is IQ, emotional quotient and financial quotient all-round crushing. This teacher has too many famous sayings and aphorisms, and his own experiences are fun enough.

He was an extremely confident, talented and shrewd man. In 1978, when the republic resumed the college entrance examination, Mr. Yuan was a fresh graduate of that year and was admitted to Zhejiang University in one fell swoop. He was the youngest among his classmates at that time.

Mr. Yuan did not study for a Ph.D., but after studying for a master's degree, he came to Tianda University and became an associate professor comfortably. He is really good at playing. In the earliest days, while doing research, he made various inventions and creations. For example, the most famous Beibeijia, the prototype is the patented "Heroic Belt" designed by Mr. Yuan; and infrared radiation to keep warm Lingerie and more magical stuff. It can be seen that the teacher learns and uses it, what he studies is physics, but what he does is industry.

The teacher is still a lover of his wife. He says that the first thing he does when he gets home from get off work every day is to mop the floor. When I came home in the middle of the night from a business trip, I dragged the ground first, and he was really a good man who was super hygienic. In the winter, I buy candied haws for my wife every three or five years. This purchase is also decades old. It is very romantic. We young people are taken aback for a while.

The teacher is also very good at speaking and always smiling. I usually talk about "Do you understand?" "Do you hear it?" "How simple!" And of course, there are super classics, "Doing is better than not doing!" throughout the semester.

In the last class, the teacher will spend half the class telling us about life. As soon as the class started, he wrote "boys want sunshine, girls want cuteness" on the blackboard, full of care for our students, and the taste of great wisdom in life. Although I can't remember the specific content, it is really very good, and this sentence is firmly imprinted in my mind.

Mr. Yuan raised the demon mirror to me in the front row.

4. Mr. Ma Ming: personable, "useless" scholar.

Mr. Ma Ming's logic class is well organized and full of details. It is a pleasure to listen to. His WeChat name is "Useless Scholar", which is really very meaningful, and Wei Wei's self-deprecating expression reveals very modesty. Is reading really useless? The answer is self-evident.

The teacher will hold regular reading clubs, two hours a week, students from various colleges and even people outside the school come here to read and discuss together. Read one book each semester, one or two chapters at a time. The semester I attended, I read Aristotle's Metaphysics. The book itself is not easy to understand, but with the teacher's divergence, I can gain something every time. According to the teacher himself, it was a habit of his mentor that he wanted to continue.

In the library with a strong cultural atmosphere, everyone slowed down their breathing and listened to the teacher's eloquence, and the time slowed down.

After successfully running for several semesters, it has become part of the "Tianjin University Undergraduate Extracurricular Practical Education Course", Congratulations teacher.

In a place with a strong atmosphere of science and engineering, such as Tianda University, it is very special. For students who want to register, please refer to the link below~

5. Mr. Xu Tingting, a hundred years of wind and rain, time flies, I am waiting for you in the school history hall.

Every day has been to the school history museum at least once, every day has seen at least one school history museum docent, listen to them talk about a hundred times The rise and fall of more than two decades. The support teacher behind the docent team of the school history museum is Xu Tingting, a kind big sister who is usually in charge of the overall planning, and will help you arrange explanations and organize activities. All the docents love her.

Mr. Xu is from Shanxi Province, with deep facial features and an exotic appearance. His big eyes flicker. Very careful, always clean up the duty room of the school history museum.

The Begonia Festival in 2017~

Mr. Xu is also very good at telling stories, and everyone regards Mr. Xu as a very good person. object of communication. When on duty, I will take Teacher Xu to chat. The School History Museum should be one of the quietest places on the campus of Tianda University. The heavy sense of school history permeates the No. 1 teaching building, and time passes by so leisurely.

6. Mr. Zhou You - what is "Sir"? That's it.

In the second year of my sophomore year, I could choose a minor major. With the idea of ​​realizing my dream, I applied for the major of Chinese Language and Literature. Different from majors such as Industrial Management, Economics, Management, Finance and English, most Chinese minors are just like me out of a love for literature. Among the relevant professional courses, the most interesting ones should be the ones related to the history of literature. That semester, Mr. Zhou You's class was probably everyone's favorite.

Serious attitude, passionate writing on the blackboard, passionate lectures, rich knowledge, handy allusions, every class in the history of modern Chinese literature is a kind of enjoyment . Many of Mr. Zhou's views, as well as many writers mentioned in the class, such as Lu Xun, Zhang Ailing, Wang Zengqi, Xiao Hong, etc., have deeply influenced my aesthetics and ideas. The modern literature history class during that period can be regarded as the literary enlightenment of my youth.

About Mr. Zhou's lecture, he secretly recorded a video, so you can feel it.

every After watching it once, I still can't help but sigh, it's so good.

7. Mr. Wang Ziwu——There is nothing difficult in the world, as long as you are serious.

Mr. Wang Ziwu

Mathematical and physical methods - the nightmare of many science and engineering students, but it was a very wonderful time for me Memories: There were moments when you truly understood this complex set of things, and indulged in the subtlety of the science system, fully enjoying the pleasure of reasoning.

All of this is inseparable from Wang Ziwu, a physics teacher in the Faculty of Science. It comes from his return to the essence of teaching, abandoning modern methods such as PPT, writing on the blackboard, one class at a time, and imparting all knowledge to us with great patience. The picture above is a photo at that time. The get out of class is about to end, the blackboard has been wiped for a round, the teacher's throat is tired, and the writing on the blackboard is still so beautiful.

During that time, teachers were under pressure. Teacher Wang Ziwu from the Faculty of Science was ordered to teach us mathematical and physical methods. As soon as he stood on the podium, he said that this class is difficult, and there may be no shortcuts. The stupidest method is the most effective. He is willing to walk with our students and reason from the beginning piece by piece.

His scoring system is quite unique. Twenty points come from the class notes we hand in, once in the middle of the semester and once at the end of the semester. As long as you honestly follow him to copy the blackboard script, you can get this basic score. At the end of the semester, everyone has a notebook of their own that can be viewed over and over again during the final review. The teacher's blackboard writing design is really good, even if it is a mindless copy, it is very clear. There are many things that I don't understand when I teach in class. When I review the notes at the end of the term, I can see the sun and realize it. It's really a magical experience.

The roommate was reluctant to throw away her notebook, which was the most serious notebook she had copied in four years. I am also reluctant, but unfortunately I lost it when I moved the campus once. I used to have a lot of notebooks, but that notebook is my favorite.

I miss my notebook, the time in class and Mr. Wang.

In general, every teacher I met at Tianda University was excellent and very dedicated. It is one of life's great joys to meet these great teachers in college.

I am going to write a total of 10 teachers and 3 teachers to be updated——

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