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Want to do crude oil spot, but do not know how to support crude oil spot investment? How is it different from stocks?

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Author: Li Yubin


Is it a liar who promotes crude oil spot on WeChat? - Li Yubin's answer

Source: Zhihu

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WeChat recommends you to play crude oil. The strangers of asphalt are mostly liars, so you must stay awake;

If you show any signs of being rich in WeChat, someone will definitely approach you, not because you are humorous and talented, but just 1) you have a certain amount of money or 2) you are easy to cheat Some people are thinking about you, and some tricks are very clever. Maybe you can't tell if you meet by chance. The more real the liar pretends to be, the more you believe it, and the more cautious you need to be at the same time.

People in this industry have introduced me to some routines:

1. For example, a liar disguised as a beauty Young women, young women can not only maintain their attractiveness to men, but also prevent the conversation from falling into a deadlock, which is at most ambiguous, which is convenient for the liar to attack the next step.

2. In the early stage, some investment-related topics will occasionally be revealed inadvertently to test your interest.

3. Liars generally have multiple WeChat IDs. When screening targets, they may use two or three numbers plus one target. Each number is designed with a different character and general Topics, some disguised as high-cold, white and rich, some disguised as amiable young women, etc., each account will chat with you to test your basic situation, such as personal assets, whether you have investment habits, etc.

< p data-pid="Cdw-dwxL">4. There may be a team behind the liar. For example, the salesman has screened a suitable target and may transfer it to a higher-level manager to defraud you specifically. Those who have no strong awareness of prevention of people are often caught in a trap carefully laid out by a team.

5. Liars will use psychological things to chat with you, such as foreshadowing in the early stage to encourage you to be bold in life and test your values. In the mid-term, you can take the initiative to throw yourself into your arms and give hugs, etc. There are also those who use small favors and small benefits to make friends with you. If they give you gifts, you can accept them, but don’t take it seriously, they want to play big and kill you.

6. When you are going to try investing, there will often be an investment teacher. Most of this teacher is from MLM and brainwashing, at least cheating and bragging. Absolutely first-class, I guarantee that as long as you listen to his class, you are likely to put money into it. If the average person does not wake up after this step, he is likely to be brainwashed by a gang of liars. The so-called "teacher" was introduced to you by a liar, because generally speaking, these crude oil and asphalt spot salesmen (that is, those who chat with you on WeChat) themselves are not good enough to fool you, and you need to find a group to fool you.And it can also be smart to get rid of some responsibilities, so that it is difficult for you to pursue compensation in the future.

All I can say is that there are endless scams in society nowadays. It is not easy for ordinary people to make money and save money. Yes, there are a lot of news related to "spot scam", but unfortunately, these news have not been taken seriously. Why, the gang of liars also has an online public relations team, delete posts, navy and so on, so many people are still easy to be fooled ,

Remember, Strangers on WeChat should not be taken lightly, don’t, I hope those who see this answer can save some money It's much better for the family to buy something and show their filial piety than to go to the spot salesmen who pretend to be beautiful women to trick you into joining the business.

Finally, check whether the liar has stolen other people's avatars. You can use Baidu pictures to upload the liar's avatar and photos of the circle of friends to check, some of them can be seen:

https:// 13fcdac2d0055b877151649c _ b.png " class="origin _ image zh-lightbox-thumb" width="836" data-original="

https:// 13fcdac2d0055b877151649c _ r.png


< p data-pid="FqmAb _ ua"> However, once this method is announced, the crooks will also notice it and may pay more attention to disguising themselves, but I still decided to contribute this method, because even saving a Xiaobai Worth it

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