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Netizen Humor Award: Although the epidemic is very brutal, don't forget to smile _ Wuhan

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At first, some people didn't take it too seriously

Even the trending search seems to be joking

The virus is threatening and contagious rapidly, and the national prevention and control efforts are escalating.

In order to prevent the epidemic, almost everyone can only stay at home during this long holiday.

In order to keep everyone from going out, we have tried our best.

Everyone said they were bored

The ladies are even more worried

Some people say they are lonely

Some people...

It's really a drought and a flood.

It's been seen through...

No way, in order to prevent the epidemic, I can only stay at home

It is easy to become 2B

In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, all parts of the country are strictly guarded

Henan Province's hard-core prevention and control suddenly became a hot search

So some netizens said:


The owner of the car with the Wuhan license plate E A said that he could not be hurt

I don’t even think about going to Wuhan

As a major feature of our country, how can there be less slogans?

Once again I saw the wisdom of the crowd.


Modern high-tech means are even better!

We all hope that the epidemic will pass soon

I hope to stay away from disease

So various new ways of praying appeared

There are ancient ones

And modern

The most unexpected thing for everyone is that

This Spring Festival, masks have become a New Year's item.

You can't buy masks, make them yourself

Friends who wrote this article

Are you serious?

If you can't make it yourself, gas masks are more reliable

Out-of-stock masks become hard currency.

Wearing a mask or not is a lifelong event!

Not only are masks out of stock

Disinfectant, alcohol, and even instant noodles are also sold out

Someone seems to have found something ...

Out of stock...

Of course, some are not out of stock.

This new coronavirus comes from game

Especially bats

In fact, shopkeeper Tong warned everyone earlier

However, people are always forgetful

The virus is too contagious

in the process of contacting people with infected people

Some secrets have been discovered...

With the development of the epidemic

People's nerves are getting more and more nervous

Snacks that usually claim to be from Wuhan

At this time, we must also draw a clear line

Yunnan poisonous mushroom once expressed dissatisfaction

Abroad has been a little messy

Attention is deserved

But Common sense is also needed

Spreading rumours and trying to fish in troubled waters is absolutely impossible

Students are delayed, But the class has to be on!

But there seems to be something wrong...

It is said that the safest place is only here.

The name of the new hospital is very particular

Two days ago, authoritative media said that

Shuanghuanglian can inhibit the virus. So...

Even the chickens and geese are used by humans Sold out

But suppression does not equal prevention and treatment

About Shuanghuanglian

Someone seems to have found something

The ingredients are the same

Don't know each other after changing a vest?

The supplies are in a hurry, and the animals in Wuhan Zoo are dying.

There are also pigeons in Dianchi Lake, Kunming With the monkeys in Qianling Mountain, Guiyang

I have always been pampered and fed by tourists

Now I am staring out of food

But soon the cafeteria was eaten again


And a certain The series of operations of some units is incredible

The epidemic is not over

Netizens start worrying about their jobs

Worried about the stock market

The next day, there was another earthquake in Chengdu...

Netizens expressed that


this time Of all the calamities we all face

we are most in awe of them

I believe that with the joint efforts of the people of the whole country

We will definitely overcome this epidemic!

Get over it!

Wait until the pandemic is over

Let's free yourself together!

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